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Construction environment (week 4) In this week, we progress our tutorial in workshop. However, I forget to take my safety boots, I could not come into the workshop. My group member Wendy explained what was going on in the workshop. I still learn a lot from this tutorial.

These two pictures described the materials which we used in this lab. Our group was the group one, we used 1200*32*90mm ply*2 and 1200*35*18mmPline*2. These were two different kinds of timber. During our lab, we felt the first one is very strong and it is difficult to cut.

These two pictures are about our group model. We cut the long timber to small parts which support the whole bridge.

This is the basic plan design of our group bridge, the second timber support the surface of the bridge. It also form the triangles to support the whole bridge. It is the stable shape for the bridge. However, the support timber was too weak to support.

This is bridge which made by group 2. In the end of the class. We took the weight tests for all the bridges. This bridge basement is the rectangle. It use the thick timber to make this rectangle. It is stronger than our group bridge.

This bridge is connected by the thinner timber. Hence it broke in the thinner part. It also stronger than our group model. The most strong part of this model is the surface.

This is last group model. It is the most powerful model in our class. The basement part of this model is the triangle. It could support the surface. The three triangles could share the surface pressure,. Hence it is the most strong one .

Due to the tests which we made in the class . I am pretty sure that the triangle is the stable shape for the building structure. Different structures have different weak part. Hence bridges broken in different part. In the A02, i will try the triangle shape in my designing.

Week 4 (journal)  
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