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Week 10 We went on a site visit at the beginning of the class. The site has changed a lot since last time we visited. Last time the building was just finished the basement and this time the main structure of the building has already finished, many structural members are exposed so that we could have a look at the actual structure. Wall system: The timber frame and the steel frame formed the wall system of this building. The timber frame and the steel frame are easy to be connected. Hence the building was formed in a short time.

This is the timber frame and the steel frame. The steel frame could help the timber support the weight of the building. It also could make the timber frame become stronger.

Roof system:

This picture is about the retaining wall of this building. It is formed by the concrete and over floor. It is the first wall of the building. Furthermore, this picture also shows us the tanking wall of the building. It is behind the retaining wall and coming up to the steel. The tanking wall could help us to control water. For example, the water comes up to the floor in the raining day. The tanking wall could keep the water away from the lower floor.

These two pictures describe the roof system of the building. The steel is the main material of the roof. The metal roof decking commonly used without a concrete topping, requiring structural wood or cementitious panels or rigid foam insulation panels to bridge the gaps in the corrugation and provide a smooth, firm surface for the thermal insulation and member roofing. Foundation/floor:

These two pictures are about the water proofing system of the building. The timber frame supports the waterproofing system and it has tanking which connected to this system. Reference: John W& Sons,inc, 2008, Building construction illustrated, United states of American.

Week 10