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How To Select The Best Motorcycle Battery Whether you're a casual rider or a motorcycle aficionado, selecting the best battery can make a big difference when it comes to the dependability and overall performance of your ride. When in the market for a battery, there are a number of motorcycle batteries from which to choose from so finding the right one for your specific bike might not be all that easy. While it will need to be reasonable priced, a good battery has to provide plenty of power and be dependable. When choosing the right battery, there are several key things to take into account. Always be sure that you know the model number of your motor bike as well as its year of build before looking for your actual battery unit. After you've determined your model's specifications, you'll want to further consider whether to choose a conventional battery (the familiar, acid-filled unit), or try out a newer Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology. If your motor bike is aged or higher-mileage, you'll also want to make sure that you select a battery with sufficient cold cranking amps (CCA) to meet the increased power demands of a device that has some wear and tear. Conventional batteries count on older, acid-filled technology. The unit has to be filled with an electrolyte and completely charged before it can be installed, and regular maintenance is required to ensure that the electrolyte level is sufficient. These batteries typically will have a low CCA rating in comparison with other compatible units, and because they are not sealed, additional care should be taken so that the electrolyte acid does not spill. More recently Absorbed Glass Mat, or AGM batteries have become available on the market. While there are other alternatives to regular unsealed acid-filled batteries, AGM battery technology maintains some clear rewards over both conventional batteries and other sealed-battery models. Originally intended for military aircraft, these batteries use fine fiberglass mats to absorb and secure the electrolyte, while also providing direct availability to the plate material, making for fast reaction times and an efficient output of energy. Additionally, these units have an exceptionally low level of internal electrical resistance and, when compared to other sealed battery technologies, they are capable of storing and discharging amperages at appreciably higher rates. Because these batteries can be charged at reduced voltage rates, no system recalibration or specialized chargers should be required to make the unit compatible, making them uniquely flexible. Unlike conventional motor bike batteries, AGM batteries are not susceptible to spills or unwanted leaks. Normally these batteries come factory-activated. Acid filled units would need to be charged and filled before installation while these batteries are ready to put in instantly. Specifically if you have an older model motor bike or a machine with a few miles on it, the battery technology that is best for the bike will vary. Generally unsealed, conventional batteries will have lower CCA ratings, while batteries that employ sealed, non-spill technologies are effective at putting out a bit more power. Fundamentally the rating is measured by the output of power on the startup. A higher CCA rating refers to a bigger power output. If your motor bike has more miles on it, it's likely that there are several components throughout that are not running at the optimal level due to wear and tear. In these cases, you may even find that your system calls for more power than your battery is able to create. A battery with a higher CCA allows you to get all the power that an older or altered bike may need to perform in the best manner.


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How To Select The Best Motorcycle Battery