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FACT SHEET The World Climate Summit is the most prominent and exclusive annual business forum convening leaders across sectors to accelerate industrial, financial, and political solutions to climate change for industries, cities, regions, and nations.           TIME AND PLACE

The World Climate Summit 2012 is scheduled to take place on the 1st and 2nd December 2012 in Doha, Qatar, alongside COP 18.

2011 GLOBAL  PARTNERS   § World  Bank   § International  Finance  Corporation   § OECD   § Prince  of  Wales’s  Corporate     Leaders  Group   § The  Climate  Group   § Carbon  Disclosure  Project   § ICLEI  –  Local  Governments  for   Sustainability   § Carbon  War  Room   § Regions  for  Climate  Action     § Conservation  International  


2011 MEDIA  PARTNERS   § CNN  International   § TIME  Magazine  

The high-level conference is aimed at the climate arena’s leading 500+ decisionmakers: CEOs, thought-leaders, business executives, investors, entrepreneurs, philanthropic figures, national, regional and city leaders. By gathering a crossorganisational segment of high-level influencers the summit aims to facilitate an environment emphasizing public/private partnerships, bottom-up solutions across a wide range of industries and sectors.



2011 INDUSTRY  PARTNERS   § American  Council  on  Renewable   Energy   § Investors  Network  on  Climate  Risk   § Institutional  Investors  Group  on   Climate  Change   § Investors  Group  on  Climate   Change   § Union  of  International  Railways   § World  Green  B uilding  Council   § Gold  Standard  Foundation   § Business  Council  on  Sustainable   Energy   § European  Climate  Foundation   § Carbon  Markets  &  Investment   Association   § International  Emissions  Trading   Association   § Avoided  Deforestation  Partners   § European  Climate  Foundation   § Federation  of  Indian  Chambers  of   Commerce  and  Industry   § Renewable  Energy  and  Energy   Efficiency  Partnership

The World Climate Summit 2012 is part of a 10-year process (2020), which started with the inaugural World Climate Summit in Cancun, Mexico in 2010. The annual World Climate Summit takes stock of the state of the World Climate and the lowcarbon economy, and identifies the industrial, financial, policy solutions and innovation drivers needed to accelerate progress in mitigating and adapting to climate change. It is the goal of the World Climate Summit to provide and communicate concrete deliverables to the global community: toolbox of good practice, new policies, new initiatives, and disruptive innovations.


FORMAT The Summit will focus on the overarching theme of accelerating solutions to climate change, addressing the broad issues of: finance and scale; public-private partnerships; renewable energy; legislation and policy; cities and regions; emission reductions; transportation; carbon pricing; energy efficiency; and business leadership. The summit will span over two days and will consist of the following elements: § Key note plenary sessions addressing the major global green growth issues (CEO level) § Interactive workshops and breakout sessions (C-level) § A series of exclusive roundtables (CEO level) § Networking lounge & VIP area § Lunch, dinner and cocktail reception


PARTNERS The World Climate Summit is backed by the best global media corporations, the climate arena’s strongest institutional partners, and the most relevant decisionmakers and leaders. The 2012 summit is set to succeed the inaugural summit in Cancun and the second one in Durban, which was supported by: 20 sponsors such as Siemens, Coca-Cola, and Philips; 30 different institutional partners including OECD, and World Bank; global media partners such as CNN; and more than 150 high-level speakers including President Zuma, President Calderon, Sir Richard Branson, Ted Turner, Christiana Figueres, Mary Robinson, and Lord Stern.

UNFCCC COP 18 The World Climate Summit is the biggest and most high-profile business event of COP 18. As a high-level conference that predominantly focuses on accelerating solutions to climate change on a global scale, the summit falls in line and complements the remit of the UNFCCC. In this context, the summit functions as a separate, independent and progressive platform, providing the premium medium through which the business, finance and political communities can communicate solutions, engage in partnerships and complement the official UNFCCC COP 18 negotiations.


The World Climate Yearbook (WCY) is the annual reference publication reporting the state of global climate change. It will assess our progress, and the key industrial, financial and political solutions and drivers mitigating and adapting to climate change for industries, cities, regions and countries. The report also takes stock of the World Climate Summit’s achievements, best-case studies, next practices, projects and voluntary commitments across the public and private sectors. As such it will act as the definitive report to measure our progress across business, finance.


World Climate Ltd (WCL) is a media, and events platform for the global green economy. WCL’s main service is to produce influential media content and organise world-class, high-level summits and roundtables, which included the World Climate Summit 2011 during the COP 17 in Durban, South Africa, with President Zuma, World Climate Summit 2010 during the COP 16 in Cancun, with Sir Richard Branson, Ted Turner, President Calderon and numerous CEOs; the EU World Climate Roundtable in Brussels with EU Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard, Christiana Figueres and 30 companies. WCL was also event partner of the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) in Copenhagen Denmark with UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, the Danish Prime Minister, several Ministers and CEOs. For more information please visit

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World Climate Summit 2012 - Fact sheet  

World Climate Summit 2012 - Fact sheet