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The Gleaner Otway Bound

Amy Mussehl and Brian Mockler, ‘13, prepare to do a week of service.

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Pool side

Lifeguards Olivia Piekenbrock, ‘13, and Caroline Ott, ‘14, cool off at the DGCC pool.

August. 21. 2012 Volume 34 Issue 1

Learning the do’s and don’ts at WCHS By Anne Lehmann

Of the Gleaner Don’t stand in the middle of the hallway. You will get injured. Don’t sit at a different table at lunch. Sit at your grade’s designated section. Don’t go to Rollins’ class out of dress code. Trust us, just don’t do it.

Do NOT buy a pool pass

Don’t play any sports in the parking lot.

room. I beg of you, don’t.

Don’t leave valuables in your locker. Unless you don’t want them anymore; then go for it. Leave them in there. Don’t use the soap in the boys’ bath-

First off, we don’t have a pool; secondly, even if we did, it wouldn’t be worth $20.

Don’t fall asleep in Killer’s class. You will get hit with various objects. Don’t be surprised if upperclassmen make you move at an athletic event. Just do what you are told.

Don’t buy a pool pass. Spoiler alert – we don’t have one. Don’t come to school unshaven. Don’t do anything you don’t think you should do. Don’t leave your Twitter account

open unless you want your account to have some ridiculous tweets.

Do step out of your comfort zone. Do join Gleaner. You won’t regret it.

Do get doubles on walking taco days.

Do love Jesus.

Do remember capital I capital F, IF you are tempted to do something against the rules: Ms. Wagner is always watching.

Do dress up for the themes in the Eagle’s Nest. If you don’t, you just look awkward and stand out.

Do make friends with the maintenance people and the office staff. They can help you if you get locked in a locker. Lauren Fleege, ‘14, learned this the hard way. Do try to ride the elevator at least once. Do get involved. It will make your high school experience ten times better.

Do the cheers at games and pep rallies! You’re just embarrassing yourself if you don’t! Do learn the Interlude. You don’t have a choice actually. You MUST learn the Interlude. Do make friends with as many people as possible. There are some quality people here at Wahlert Catholic.

Clubs and activities to join at Wahlert... Step Up Step Up is supervised by Mr. Dan Mulligan and is an antialcohol and drugs club. In past years, activities have included scavenger hunts, movie nights, and many more activities.


The Interact Club works with the Rotary Club and is a service club. They plan and participate in many service projects through the year and are most known for planning, organizing and running the Wahlert Dance Marathon.

Yearbook/Gleaner/WCTV All of these media classes are taught by Ms. Sandy Gaul. The Gleaner is the school newspaper and involves more than just writing stories. WCTV is our very own newscast. In yearbook, you design pages, take pictures, and talk with students to create a memory book of the year.


If you are in Spanish or French class, then you are automatically in Spanish or French club. French Club sells Christmas candy grams to help raise money. Last year they donated the money to St. Vincent de Paul.

S.T.O.P. S.T.O.P. stands for “students teaching others peace” and is supervised by Mr. Jim Kuhl. Around Thanksgiving, S.T.O.P. puts together a prayer service for the school. They also do other service projects during the year.

Show Choir/Theater

If you aren’t athletic, maybe music is more your thing. We have two show choir groups, prep and varsity, as well as men’s, women’s and concert choirs. Plus, there are plays throughout the school year for all grades.

Respect Life

Respect Life encourages others to respect all life, particularly that of the the unborn. Led by Mr. Ralph Rollins, Respect Life Club sponsors a food drive, a baby item drive, and some of its members attend the March for Life Rally in Washington, D.C., in January.


Even though Skiing and Snowboarding are sports, here they are a club sport. The club is, of course, a winter activity; members compete for medals and trophies on a weekly basis when there’s enough snow at Sundown.

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