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CATERING WORKSHEET Caterer Address Phone/Contact E-mail & Web address Hours Samples (Yes No)

FOOD TYPE SERVICE Appetizers/hors d’oeuvres Buffet Sit-down Menu choices (appetizers/meat/side dishes)

QUESTIONS Observe an event by caterer? Ratio of servers to guests? Multiple food stations? Price per person Wedding cake/cutting? Leftovers / cleanup

EQUIPMENT Food display/serving Tables/chairs provided? Table linens/napkins? How will servers dress?

BEVERAGES Will caterer serve alcohol? Choices of beverage Alcohol/non-alcohol cost Champagne/wine cost

OVERALL COST Sales tax included in price? Gratuities included? Cancellation policy Overtime charge Total cost Deposit Balance/Due 58

2019 weddings essentials

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Weddings Essentials - Bridal Planner 2019  

Weddings Essentials - Bridal Planner 2019