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Top collar

Bow tie Turn-down shirt

Satin peak lapels

Single button front

the right


Select a style that will flatter all groomsmen. According to International Formalwear Association experts: A jacket should hug the shoulders; padding shouldn’t extend too far over the shoulders, a sign the jacket is too big. Jackets are fitted through the shoulder and lay flat in the front.

Satin besom pockets

The jacket’s bottom hem should cover the rear and the vent shouldn’t pull open. Flat-front pants are generally more slimming than pleated-front pants. Satin pant stripe Flat front trousers

Pants are tailored to sit at the waist, and the hem of each leg should hit the sole of the shoe. One finger space between a shirt’s collar and neck allows for a proper fit, while shirt sleeves end at the wrist bone. A half-inch of the shirt should show past the jacket sleeve. Vests can be adjusted, and shoes need to be comfortable.


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Weddings Essentials - Bridal Planner 2019  

Weddings Essentials - Bridal Planner 2019