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COLOR PALETTES It comes in many shades from light to dark, from pinkish-orange and salmon to nearly orange or red. Whatever depth of color you choose, it is fresh and skin-attering. Pair it with white or with medium gray for a clean, crisp look. Coral makes a great combo with turquoise, navy, teal, aqua and yellow, raspberry and pink, plum, shades of green, gold, copper and black.

Gerbera daisies, roses, bells of Ireleand, alstroemeria and other summery flowers combine to create a gorgeous, richly colored bouquet


A hand-painted cake is edible art. The look can be subtle, almost botanical like this coral and green watercolor, or be painted in bright, vibrant colors.


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Weddings Essentials - Bridal Planner 2019  

Weddings Essentials - Bridal Planner 2019