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raditionally, the guest list is divided into thirds: your family, the groom’s family and you and the groom. But chances are, it won’t work out that neatly. One side may want to invite more people, the other side may be paying more to finance the wedding – variations are endless on sticky situations. Set your budget before making your guest list. This will immediately set up some parameters about the number of guests you can invite. Once the number is set, additional guests can be paid for by the party who invites them. After these details are settled, start gathering names and making your list. Ask both families to provide full names, addresses, phone numbers and emails, if possible.

You can limit the size of your wedding by inviting close relatives and friends you wouldn’t dream of getting married without their presence. Inviting distant relatives and friends is your choice. Children can bring joy to a wedding — or throw tantrums. You can request no children, or invite a few special children you would like at the wedding. When parents know children aren’t invited, it gives them time to make care arrangements. Another option is to allow children and provide activities to keep them busy. Remember children will add to your headcount for the reception. If your list allows you to invite business associates, co-workers, go ahead. If you need to cut back, this is the first place to trim. Remember it’s customary to invite your officiant and their spouse, the photographer and videographer, musicians, etc., to enjoy the reception. Include them in your head count for the caterer. The officiant and spouse usually sit at the parents’ table. Make copies of your guest list to give to both families. It’s also helpful to add designations alongside names that parents may not recognize (such as friends, business associates and coworkers).

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