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Symbolic flower meanings ■ Anemone: Expectation, good

luck and protection against evil; in season during spring and late fall. ■ Baby’s breath: Innocence; in-

expensive; a great bouquet filler and available year-round. ■ Calla lily: Beauty; light fragrance;

spring and summer availability; rich, deep colors as well as white. ■ Carnation: Each color represents something

Baby’s breath

different, such as purity or talent (white); love (red); boldness (pink); available yearround; flowers can be dyed to match your color scheme ■ Cornflower: Prosperity and friendship; avail-

able in blue, white and pink.


■ Dahlia: Commitment or bond; variety of

sizes and colors; available in summer and early fall.


■ Daisies: Share one’s feelings.


■ Delphiniums: Swiftness and lightness; in

season for summer weddings. ■ Freesia: Innocence, fragrant. ■ Gardenias: Joy and purity heavily scented. ■ Hydrangeas: Understanding and heartfelt

emotions. ■ Iris: Faith and wisdom, typically blue, purple

or white for weddings. ■ Lily: Majesty, truth and honor; fragrant and

in season for summer weddings. ■ Lily of the valley: Happiness; fragrant; tra-



■ Orchid: Beauty, love, fertility; available year-

round in a variety of colors and sizes. Delphinium

■ Peony: Love, happiness and ambition; in

season during late spring. ■ Ranunculus: “Dazzled by your charms”; wide

range of colors. ■ Rose: Love, beauty and romance; available

year-round; the most beloved wedding flower.


■ Stephanotis: Marital happiness; star-shaped

and fragrant favorite for bouquet. ■ Stock: Lasting beauty; fragrant, inexpensive.


■ Sunflower: Adoration and loyalty; rustic;

summer and fall weddings. ■ Sweet pea: Pleasure;

old-fashioned, fragrant; late spring or early summer weddings. 6 WEDDINGS | SUMMER 2019



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Weddings - Summer 2019  

Weddings - Summer 2019