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Got cukes? Make pickles Pick, pick, pick. If you want three words to describe growing cucumbers, that word comes close to the mark. If you don’t pick ripe cucumbers off the vine, the plant will stop setting fruit. But that’s putting the harvest before the hoe. T h e National G a r d e n Bureau ranks cucumbers one of the top five Melody most popParker ular garden is a master vegetables, gardener. designatContact her at melody.parker@ ing 2014 as “the year of the cucumber.” Members of the Curcurbitaceae family, cucumbers are related to pumpkin, melons, squash and gourds. Cukes can be oblong, globular or cylindrical, and while green skin is most common, you can grow white, yellow and brown varieties. Native to India, the cucumber has been grown around the world for nearly 3000 years, arriving in the Americas with Christopher Columbus. By 1806, eight cucumber varieties grew in America’s colonial gardens, according to NGB research. Heinz began bottling pickles in 1870 to relieve the boring meat-and-potatoes American diet. Russian cosmonauts have grown cukes in space, and Canadians have grown the veggie nearly one-mile underground in an Ontario nickel mine. I’m not a big fan of cucumbers, suffering them in salads and little else. Put me in the Dr. Samuel Johnson camp. The 18th century English literary critic, editor and lexicographer famously said about cucumbers, “They should be well sliced, and dressed with pepper and vinegar, then thrown out … ”. That doesn’t mean I won’t grow them (other people DO like them). Choose a variety that suits your needs: pickling or slicing, bush or vining, burpless or bitterfree. Monoecious cucumbers produce male and female flowers on the same plant. Open-pollinated cultivars are monoecious, as well as some hybrids. Pollen and fruitproducing flowers are on the same vine. No problem with pollination, but production can be later and slow. Gynoecious cukes produce predominately female flowers. Higher yield is the payoff, but there needs to be a male cuke for pollination. Seed packets have pollinator seeds, but if bees don’t zero in, you may have to pollinate flowers yourself. Parthenocarpic cukes produce only female flowers that don’t need pollen to set fruit, but if flowers are pollinated (those darned bees!), fruit can be misshapen. Cukes need full sun and well-draining soil enriched with compost or well-rotted manure. Plants are greedy for space, and vining types can be grown on a trellis or A-frame tower to save space, or grow bush types. Direct sow in rows or hills when soil reaches 70 F or purchase transplants They’re thirsty, so water deeply and mulch. Fertilize with a side dressing of 5-1010 fertilizer at planting and then once a month during the season.



March 18, 2014

insider Editor:


Trip yields new pieces for WCA’s Haitian collection


WATERLOO —  Who hasn’t packed light to leave room for mementos from an exotic vacation? Usually it’s T-shirts, colorful tote bags, jewelry, souvenir plates or teaspoons or foodstuffs that can be carried through customs, along with odds-and-ends to satisfy kids and grandkids clamoring “what did you bring me?” Like those tourists, Kent Shankle and Chawne Paige stuffed their suitcases full for the return trip from a late January visit to Haiti. Except their souvenirs — glittering and beaded textiles, Voodoo flags, painted canvases, metal wall hangings, wood carvings, mixed media assemblages, papier mache and other objects — are destined for the Haitian collection at the Waterloo Center for the Arts. “We brought home lots of art in our bags and shipped more pieces home by air freight. One of the pieces is an incredible, large wooden drum with painting and collage by artist Atelier Onel. Spirits are associated with drums, which have an important role in Haitian ceremonies,” said Shankle, WCA executive director. For almost 40 years, the center has housed the largest internationally-recognized public collection of Haitian artwork. Shankle and Paige, recently promoted to curator, were in Haiti to attend the eight-day annual conference for the Haitian Art Society. Museum and arts center curators, gallery owners, collectors and Haitian arts and culture supporters toured the island, visiting with artists and others in Petionville, Port au Prince, Jacmel and other communities. Haiti’s minister of tourism told society members it was the first non-humanitarian group to visit the island since the 2010 earthquake. “We were given a wonderful reception by the people. It was an incredible experience, and we formed some lasting relationships. The center got involved with the society in 2004 to raise our profile and hosted the conference in 2008. This was the first time it took place in Haiti,” said Shankle, a previous visitor to the island. Paige was making his first trip. “It was so beyond what I expected. What touched me was recognizing how the people live in the here-and-now and are so closely connected to each other, and that there are so many artist

BRANDON POLLOCK / Courier Staff Photographer

This piece shows how Haitian artists recycle materials such as buttons and discarded electronics to create sometimes unsettling, skull-themed artwork. enclaves,” the curator said. Haitian artists are incorporating earthquake experiences and aftermath into their work, which impressed Paige and Shankle. “Artists are seeing new things, processing new ideas. It was a rare opportunity for us to see the artists at work, to speak with them and experience their vision firsthand,” Shankle noted.

The country’s art has traditionally been imbued with spirituality and superstition, but several new acquisitions have “hard-hitting imagery with strong spiritual content,” Shankle said, which are expected to broaden and deepen the scope of the collection. “It’s cutting edge and tells the story of Haiti through the artwork,” Paige added.

Dr. and Mrs. F. Harold Reuling began the WCA collection in 1977 with their gift. It continues to grow through donor gifts and acquisitions, including 500 pieces from Janet Feldman. The Haitian trip was funded by an Iowa Arts Council grant. Artwork was purchased using grant money and private donations.

Come for tea, stay for lunch at revamped Art House Cafe JOHN MOLSEED‌

WATERLOO —  The corner cafe at the Waterloo Center for the Arts is open again. Tea specialist Eliz Guyer teamed with chef and caterer Scharlene Shumpert to open the Art House Cafe. The menu offers a variety of foods, sandwiches, salads, soups, pastries and other desserts as well as hand-blended specialty teas. Guyer has been blending and selling specialty teas at farmers markets but was ready for a change. “This last summer, I said I want to do something different,” Guyer said. About that time, Guyer hired Shumpert to cater her daughter’s wedding. The opportunity to partner and open a restaurant gave both entrepreneurs a chance for much more visibility. “Having a storefront puts me out in peoples’ faces,” Shumpert said. Peoples’ faces include patrons of the art center. That gives the cafe some extra traffic, Shumpert said. Art Center staff said the effect can work both ways.

BRANDON POLLOCK / Courier Staff Photographer

Arthouse Cafe owners Eliz Guyer, left, and Scharlene Shumpert. “I think it’s definitely going to draw people who normally don’t come here,” said Laura Stammler, marketing manager for the art center. The cafe has been painted with warmer colors and the chairs have been reupholstered to give the space a new, warmer look. Staff at the art center also are excited about the new restaurant, Stammler added. The cafe had a

soft opening recently. Guyer and Shumpert plan a grand opening in the coming weeks. The preview went well, said Shumpert. Tea is made at the cafe with real leaves steeped in hot water and then strained into a cup. Although the process takes more time than dunking a tea bag into water, it produces more flavorful tea. Guyer also has her blended teas in bags for retail sale at the cafe.

She mixes tea leaves with herbs — often from her own garden — to make several types of teas. Guyer dries the herbs in a sack for several days and finishes them in a dryer. She then separates the leaves from the stems and blends them into tea varieties. With tea names including Mojito-inspired “Mo-tea-to” and “Ooh-la-la Oolong,” Guyer is trying to remove some of the pretense associated with tea drinking. “I want people to have fun when they try it.” The food menu has many inspired dishes made from recipes that won’t be easy to steal. “I keep them in the safest place,” Shumpert said, pointing at her head. Shumpert uses fresh ingredients whenever possible which takes extra effort this time of year. “You really have to shop around,” she said. “Most of this stuff is special ordered.” When the growing season returns, many of her ingredients and dishes will come from local producers, she said. The cafe is open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

• Insider

Sons & Daughters of Thunder Waverly playwright’s docudrama headed to big screen MELODY PARKER


n her lifetime, Earlene Hawley has penned numerous scripts, including biblical plays and historical dramas. But she never dreamed one of her scripts would be made into a movie. Production is underway on “Sons & Daughters o f T h u n d e r,” a d o c u drama being produced by Emmy-nominated filmmakers Kelly and Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films. It is based on a play Hawley wrote in the 1970s that tells the true story of anti-slavery debates at Cincinnati’s Ohio Lane Theological Seminary in 1834. “I’ve always been interested in history, certainly in the Civil War period of American history and the subject of prejudice,” said Earlene Hawley, 84, a long-time Waverly resident. Three years ago, a mutual friend passed the play along to the Rundles. Earlene’s husband, Kent, is serving as the film’s coproducer. The play was produced three times in Oregon more than four decades ago, Kent Hawley recalled, but they were surprised by the renewed interest. “We’re just very impressed with the filmmakers. Kelly and Tammy have asked us

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Professional stage actors cast in “Sons & Daughters of Thunder” include, from left, Janos Horvath as Lyman Beecher, Thomas Alan Taylor as Theodore Weld and Jess Denny as Harriet Beecher. to come to a shoot in April, and they might put us in as extras.” The Rundles recently returned to their base in the Quad Cities, after filming at the historic Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Cincinnati. Filming at the museum took place 180 years to the day of the debates. The Beecher House is the only remaining structure on what was the seminary grounds. “It is such a thrill for us, and we are certain for the

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Film will feature historic sites in Iowa and Illinois From page 2 Hawleys also, to watch Earlene’s story come to life in a movie format,” said Tammy Rundle. “There is something stunning about seeing 50 actors dressed in period costume take their places in beautiful historic sites from the 1800s. You immediately feel transported in time.” Kelly Rundle describes it as a “fairly complex story about the beginning of the end of slavery in America. What happened at the seminary is an obscure but important turning point in American history.” In 1834, the controversial debates, led by abolitionist and firebrand Theodore Weld (played by actor Thomas Alan Taylor), were the first to publicly discuss the end of slavery in America. The meetings angered Cincinnati residents and Lane Seminary officials, who promptly slapped a gag order on the entire student body. This action was followed by a freedom of speech protest and mass exodus of Lane students to Oberlin College. A young Harriet Beecher (played by acclaimed stage actress Jess Denney) was exposed to the debates and Weld’s work to free the slaves, sparking a flame that led her to write “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Shooting at the Beecher house was an incredible experience, Kelly acknowledged. “We were standing there in Lyman Beecher’s office with Janos Horvath who plays Beecher and Taylor who plays Weld, right where those people actually stood 180 years ago.

Earlene Hawley, left, wrote the play the movie is based on, and husband Kent has a co-producer’s credit on the film. It was surreal. These were people of faith disagreeing about this issue, and the reaction in the city was close to mob violence.” The film also will feature historic sites in Iowa, Illinois and Connecticut. The most recent debate scenes shot in the historic Jenny Lind Chapel in Andover, Ill., featured nearly 40 extras, including Renee Roiseland of Waverly. “I had a wonderful time participating in the making of the film. The cast and crew were phenomenal to work with,” said Roiseland. Hawley’s script underwent some changes, in

particular making young Harriet Beecher the main female character rather than her sister Catherine, an author and teacher who also influenced Harriet. In addition, the Rundles added a prologue and epilogue featuring Frederick Douglass’ famous Fourth of July speech from the 1850s. “Thematically it’s beautifully connected to our story. When we showed the first draft to Earlene, she told us that she first s t a r te d h e r r e s e a r c h for a play on Frederick Douglass. She gave up on the Douglass idea, but that research led her to the Lane Rebels story,” Kelly

Emmy-nominated filmmakers Tammy and Kelly Rundle of Fourth Wall Films plan to release their docudrama in 2015. Rundle explained. The Rundles are wellknown for making documentaries, including “Villisca: Living with a Mystery,” “Lost

Nation: The Ioway” and t h e E m my- n o m i n a te d “Country School: One Room – One Nation.” Making a docudrama represents a departure for

Fourth Wall Films. “We’ve gone from two people used to working by themselves to 60 cast and crew members. We made the decision to go in this direction because the story had already been dramatized. I’m continually impressed by Earline’s work,” Kelly said. P r i n c i p a l p h o to g ra phy continues through July. The film is slated for release in 2015 and will screen in independent theaters and film festivals. It will be released nationally on DVD, with broadcasts on PBS stations to follow. Tentatively film premieres are planned in the Quad Cities and Cincinnati.

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Seed companies introduce new green bean varieties It’s always cool beans to read about spring vegetable seed introductions. Descriptions can border on seductive hyperbole, and catalog photos a re a s air-brushed as a Cosmo cover girl, but what gardener doesn’t have lust in his/ Melody her heart for Parker something is a master new in the gardener. garden? Contact her at G r e e n melody.parker@ beans are a warm-season crop that develops quickly and depending on variety, yields harvests in as little as 50 days after direct sowing seeds. In Iowa, “Blue Lake” is probably the most popular green bean grown, the benchmark for all other varieties. This snap bean is available as both bush and pole varieties, and is compact and easy to grow. Dark green pods are plump and flavorful, and the yield can best be described as big. But bean counters also may find these four new offerings worth trying:  “Asparagus Red Podded” beans are certain to be conversation starters. The burgundy-red Asian beans are skinny, smooth and long, reaching up to 24 inches long on 10- to 12-foot vines. Flavor is described as a cross between a snap bean and asparagus. It’s recommended that the beans be flash-fried or stir-fried — not steamed.  Mascotte” is a 2014 All America Selection ideal for small gardens, patio containers and even windowboxes. AAS describes them as stringless, slim, crisp and true filet-sized with good bean flavor. The upright plants are diseaseresistant, and harvest is a lengthy span.  “Red Swan” is a cross between a purple snap and a pinto, according to Terra Organics. The stringless pods are 4- to 5-inches on bush plants. Harvest is 52 to 58 days after sowing seeds.  “Savannah” has been popular with market growers, and now has been highly rated by home garden testers. Dark green pods are said to be light,

{Wedding gift from 1962} one person’s


Asparagus Red-Podded” Asian beans

sweet and tender. Picking is easy on bushy, upright plants, and t h e p i c king season is long. Seeds develop slowly in the pod so “beans stay tender and snap-able” for a longer harvest window, according to the National Garden Bureau. For even germination, green beans should be seeded directly when the soil temperature is warm, usually the first week in June for eastern Iowa (about two weeks after the last frost date). Plant seeds 1 inch deep and keep soil moist — not wet — until germination. You can soak bean seeds overnight for faster germination. The plants are shallowly rooted, but soil should be friable anda drain easily. Plant in full sun (garden or container). Bush beans are short, determinate plants, while pole beans are vining and should be trained on poles, arbors, fences or strings. Expect plants to grow quickly, although pole beans will lag a bit behind bush varieties. Feed beans organic fertilizers such as fish emulsion. Flowering beans are really quite

pretty plants, so enjoy them until beans are set. Green beans also are susceptible to fungal diseases, so plant only diseaseresistant varieties. Water regularly from the bottom to prevent leaves from getting wet.

Spacing is important, too. Plant 2 to 3 feet apart for air circulation and to keep diseases from being easily transferred between plants. And when that bumper crop arrives, pick daily to keep production high.

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Logistics Manager Employment

Appliances ABC Appliances. 13 fridges, 28 stoves, 41 washers, 33 dryers (gas and electric), 7 freezers. 833-0101

Boats-Accessories ALUMACRAFT BOATS, Last Chance, Save up to $5000 on Your New Boat. 50 Boat Packages on Sale. SAVE NOW,Spring Delivery. PH608-326-2478 STARKS Prairie du Chien, WI

Computers COMPAQ A3000 series color printer, copier and scanner excellent condition. 319-504-6750. $75 HP Pavilion home PC w/15" monitor, keyboard and tower. excellent cond. 319-504-6750. $100

Good Things To Eat

FUGGITI APPLE ORCHARD Buy one bushel, Get one FREE Call beforehand. 319-342-3220 Lawn-Garden-Flowers FOR Sale: Steel Cab for X700 Series John Deere. $3000 or offer. 563-590-3220.

Miscellaneous FOR Sale: two burial plots at Garden of Memories w/vaults. $500 each. For more info call 520-227-2418 FOUR LG bags of baby girl clothes, $50/each. Baby bath tub, $5. Bassinet, $50. Electric stove, $250. 319-283-1648


55 or older? Need a job?

AARP Senior Employment may be able to assist you. For more information call 319-234-0206 Automotive NOW HIRING Auto Dismantlers, Parts Pullers, and Delivery Driver. Must be willing to take a physical and drug screen. We offer great starting pay, benefits are available. Must have own tools and must apply in person, NO phone calls. 945 Lowell Ave., Waterloo Construction Carpenters/Framers Cardinal Construction Apply at 2859 Wagner Rd. or call 319-233-5290 Customer Service TECHNICAL SUPPORT OFFICE ENVIRONMENT Full-time position available in Technical Support at medical equipment company. Professional, office environment. Successful candidate must have excellent communication and organizational skills, with a focus on detail. Experience with computers is preferred. Please send cover letter and resume to: Kate Dunning, Talk To Me Technologies, 323 W 2nd St, Cedar Falls, IA, 50613. EOE DELIVERY

Profits $400-$600 per month Independent Contractor Carrier Routes available in

Waterloo and LaPorte City Deliver The Courier to subscriber homes Sunday through Friday Call Sarah at 319-291-1503 or Erica at 319-291-1516 for more information

AKC Yellow Lab pups ADORABLE! Call 319-239-9404 FOR Sale: AKC Lab pups, black /chocolate females, vet checked, ready now. 319-240-9362.

Manages the day-to-day operations of a 276,000 ft. warehouse with 300 employees. Will have high customer contact and involvement. Bachelor’s degree in Business Logistics or Transportation preferred with 3-5 years supervisory experience in logistics, transportation, warehouse or industry related field. Knowledge of shipping, receiving, inventory/quality management, distribution or dispatch preferred. Experience with MS Office applications and SAP/ERP systems required. Pre-employment background check and drug screen required. Ryder offers industry competitive benefits package including paid time off, medical/dental/vision insurance and 401(k). EOE/AA/M/F/D/V.

To apply, please visit


Cliff Viessman Inc. is accepting applications for regional tanker drivers to haul food grade products from Cedar Rapids IA. $500 sign on bonus. $50 K+ per year. Health , Dental,401K. Profit Sharing. Quarterly safe driving bonus. CDL with tanker experience endorsement required. Two years experience required. Part time positions available. Contact Bruce at 800-353-0344.

HELP WANTED Growing dental office is searching for a Full Time Registered Dental Assistant to join a great dental team. Please send resume to: Berryman Family Dentistry 228 First Ave. SE Oelwein, IA 50662

Driver Courier Communications is looking for a part-time Driver with a Class B CDL for newspaper distribution on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings. Candidates must be able to work 19 hours per week. Must have valid CDL, good driving record and proof of auto insurance. If interested please apply online @

2 FEMALE Toy Australian Shepherd puppies. 1 Blue Merle with 2 blue eyes, and 1 Black Tri. Up to date on vaccinations and deworming, dew claws removed and tails docked. $600-$1000. 641-330-8131

Manages the day-to-day operations of a 276,000 ft. warehouse with 300 employees. Will have high customer contact and involvement.



Courier Communications is a Drug-Free Employer. Courier Communications (www.WCFCouri and Lee Enterprises, Inc. ( are Equal Opportunity Employers. Education KINDERGARTEN TEACHER Opening for 2014-2015 1.0 FTE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER Application procedures and forms available online: EOE/AA


Class A Hazmat Tank LOCAL Driving Position: Home Daily 21 months FT Tractor-Trailer Exp. Minimum 23 years of Age Based in Waterloo, IA •Excellent Compensation •401K-50% Match •Health—entalision •Qualified Paid Training •Performance Bonuses •Paid Time Off (PTO) and Holiday Pay Apply at, or call 800-397-9015, option 3 Drivers

Drivers Wanted Hiring over the road truck drivers. Full time positions. Dry freight, No hazmat. Home often. Qualified drivers must be a minimum of 24 years of age with at least 2 years driving experience. Must have a current DOT physical, valid CDL and a clean MVR. Company drivers may qualify for benefits. Pay is based on percentage. $1,000 sign on bonus. Owner operators welcome to apply. Check out our website at Call 800-752-9949


Hallcon Crew Transportation Inc., is looking for local drivers to transport railroad crews in Waterloo to their trains. This is an on call position and vehicle and training provided. A clean driving record is required and a criminal background check done. Drivers must possess a valid driver's license. Flexible schedule for 2478 operation. Compensation is paid on mileage and wait time. Send resumes to

Food and Beverage Full-Time Assistant Food Service Director A’viands, a progressive food and services management company is seeking a highly motivated and confident Assistant Food Service Director to assist with maintaining systems and procedures within the food service operation at the Black Hawk County Jail located in Waterloo, IA. We offer a competitive starting wage and benefits package, which includes a generous 401(k) Plan and tuition reimbursement. Apply online today by visiting careers Click “Job Search” Click “Search” under Home Office, Food Service Management and Dietitians. EOE/AA/M /D/V

Spring into a new, exciting career with Linnhaven, Inc. Current openings include mid-level management and entry level positions…

Direct Support Facilitators: directly supervise Direct Support Professionals in providing supported community living services for adults with disabilities in their homes. Direct contact hours are required including evenings, nights and weekends. Ability to work a flexible schedule is required. Direct Support Professionals: provide supports for adults with disabilities to live independently in our communities. We offer

• The opportunity to earn over $30K a year • An outstanding benefit package beginning after 30 days of fulltime employment • Generous sign-on bonuses • A rewarding career • Job security

You Need

• A high school diploma or the equivalent (Baccalaureate degree preferred for Facilitator position) • 6 months experience working with people with disabilities • A clean background check and good driving record • Evening, weekend, and overnight availability Contact Mike at

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Health Care

BLACK SHEEP ANTIQUES 303 3rd St. Parkersburg • 983-4114

MRI Technologist Full-Time Iowa Falls, IA

Application: WWW.SHAREDMED.COM Anticipated Schedule: •3-4 days/week with overnights •Rotating weekends We Offer: •40-hour weekly guarantee •Full benefits package •Longevity bonus •Paid vacation •Paid lodging •Per diem for overnight stays Qualifications: •ARRT registered •Ability to lift 60 pounds •21 years of age or older •Ability to pass physical, drug screen and background SHARED MEDICAL SERVICES Cottage Grove, WI “Discover the SMS Difference”

Health Care

Cedar Valley Medical Specialists

has a full time opening for a Nurse Practitioner for their Gastroenterology Department. The position will include assisting the physician with patient care and patient education. Cedar Valley offers excellent wages and benefit package. Please send resume to Cedar Valley Medical Specialists P.O. Box 2758, Waterloo IA 50704.

Health Care Comfort Care Medicare is seeking part time LPN's, CNA's and Helper's. Most hours are early mornings and afternoons. Apply at 2616 Orchard Dr., C.F. or send resume to

Health Care Barthell OES Home, an all-private pay nursing home in Decorah, Iowa, is seeking an experienced, dynamic, visionary, Iowa licensed administrator. Email Mike at to receive additional information. Health Care

Buchanan County Health Center has the following Full-time and Part-time positions available: • Certified Nursing Aide • Medical Lab Technician • Registered Nurse (Surgery and Ambulatory Surgery) • Physical Therapist Please refer to for additional information and positions.

The Crown Group is now Hiring for the following: Production workers (3rd shift), Shag driver (2nd shift) Class A CDL Required, and Maintenance workers. Please Fill out Application on-site at: The Crown Group 2320 Northeast Dr., Waterloo, IA 50703

COME JOIN OUR TEAM! THE COURIER HAS A FEW GREAT OPPORTUNITIES IN OUR CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT. Full-Time District Sales Manager A District Sales Manager is responsible for managing newspapers/product distribution activities to ensure the timely delivery of the Courier to our subscribers. Successful DM candidates must be willing to work a late starting first shift (9:30 AM to 6:30 PM) weekdays and early morning hours on Sunday. A valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and reliable transportation is required. Good compensation, commission, and mileage reimbursement. This is a full time position with excellent full time benefits including medical, dental, vision, 401k, life insurance and paid time off.

Part-Time Delivery Assistant The Delivery Assistant will make deliveries to customers, assist with customer service follow up calls, work with carriers in the distribution center and other basic office duties. If you are a high energy, customer service minded person looking for a great opportunity, we want to hear from you. This position would include flexible weekday and Sunday morning hours. This job offers an excellent starting wage and mileage reimbursement. A valid driver’s license, insurance and a vehicle are required.

Apply Online at or call Greg Schmitz at 319-291-1459 for more information. The Courier is a Drug-Free Employer. The Courier ( and Lee Enterprises, Inc. ( are Equal Opportunity Employer.


We are looking for Top Caliber People!

Telephone Sales Reps

20 More Needed Now for Days and Nights We’re looking for representatives with excellent communication skills, great attendance records, self motivation and strong sales skills. Qualified candidates must be able to interact professionally over the phone and enjoy a fast paced sales environment. We offer a professional “can do” environment, excellent benefit packages including: Medical, Life, and Dental Insurance, paid training, and paid time off.

Make up to $12.00 per hour plus commission For more information, call 319-266-58810r stop by Monday through Friday

2214 Main St., Cedar Falls, lA 50613


Equal Opportunity Employer



Seasonal Cleanups, Mowing, Thatching, Aeration, Snow removal

We Sell and Service Snow Blowers, Saws and More

319-610-4023 or 319-961-8516

Licensed and insured.


104 Hanna Blvd. (319) 232-4154


Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Inc.


Residential or Commerical. Framing and Drywall. Repairs, Painting, and other Handyman work.

We do carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, natural stone polishing.

Spring Clean Up, Lawn Care, Gutter Cleaning, Fertilizing, Power Washing, Landscaping, Hauling, Tree Trimming, Property Maintenance.

Aaron Johnson Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Inc.


Office: (319) 266-6947 Mobile: (319) 493-0320 Website:


Automotive, Residential, Commercial and Safes, High Security Automotive Keys made, locks rekeyed, new locks installed. Safes Serviced/Combinations Changed Call for Appointments


LAWNREMOVAL SERVICE CONSTRUCTION SNOW Remodeling Bathrooms, SNOW FALL YARD Kitchens and Basements; Siding and Roofing; CLEAN-UP REMOVAL

Yard Thatching, Pruning, Brush, Storm and Water Damage Repairs; for sidewalks Windows and Doors Tree Removal, General Hauling. andReservations driveways Ahrens Construction Taking Now. Call Dale 404-7390 319-266-2137


SNOWBLOWING/ LAWNSIDEWALKS MOWING CLEAN Yard Clean Eave Up, Snow Removal, Clean Spouts, Clean Eves, Trim Hedges, Lawn Maintenance, Tree Removal, Landscaping Snowblowing Around Homes, etc.


Sales/Customer Service


The Courier currently has an opening for an outgoing individual to work with customers both in person and on the phone selling classified advertising. The ideal candidate for this position would possess excellent communication skills, be very organized and be able to multitask on a daily basis. Computer skills, speed, spelling, good grammar and accuracy are required. They must enjoy meeting people, business owners and selling. This is a full-time position that offers a competitive salary, benefit package and commission opportunities. Hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Apply online at The Courier is a Drug Free Employer requiring pre-employment drug testing. The Courier ( and Lee Enterprises are equal opportunity employers.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014





Health Care

Sales-Rural Territory $75K+ starting income potential work only Mon.-Thurs. (overnight travel typical). (855)831-5881

• Resident Assistant's for Linden Place


04 Chevy Tahoe for sale. Black and chrome, 5.3 L, 4x4, flex fuel, third row seat, well equipped, tow hitch, great truck, $6,900. Call 641-229-0159

2002 Toyota 4Runner SR5 JT3HN86R220374240 loaded CD sunroof non-smoker, timing belt serviced, no rust SHARP TRUCK! It runs, looks, and drives absolutely great. (319) 481-2308 2900


Lost Island

• P.R.N. (as needed)

is accepting applications for Summer 2014. Lifeguard, food service, and cashier positions needed 5/30-8/24. Go-kart, zip line attendants and park services positions needed 5/2-9/28. Hours vary per position. Applications available at:

• Bartels At Home P.R.N. hours (as needed)

• Registered Nurse • Full-time 1st Shift Monday – Friday




Waterloo/ Lost Island KOA

• C.N.A.’s

Accepting applications for the following positions April - October: Cashier/ Registration Clerk, Housekeeping, Grounds keeping/ Maintenance. Hours will vary depending on position. Applications available at:

• Full-time 3rd Shift 10:00PM – 6:30AM • Weekend Package /Saturday and Sunday 6:00PM to 6:30AM • Weekend Package / Saturday and Sunday 6:00AM to 6:30PM (Weekend package offers excellent premium rate)


2006 Mercury Grand Marquis LS. 69,500 mi. 25 m.p.g. Leather, sunroof, loaded with luxury features. No dents, rust or scratches. A-1 car. $8,500. 319-233-0707


• Part- time 2nd Shift position includes every other weekend and every other holiday.



MSRP $44,060 Save (-$9,061)

Rydell Bottom Line Best Price



• Dining Services Food Servers

MSRP $41,250 Save (-$8,251)

Rydell Bottom Line Best Price

• Full time and part time hours available


• Must be available to work flexible schedules



2012 Toyota Corolla S

Bartels Lutheran Retirement Community

NEW 2014 CHEVY SILVERADO DBL CAB LT All Star, 4x4 V6 #38714

1922 5th Ave. NW Waverly, IA 50677 Phone: 352-4540 EOE

MSRP $39,855 LEASE $379 Mo.*

Visit our website for a printable application at



“Enriching lives through quality services and Christian care.”


Positions Include Sales Associates, Cashiers and Automotive Technicians. Full time and Part time available. Apply in person at: 219 Brandilynn Boulevard Cedar Falls, IA 50613


Sales Person Needed!

$$$$$$GREAT PAY!! We need outgoing and energetic people in our telecommunications industry to sell services to residential customers. We will train you every step of the way. We also provide the leads, excellent benefits, incentives, discount on cable, “PAY” for your training time and a base pay of $24K with unlimited commission. You’ll have flexibility of freedom, working on your own terms and opportunity to grow with career advancements. This is an excellent opportunity and a great company to get your career started in the right path…. Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. APPLY at careers or for an immediate interview call or email Karen at 319-395-9699 Ext. 3457; EOE m/d/f/v

1989 Olds Regency. New brakes, AC motor, cam sensor replaced, asking $3200. 319-415-5125. • • • •

Now Hiring:

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle 136370R246997 SS unrestored 396/350 HP, blue/white w/white stripes, $9600, M-21 MUNCIE 4SPD manual m 319-435-8652

Wheels For You

The Iowa City VA Health Care System is recruiting for one (1) full-time Medical Technician for the Waterloo Community Based Outpatient Clinic, Waterloo, Iowa, to meet the needs of our Veteran population. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, oversight of lab, phlebotomy, accessioning, and testing. Completion of accredited Medical Laboratory Technician program preferred. The medical center offers an excellent benefits package which includes vacation and sick time; tax deferred savings plan with matching contributions, and other generous benefits. For more information about the Iowa City VA Health Care System and to apply for this position, please visit our website at or call Mallory Krieger at 319-338-0581 ext. 6740. The Department of Veterans Affairs is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer. Women and minorities are strongly



MSRP $42,510 LEASE $419 Mo.* These deals are good through March 31, 2014. Customers responsibility: $1,500 down, 1st payment unless noted. $1,500 includes Iowa tax, title, license and $89 documentation fee. Out of state payments may vary due to different tax, title and license fee. After market accessories cost extra. 36 Month Lease, 12,000 miles per year.

Plus tax, title & license. Subject to prior sale.

Health Care

Plumbing Licensed Plumbers and Apprentice Wanted with experienced needed. Great pay and benefits. Call 319-266-7877

All Star, 4x4 V6

Great MPG, Sharp Ride



Health Care Hiring Fair Rosewood Estate 1117 Maxhelen Blvd. Waterloo March 15. 1-4pm Multiple positions open Dietary and CNA Come prepared to fill out an application along with refrences.

encouraged to apply.



• P.R.N. (as needed)

Medical Technician Waterloo Community Based Outpatient Clinic

• Insider • INSIDER


4617 University Ave. Cedar Falls, IA 50613

WWW.RydellAuto.COM (319) 234.4601


1325 E. San Marnan Waterloo

319-283-5885 7000 University Ave • Cedar Falls



4WD, Leather, Loaded, Sunroof, CD 80,800 Miles


Was $5,995

NOW $4,985

‘04 Pontiac Grand Prix GT #C5187A

NOW $4,993

Was $6,995

‘05 Buick LeSabre Custom #T14610I

2006 MAZDA 3

5 Speed, 4 Cyl. 2.3, Bucket Seats, AM/FM/CD Player, New Tires, Front Wheel Drive

Was $6,995

NOW $5,998

‘04 Chevy Cavilier LS Sport #C5228A

Was $8,995

NOW $7,700

‘03 Mazda Tribute AWD #T14124A

Was $8,995

NOW $6,323


‘04 Chevy Suburban 4X4 #T14251B

Was $9,995

NOW $7,975

‘03 Lincoln LS





D L O S Was $9,995

NOW $8,975

‘06 GMC Sierra 1400 4X4 #P16099A

CREDIT PROBLEMS? NO PROBLEMS!! Let our Finance Team Do All The Work to Get You Approved!

Was $13,995 NOW $12,450

‘06 Chevy Silverado 4X4 #T4502A

Community Il

is located right next to Hwy. 58 overpass at 7000 University Ave., Cedar Falls, IA


V6, AUTO, AIR, Leather, Loaded, Sunroof, 46,700 Miles




Tuesday, March 18, 2014

• TUESDAY, MARCH 18, 2014

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Waterloo Main Street completes Blue Zones pledge actions WATERLOO — Waterloo Main Street has completed the Blue Zones Project Organization Checklist, highlighting their longstanding commitment to Waterloo. The pledge actions they completed include offering healthy food options at

meetings when food is present, hosting well-being and educational events, promoting volunteer opportunities, adopting a tobacco-free environment and acquiring a bicycle rack to allow for active transportation. “We have worked with Blue Zones representatives

on a number of initiatives, most recently the Blue Zones themed Taste of ‘Loo event,” said Jeff Kurtz, Executive Director of Main Street Waterloo. “The buy-in from the downtown community has set the standard for the whole city. Restaurants, organizations, and local

government are all working to initiate the Blue Zones recommendations. Main Street Waterloo is pleased to be among the participants promoting this effort.” Main Street Waterloo was founded on the concept of economic development within the context of historic

variety of measures of their effectiveness in making roads safer and more accessible for everyone who uses them. Cedar Falls Mayor Jon Crews said, “Complete Streets are absolutely essential towards creating a healthier physical environment, an essential component of the Blue Zones Project.” Smart Growth America is the only national organization dedicated to researching, advocating for and leading coalitions to bring better development to more communities. The policy is one component of the Blue Zones Community Policy pledge.

knee walker


Ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery breaks, sprains, amputations and ulcer of the foot

399 $ 99 3 1919 Kegs of Root Beer $

Lb. Lb.

23 1999 2999 3500

awesome potato $ Salad Deluxe Baked $ Beans Bacon Ranch $ pasta Salad Graduation $ Cakes


Gallon Gallon Gallon

Serves 40

Shredded BBQ Chicken Taco Or Beef Burger

8 Gallon

no time to take Care of Call Wapsie pines your laWn? laWn Care & landsCaping

29 499 2300 2000

Grill Rental Hog Roasters


Serves 25-30 Lb.

Serves 25 Dozen

Hot Dog Roller Popcorn Popper

Call For a Complete Price list To Be Mailed


randall’s MEaTs and CaTErInG

Home Cooked Food

Safety check for you and your family.




We have reopened at

7 AM.

Come back and see us.

Sorry for any inconvenienc e.

Now is the time to schedule:

Lawn appLications • spring cLeanup • irrigation start up spring aerating • shrub pruning • Lawn Dethatch

book your landscaping project now! PrePay for lawN care services by aPril 1st aNd receive aN additioNal 10% credit to your accouNt!

Wapsie Pines Lawn Care & Landscaping

Call today


Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:30-5:00 Fri 8:30-3:00 618 State Street, Cedar Falls Like us on Facebook

Open at 7 a.M. fOr Breakfast. fish fry $7.99 handBreaded pOllOck, hush puppies, and fries. all yOu can eat $9.99. every friday during lent. reg priced iteMs Only. One cOupOn per custOMer per taBle per day. nOt gOOd with any Other Offer.

Hours: Mon.- Fri. 6 am- 1 pm • Sat. 7 am- 11 am

Di’s Corner Cafe 460 Park Rd. Waterloo 319-234-3077

Dine in Only.



West 18th & Commercial St. Waterloo

of $2000 or more.

• Monday Kids Eat FREE! (with 2 adult meals)

• Daily Specials!

Coupon expires 4-1-14

Mexican Restaurant

350 Fletcher Ave., Waterloo, Iowa Phone 319-287-5636

$75 OFF! $25 OFF your 1st, 3rd, and 5th cleaning with Weekly or Bi-Weekly cleaning. Or take 10% off any one time service. Call us at 319.287.6280 Offer Code WCF0414. Valid Until April 30, 2014 Valid for new customers only. One offer per customer.


00 + TAX


Quality Dependable Same Day Service You Can Count On!

Thank you for your business! Waterloo 233-8411 • Cedar Falls 268-9110


Dilly Bars!! 6/$ 19or


99 ¢


With Coupon. Expires 4-1-14. One coupon per person. Call ahead for larger orders.

Domestic bottles

6 a.m. - 6 p.m. mon. - sat. anD 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. sun.

Furnace TUNEUP


Limit 12

carry-outs welcome



Daily Specials! 10%Off Every Purchase

104 year



~ ~ ~ Plus Delicious ~ ~ ~

Daily Specials!

Alena Ellerbroek, ARNP



Cheesy party $ potatoes Cut Fresh $ Fruit Salad Veggie/Relish $ trays Deluxe Foil $ Wrapped Cupcakes

Chocolate Fountain Punch Fountain

Justin Ellerbroek, MD

399 $ 99 3 $

EquipmEnt REntal

Tables & Chairs Portable Beverage Cooler


441 E. San Marnan Drive, Suite 110 • Waterloo IA 50702 (319) 234-6000

Graduation Party Ideas

BBQ Pork Sliced Pork Loin

revitalization. Using this approach, they are working to strengthen the overall social and economic health of the Waterloo central business districts and re-establish the commercial districts as the community focal point and center of activity.


Cities tie for Smart Growth America list The Complete Streets policy for both Waterloo and Cedar Falls, passed by each City Council has been named two of the best in the country by Smart Growth America, an organization that advocates for more walkable and livable neighborhoods. The two Iowa communities tied for 14th on the list. The policies will be featured in the 2013 Best Policies Report. The National Complete Streets Coalition, a program of Smart Growth America, conducts an annual analysis of all the Complete Streets policies adopted in the U.S., scoring every policy on a

preservation. This concept allows for new development that is compatible with the existing downtown physical environment. Main Street Waterloo is an affiliate of the Main Street Iowa program, using the National Main Street Center’s “Four Point Approach” to downtown


1304 W. 5th St., Waterloo



1506 La Porte Rd.,Waterloo 103 E. Park Tower.,Waterloo




Buy one Meal Get 1/2 oFF 2nd oF equal or lesser value BreakFast-lunch-dinner iteMs. Mon.-Fri. Anytime, Sunday 3-6 pm, Saturday 12-8 pm.

826 LaPorte Rd. Waterloo, IA 319-234-8100 Hours: 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Wacky Wednesdays during March. Clothing/Hard Goods/Furniture

NOW TAKING SPRING & SUMMeR! 2 BAG/TOTE LIMIT. Good at waterloo Stuff Etc Only.

Waterloo (next to Menards) 1210 Flammang Drive


Stop by and SAVE at these Fine Businesses

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