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Choosing the right college to fit your goals More than 8.2 million applications were sent to U.S. colleges by prospective freshmen vying to enroll in fall 2011, according to U.S. News and World Report. That means getting into the college of your choice is more competitive than ever. Students and parents are encouraged to consider a range of options, including community colleges, small public or private colleges and schools with specific study disciplines such as business. Some colleges are “open admissions,” accepting students on a first-come, firstserved basis. Other colleges are very selective and admit only a small number of applicants each year. Most colleges are in between. In the past 20 years, higher-education options have

exploded. Satellite locations, remote classrooms, web-ucation and online options are the norm in today’s higher-learning landscape. And if college isn’t the right choice for you, there are technical and professional schools that can train you for specific careers. Nontraditional students — adults returning to college after an absence, attending for the first time or working full time while carrying college courses — also are at home on college campuses or in Internet classrooms.

Testing, testing Most colleges accept SAT and ACT assessments. Community colleges and technical schools may require a different standardized test, such as

the ASSET test. Check with each college you are considering to determine which test is preferred. The ACT is accepted by nearly all the same colleges and has one advantage for nervous testtakers. If you don’t like your score on an ACT test, you don’t have to show it to colleges. The SAT rule is that if you send any score to a college, you have to send them all. Most colleges promise to count only your best scores, but that rule makes some students uncomfortable. You also may want to consider taking the Preliminary ACT and the Preliminary SAT/ National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test as practice for the actual assessment. Practice tests will give you a chance to see where your academic weak

spots are so you can focus on those areas. If you are unhappy with your score or feel you can do better, you may retake the test. Try to take the test for the first time by the spring of your junior year so you will have time to retake it if necessary. Check with your high school counselor or admissions counselor before you retake the test.

Consider the costs Grant aid from federal and state governments, institutional funds and private sources lowers the net price for a majority of college students, while benefits from federal education tax credits and deductions can reduce the costs students and their families incur. But many families may find that they earn too much to

qualify for need-based financial aid, which is by far the most common source of all student aid. Need-based aid is most likely to be granted at a public university. Families who are unlikely to qualify for need-based aid can still lower their bills through merit aid based on academic accomplishment. While toptier elite private schools typically don’t hand out such aid, many well-known colleges a notch or two down on the prestige ladder do. Schools that grant merit scholarships often outline qualifications and other details on their Web sites, and U.S. News & World Report, www., has a list of schools with the highest percentage of students receiving non-need based aid.

2013 FALL college planning guide ❑ Allen College

❑ Iowa Lakes Community College

Barrett Forum • 1825 Logan Ave. • Waterloo, IA 50703 Admission: 319-226-2000 Website:

❑ Ashford University

❑ Iowa State University

400 North Bluff Blvd. • Clinton, Iowa 52732 Admission: 800-242-4153 Website:

100 Enrollment Services Center • Ames, Iowa 50011 Admissions: 515-294-5836 or 800-262-3810 Website:

❑ Central College

❑ Iowa Wesleyan College

812 University St. • Pella, IA 50219 Admission: 877-462-3687 Website:

601 North Main Street • Mount Pleasant, Iowa Admissions: 800-582-2383 or 319-385-6231 Website:

❑ Ellsworth Community College 1100 College Ave. • Iowa Falls, IA 50126 Admission: 641-648-4611 or 800-322-9235 Website:

❑ Kaplan University 7009 Nordic Drive • Cedar Falls, IA 50613 Admissions: 319-277-0220 Website:

❑ Grand View University

❑ Kirkwood Community College

1200 Grandview Ave. • Des Moines, IA 50316 Admission: 800-444-6083 or 515-263-2810 Website:

❑ Hawkeye Community College 1501 East Orange Rd. • Waterloo, IA 50702 Admission: 319-296-4000 or 800-670-4769 ext. 4000 Website:

❑ Indian Hills Community College 525 Grandview Ave. • Ottumwa/Centerville Admission: 800-726-2585 Website:

Emmetsburg, Estherville, Algona, Spencer, Spirit Lake Admission: 866-IA-LAKES Website:

6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW • Cedar Rapids, IA 52406 Admission: 319-398-5517 or 800-363-2220 Website:

❑ Loras College 1450 Alta Vista St. • Dubuque, IA 52001 Admission: 800-245-6727 Website:

❑ Mount Mercy University


❑ Upper Iowa University Cedar Rapids

North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) 500 College Drive Mason City, IA 50401 Admissions Office: 641-422-4245

700 Bell Dr. • Cedar Rapids, IA 52142 Admission: 319-848-8488 Website:

❑ Northeast Iowa Community College 1625 Hwy. 150 South • Calmar, IA 52132 8342 NICC Drive.• Peosta, IA 52068 Admission: (Calmar) 800-728-2256 Admission: (Peosta) 800-728-7367 Website:

605 Washington Street, PO Box 1857 • Fayette, IA Admission: 800-553-4150 Website:

❑ Simpson College 701 North C Street • Indianola IA 50125 Admission:515-961-1624 or 800-362-2454 Fax: 515-961-1870 • Email: Website:

002 Gilchrist Hall UNI • Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0018 Admission: 319-273-2281 Website:

107 Calvin Hall • Iowa City, Iowa Admission: 319-335-3847

❑ Upper Iowa University Waterloo Center 3563 University Ave. • Waterloo, IA 50701 Admission: 319-232-6980 Website:

❑ Waldorf College

❑ University of Northern Iowa

❑ University of Iowa

❑ Upper Iowa University Fayette Campus

106 S. 6th St., Forest City, IA 50436 Admission: 800-292-1903 Website:

❑ Wartburg College 100 Wartburg Blvd. • Waverly, IA 50677 319-352-8200

1330 Elmhurst Drive NE • Cedar Rapids, Iowa Admission: 319-368-6460 or 800-248-4504 Website:

Name: City: High School: ATTN: SHEILA KERNS • P.O. Box 540 Waterloo, IA 50704 | Phone Number: To request more information, check the desired box (es) and mail form or go online to

Address: State: Zip Code: Year of Graduation: Email:





Filling out FAFSA first step in quest for financial aid The first step in the financial aid process is to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Students become eligible for aid from federal and state agencies and from colleges by filling out the U.S. Department of Education’s FAFSA. The form is available at www. or by calling (800) 433-3243. Students can complete the form without professional assistance, but if you need help, you can go to www.studentaid. The form needs to be filled out soon after Jan. 1 of your senior year of high school and before your college’s financial aid priority deadline. Deadlines for your state or schools may be different from the federal deadlines, and you may be required to complete additional forms. Ask your school if the deadline is the receipt date and time or the process date and time of the application. FAFSA needs to be filled out every year you want to be considered for financial aid. The information on this form is used to decide how much financial aid you qualify for from the federal government, the state and colleges. Check with your high school guidance counselor or a financial aid administrator at your school about state and school sources of student aid. Federal Student Aid is paid to students through the school. You should receive an award letter from

your school, which details your aid award types and amounts. Your aid awards likely will be disbursed each semester, quarter or other payment period. Typically, the school first applies your aid toward tuition, fees and room and board if you live on campus. The remainder is paid to you for other expenses. Your financial aid package is likely to include funds from the Federal Student Aid programs. Note that not all schools participate in all FSA programs. The good news: The process to apply is easier than you think, starting with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The standardized federal form is used to determine eligibility for federal, state, and in some cases, institutional aid. A direct link to the Iowa Financial Aid Application is accessible to Iowa residents on the FAFSA confirmation page. The online state application, which covers six state programs, uses smart technology that points out eligible programs based on how a person answers the questions. Federal parent PLUS loans are recommended over students burdening themselves with both federal and private education loans. A tight economy and limited resources may be contributing to heavy student debt loads. A FAFSA is based off one’s financial information the previous year, but the sudden loss of a job or pay cut can affect the financial stability and require further review to factor in the updated information. offers virtual tours Are you and your offspring spending a fortune on college tours? Narrow your options first with a virtual tour. Name: What it does: This website gives you a look at 400 college campuses and universities in the U.S., Europe, Africa and Latin America. What’s hot: Parents and prospective students can peruse col-

lege after college without opening their wallet to pay for a plane ticket. The tours use virtual guides, panoramic photos, videos and my favorite — photo features that let you see inside the cadet chapel at West Point or stroll around Pepperdine and its Beaman Patio overlooking the Pacific. What’s not: The tours are thorough, but nothing can take the place of actually being there.


100 majors. 800 clubs. 1,700 faculty. Enjoy the adventure.




Kirkwood Community College Start here, go anywhere!


ith global vision and innovative curriculum, Kirkwood is redefining the role of the community college. From the first-in-thenation hotel that serves as an experiential learning laboratory, to simple services that help our students do better in class and get better jobs when they graduate, Kirkwood sets the scholastic bar. Whatever you’re interested in studying, Kirkwood has a program for you. In fact, we have the most programs of any college in Iowa. Go for two years and transfer to a four-year college, or graduate and start your career — the choice is yours. See all 120plus of our programs at www. Once you’re on campus, you’ll find state-of-the-art facilities. Just a few of the amazing

Information ■ LOCATION: Cedar Rapids ■ PHONE: (800) 363-2220. ■ WEBSITE:

resources that await you include: ■ A 32,000 square-foot horticulture center, featuring the latest “green” technology, including geothermal heating and cooling and a roof system that catches rainwater for use in the greenhouses and landscaping areas. A large student commons area, a small engine lab and an indoor soil floor used to teach patio building and other outdoor skills rain or shine, are just a few of the amenities. ■ High-fidelity computerized mannequins at our Healthcare Simulation Center that replicate real-life emergency situations. The sims range in body

free. ■ The Hotel at Kirkwood Center, the largest and most comprehensive teaching hotel at a community college in the entire United States. Opened in 2010, the 71-room luxury hotel includes six suites, and is staffed by professional managers assisted by Kirkwood Hospitality Arts students. structure from adult to infant, But it’s our student services and can be programmed to suc- that truly set us apart. Regardless cumb to a number of crisislevel health problems while the students working to save them are observed by instructors and peers. Each simulation is reviewed, so students can hone their emergency responses. ■ A 400-acre working farm, where students actively participate in all aspects of crop and animal production. ■ The Iowa Equestrian Center, the Midwest’s premier equestrian facility. ■ Jones Hall, the center of industrial technology at Kirkwood, has incredible features including a precision sheet metal fabrication area as well as indoor working labs for our Carpentry, HVAC and Plumbing programs. ■ A 43,500 square-foot recreation center our students use for

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2013 if you’re the valedictorian or you need a little academic help, Kirkwood is there for you with a range of services and programs. We’ll take you to the next step with honors programs, study abroad, tutoring, student organizations, academic advising and career services. And what’s the best part about being a Kirkwood student? You get all of this for half the cost of attending some other schools.

Be an

! e l g Ea

Economic worries affecting college choices WASHINGTON (AP) — College costs are driving decisions about which schools to attend, what to study and even where to live, according to a report from loan giant Sallie Mae. Parents no longer foot the largest portion of the bill, according to the lender’s annual survey. That role goes to grants and scholarships, with student loans coming in third as fewer students borrow money for school. While the recession has largely passed, economic worries have not, and many families are making college choices driven by fears of tuition hikes and job losses, according to the survey. “Parents are willing to stretch themselves,” said Sarah Ducich, Sallie Mae’s senior vice president for public policy. “It’s not that they’re not willing to pay. It’s that

their income is not keeping up.” College spending per student was about $21,000 during 2012, down from a peak of $24,000 in 2010, according to the Sallie MaeIpsos Public Affairs report. The annual survey of student financial aid found students earned about $6,300 in grants and scholarships to pay for college costs in 2012, taking the top spot from parents. Parents chipped in $5,727 on average, a decrease of 35 percent since 2010. In terms of percentages, the typical family relied on grants and scholarships for 30 percent of college costs and parents’ income and savings for 27 percent. Student borrowing accounted for 18 percent while the remainder came from student income and savings, parent borrowing and relatives and friends.

Student loans were the third most common source to pick up the bill for courses, housing and books with the average student borrowing $8,815 in federal loans. The Sallie Mae report said that while slightly fewer students borrowed to pay for college, those who did took out larger loans. Among other strategies employed to deal with costs: ■ One-fifth of students from low-income families chose to transfer to less expensive schools. ■ About one-fifth of students said they changed majors to fields that were expected to be more marketable upon graduation. ■ In all, 67 percent of students and their families eliminated colleges at some stage during the application process because of costs, up from 58 percent in 2008.


Iowa State University



find 1,700 faculty members, 100 majors, 800 clubs and a diverse mix of students who will play a ■ LOCATION: Ames ■ PHONE: (515) 294role in your adventure. 5836 or (800) 262-3810 Four years will go by fast. You’ll ■ WEBSITE: www. graduate. And then suddenly realize how much you’re going ■ EMAIL: admissions@ to miss the place. The fun. The Find adventure, opportunities for your future classes. The friends you’ve made. Then you’ll know for sure that you were a part of Iowa State hat kind of college stand that once a Cyclone, always Day one at Iowa State, you’ll get University. And Iowa State Uniadventure would you a Cyclone. a feeling of excitement and antic- versity will always ... always be a enjoy? When you take that first step ipation. You’ll be able to see yourWhat if the first step of your into your college adventure, you self here, there and everywhere. adventure led you to a professor are stepping into your future. You’ll imagine what the first day who had won a Nobel Prize? Or The direction you take will be up of classes will be like. What the invented the next great technol- to you. It will change you for- first night in the dorm will feel ogy? Would you be excited? It’s ever. You’ll explore in ways you like. You’ll expect surprising possible at Iowa State University, have yet to imagine. Meet people things. A four-year adventure. along with a million other oppor- who will fascinate you and study It will be OK to feel a little nertunities. You might meet a new things that will excite and chal- vous when you walk into your friend from Asia or discover a lenge you. first class. Iowa State University new passion in Africa. Would you You’ll become part of the Iowa is a highly regarded academic enjoy that? State community. It’s not high institution. Be assured, you’ll be Those opportunities are what school any more. Iowa State is challenged. But you’ll find your make Iowa State University spe- a national university, but you’ll rhythm. You’ll love to learn. cial because they are all available find it easy to fit in. You can join And when you’re done, you’ll be in an environment where you’ll clubs, fraternities, sororities or able to compete with anybody, be comfortable to explore, grow just a broomball team. You’ll feel anywhere. and succeed. Your adventure at the magnetism and community If you haven’t quite decided Iowa State will prepare you for that is so uniquely Iowa State. what you’d like to do for the rest your dream job, or your next Your adventure is waiting to be of your life, we welcome you as adventure. And you’ll under- enjoyed. an adventurous explorer. You’ll




The central lawn at Iowa State University in Ames.

PAGE 5 part of you. If this sounds like a college adventure that fits you, visit Iowa State University. We’ll show you the campus, residence halls and what the university has to offer students just like you. We’ll talk about what you want and how we can help. If you need financial aid, we’ll help you with that too. Schedule your visit online at or call us at (800) 262-3810.



Grand View University



Wells Fargo, create a variety of internship opportunities. Life outside the classroom ■ LOCATION: 1200 helps you learn and grow as a Grandview Ave., Des Moines whole person. As a member ■ PHONE: (515) 263of the National Association 2810 or (800) 444-6083 of Intercollegiate Athletics ■ WEBSITE: www. and the Midwest Collegiate Do the View — open window on the world Conference, we offer 12 sports for men and 12 for women. Through more than 40 clubs, eciding on a college can We offer bachelor’s degrees in in business, education and organizations and service be overwhelming. But 40 majors, including business, nursing, and night and week- projects, leadership opportunothing is more impor- education, nursing, graphic end classes through the Coltant than a solid academic pro- design, communication, jour- lege for Professional and Adult gram in your area of interest, nalism, human services, crim- Learners. so you can get the education inal justice, psychology, biolAmong the things that make that will lead you to a great ogy, biotechnology, computer Grand View special is an career. science and more. emphasis on hands-on experiWhether you know exactly Grand View is home to 2,300 ences that truly prepares you what academic path you want students, with a student-to- for your career. With a populato follow — or you’d like to faculty ratio of 14:1 and an tion exceeding half a million explore a variety of fields — average class size of 17. We people, Des Moines is the perGrand View has programs that provide a quality education at fect place for the internships will open a window onto the an affordable price, awarding that can lead to a job and create world. Grand View is a pri- financial aid that brings the your first career network. Partvate university located in Des cost for many students close nerships with major corporaMoines. It was founded in to that of a public universi- tions and organizations in the 1896 and is affiliated with the ty. Grand View also offers a metro area, including premier Evangelical Lutheran Church Master of Science in Innova- companies such as Meredith in America. tive Leadership, with tracks Corp., Principal Financial and



nities abound. High academic standards, personal attention, hands-on education, leadership opportunities and a true commitment to your success are important parts of the quality Grand View offers. That translates into value. Grand View typically awards more than $32 million each year in financial assistance, as well as workstudy and loans.


e at Grand View Univ

chart your career

on a vibrant metropolitan campus, with the personal touch and the programs you need for success. E

40 majors


Average class size of 16


Dynamic internships



Nearly 100% job placement for more than a decade and a half

Financial aid to 99% of full-time students


Choice of on-campus living styles

Affordable tuition


Personal attention



Discover who you are and what you can become at Grand View.

Des Moines, Iowa


Grand View University science students examine a cat skeleton in class.

515-263-2810 E 800-444-6083



Iowa Wesleyan College Make the connection


t Iowa Wesleyan you’ll discover a great place to call home for your college experience. At IWC you’ll connect with the people, classes, and opportunities to prepare you for an amazing future. You’ll graduate with a powerful resume that sets you apart. Connect to faculty who are dedicated to undergraduate teaching. You will learn in small classes, where your teachers and classmates know you. The faculty-student ratio is 112 and the average class size is just 14 students. You’ll connect with professors who serve as

teachers, mentors and advisors. Majors that match your interest. With 40 options to choose from, you’ll find the career path that is perfect for you. From education to nursing, English to art, pre-med to business, there’s a program and major designed to connect you to your future. Not sure on a major? That’s OK, too! We’ll help you explore the options and choose a program that suits your strengths and interests. Field Experience at Iowa Wesleyan takes you out of the classroom to connect you to the world of careers. You can



tions and through alternative develop skills and confidence break projects. Iowa Wesleyan for a lifetime. has been a pioneer in service Financial aid can make your ■ LOCATION: Mount initiatives for more than 40 Iowa Wesleyan College eduPleasant years. cation affordable. Academic ■ PHONE: 800Iowa Wesleyan College has scholarships are available to 582-2383 14 athletic programs and more qualified students. ■ WEBSITE: www. than 30 student organizations A campus visit is a great way so you can get involved, develop to connect to Iowa Wesleyleadership skills and have fun! an. Visit the website at www. As team captain, committee to learn more about test your abilities while gain- chair or state officer in a pro- our programs, activities and ing professional experience fessional organization, you’ll upcoming events. and networking opportunities in real career settings. With hands-on experience including internships, student teaching and nursing clinicals, you’ll put your knowledge and skills to work. No matter what your major, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience before you graduate to build a resume that sets you apart. with MAJORS and programs to prepare You’ll live out your values and you for a career you’ll love give to others through service at Iowa Wesleyan. All students take part in service projects, in to SERVICE projects that take your the classroom, with organizalearning out of the classroom, into the


community or around the world through INTERNSHIPS offering handson professional learning and resumebuilding experiences

Make the connection at Iowa Wesleyan College!



Iowa Wesleyan students support their school’s athletic programs.





Indian Hills Community College Wide variety of programs, training available


ndian Hills Community College has built a solid reputation for its outstanding programs, instructors, staff and facilities for over four decades. The college’s Main Campus is located in Ottumwa. The latest building added to the campus is the Rural Health Education Center, a state-ofthe-art facility that houses the college’s 20 health occupations programs, the newest of which is Dental Assisting, which started enrolling students this fall. Indian Hills has a North Campus at the Ottumwa airport where the college’s aviation programs and three other technical programs are taught. IHCC is one of the few colleges in Iowa to offer aviation programs and was the first school in the state to utilize a full-motion flight simulator in its flight training program. A campus in Centerville offers unique programs in Mechanical Design Technology, Construction Management and Sustainable Agriculture/ Entrepreneurship. Arts and sciences courses are designed for students who want to complete a two-year degree and then transfer to a four-year school. Many students take advantage of the partnership agreements that Indian Hills has with over 20 four-year colleges and universities which allows for a seamless transfer of IHCC credits. The wide variety of technical education programs available at Indian Hills provides the skills and knowledge essential for successful entry into an occupation. Graduates of these technical programs often have a job waiting for them in their chosen field before

they receive their diploma or degree. Indian Hills has a robust online learning program with more than 160 online courses offered in subjects related to the arts and sciences, advanced technologies and health occupations. The Main Campus in Ottumwa has five residence halls with the traditional one- and two-person rooms as well as suites that can accommodate up to five students. It’s apartment-style living without ever leaving campus. IHCC offers a four-day academic week which has proven to be very popular for students who are balancing their college schedule with work or family commitments. More than 80 percent of Indian Hills students receive some form of financial assistance. The financial aid staff is committed to finding the most affordable way to get an education. The college sponsors over 40 clubs and organizations that provide opportunities for student involvement and leadership. Scholarships are available for members of those clubs and organizations. Intramural sports are also popular as is participation in the college’s chorus, jazz band and theatrical productions. Indian Hills also has nine athletic teams: men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s cross country, volleyball, men’s basketball, golf, softball and baseball. To see all that Indian Hills has to offer, you need to schedule a campus visit. Arrange your personal campus tour by contacting the IHCC Admissions Office at (641) 683-5153 or (800) 726-2585, ext. 5153.

Information ■ LOCATION: Ottumwa ■ PHONE: (641) 683-5153 or (800) 726-2585, ext. 5153 ■ WEBSITE: www.


Indian Hills Community College graduates often have jobs waiting for them in their chosen fields.

INDIAN HILLS Community College Ottumwa and Centerville, Iowa Indian Hills offers transferable Arts and Sciences courses and more than 60 career-focused educational programs. Unique programs include: * * * * * * * * * *

Aviation Maintenance Technology Aviation Pilot Training Bioprocess Technology Digital Forensics Electrical & Renewable Energy Technology Landscape/Turfgrass Technology Laser/Electro-Optics Technology Mechanical Design Technology Occupational Therapy Assistant Robotics/Automation Technology (800) 726-2585



Allen College Nuclear medicine technology graduates can earn $70,000 a year


ecent Allen College graduate of the Nuclear Medicine Technology program Shelbi Belcher found the option while studying radiography and felt compelled to switch. “I was inspired to study nuclear medicine because I had never heard of it until I went into the radiography program, and once I did a rotation through nuclear, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. You get to spend more time with patients and I love the technical aspect of it,” says Belcher. Students like Belcher, who are intrigued by chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer technology and medicine, can find a combination of all these in nuclear medicine. NMT is at the forefront in the fields of modern medicine. Using radioactivity to diagnose and treat disease through nuclear scans, it is less invasive than previous diagnostic options. A nuclear medicine technologist is a health science professional applying diagnostic evaluation and therapeutics through radionuclides. Specialized technologists typically work in hospitals. Technological advances including imaging at the molecular level make it possible to see diseases, such as cancer, beginning as molecules. The earlier medical professionals see a disease developing, the sooner a diagnosis and treatment plan can be implemented, resulting in better outcomes. According to the American Cancer Society, nuclear scans are used to search for tumors, determine stages of cancer and assess effectiveness of treatment. Patients are given tracers or radionuclides releasing low levels of radiation. Specific body tissues, such as cancerous



istry of Radiologic Technologists certification for NMT Information exams, making her ■ LOCATION: Waterloo very marketable in ■ PHONE: (319) 226-2000 the job search. ■ WEBSITE: www.allencollege. edu. Seliger says almost all Allen College NMT graduates secured a position within six months of graduation. He also feels job possibilities will continue to expand in

the next five to 10 years. “Healthcare is not immune to the recession. Many current technologists have put off retirement, but now the economy is improving and making it easier to retire,” says Seliger. The Allen College Nuclear Medicine Technology program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Looking for Direction? Look to Allen College. Associate of Science in Radiography (ASR)


Allen College’s Nuclear Medicine Technology program offers students a challenging, rewarding career. cells, may absorb more or less amounts of the tracer, allowing visibility on the scan. Nuclear images cannot always determine if a tumor is benign or malignant; however, early detection allows further investigation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2012, the mean hourly wage was $34.06 for a nuclear medicine technologist, with a mean annual salary of $70,840. Jared Seliger, Nuclear Medicine Technology program director and assistant professor at Allen College, says it’s a high-quality education option for interested students. “When I entered the field, the only educational opportunity available was at the University of Iowa,” Seliger says. “Students can save some money staying in the area instead of having to relocate.” Allen College provides two program options: a baccalaureate degree or certification.

There are different ways to prepare for either option. One possible degree option would be earning an associate’s degree in radiography followed by the NMT program, resulting in a Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHS) degree. Certification requires a previous four-year degree including a minimum of specified classes. The program at Allen College is small, helping instructors provide one-on-one student attention, with classes of only five to six students. With the support of staff and support resources, students excel at Allen College. Reinforcing the success of the program, “every graduate passed the certification exam on the first attempt,” states Seliger. Belcher is the first student in the NMT program to take — and pass — both the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board and the American Reg-

Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHS) Medical Laboratory Science Nuclear Medicine Technology Diagnostic Medical Sonography Dental Hygiene (Fall 2015) Public Health (Fall 2014) Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Traditional, Upper Division 15-month Accelerated BSN LPN-BSN RN-BSN Part-time, Evening/Weekend Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) RN-MSN Nurse Practitioner tracks in four areas Nursing Education Nursing Leadership Community/Public Health Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Allen College

Connect 319.226.2000 • Allen College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, marital status, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.



Central College



Students work in the Central College science lab.

Information ■ LOCATION: Pella ■ PHONE: (641) 638-9000 ■ WEBSITE:

Students look to future careers


entral College has been around since 1853. Tens of thousands of people have passed through the Pella campus on the way to the rest of their lives. It’s an illustrious past. But Central prefers to look to the future. Central College students will one day: ■ Fix your broken leg. Central offers pre-professional advising in medicine, occupational therapy, optometry, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy and more. The health sciences corner in the $20 million Vermeer Science Center provides students with the resources they need to apply to graduate school and connects them with alumni already in the field. ■ Sing an aria at the Met in New York City. That’s not an exaggeration. One Central alumnus did just that. Other music, art and theater majors go on to teach, curate

museums and star in shows all over the world. ■ Save the world through environmental research. Central has three buildings with a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating, including the first one in Iowa. Students get the chance to research alongside their professors, like Dr. Russ Benedict, who is working to restore the Iowa prairie and create a carbon-negative biofuel. Central is a liberal arts college, which means it doesn’t just prepare students for careers. It prepares them for life. Central students get a well-rounded experience, with all the diversity that comes with it. Liberal arts means life at Central is never boring. Students at Central College: ■ Perform in more than 18 music ensembles. The A Cappella Choir tours annually, and the Symphon-



ic Wind Ensemble travels, too. Whatever style of music students like — classical, pop, rock, jazz, Latin — Central has an opportunity for them to perform it. ■ Play in the championship. Central is known for its Division III athletics. Its football team is the third-winningest team in the U.S. since 1975, and the Dutch softball and volleyball teams have won a combined seven national championships. ■ Gain an edge in the job market through internships. More than 75 percent of Central students complete at least one internship or pre-professional experience in sites throughout Iowa, Chi-

cago, Washington, D.C. and even Europe. ■ Serve the needy. Central offers more than 40 courses with a service-learning component and works with 95 grassroots organizations to get students off campus for real-world experience helping others. ■ Save money by graduating on time. Ninety-three percent of Central students who graduate do so in four years or less. They’re earning money or in graduate school when students at many larger schools are still trying to get into classes they need for their

Pella, Iowa


Pella High School Pella, Iowa MAJOR: Elementary education MINOR: Psychology

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN: •Wind Energy &Turbine Technology NEW

(FALL OF 2013)

• Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning •Water Quality



undergraduate degree. Students at Central College go farther than they ever dreamed — in miles. Only 14 percent of U.S. college students study abroad, but around 50 percent of Central students do. With seven study abroad locations across the globe, there’s no shortage of internships or service-learning opportunities. Students can choose from programs in Austria, England, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Wales and still graduate in four years or less. Learn more about Central College at

CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS: Student Orientation Services, Central College Catholics, Campus Ministries, Central Teacher Academy WHY I LOVE MY MAJOR: The Central education program has us observing in classrooms our first year, and then we have the opportunity to be a part of the Central Teacher Academy. WHY I LOVE CENTRAL: The class sizes and the one-on-one time with professors. There are so many opportunities with each major.




Ashford University Supportive community, high-quality education


hoose Ashford University in Clinton, and join a supportive community where people learn and grow together. If you’ve already taken college courses, you may be able to transfer up to 90 approved credits toward your bachelor’s degree at Ashford University. In some cases, your associate’s degree can fulfill general education requirements at Ashford University, meaning your graduation day could be even closer. You can choose from more than 25 undergraduate programs, from accounting to elementary education to psychology. Plus, you’ll receive academic guidance from Ashford University’s faculty members and admissions specialists. You may also qualify to receive financial aid. Outside of class, you can explore the arts, discover the satisfaction of community service or just have fun in any of Ashford University’s clubs and organizations. You’ll find service organizations, special interest groups, special-event planning committees, support groups, honor societies and recreation clubs to feed your passion. Do you love sports? Ashford University’s 17 intercollegiate athletics teams are on the rise and have certainly given “Champ,” the school’s St. Bernard mascot, something to cheer about. Ashford University, a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Association of Independent Institutions, offers men’s baseball, men’s and women’s bas-

Information ■ LOCATION: Clinton ■ PHONE: (800) 242-4153 ■ FAX: (563) 243-6102 ■ WEBSITE: www.chooseashford. com

ketball, men’s and women’s bowling, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s softball, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s track and field and women’s volleyball. With more great recruits and state-of-the-art facilities like the artificial turf soccer field and outdoor track, the Saints are set up for continued success. Read more at, the online home of athletics at Ashford University. You’re sure to feel right at home in one of Ashford University’s three residence halls — two on campus and one located just minutes away. You can count on making the most of your learning opportunities in a high-tech environment where you can use your laptop computer throughout the wireless campus. Also, be sure to check out the completely renovated three-story Ladd Science Building. You have a lot of choices when it comes to education. Choose Ashford University and become part of an extended family. The lasting relationships you form and the high-quality education you receive will make for a memorable college experience.

ASHFORD UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS Being rewarded for your grades has never sounded better… If you have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above on a 4.00 scale*, you may be eligible to receive one of three academic scholarships available through Ashford University (up to enrollment capacity on campus).

PRESIDENT’S SCHOLARSHIP 3.50 GPA AND UP This scholarship will cover 100% of the cost of tuition per academic year at Ashford University!**

PROVOST’S SCHOLARSHIP 3.25 TO 3.49 GPA This scholarship awards $12,500 toward the cost of tuition per academic year at Ashford University.**

DEAN’S SCHOLARSHIP 3.00 TO 3.24 GPA This scholarship awards $10,000 toward the cost of tuition per academic year at Ashford University.** Visit for the details about the scholarships available to students for Fall 2014 enrollment at the Ashford University campus in Clinton, Iowa.


400 NORTH BLUFF BLVD. CLINTON, IA 52732 800.242.4153 CHOOSEASHFORD.COM *Ashford calculates scholarships using un-weighted grades. **Certain conditions apply. Visit for complete details.


Students work in the Science Lounge at Ashford University in Clinton.

13AUC0730 • AC0255






Hawkeye Community College

Occupational therapy is one option for students at Hawkeye Community College.

Options open for career-oriented or transfer students


or more than 50 years, individuals have been choosing Hawkeye Community College to continue their education. Many students choose Hawkeye to complete general education requirements or the first two years of their four-year degree before transferring to the university or college of their choice. Students can save thousands of dollars in tuition. With Hawkeye being less than 20 minutes away, many students transfer to the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, making Hawkeye the number one source of transfer students. If a transfer program isn’t the

Information ■ LOCATION: Waterloo ■ PHONE: 296-4000 ■ WEBSITE: www.hawkeyecollege. edu

right fit, Hawkeye offers more than 45 career programs to prepare students for the highdemand skills needed in today’s workplace. Students can begin a career in as little as two years. Partnerships with area businesses give students the opportunity to gain experience through internships, clinical and field experiences and school-to-work programs.

Hawkeye is making the classroom interactive, and students learn with state-of-the-art technology, including a virtual hospital, 3D BodyViz imaging software, driving simulators, police training simulators and other advanced technologies in transportation, manufacturing and information technology. Whether a high school student or an adult returning to school, Hawkeye gives students many options to balance school, work and family life with classes offered in the day, evening, online and hybrid. Additionally, Hawkeye is committed to keeping classes small and personal.


With an average class size is 18, instructors know students by name. Many services are available to help students succeed, including tutoring, advising, counseling and career services. Students can also get involved outside the classroom with a variety of clubs and organizations, club sports, intramurals, activities and cultural awareness events. The Health Education and Services Center features a weight room, basketball court, indoor track, fitness classes, and a Student Health Clinic to help stu-

dents get active and stay healthy. Students have several options for places to live, including apartments conveniently located across from campus, the residence halls at the University of Northern Iowa or private housing throughout the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area. Each year, more than 5,500 students make Hawkeye the college of their choice. To see if it’s the right choice for you, schedule a campus visit by calling (319) 2964000 or online at



Ellsworth Community College


Katy Bown, right, praises her instructors and fellow nursing students at Ellsworth Community College.

Student juggles family, work, school to become nurse


llsworth Community College student Katy Bown was a little girl when she saw her older sister being treated for thyroid cancer. Later, she was the one in the hospital having her kidney removed. From those experiences, she was awed and inspired by the doctors and nurses who cared for them. That’s when she decided nursing would be her future career. Bown went to a different college years ago, but with some health complications and starting a family, she wasn’t able to complete her education. “I knew I wanted at some point to get a stable and better pay-

Information â– LOCATION: Iowa Falls â–  PHONE: (800) 322-9235 â–  WEBSITE:

ing job so I could provide for my daughter should anything ever happen to my husband. The additional education was important to me, and it was something I always wanted to do. My ultimate goal is to be a ight nurse, which is why I’m enrolled in the Associate Degree Nursing program at Ellsworth Community College.� Flight nurses ride in the heli-

copter and help with critical care patients. The three-person crew (pilot, paramedic and nurse) stabilizes patients mid-air until they land at a larger hospital. “I love it every time the helicopter ies in,â€? says Bown. “You never know what’s coming, so that keeps the job interesting. My manager in the ER left to become a ight nurse, and she inspired me to want to do the same. I love the adrenaline of it, and I love being able to help and comfort critical care patients.â€? “I hadn’t thought about going back to school until my boss pushed me and kept asking me if I had registered for classes,â€? Bown


says. “She told me I would make a fabulous nurse. My sister studied nursing at Ellsworth, and she bragged about the amazing staff. After hearing about her positive experiences there, I decided to attend ECC as well.â€? One of the greatest beneďŹ ts Bown has experienced at ECC is an understanding, caring and supportive group of instructors and peers, which has helped ease the days that she spends away from her family. “ECC has a great nursing staff; they are very professional, and they genuinely care. Our instruc-

tors worked to bring us closer together as a group, so we can lean on one another when we are stressed. The other nursing students and I do things together. I can see myself talking with these classmates 40 years from now.� For more information about the Ellsworth Community College Nursing programs, contact Linda Hanson at or (641) 6488648. To see why ECC’s programs are the best, schedule a campus visit by contacting the ECC Admissions Office at

At Ellsworth Community College, we’ve got you covered! According to, ECC has the 19th highest student success rate (graduation rate plus transfer rate) of all 1,665 community colleges in the entire country. And the Iowa College Student Aid Commission reports that ECC students graduate with the sixth lowest average student debt load of any Iowa college ... due largely to the outstanding         


Community College

iowa valley community college district

      valuable college education. Call or visit                !"# $ 1100 College Ave., Iowa Falls, IA z Ph: 641-648-4611 or 1-800-322-9235 E-mail: z Web:




Loras College

Information ■ LOCATION: Dubuque ■ PHONE: (800) 245-6727 ■ WEBSITE:

Whatever your goal, make it happen here


ith nearly 40 undergraduate majors and 12 pre-professional programs, Loras College in Dubuque has the resources to help you achieve your dreams. And land a job, too! Twelve months after graduation, over 96 percent of Duhawks either had jobs in their chosen field or were enrolled in graduate study. With small, interactive classes, you have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with profes-

sors and other students. You also receive the benefit of technology in the classroom — such as the Media Studies Lab or our on-site DNA Lab — and resources such as the Academic Resource Center where the library is housed. All offer engaging, handson settings where you can develop and learn with and through others. As a Loras student you can dive into your work with a professor one-on-one, as a group and outside of the

Ask questions about what colleges can offer Colleges are more selective about recruiting, right? But you should be selective, too. Choose the school that is able to give you want you want — besides a degree. You want a valuable experience, so consider the following:


■ Where do you prefer to live geographically? ■ How far from home do you want to be? ■ Do you want a campus in a big city or smaller town?

■ Is the school strong in your chosen academic area? ■ If you aren’t sure what to study, are there a variety of majors available?

Campus life

■ Are you interested in any clubs or organizations offered?


■ Are the library, career counseling and other academic resources adequate? ■ What about the fitness center and health center? Type ■ Are other services located ■ Do you need to go to a particular nearby? type of school to get the degree you Living accommodations want? ■ Do you prefer a two-year or ■ Do most students live on or off campus? four-year college? ■ Have you considered communi- ■ What are the residence halls ty college or a vocational/technical like? ■ Is the dorm food edible? school? ■ Are there different housing Academic programs options? ■ Is the major you want offered? Source:

classroom. Over 80 percent of our students study abroad, participate in service trips or service learning or take advantage of work internships. With a strong focus on service, Loras has been recognized for its fifth straight year on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (the last three years with distinction) for commitment to service learning and civic engagement. Approximately 1,200 Loras students engaged in 50,000 hours of community service in 2012. These same students rally behind Dewey the Duhawk, who stands proudly as the Loras College mascot. Dewey supports the 22 varsity sports we offer to studentathletes, who compete in the NCAA Division III and Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Loras is proud of its athletic facilities— the Rock Bowl Stadium and the Athletic and Wellness Center, for example — and the fact that studentathlete programs value leadership, self-esteem, spiritual growth and physical and intellectual development. Through these programs, students build camaraderie among one another and create success not only on the field, but also within themselves. If you want to get involved in something other than varsity sports, Loras has more than 70 clubs and organi-

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2013 zations ranging from academics, leadership, media and publications, performing arts, spiritual life, student government and club and intramural sports (which offer over 50 activities per year). Should you need academic assistance, our Academic Success Center includes a supplemental instruction math lab, a writing center and tutoring services. At Loras, you’ll receive an education that leads to a successful future. But we don’t stop there. You’ll experience a home away from home where you can prepare for a life you’ll love and become who you are meant to be. The opportunities available to you combine academic, spiritual and personal growth into a challenging, life-changing experience. At Loras, you have the chance to BE MORE. BE LORAS.


Upper Iowa University StandOut! at UIU


erhaps you’ve known since you were 5 that you wanted to be an elementary teacher, or maybe you’ve discovered science is your thing. Or maybe you have no clue what career path you’ll choose. That’s OK! At Upper Iowa University, we have more than 40 majors and 19 pre-professional emphases. You’re sure to ďŹ nd something that sparks your interest. Not only that, but Upper Iowa University is the place where you can StandOut! UIU students StandOut in the classroom, on the playing ďŹ eld, in campus organizations and, as alumni, in their careers. Upper Iowa has a unique two-at-a-time course schedule that offers exceptional beneďŹ ts: â– Academic year consists of four 8-week terms and May term. â–  Students typically enroll in two classes each term. â–  Students can still graduate in four years. â–  Students focus on fewer classes and have an opportunity to learn more. â–  Students can take advantage of optional service learning abroad experiences during May term and Spring Break. Upper Iowa has an average class size of 24 with a 13:1 student-tofaculty ratio. This is great news if you’re a college student looking to learn, get a leg up on your peers and bring a wealth of knowledge to your career after graduation. Why be just another face in the crowd in an auditorium of 350 students when you can StandOut in the classroom? You’ll have the opportunity to build quality, working relationships with your professors. What’s more, 88 percent of UIU graduates are employed or in graduate school shortly after graduation. Upper Iowa encourages hands-

Information â– LOCATION: Fayette â–  PHONE: (800) 553-4150 â–  WEBSITE:

on experience.Required ďŹ eld experience is built into most majors. UIU connects students with beneďŹ cial internships, observations and the opportunity to interact with professionals within a desired ďŹ eld on a consistent basis. Upper Iowa also offers many study abroad options to enhance student experience. Studying abroad through UIU offers students the opportunity to travel outside the U.S. with assistance and guidance from the Center of International Education staff. The Honors Program at UIU provides an exciting and challenging academic experience for exceptional students. Students who have at least a 26 ACT score and at least a 3.5 high school grade point average may apply to the program. UIU is the only Division II NCAA college in Iowa. Division II schools are committed to ensuring that students have a balanced college experience that emphasizes academic excellence, athletic achievement and community engagement. UIU prides itself on building student athletes, and UIU students consistently achieve the conference All-Academic Teams. Located in scenic Fayette, close to the Volga River, UIU offers a wide variety of Greek organizations, intramural activities, club sports, planned activities and campus events. At UIU, 98 percent of students are involved in an activity outside the classroom. The UIU residence halls are your home away from home. Each room is fully furnished and offers free cable TV, and free Internet access on our wireless campus. Each residence hall has computer labs, laundry and a game room.





Experience. Learn. Lead.

A thrivi thriving ingg worldwide wo dwid University with a hometown, personal feel and global resources.         credentialed faculty (more than 70 percent earned highest degree in their field)  Personalized attention (average class size - 24; student-to-faculty ratio - 13:1)  Aggressive financial aid

2 Classes Per Term

8 Week Terms


,716 15 Average gift aid given to each qualifying UIU student.

Most UIU students graduate with less debt than the state and national average.




University of Iowa Learn, live, work and play — the Hawkeye way


he University of Iowa will prepare you, challenge you and change you. In turn, you’ll change the world. That’s The Hawkeye Way. Read on to learn why so many students think Iowa is right for them. 1. Best value. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine recently compared tuition costs, financial aid and graduation rates to name Iowa the state’s best public-university value for resident students. Iowa also is a Fiske Guide to the Colleges 2013 “Best Buy” — one of only three in the Big Ten. 2. Perfect size. One of the

Information ■ LOCATION: Iowa City ■ PHONE: (319) 335-3847 ■ WEBSITE: www.admissions.

smallest Big Ten public universities (about 22,000 undergraduates and 31,500 students total), Iowa offers the opportunities of a major university in an environment that feels more like a small college. About 80 percent of classes have fewer than 30 students. 3. Majors, minors and more. With more than 200 areas of study at Iowa, including majors,

minors, certificates and tracks, you can tailor your program to your interests and get an education that will help you stand out in the job market or at graduate school. 4. Commitment to success. Iowa takes undergraduate education seriously. Events like Orientation and On Iowa! build skills, teach traditions and introduce friends. Living-learning communities make a big university feel smaller, while first-year seminars help you discover college academics. 5. Opportunities. Iowa undergraduates conduct groundbreaking research with faculty


mentors, engage in creative work, study abroad in more than 80 countries each year, and find competitive internships nationwide. 6. Career support. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or an entertainer — or you’re exploring all your options— advisors can help you research careers, assess your skills and practice interviewing. About 400 employers conduct more than 4,300 interviews on campus every year. 7. Outcomes. Job placement and graduate school acceptance rates within a year of graduation range from 86 to 100 percent, depending on program. Recent Iowa grads are working for top companies like CNN, IBM, Google, Disney, ESPN, Rockwell Collins, US Bank and more. 8. Top programs. Recognized as the 28th best public university in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, the University of Iowa is home to top-ranked programs in the sciences and

humanities, one of the nation’s best academic medical centers, and the esteemed Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Online and distancelearning opportunities are available in the Waterloo area. 9. Vibrant student life. Iowa offers the excitement and school spirit of a Big Ten university. Choose from nearly 500 student groups, cheer on the Hawkeyes at one of more than 140 home games each year, or enjoy a thriving arts scene. 10. Campus and community. Iowa’s 1,700-acre campus feels a lot smaller, with most academic buildings and residence halls clustered within easy walking distance. Iowa City has been called one of the nation’s best places to live by Outside and National Geographic Adventure magazines, a classic college town. Visiting campus is the best way to find out if Iowa is right for you. Call (319) 335-1569 or visit to plan your visit.


public university

VALUE in Iowa

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine compared costs, financial aid, and graduation rates to rank the University of Iowa the state’s best buy for Iowa residents. Schedule a campus visit: 319-335-1569

Affordable education. Maximum value. The Hawkeye Way.





North Iowa Area Community College


The perfect fit for you


■ LOCATION: Mason City ■ PHONE: (641) 422-4245 OR TOLL FREE 1-888-GO-NIACC EXT. 4245 ■ WEBSITE: www.

North Iowa Area Community College campus


any high school graduates choose North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) because it’s affordable and close to home. NIACC is so much more. We offer high quality education for students of all ages. NIACC is ranked 14th in the nation for student success by College Measures, a joint venture of the American Institutes of Research and Matrix Knowledge Group (published on NIACC is also ranked in the top 120 community colleges in the country by The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program. There are more than

1,200 community colleges in the United States so a ranking of 14th and being placed in the top 10 percent is quite an accomplishment. This directly relates to the success of our students. For the past five years, graduates from the NIACC nursing programs have had the highest average passing percentages on the licensure exams in the state of Iowa. That includes all community colleges, four-year colleges and universities in the state. We are very proud about these rankings and continue to focus on student success and completion.

For high school graduates, NIACC is the perfect place to start college. Students who finish their first two years of college at NIACC before transferring to a four-year college or university will save their families more than $7,000 — and their credits will easily transfer. We also have high quality technical and career programs. Some can be completed in one year. NIACC has a beautiful campus atmosphere with a working farm, a modern recreational center, music and athletic programs and lots of clubs and activities to keep you busy. High school students may also consider con-

tinuing their athletic career at NIACC. New student housing is being constructed and will open in the fall 2014. These modern suite style units will house approximately 400 students with many amenities offered right in the housing complex. For adults, NIACC offers a wide range of options. We have many adults come to NIACC to get their GED, which provides a pathway to a higher degree or a better job. We also have high quality programs in tool and die, welding, automotive, heating and cooling, building trades and more.

One of the highest priorities at the college is to help train and educate workers so they enter the workforce in their chosen career field. At NIACC, 95 percent of our career and technical graduates get jobs in their fields. NIACC graduates work in companies all over North Iowa and around the United States. We invite you to do your homework. Compare the cost of attending NIACC with any other school. You’ll see NIACC is affordable and with the many types of financial assistance within your budget. http://www.

North Iowa Area Community College is a great place to start your future, no matter what your age. We have a beautiful campus atmosphere, on-campus housing, recreation center, music and athletic programs, performing arts series and more.

New Student Housing Coming in the Fall 2014





Iowa Lakes Community College ‘Biggest decision’ leads student to wind energy program By ANTHONY R. CUMMINGS Iowa Lakes Community College student


played hockey for 10 years before making the biggest decision of my life: To put hockey down and pursue a career in the wind industry. My father owned a construction company and the majority of my childhood was by his side. The experience gained from being involved in his operation was priceless to me, and I know it will carry me for the rest of my life. My mother is a saint,and none of my college education would have been possible without her help. Because of this I feel obligated

Information ■ LOCATION: Emmetsburg, Estherville, Algona, Spencer, Spirit Lake. ■ PHONE: (866) 425-2537 ■ WEBSITE:

to be successful, so I can provide for my family— as my family has provided for me. I chose to study in the Iowa Lakes Wind Energy Program because it is a well-organized and respected program. Wind energy and turbines have always intrigued me since the first time I saw them and researched the industry. I plan to continue my education at a four-year college that

offers mechanical engineering, preferably one that has a renewable energy focus after graduating from Iowa Lakes with an associate in applied science degree. One day while sitting in class I thought, “What if someone could design a turbine that took humidity from the air, compressed that air, using the same rotating principle that generates electricity and in time creates thousands of gallons of water out of ‘thinair’?” Sure enough, when doing the research, I discovered that a few weeks earlier, an article had been posted explaining exactly how a new type of turbine was doing just that.


Anthony Cummings is a sophomore in the Wind Energy and Turbine Technology program at Iowa Lakes. The professors at the Iowa Lakes Wind Energy Facility are very sharp, and predict in the next five to 10 years, engineers will “reinvent” the wind turbine. While the wind industry is very young, it is still professional. There is great potential to grow in both size and technological standards. New methods and ideas of turbine production are endless, and always seem very attainable,

yet we need more help. Next time you pick up your pencil and scientific calculator, think of something you would enjoy designing. Then imagine what it would look like and how it would function. What’s stopping you? Being educated and creative is something to be valued and moreover, something to be very, very proud of.





Every day The Courier’s print products reach over 77,000 readers. Add to that an online audience that accounts for over 3 million page views per month and our audience is larger than any time in our 150-year history. Contact your Courier multi-media marketing specialist or call 319-291-1497 for details about reaching a large and engaged audience.







University of Northern Iowa Small university experience; big opportunities


lanning your next step after high school. Transferring a few credits or two years’ worth. Returning to college after some time away. Wherever you find yourself, the University of Northern Iowa is the right choice for you. We offer a small-campus experience that leads to big opportunities — without the high price tag. Our admissions counselors work one-on-one with students to make their transition to UNI as easy as possible. Each year, more than 1,700 new freshmen and 1,000 transfer students arrive on campus to begin their

Information ■ LOCATION: Cedar Falls ■ PHONE: (800) 772-2037 ■ WEBSITE:

college career — so students fit right in. Our counselors and advising staff know what it takes to get students off to a fast, great start and help prepare students for their career. In the classroom, students will be taught by faculty (not teaching assistants), learn with a small group of students (19 students on average per class) and take general education and major-related courses (we have

90-plus majors), which means students will be well prepared for today’s most in-demand jobs. Just ask Brendan Thompson, who transferred from North Iowa Area Community College in his hometown of Mason City. Brendan graduated in December 2012 with a major in marketing and an emphasis in advertising, and less than a year later he’s a brand marketing coordinator at DreamWorks Animation in California, where he landed an internship his final semester and most recently full-time employment. “UNI played a huge role in pre-


Students enjoy the University of Northern Iowa’s attractive campus. paring me for my career,” he said. “Professors and the staff always made themselves available anytime I had a question or concern regarding my future career plans. They also have great resources available for resume building and interviewing.” For more information about

how UNI is the right fit for any student interested in a smalluniversity experience with biguniversity opportunities, contact the admissions office at 273-2281 or via email at Individual appointments and large group visits are available.











Northeast Iowa Community College Transfer success found at NICC

Information ■ LOCATION: Calmar and Peosta ■ PHONE: (563) 562-3263, Calmar; (563) 555-5110, Peosta ■ WEBSITE:

at UNI. “High schoolers should feel that it is an OK choice to go to NICC first, not just follow what their friends say or do. The first two years at a four-year college or big university may not be the best choice for every student.” Students enrolling at NICC for the 2013-2014 year also experience an additional benefit — cost savings on tuition compared to other local two- and four-year colleges and universities. NICC made the decision to freeze tuition and fees because of our firm belief that a college education should be affordable for all students and their families. The college’s move to maintain the tuition and fee cost per credit hour for students — at a time when nearly every college in Iowa raised theirs this year — speaks volumes about the value of higher education. Affordability improves access for northeast Iowans who want to develop their skills, knowledge and earn a competitive degree. Transfer agreements with other colleges and universities, along with Northeast Iowa Community College’s decision to make a college education more affordable, give NICC students the time and resources they need to plan for their academic future, especially if that future includes earning a four-year degree. For more information on the more than 90 academic programs at NICC, visit www.nicc. edu/collegeprograms.


ortheast Iowa Community College students have two major advantages that are working to ensure their transfer success: The college has built and nurtured solid transfer agreements for students starting at NICC and working toward a four-year degree, and this year NICC enacted a tuition freeze for all students to make their college education more affordable. Students who plan to transfer are smart to take advantage of the assistance NICC provides for those whose goals include a fouryear degree. By working closely with students, and four-year institutions, the college ensures that students experience seamless transfer of credits after they graduate from NICC. These successful transfer stories happen because of the college’s commitment to students and the one-on-one academic support and personal attention that NICC provides for each and every student, in all programs of study. Sterling Shatek, a 2013 NICC associate of arts-business administration graduate, is just one example of the many graduates whose credits transferred smoothly. This fall, Sterling transferred to the University of Northern Iowa and so did all his associate of arts degree credits earned at NICC. He offers advice to other high school students who are looking to enroll at a two-year or four-year college next year. “If students feel they have the potential to attend college, or students may have made a few mistakes academically, Northeast Iowa Community College is a great place to work on fixing those mistakes,” Sterling said, who is continuing his studies to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting

Explore the

Possibilities Northeast Iowa Community College offers education options to meet your needs. • Earn your degree. • Advance your career through continuing education. • Transfer to a four-year college or university. No matter your goal, we are here at a time and place that is convenient for you. NICC offers more than 90 programs of study with more than 24 available completely online. Visit a campus or center near you and start exploring today!

Speak to an Admissions Expert Today! Calmar 800.728.2256, ext. 307 Peosta 800.728.7367, ext. 312 /neiowacc




Kaplan University Soldier follows Mom’s orders, conquers obstacles, earns degree


was working. I was going to school. I had my [National] Guard obligations. Kaplan University was flexible. I liked the fact that I could take online classes, night classes, daytime classes,” said Eric Cizmadia, a recent Kaplan University graduate with a bachelor of science in business administration degree. An accomplished soldier in the U.S. Army, Staff Sgt. Cizmadia had plans to further his education and prepare for a business career when he returned to civilian life. However, like so many active-duty military students, he faced obstacles along the way.

Information ■ LOCATION: Cedar Falls ■ PHONE: (319) 277-0220 ■ WEBSITE:

His first challenge surfaced when his active-duty service ended. He applied for a civilian position that seemed to be a perfect match for his background and expertise: Credits from a community college, formal military training, a security clearance and more than six years’ work experience. Unfortunately, the job required something he didn’t have — a bachelor’s degree.

Frustrated, yet determined to take on a new challenge, Cizmadia decided to join the National Guard, a move that would unexpectedly bring another overseas deployment and six months of new military occupation specialty training. College would have to wait. Eventually the day arrived when Cizmadia was again in a position to resume his studies and start earning that elusive college degree. But there was a new obstacle. He found out that the credits he earned at the community college would no longer transfer to a fouryear degree program. Unsure of his next move, Cizmadia sought the advice of his


Eric Cizmadia mother, a Kaplan University graduate who had great success fitting school into her professional life. She convinced him to speak with an admissions adviser. Listening to his mother was a smart decision. At Kaplan University, Cizmadia immediately connected with an adviser who understood his needs as a military student: flexible online and on-campus classes, opportunities to transfer credits and a faster route to graduation day.

The faster you earn your degree, the sooner you can start your future. At Kaplan University, Cedar Falls campus, we have the learning options you need to move your education into high gear. > Year-round classes and activities > Day or night classes available > Online classes for flexible study > Scholarships for eligible new students > No-cost tutoring in math, science, and more

Earn your associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in: > Arts and Sciences > Criminal Justice* > Health Sciences > Legal Studies > Liberal Studies

> Business > Fire Science > Information Technology > Nursing > Psychology

For comprehensive consumer information, visit Some courses will only be available online. Not all programs or courses are offered at all locations. *Additional academy training and education may be required for law enforcement positions.

For more information, call 319.277.0220 or visit

Cedar Falls Campus 7009 Nordic Drive Cedar Falls, IA 50613

PAGE 23 He learned that his community-college credits could transfer, and there was an online course to build a portfolio of life experiences and military training to submit for credit. “Kaplan University looks at everything you did in the Army,” explains Cizmadia. “As long as you have the right documentation and you succeeded, they were able to give you credit.” Eric Cizmadia graduated with his associate’s degree in just over six months and a bachelor of science in business administration in a little over a year. This summer,he attended Kaplan University’s commencement ceremony in Chicago. Before a cheering crowd, he proudly crossed the stage to receive his hard-earned diploma. His mother couldn’t have been prouder. Note: Testimonial was solicited by Kaplan University. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individual; student experiences may vary.



Wartburg College Wartburg West provides urban experience for students in Denver


artburg College offers students a unique, semester-long experience in Denver, Colo., combining academic courses, internships and community involvement. Since 1985 more than 900 students have participated in the Wartburg West Urban Studies Program, taking courses that range from studying urban and church-state political issues in the nearby Colorado Statehouse to the development and impact of religious communities in the Denver area. The internships have been instrumental in career development.

“Wartburg West has done a phenomenal job of providing students with an experiential education,” said Dr. Dan Kittle, Wartburg’s assistant to the president for strategic initiatives. Brandon Hosch, a 2013 graduate from Epworth, recently landed a job with radio giant Entercom, which has four stations in the Denver area, after a Wartburg West internship. “The Wartburg West experience enabled me to meet great professionals,” Hosch said. “I used those connections to start my career immediately after graduating.” Krista Ullestad Kilgus, a 2003


nage for the first national tour of the Broadway production of ‘The ■ LOCATION: Waverly Lion King,’ which was the hottest ■ PHONE: (800) 772-2085 ticket in town, and I’m able to say ■ WEBSITE: I was a part of the excitement.” Other internships have included positions for students in the graduate from Cedar Falls, did student teaching at a Den- following majors: ■ Biology: Denver Health Medical, St. ver elementary school while at Joseph’s Hospital, Rocky Mountain Wartburg West. She was smit- Youth Clinic, North Washington Dental ten with the city, where she now Clinic, University of Colorado Health lives. “Denver is a great mix of Sciences Center, Doctor’s Care Clinic, urban life — art, culture, music Homestead Animal Hospital and more — balanced with very ■ Communication arts: Denver Parks and Recreation, Boys and Girls Clubs of friendly people.” Renee Leonard Obergfell, a Metro Denver, Historic Denver Inc., B’s communications strategist with Ballpark Museum ■ Finance, Accounting: Mercy Housing, the Principal Financial Group Denver Health Medical, Merrill Lynch, in Denver, interned as a graphic Colorado Department of Housing designer in the media relations ■ Social Work: Lutheran Family Serdepartment at the Denver Center vices Refugee Program, Empowerment Program, Mount St. Vincent Home, for Performing Arts. “An added benefit was com- Bridge Project, Life Care Center, Serviplimentary access to many of cios de la Raza the events, making the intern- ■ Business: REI, Live Nation Concerts, Denver Film Society, Visit Denver, Denship all the more exciting as I ver Parks and Recreation saw my work put to use,” said ■ Education: numerous schools in and the 2002 graduate from Cedar around Denver Rapids. “One notable experi- ■ Engineering: Major Geothermal; Denence included working on sig- ver Public Works


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2013 ■ Math, Computer Science: Denver Department of Environmental Health ■ History: Historic Denver, Colorado History

Wartburg, which is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, has a partnership with Saint John’s Episcopal Cathedral, leases individual studio apartments owned by Saint John’s and uses classrooms across the street in the cathedral, which is Denver’s vibrant Capital Hill District. “The location is only about three or four blocks from the state capitol and just across the way are the city offices,” said Nelson Bock, co-director of the program with his wife, Bonita. “We’ve had students do internships in the civic center area. The main downtown commercial street is within easy walking distance.” Even with the Wartburg West experience, 93 percent of all Wartburg graduates complete their studies in four years or less. For more information, go to

VISIT and apply to


B R I T TA N Y ’ 1 5 S C OT T ’ 1 4




Kaplan University Soldier follows Mom’s orders, conquers obstacles, earns degree


was working. I was going to school. I had my [National] Guard obligations. Kaplan University was flexible. I liked the fact that I could take online classes, night classes, daytime classes,” said Eric Cizmadia, a recent Kaplan University graduate with a bachelor of science in business administration degree. An accomplished soldier in the U.S. Army, Staff Sgt. Cizmadia had plans to further his education and prepare for a business career when he returned to civilian life. However, like so many active-duty military students, he faced obstacles along the way.

Information ■ LOCATION: Cedar Falls ■ PHONE: (319) 277-0220 ■ WEBSITE:

His first challenge surfaced when his active-duty service ended. He applied for a civilian position that seemed to be a perfect match for his background and expertise: Credits from a community college, formal military training, a security clearance and more than six years’ work experience. Unfortunately, the job required something he didn’t have — a bachelor’s degree.

Frustrated, yet determined to take on a new challenge, Cizmadia decided to join the National Guard, a move that would unexpectedly bring another overseas deployment and six months of new military occupation specialty training. College would have to wait. Eventually the day arrived when Cizmadia was again in a position to resume his studies and start earning that elusive college degree. But there was a new obstacle. He found out that the credits he earned at the community college would no longer transfer to a fouryear degree program. Unsure of his next move, Cizmadia sought the advice of his


Eric Cizmadia mother, a Kaplan University graduate who had great success fitting school into her professional life. She convinced him to speak with an admissions adviser. Listening to his mother was a smart decision. At Kaplan University, Cizmadia immediately connected with an adviser who understood his needs as a military student: flexible online and on-campus classes, opportunities to transfer credits and a faster route to graduation day.

The faster you earn your degree, the sooner you can start your future. At Kaplan University, Cedar Falls campus, we have the learning options you need to move your education into high gear. > Year-round classes and activities > Day or night classes available > Online classes for flexible study > Scholarships for eligible new students > No-cost tutoring in math, science, and more

Earn your associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in: > Arts and Sciences > Criminal Justice* > Health Sciences > Legal Studies > Liberal Studies

> Business > Fire Science > Information Technology > Nursing > Psychology

For comprehensive consumer information, visit Some courses will only be available online. Not all programs or courses are offered at all locations. *Additional academy training and education may be required for law enforcement positions.

For more information, call 319.277.0220 or visit

Cedar Falls Campus 7009 Nordic Drive Cedar Falls, IA 50613

PAGE 23 He learned that his community-college credits could transfer, and there was an online course to build a portfolio of life experiences and military training to submit for credit. “Kaplan University looks at everything you did in the Army,” explains Cizmadia. “As long as you have the right documentation and you succeeded, they were able to give you credit.” Eric Cizmadia graduated with his associate’s degree in just over six months and a bachelor of science in business administration in a little over a year. This summer,he attended Kaplan University’s commencement ceremony in Chicago. Before a cheering crowd, he proudly crossed the stage to receive his hard-earned diploma. His mother couldn’t have been prouder. Note: Testimonial was solicited by Kaplan University. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individual; student experiences may vary.




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