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How have your spending habits changed in the current economic conditions?

“I watch what I spend and how often. But I also believe that the Cedar Valley has not had the shock effect of our property values going up rapidly and back down rapidly and thus we feel that economic conditions are more stable and not as susceptible to the wild effects seen on the coasts. Small steps, well thought out plans, and hard work is the basis of our Midwestern culture. Who wins the race - the tortoise or the hare?” Bob Manning / First Security State Bank

“I try do my part to stimulate the local economy by buying from locally owned businesses rather than a nationally owned chain business. This not only keeps our money circulating at home it helps to preserve our community’s one-ofa-kind businesses and distinctive character.” Amy Steffen / Gibson Specialty Co.

“Based on our experience at Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa, we are seeing more shoppers visit our stores hunting for bargains or just the right gift. We are grateful to be able to provide a low cost shopping alternative.” David E. Boyd, Pres/CEO / Goodwill Industries of North East Iowa

“While we have been fairly well insulated from the economic conditions over the past few years here in the Cedar Valley, they have been a great reason for my wife and I to revisit our budget and spending patterns. We have always had one, but we have found ourselves being more conscious about the things we buy and making sure we stick to that budget. It can be easy to overspend if you don’t have a clearly defined spending plan in place.” Jordan Alborn / FSB Warner Financial, Inc.

Business Monthly - January 2011  

Getting Credit: Iowa consumers among nation's leaders in paying off bills, cutting use of plastic