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Financial Decisions Group maximizes price to value for customers We have all heard the ďŹ nancial terms price to earnings (P/E) and loan to value (LTV) ratio. What about the term price to value? Price to value could be explained like the commercials we have seen: a new red bicycle Patricia for Christmas Harkin (price) — $200. is director The look on your of business g ra n d c h i l d ’s development with face when she Financial Decisions Group in Waterloo. receives it (value) — priceless! Contact her at Price can come 233-8476. in many forms. We can pay a price with money, hard work, long hours and dedication. The same can apply to value. We can have monetary value in our ďŹ nancial assets, and we can have emotional value in the lives of people we care about. For Financial Decisions Group the price to value concept began 50 years ago. In 1960, Frank Kneeland Sr. followed his dream and the entrepreneurial vision of Life Investors, a newly formed Iowa insurance company. He and his wife, Peg, uprooted their family of 12 from Wisconsin and moved them to Waterloo, where they opened the doors in the old YMCA building and formed the Kneeland Agency. His sons, Frank Jr. and John, are still actively involved in the insurance business. Today, Frank Jr. continues his business in the

Financial Decisions Group (FDG) building in Waterloo, and John serves as senior vice president of marketing and sales training for the Life Investors Financial Group Inc. Grandsons, Tim and Tom Kneeland have taken the passion into the next generation. Tom works in the FDG Waterloo office and Tim is director of business development for Transamerica Life and Protection in Cedar Rapids. In the mid-1990s under the leadership of Tim Kneeland, a survey was conducted of clients that suggested a name change was in order to better reect the type of work the organization does, and the name was changed to Financial Decisions Group. To better assist with ďŹ nancial decisions, FDG uses a variety of carefully selected investment and insurance products that can customize speciďŹ c programs for their clients. Lifetime Val evaluates the clients personal as well as employer-based financial and insurance programs. This process helps the client create a lifelong plan to help ensure ďŹ nancial ďŹ tness. Other ďŹ nancial services include fee-based planning, managed-money accounts, insurance, investments and retirement planning. Today, President Pete Meehan is guiding FDG into the next century and most recently into a brand-new facility. Pete’s son, Jesse, has been with the organization for ďŹ ve years. The new location at 3013 Grey-

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hound Drive in Waterloo clearly shows Financial Decisions Group has a vested interest in this community and in communities sur-

rounding their other locations in Dubuque, Manchester, Nashua, Oelwein, Sumner and Owatonna, Minn. FDG has been locally

owned and managed since 1960 and continues to maintain the core values and commitment to personalized service that has




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