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Head of Department WCDoA

Ms Joyene Isaacs

Cheese and wine, cheese and olives, cheese and food, cheese and jam, as well as cheese and bread, all create distinct pairing opportunities. So working together (pairing) within the context of good cheese and… makes ultimate sense and creates opportunities for different role players to highlight the benefits of cheese, but also those of collaboration and cooperation. It is indeed a privilege to unite under the cheese banner. The recipes should inspire us, individually or collectively, to cook more, and to enjoy the fine foods that agriculture provides. Let’s get cooking.

Chief Executive Officer Agri-Expo

Mr Johan Ehlers

The South African Cheese Festival is a platform created by Agri-Expo to promote the image of agriculture. One of the highlights of this event must be the Cape Made Kitchen. This area is an extension of the Cape Made: Taste the Alternatives exhibition that offers a selection of alternative products – all complementary to cheese. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this recipe book as this project is a brilliant example of cooperation between various stakeholders. I do hope that in preparing each of these recipes, you will be reminded of the role that agriculture plays in your everyday life – Your Gateway to Agriculture.

Chief Executive Officer Milk Producers’ Organisation

Dr Chris van Dijk

Most of us are aware of the motivational book, Who Moved My Cheese, by Spencer Johnson, on going beyond the boundaries of one’s comfort zone and preparing for life’s inevitable changes. Cheese is used in the book as a metaphor for the happiness we wish for or something we wish to attain in life. We at the Milk Producers’ Organisation are of the opinion that real cheese could definitely be your reason for happiness in life! That is why the MPO is involved in this beautiful publication. Representing the milk producers in the country, we believe, along with Clifton Fadiman, that cheese is milk’s leap toward immortality. As in the book, we should never develop a comfort zone with cheese. Keep on trying new cheeses and new recipes. This book will support you in doing just that! I leave you with the challenge: “Move with the cheese and enjoy it”.

Cape made booklet - 2017  
Cape made booklet - 2017