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Mark your Calendar : Jan 28– JB Movie Night Feb 11— Board Meeting Y’sMen Breakfast Feb 11— Around the World in Fredericton Jr JB Feb 25 — Mini-camp Feb 28 -week— selection of delegations completed Mar 18— First Delegation Meeting for youth, leaders, parents Feb 19—Bingo Volunteers Mar 4, 18, Ap 1,15,29 ...


INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM APPLICATIONS Applications are still being accepted : Staff, Leaders, Youth delegates Contact the program chair or Judy Coates recruitment coordinator 454-5631 Process involves the following: 1) Submit your application & references 2) Interview/info session about the program 3) Attendance at mini-camp Do you know someone who would make a good CISV leader ? Parents, is it your turn to participate in a CISV program by being a leader or Staff ? Details & applications -

FEB. MINI-CAMP Contents : Movie Night; Jr JB; Feb Mini-Camp 2012 International Programs & Application Info


Fri Feb 24 6:30 (leaders meeting only) Camp Begins Sat Feb 25 8:30 am Camp Ends

JB MOVIE NIGHT S AT. J A N 2 8 6 - 9 : 0 0 @ STU- BMB rm 101 use courtyard door Montgomery St parking lot

For– Youth Ages 10-18 adults/leaders please join us

Sun 26th 12pm

Camp Directors: Heather Sheehan & Randy Hollett ( contact them to help!)

For: All youth ages 10-18 Members & new to CISV

Bring a friend! CISV JB is on FACEBOOK

Pictures of 2011 delegates

The Happiest Place on Earth ☺☼

2012 Hosting Plans

Feb Mini Camp Theme:

Your Board & Committees

Disney clothes/stuffed animals welcome! (more information on the registration form)

Money Matters- Fundraising

Email notice sent to e-group when Registration Form posted to website

Memberships & CRCs

Return Registration Forms by: February 17th -->

Where are they now ?

* All 2012 International Program applicants ( youth & leaders) MUST attend this

Words from our Chapter Chair


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Welcome aboard the 2012 “C2C” Peace Bus.! Liam Maston & Nicola Sequin‘s applications have been selected. They will have an amazing experience this summer. The Peace Bus project was so successful last year that it is becoming an annual program. Check out this Video—Peace Bus and Introduction to CISV

2011 Brandywine Village USA delegation Andrew, Fiona, Carrie, Declan, Lauren

CISV Passport for Active Global Citizenship

of CISV’s approach to The Passport provides a summary guide to what we do and Peace Education. It is a practical a handbook for CISV why we do it, and can be used as training. Content: Nine Sections bal Citizens

1.Peace Education and Active Glo 2. About CISV

s 3. ASK for Active Global Citizen 4. Peace Education in CISV 5. Building Peace Education into

our Programmes

6. Learning by doing 7. How we know if we are good 8. Fitting it all together

at what we are doing

the Attitudes, Peace Education provides us with become agents Skills and Knowledge we need to ly. In other of change, both locally and global Citizens. words, to become Active Global

CISV educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world. bination Active Global Citizens need a com ge (ASK). of Attitudes, Skills and Knowled itudes, In CISV we ensure that these Att rt of Skills and Knowledge are at the hea roach our educational goals and our app to learning


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2012 INTERNATIONAL INVITATIONS INTERNATIONAL CAMPS Village (Age 11 or turning 12 during summer) – a cooperative global and intercultural camp for 48 children (4 children plus their adult leader) representing 12 countries. Fredericton will represent Canada at Village program hosted by CISV in : 1) Norway July 1-28,2012 2) Michigan City USA June 29 – July 26

Summer Camp (Ages 15)

Seminar Camp

Bringing together delegations of youth age 15 & their leader from 9 countries to live and learn together.

(Age17-18) )

Summer Camp participants learn leadership skills & take responsibility for program planning focused around a specific educational theme. Hosted by CISV in : 1) Sweden June 29-July 21

This 3 week international camp is actively conducted by the participants themselves and encourages them to form opinions about individual, international, and intercultural issues. Announcing the following SC participants : otthers waitlisted Megan Thomson Iceland Ben Gormley—Sweden

International Youth Meeting (IYM) ( Ages 16-18)


This 15 day camp is similar to a SC. Hosted by: 1) France July 13-27

This IC between Norway & Fredericton is for a small group (8) youth age 13/14 (guideline) – youth should be 13 for one day between June 1 and Aug 31/11)

International Peoples Project

An Interchange involves 4 components;

Age 19 –99 In partnership with local

– a family experience, - a small group experience, - an education experience, - a travel experience.

organizations, delegates participate in hands-on community work involving a specific theme or project. Hosted by various countries.

July 2012 Fredericton delegation will host their Norwegian partner. July 2013 Fredericton delegation hosted in Norway Position for Jr & Sr leader .

AP PLICATI ON & SELE CTION PROCES S Information & Applications online—

2) Financial Assistance 5) delegation Selection to be Application available completed by Feb. 29 3) Interview—a time to

learn more & clarify The Application / Selection expectations , parProcess helps applicants and ents involved in interparents as well as the selection view committee determine that the applicant is ready and a good 4) Attend local Minicamp Feb 25-26 fit for the CISV program . 1) Submit Paper Application

After Selection—then what?

Leadership Training & Delegate Preparation ! Sun Mar 18 (tbc)— 1st Meeting for all youth, parents leaders, with Program Chairs. Mar—June leadership training youth &leaders meet on a

More Invitations ? More CISV Programs may be available to us, if you are interested let us know so we can make a request / accept invitations when available. Program Chairs: Interchange – Kim Hawkes 454-9643 Sarah Brooks Village— Pegi McKay-459-5294 Rosanna Stafford Summer Camp Sunhi Lee –206-2271 Weiqiu Yu Seminar Camp & IYMLinda Allison 452-2114 IPP– Tara Brinston –453-4401 Leadership Positions— Elizabeth Sexton 849-1144 Promotions & Recruitment Judy Coates 454-5631 Leadership Training Gisele Belyea & Kathy Lewis Peace Bus— Heather Sheehan –261-1056

THANKS scheduled basis to get to know each other , prepare National/cultural presentations. Parents meet to make decisions , provide support, take on tasks, and get to know the leader.

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2011 Netherlands Delegation meet Premier, David Alward. Gabrielle, Griffin, Parker , Madison, leader—Alison (not in picture)

“ ...Here we come to understand one another’s point of

Austria Interchange 2011-2012 - Geoffrey, Mattias, Alana,

view learning through

Nikol, Keyana, Riley, Amanda Densmore—from Austria

the things we do ,how

Village Delegate 1999 to Leader 2011!

alike am I to you…” cisv song

Czech Republic Summer Camp 2011 Marie -Leader, Nicola, Liam, Alicia, Daniel


OUR CHAPTER’S HOSTING COMMITMENT July 5-27 2012 INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMP Peace education YOU can be part of CREATING A MINI UN with 36 teens age 15 & 9

is a participatory

adult leaders from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Honduras,

process which

Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland.

changes our way

Contact Misty McLaughlin 454-8825

☺ Thank you Misty for being our Lead Host Organizer. STAFF Applications now available - honorarium available

of thinking and promotes learning for peace & justice.

COOK (s) NEEDED - honorarium - spread the word about this position ! WHERE you can HELP with planning ? Various tasks will need to be done prior to hosting this program as well as support during the camp. Please consider joining Misty’s team to help organize the following:

● airport pick-up & departure ● homestays ● laundry ● site needs ● grocery shoppers ● solicit food donations/discounts, Note: Please get a CRC ( Criminal Record Check ) NOW; It can take 2-3 months or more to get a CRC after you apply for one. We will need 20 Homestay families. They need a CRC to host a delegate . (Hosting is for 2-3 nights) We are grateful for Fredericton Community Foundation. Grant of $1,500.which will help us host a quality camp!

2011 Summer Camp delegation in Guatemala Maxime, Alex,Megan,Mya,Tara

At our impact Day, we had the founder of Educca tells us about their work of dealing with Malnutrition in Guatemala by emplowering mothers with Food knowledge. We went to Comapa where Educca is working with the community. We had a snack with 60 kids and played games with them that we had planned.

Claire, Sophie, Sarah, Mohamad with Brazilian homestay Family before camp

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leader Heidi is at camp with staff & leaders.

Fredericton represents Canada at Dec –Jan Villages hosted by Brazil & Costa Rica

Brazil Village delegates send New Year Greetings by VIDEO ! What wonderful memories have been created— see the happy delegates from The Flying Orange Village ! (host city is known for orange juice production) v=LOisOyu8EBQ&feature=related

Our JC Sam & Canadian delegation from Ottawa –at C R Village

CISV Eco pants ! For sale at the Feb Mini-camp Fredericton Chapter has become known for our Eco-pants! Ralph Simpson initiated this merchandise several years ago. Keeping with being environmentally friendly, Ralph purchases cool good used pj and lounge pants and has them silk screened stamped with the CISV logo. Our supply will be available for viewing and purchase at the Feb minicamp.

CISV Fredericton Board & Committees


Standing Committee Chairs

Board Executive:

Local Activities -

Chris Daley— Chair

Eco Group—Ralph Simpson

Judy Coates— Past Chair

Jr JB Coordinators– Paula Briggs & Sarah Allison

Vacant—Vice Chair Faith McFarland — Secretary

International programs

Tess Madigan— Treasurer

Listed on page 3

Junior Branch chairs: Madelaine Messenger—Sr co- Chair Santana Briggs—Sr. co-Chair Daniel Lutes— Jr co-chair

Administrative and Ad-hoc Committees Bursary Fund Committee - Andrea Feunekes & Ann Doyle Bingo Coordinator - Donna Gordon

Mia Parenteau—Jr co-chair

Website- Chris Daley

Board members Crystal Fraser , Sarah Green — JB Adult Advisor

CISV Merchandise, Tshirts - Ralph Simpson & JB– Trynne Delaney 2012 Summer Camp Host Com. Chair—

Bernadette Culligan Chase— Membership

Misty McLaughlin

Marlien McKay —Risk Manager

Help is always needed !

Elizabeth Hamilton– e-communication

We can accommodate your time, energy, skills, interests.

Ralph Simpson—Member-at-large Matt DeCourcey—Member-at-large Marc Gionet— Member-at-large VACANT— Fundraising co-ordinator Judy Coates—Promotions /recruitment


FUNDRAISING Our annual income should be approx. $12,000. Our expenses include: National Dues, National Board Meeting Registration Fees, Leadership training, Financial Assistance Fund allocation, Program Administration costs, Hosting Fund, chapter administration expenses Our Revenue Sources: Membership fees, International Program Participation fees, Mini-camp profit, merchandise Sales, HJ&B volunteering, Cheese Sales, other fundraisers, donations . Funds raised also are allocated to/shared with Junior Branch

☺ In 2011, we helped 3 CISV delegates from the Financial Assistance Fund—5% of our chapter fundraising activities is designated to FAF.

March 10 FUNDRAISER ANBL PASSIVE SOLICITATION Coordinators— Natalie & Don Lavoie Marie-Line Thibodeau It was recognized at the Board meeting that some families will disapprove of this fundraiser or be uncomfortable having their youth participate Participation is your choice. WE WELCOME OTHER IDEAS & Helpers !

Sussex CHEESE Fundraiser Thanks ! Special Thanks to the Coordinaors : Kari & Peter Clark & Everyone who bought and/or sold cheese. This is our main fund raiser for the chapter Main Revenues Received

United Way –donor option givings = $ 450. HJ&B = $1300 FCF grant for Summer Camp hosting = $ 1500

WWW.CISVFREDERICTON.CA CHECK IT OUT …. VIDEOS, POWERPOINT, LOCAL EVENTS POSTED, APPLI CATIONS & PROCEDURES Happy Chinese New Year. With the return of our 11 winter delegates we are all back from the 2011 Programming. We are looking forward to hearing how it all went. We will also be interested in hearing how Ottawa’s Winter Camp went from Nicole Park. Our success is directly related to our volunteer efforts administering programs and fundraising -as we support our National Fees, Local projects and programs, our Financial Assistance Fund, and hosting obligations. All of which takes time, dedication and commitment on your part to educate and inspire action for a more just and peaceful world. Thank you, Kari and Peter, for spearheading a successful Cheese Campaign. Volunteering at the Kinsmen Center on Bingo Night affords us free services that we would otherwise have to pay.

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Thank you, Donna, for maintaining the schedule. Thank you everyone who supported these. Call now for your choice of slots at our Mar 10 wkd fundraiser at 3 ANBL outlets. Going along with this, we welcome designs for a bookmark or business card of sorts that can be handed. CISV-National has given each Chapter $100 seed money towards a new joint Junior /Adult boards fundraiser. Prizes will be awarded. Any Ideas? We are well into the 2012 program planning— rapidly approaching Deadlines for filling delegations. Talk it up. Anyone interested contact us.! Your Board Chair ... Chris Daley

Happy 20 th Birthday CISV Frederocton 1992—2012 !

Criminal Record Check (Vulnerable Record check) Change The change to this process means that some individuals (whose date of birth and gender match a flagged record) will now have to submit to fingerprinting. If required, this new process can add at least 8 weeks to the CRC process. It is important that we are aware of this in order to ensure CRCs are completed when they are required. CISV adults are encouraged to get a criminal record check, in order to support our children’s participation in CISV activities. CRCs are good for 2 years. Screening is an important part of our risk management efforts which help ensure the safety and wellbeing of our children. CRCs must be completed by program leaders, Interchange families , families hosting homestays youth delegates as well as chaperones for local mini-camps. We are asking every member to obtain a CRC. If you live inside City limits your first contact is with City Hall (to get an application). If you live outside City limits your contact is the District 2 RCMP office in Oromocto. To pick up your CRC at city you need 2 pieces of ID.

CISV Fredericton Membership 2012-13 Membership year April 1-March 31 $65 /family, $30 individual (adult) ( If you are missing from the membership list that is being sent as a separate attachment, please let us know ) Membership Chair—Bernadette Culligan Chase 450-1910 We invite guests to attend one mini-camp Honorary memberships are given to volunteers who do not have children. Your membership helps to sustain our chapter. We always welcome new members & volunteers. We look forward to getting to know new families & individuals who are applying to participate in a 2011 International Program ! CISV has many opportunities to offer you. With a letter from CISV indicating you are a volunteer the city fee is reduced. Any questions please call Marlien McKay , our Risk Manager at 459-1764.

CISV paSt delegateS … Where are they noW ?

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Alison Thomas—IC delegate to Brazil in 1994-95 Things are good, I am living in Bogota, Colombia at the moment. I am working for the Canadian Bar Association as part of their young lawyers abroad programme. I'm currently visiting counsel at the Organization of Indigenous People of Colombia. From her blog : Living the dream? You be the judge! Join me in my journey from corporate litigator to international lawyer. Here I will share my experiences in the world of international humanitarian and human rights law, as well as my cultural experiences, observations, and blunders along the way. Alison and Kevin leaving for their 6 day

Alison Maynard, - Netherlands leader 2011 I’ve moved to Québec City where I’m studying French and working at a private English language school, teaching and working as Human Resources Director (a great job to use my French!)

Christmas hike through the northern coastal Mts of Colombia to the Ciudad Perdida

Good luck this summer and please keep in touch!

Have joined together to present

Jr. JB! ‘Around the World in Fredericton’ Saturday Feb 11th Time 2-4pm Location: Wilmot United Church 473 King St (King and Carleton) Jr. JB offers children 9-12 an afternoon of activities and fun on a monthly basis. Activities will include, games, energizers, presentations from adults and youth with a variety of cultural backgrounds. . If you have any questions or would like more information about this program please contact:

CISV Co-ordinators: Paula Briggs – 57-1944 Sarah Allison-

CISV Fredericton Winter Newsletter  
CISV Fredericton Winter Newsletter  

What has been happening in Fredericton's CISV chapeter lately