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Executive Budget 2021-2023



Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada© We are a State Women’s Diversity Chamber of Commerce In the 157-year history of Nevada Nevada became the 36th state on October 31, 1864

OUR IMPACT - Official Women’s State Chamber in the 157-year history of Nevada. - First owned state chamber of commerce by a woman in Nevada history. - Only 3 standalone Women’s State Chambers in the USA, Colorado, Nevada and Texas. - Meaning these Women’s chambers are not within any city chambers. 200 Communities Within the State of Nevada and the only State’s Women’s Chamber of Commerce in history. 19 years - Founded in 2002 by June L. Beland, business owner and publisher since 1977 came out of retirement in 2002 to give back and help to empower women of diversity leaders and business owners. 17 years - WCCNV Host Organization presented over 51 Awards HONORING LEADERS ATHENA© International Awards honoring women, young professional and Men for professional excellence, community service and actively assisting women in their leadership skills. - As Host Organization for the State of Nevada we pride ourselves in honoring diverse leaders who give back to their profession and who inspire women leaders. - ATHENA Awards presented 51 awards Honoring & Empowering Women Leaders. - ATHENA awards and curriculum based on the eight principles from the leadership model: living authentically, learning constantly, advocating fiercely, acting courageously, fostering collaboration, building relationships, giving back and celebrating. The award program is designed to honor women and men for professional excellence, community


service and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills. Your participation in this award program sends a clear message that your organization invests in your community and its growth by identifying and honoring its leaders. The caliber of ATHENA© Leadership Award nominees and recipients often draws media coverage.Your participation associates you with exemplary leaders and is a vehicle to cultivating important relationships both personally and professionally. Honor your community’s leaders. 15 years - WCCNV Host for Nevada for the Annual – Bringing Leaders together ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Day Luncheon Gather women from our community together for this turn-key event, created to combine the forces and ideas of emerging and established leaders 7 years - WCCNV other Annual Community Honors Nevada Women’s Hall of Fame WCCNV honoring our members Legacy Entertainment & Media Awards (Women and men) Coming soon……………………Summer of 2021 Grants for women (Higher Education & Small business) donated by WCCNV Legacy Foundation© (C) (3) Plus New in 2022 ATHENA© Program Infuse the ATHENA© Leadership Model into middle school and high school curriculums, building the pipeline of women leaders from the classroom and into technology jobs. (Host Organization for Nevada) The Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada©

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Message from Administrator Marie R. Scrofani

Hello Chamber Members, Have you been using your membership with exclusive access to specialized tools? There are so many ways to promote your organization or your business via the new online Member Information Center. All you have to do is login in and start using these great new features! Here are some of those features to use for better exposure for your company and to other chamber members: Membership listing - update your listing to ensure everyone has access to complete, up-to-date information. (Important: Completing your profile is critical to gaining increased visibility and exposure!) Deals - offer coupons and special deals; fellow members may well be your best customers. Job postings - submit your own job openings. Advertise events - add your events to our online event calendar displayed with quick links; use these links to share in your social media, text to mobile devices, add to calendar, or email to others. Network with other members - check out other member listings, jobs, deals. If you are new to using the Member Information Center website and don’t know how to get around, call or email Marie Scrofani, Chamber Administrator for help or a quick tour of how to utilize this great resource! Are you a large company with representatives in various areas? You can choose a rep to manage these great resources to engage with chamber members and gain more visibility! We look forward to expanding your scope of visibility for your business and to other chamber members. (702) 733-3955, 9am to 3pm, M-F.


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2 3 4 5 5 8 10 12 13 14 15 17 18 20-23 WCCNV Web: www.womenschamberofnevada.org Digital Distribution 1.7 mil readers throughout the USA, ISSUU Members and Communitybusinesses throughout Nevada, All State of Nevada Offices, All Nevada Chambers of Commerce, All U.S. State Chambers of Commerce, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce in D.C., Federal Offices within Washington, D.C. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our published works are those of the author(s) and do not reflect the opinions of ABC Publishing DBA Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada© or its Editors. All rights reserved. No part of any ABC published work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the publisher.


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Yuan I made my MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) for the 10th years which qualified me as the lifetime member.  MDRT membership is recognized internationally as the standard of excellence in the life insurance and financial services business.

Becky Palmer Becky Palmer has been a health insurance specialist since 1993 in Las Vegas. She is a Certified Health Care Reform Advisor to assist with Obama Care Exchange, and small and large business employee benefits. Becky is also a certified Medicare specialist in NV and AZ. Medicare Plans offered are Aetna, Anthem Bcbs, Caremore, Humana, United HC, silver scripts, WellCare. Graduated from Pueblo CO high school and attended CU. She enjoys traveling to the mountains and any beach.



2021 Executive Board Meetings Executive-Corp-Presidential Members only Held: Monthly (2nd Thursday of the month) Location: President’s location Time: 11:30am to 1pm Outline & Speakers to follow January 14 February 11 March 11 April 8 May 13 June 10 July 8 August 12 September 9 October 14 November 11 December 9 2021 ∫ FEBRUARY

Government Affairs Council Meeting dates 2021 Held: Bi-Monthly (2nd Wednesday of the month) ZOOM Meeting - Time: 11:30am to 1pm Host: Anita Laruy Outline to follow March 10 - ZOOM Meeting May 12 - Meeting July 14 - Meeting September 8 - Meeting November 10 - Meeting WCCNV Member Diversity News


WOMEN IN POWER Business Magazine


Press Release - NV Women's Chamber of Commerce - (702) 733-3955

The Chamber had to postpone the WIPB Magazine until the end of January 2021 We will debut this issue end of January through March 26, 2021 along with celebrating our nineteenth year anniversary as the Nevada State Women’s Chamber of Commerce in 157 year history of Nevada. 2021 Women in Power Business Magazine National cover story is Jovita Carranza, Administrator of the United States Small Business Administration in Washington, D.C. 2021 TOP TEN INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN NEVADA in this issue is: Dana Bennett - former Nevada Mining Association, Betsy Fretwell, Senior Vice President of SWITCH CITIES, Maria Jose Gatti Dir of Community Engagement, MGM Resorts Int’l., Juana Hart, Corporate Communication, Consultant and President of J-Hart Communications, Tamar P. Hoapili, Manager, Community Relations, Cox Communications, Holly Silvestri, Partner/ Co-owner with The Ferraro Group, Darcy K Neighbors, Founder and CEO of CIM Marketing Partners, Sinni Singh, Women business owner of Home 4 Divine Healing and 11 companies in the US, Debbi Somers, started Somers Furniture as a woman-owned Las Vegas furniture manufacturing company and Judi Steel, President of The Public Education Foundation. The 2021 WIPB Magazine will recognize the top ten women on March 26, 2021 at the 15th Annual Nevada Women’s Hall of Fame during Women’s History Month when they will induct the following women into the 2021 Nevada Women's Hall of Fame. Pioneer Award Inductee, Punam Mather, Minority Lifetime Achievement Inductee, The Honorable Johnnie B. Rawlinson, Leadership Inductees are: Ginger L Allen, CEO and Business Development Consultant for your Marketing Liaison, Ruth Furman, Principal-Image Words Communications, Carrie Simpson, CEO, Everywhere Managed, LLC, Rita Vaswani, Senior Vice President, Relations Manager, Nevada State Bank and Jessica Patterson, Chief Financial Officer, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada. Special edition of the 2021 Women in Power Business Magazine© will be given out to each attendee introducing the Top 10 Influential Women in Nevada and we will introduce them to all our guests and inductees. We will also have a NV WHOF Program for all attendees. WCCNV Legacy Foundation© is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, Sponsorship opportunities, VIP seats/tables as well as general seating is available starting on January 4, 2021 at www.womenschamberofnevada.org Advertising in the Magazine or event program email: Marie@womenschamberofnevada.org


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WCCNV Member Diversity News


Tamra L. Coulter

NVRE#0175665 (702) 460-8835 Tamra@NVHomeswithTLC.com Signature Real Estate Group

What to know when moving to the Greater Las Vegas Valley

The Las Vegas Valley which covers the incorporated cities of Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas has definitely felt the pain of Covid-19 and the effects during 2020. Let’s face it, it was a rough year for so many reasons but if you can believe it the population in the Valley still grew 2.7%, meaning over 2,772,000 people now reside in the Las Vegas Valley. In 2020 the population was 2,699,000, a 2.98% increase from 2019. So how did this happen with all the economic downturns. Largely due to exodus from higher cost of living states such as CA and NY. Now that employees are working from home and corporations are seemingly keeping this in effect by letting go of their commercial lease contracts, employees are able to relocate not only within their cities but outside their state if they so desire. With lower cost of living, no state tax, warm weather (plus or minus, your call) why wouldn’t you chose the Valley as your new home.

you could receive an initial fine of $1,000. Active-duty military and spouses are not required to transfer their license and registrations. If you are thinking of moving to the Las Vegas Valley, then I would be happy to answer any questions or send you a relocation kit. Stay safe, healthy and happy.

What do you need to know to prepare yourself for relocating to Las Vegas? Find a group of professionals to work with you and be your boots on the ground. You need a trusted, full time Realtor. This is important because you need someone who has a pulse on the community, is available to preview homes for you during the daytime hours, and report back all findings in a timely manner. You will also need a reputable lender that knows how to work with relocations and have top notch communication skills. You need trusted home inspection companies in your network. If you are unable to be at the home for your inspections, then having a top-rated home inspector is essential to be sure your home is in good working order and explain what their findings mean to you. You will want to research the different areas of town, how close they are to your job, your hobbies etc. Las Vegas is full of amazing nature, entertainment and highways access to visit surrounding states. Residency requirements state that new residents must obtain their driver license and vehicle registration within 30-days or 10

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Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak released Executive Budget for the 2021-2023 biennium According to the State, despite being severely impacted by the economic crisis, revenues never dropped as low as the worst expectations.

General Fund (GF) expenditures of $8,688,624,000, which represents a reduction of $187,279,876 (or 2%) compared to the 2019-2020 biennium.

RELATED: Nevada proposes cuts to education, hopes for federal relief

K-12 and NSHE state expenditures total $7 billion over the current biennium. K-12 expenditures for the biennium total $4.9 billion in state funds for a total of $6.63 billion including local funds, which represents a decrease of $30 million compared to the current biennium.

“The floor was so low that and they began to budget using that low bar so when the extra money came in it became better for them to project,” says Steve Budin, 13 Action News Financial Analyst. “Unfortunately, the number of Nevadans that have qualified for Medicaid has really gone up substantially over the last year and that has been enormously impactful on the budget.” Highlights of the Executive Budget include: 12

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Medicaid enrollment is approximately 18.7% higher than

projected for the current biennium with additional growth of 2.2% projected through the 2021-2023 biennium. The Executive Budget projects that approximately 778,000 individuals (approximately one in four Nevadans) will be enrolled in Medicaid by the end of the 20212023 biennium. An investment of $75 million for future infrastructure and economic development projects proposed to be used to launch the State Infrastructure Bank to leverage outside capital.

Click link below to download Governor's Executive Budget STATE OF NEVADA Governor’s Executive Budget 2021-2023 Budget Highlights



Ginger L. Allen Leadership Inductee

Ruth Furman Leadership Inductee

Punam Mathur

2021 Pioneer Award Inductee

Judge Johnnie B Rawlinson 2021 Minority Lifetime Achievement Inductee

Special Notification DO TO COVID-19

The Chamber had to postpone NV WHOF yet again The Executive Board & the Legacy Foundation Board of Directors Moved it to March 26, 2021 during Women’s History Month OUR 15th Annual Nevada Women’s Hall of Fame and 14th Annual Pioneer Award to be hosted by Women’s Chamber Legacy Foundation©

Carrie Simpson Leadership Inductee

The Women’s Chamber and the Legacy Foundation© will not host the 2020 NV WHOF this year due to the up and down of COVID-19 and the safety of all our inductees, staff and attendees. If you would like to donate to our Legacy Foundation© for our student scholarship for “At Risk" female high school students as well as postsecondary education you can visit our website at www.womenschamberofnevada.org. We will be honoring, Punam Mathur for the 2021 Pioneer Award, this is our top award for this event. The Minority Lifetime Achievement will be presented to Judge Johnnie B. Rawlinson and the Non-Profit Organization goes to the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. The other honorees are; WHOF Women Leadership Inductees are: Ginger L Allen, CEO and Business Development Consultant for Your Marketing Liaison, Ruth Furman, Principal, Image Words Communications, Carrie Simpson, CEO, Everywhere Managed, LLC, Rita Vaswani, Senior Vice President, Relationship Manager, Nevada State Bank. Young Professional Inductee: Jessica Patterson, Chief Financial Officer, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada.

Rita Vaswani Leadership Inductee

Special edition of the 2021 Women in Power Business Magazine© will be given out to each attendee Introducing the Top 10 Influential Women in Nevada and we will introduce them to all our guests and inductees. We will also have a NV WHOF Program for all attendees with all the Inductees. WCCNV Legacy Foundation© is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, Sponsorship opportunities, VIP seats/tables as well as general seating is available starting on January 4, 2021 www.womenschamberofnevada.org. 2021 ∫ FEBRUARY

Jessica Patterson Young Professional Inductee WCCNV Member Diversity News



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SEPTEMBER 24, 2021

ATHENA® CATEGORIES Women’s Leadership Nomination Young Professional Leadership Nomination Organization Leadership Nomination

ATHENA® International Award Nominations

JULY 15, 2021 to AUGUST 15, 2021

(702) 733-3955

ATHENA@womenschamberofnevada.org www.womenschamberofnevada.org 2021 ∫ FEBRUARY

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We solute our Diversity Partners By working together, we help each other, our community and State of Nevada Supporting Women and Students • A / L –Life & Legislative Coach

• NAWBO Southern Nevada

• American Estate & Trust LLC

• Nathan Adelson Hospice

• Asian Chamber of Commerce

• Nevada Business Magazine

• Bank of America

• Nevada State Bank

• Bank of Nevada

• Nevada State College

• Boyd Gaming

• Nevada System of Higher Education

• BE Engaged Education Legislation

• Nevada Women’s Business Center

• Caesars Entertainment Corp.

• Public Education Foundation

• College of Southern Nevada

• Reno Nevada Chamber of Commerce

• Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

• Sands Corporation

• Cox Communication


• Economic Department of Business & Industry

• Sparks Nevada Chamber of Commerce

• Elite Photography

• StorageWest

• Epic Worldwide

• The Stirling Club

• Henderson Chamber of Commerce

• Touro University (NV-CA)

• Hutchison & Steffen Law Firm

• Urban Chamber of Commerce

• India Chamber of Commerce

• UNLV-Women’s Research Institute of Nevada

• Infinity Productions

• WEBC Certification-NV

• Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

• Wells Fargo Bank

• Las Vegas International Airport

• Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada

• Las Vegas Sands Corporation

• Women of Diversity Productions

• Latin Chamber of Commerce


• MGM Resorts Foundation

• (just to name a few)


WCCNV Member Diversity News


Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada ® cordially invites you to our


19th Annual Legislative Luncheon Keynote Speaker: Anita Laruy, Director of the Government Affairs Council Opening remarks on 2020 Presidential Election and Legislative updates


15th Annual Nevada Women's Hall of Fame During Women's History Month Pioneer Award Recipient: To be named and New 2021 Inductees


19th Annual Women's Chamber Anniversary Celebrating the Historical State Women's Chamber in Nevada's History along with celebrating our own members and their accomplishments.


8th Annual ATHENA Women's Leadership Day Luncheon Bringing top Leaders in our community with Aspiring Leaders Professional Women's Mini Expo, Top Las Nevada Women Speakers, book authors and much more.


18th Annual ATHENA International GALA Minority Lifetime Achievement Award ATHENA International Leadership Award Young Professional Leadership Award Nonprofit Leadership Award w w w.w o m e n s c h a m b e r o f n e v a d a . o r g


WCCNV Member Diversity News


RELOCATION & VISITORS GUIDE RELOCATION Airport McCarran International Airport www.mccarran.com (702) 261-5211 Banks Wells Fargo Bank Berenice Church VP Sr. Relationship Mgr. www.wellsfargo.com (702) 247-5603 Nevada State Bank Rita Vaswani, SVP Relation Mgr. www.nsbank.com (702) 855-4504 Cable | Internet | Phone Cox Cable New Service, Move Service (702) 463-7904 | www.cox.com Cox Business (702) 507-2000 Financial Edward Jones Keren Wojtowicz  Financial Adv. | Branch Mgr. www.edwardjones.com/Keren (702) 505-9434

Real Estate

Thinking of moving to Las Vegas? Are you setting up a New Business? Relocating your business? Buying a home? Investments American State & Trust Summer Clark Webb Director of Business Development www.aetrust.com (866) 454-2649 ext. 1119

Edward Jones Heather Sabatello Financial Advisor www.edwardjones.com (702) 341-0418 Fleet Graphics Epic Worldwide Shelly Smith, Founder www.epicworldwide.com (702) 614-1000 x 103

New York Life Insurance | Financial Services Yuan-Fen Lai www.newyorklife.com/agent/ylai1 (973) 462 3887

Hospice Cassondra Cotton Community Outreach Manager www.nah.org (702) 733-0320 Insurance Trinity Insurance Auto | Home Barbara Henry, Owner | Agent (702) 572-9072 Premier Insurance Group Health | Dental | Vision Becky Palmer, Owner | Mgr. (702) 339-1417


Law Firm Hutchison & Steffen, LLC Patricia Lee, Attorney | Partner www.hutchlegal.com/attorney/patricia-lee (702) 385-2500 Non-profit American Cancer Society Samantha Molinero www.cancer.org (702) 891-9009 Notary-Mobile Terri The Temporary Mobile Notary Terri Brooks, Mobile Notary (702) 586-8284



RELOCATION Photography Elite Photography Group Corporate | Business Photography Camilla Sjodin, Owner www.elitephotographygroup.com (702) 460-2704 Printing AA Printing Services Commercial printing Contact: Alicia www.aaprintinglasvegas.com (702) 527-7474 Real Estate Direct Realty Evelin “Evi” Paolillo Relocation & International Realty www.evelinyouragent.com (702) 296-1410 Signature Real Estate Group Tamra L. Coulter, Realtor | ABR | ePro MVHC I NRE#S0175665


www.TamraCoulter.com (702) 460-8835 Storage StorageWest Laura Fairchild, Brand Ambassadors www.storagewest.com (702) 803-4493 WCCNV Proud members (Home & business services) Chamber Business or Residential Members Cox Cable | Internet & Phones www.cox.com | (702) 545-1005 Las Vegas Water District www.lvvwd.com (702) 870-2011 McCarran International Airport www.mccarran.com | (702) 261-5211 Republic Service | Trash www.republicservices.com | (702) 735-5151 ServPro of Boulder City | Henderson www.servpro.com | (702) 564-8508 WCCNV Proud Education Members

Clark County School District www.ccsd.net | (702) 799-2273 Nevada System of Higher Education www.nevada.edu (702) 889-8426 WCCNV Colleges & University members College of Southern Nevada www.csn.edu | (702) 651-3000 Nevada State College www.nsc.edu | (702) 992-2000 Western Governors University NV www.nevada.wgu.edu | (877) 214-7005 TOURO University-Medical University www.western.touro.edu | (702) 777-8687 Other member service listings coming Next issue March 2021 Assistant Living Day Care Facility Mortgage Company Title companies Rental Complexes Retirement complexes rental & home buyers

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NEW Section “Las Vegas Now” here’s our rundown of the top spots to shop in Las Vegas. • Forum Shops at Caesars Palace shoppers browse upscale designer apparel • Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip (250 shops, 8 department Stores and 25 eateries • Galleria Mall, Henderson • Grand Canal Shoppes At the Venetian Resort Las Vegas • M&M World Las Vegas on the Strip And more www.viator.com/Las-Vegas-tourism/TopShopping-Spots-in-Las-Vegas Private Elite Club The Stirling Club with Major amenities (702) 732-9700

Casinos/Shopping/Resorts in the “what to see and where to stay check out the listings in “Visitors Section”. Casinos (we will name each member) www.visitlasvegas.com/hotels-casinos Boyd Gaming Casino Caesars Entertainment Casinos Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Resorts World Las Vegas NEW Opening Summer 2021 Las Vegas Sands Corporation RESTAURANTS SATAY Thai Bistro & Bar (702) 369-8788 Spacious, hip spot for Thai, Malaysian & Chinese specialties, plus full bar with imported beer, Dine-in, Curbside pickup, No-contact delivery. 22

∫WCCNV Member Diversity News

The Bootlegger Italian Bistro (702) 736-4939 24/7 option providing Southern Italian dishes & live entertainment nightly in an old-school setting. Dine-in, Curbside pickup, No-contact delivery.

We will be adding more, stay tuned.

FULL FINE DINING LIST IN OUR 2021 MARCH TOP SHOPPING SPOTS IN LAS VEGAS Whether you’re a cash-splasher in search of the latest styles or a window-shopper in need of a break from the downtown bustle, Sin City’s shopping scene offers something for everyone. From upscale malls and high-class hotels to rustic markets and family-friendly arcades, FEBRUARY∫



Hotels for Celebrity Sightings in Las Vegas Caesars Palace | Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Palms Casino Resort | The Palazzo at The Venetian

COVID-19 Update There are currently no travel restrictions in place but we recommend staying tuned to the latest news from our

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino | The Mirage Hotel & Casino The Venetian Resort | Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

governor’s office here: www.nvhealthresponse.nv.gov/travel-visitors www.nvhealthresponse.nv.gov











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A Women’s Chamber Monthly Publication  

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