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Page 1 “Spiritual Dynamics” Pastor Rick Iwanaga

Spiritual D ynamics The   other   day   I   heard   something   far   too   common   in   our  

Chris4an society.     A   Chris4an   mother   in   the   community   was   sharing  about  her  son.    To  help  you  be<er   understand   her  background,  the  family   belongs  to  a  healthy,  spiritually  focused   church.     I  know  the  pastor   and  he  has  an   excellent  ministry.    When  she  shared  about  her  son,  she  commented  on  how   he  is   so  ac4ve  with  so  many  "good"   things  related  to  his  sports  and  school,  that  he  just   doesn't   have  the  4me  to  a<end  church  or   youth   group.    Also,   that   she  and  her   family  don't  a<end  as  regularly   as  they   should  because  of   their  personal  schedule.     There  is  a  principle  which  we  oEen  forget,  and  this  family   exemplifies  it.    It  relates   to  the  second  law   of  thermodynamics.     It  says  that  for  energy  to  be  transferred,   it   must   flow   from   a  higher   energy   reservoir   to   a   lower   energy   reservoir.     In   other   words,  put  in  a  spiritual  context,  in  most  cases,  children  will  only  be  commi<ed  to   the  Lord  to  the  degree  of  their  parents,  and  that  the  level  of  spiritual  commitment   of  the  parents  will  always  be  higher  than  that  of  their  children.  Now,  is  that  scary   or   what!     Your   children  will   not   have  a  commitment   to   the  Lord  any   deeper   or   stronger   than   yours!     Certainly,   there   are   outside   influences   which   can   create   excep4ons,  but  normally,  the  spiritual  depth  and   excitement  for   God  in  your  child   will  be   determined  by   the   spiritual  depth  and  excitement   for   God   in  you.     God's   love  for  the  child  will  never  be  hindered  by  your  level  of  commitment,  but  the  level   of  commitment  of  your  child  to  God  more  than  likely  will  be. Ques%on:    Is  that  good  news  or  bad  news? I  love  the  message  and  confidence  of  the  Apostle  Paul  when  he  wrote,   "Imitate  me  as  I  imitate  the  Lord."    

MAY 2011

Blessings, Pr. Rick

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PRAY WITHOUT  CEASING.     4  .  .   .   and  under  his  wings  you  will  2ind   refuge;    his  faithfulness  will  be   your  shield  and  rampart.   14   “Because  he  loves  me,”  says  the  Lord,  “I  will  rescue  him;    I   will   protect   him,   for  he  acknowledges  my   name.”  15   “He  will  call  upon  me,  and  I  will  deliver  him;    I  will  be  with   him  in  trouble,  I  will  deliver  him  and  honor  him.”    Psalm  91 Many  of  those  listed  below  have  prayed  fervently  for  us.    Now,  let  us  pray  for  them! Please  pray  for  Pastor  Rick,  Pastor  Nakao  and  Pastor  Wenell.

Pray for our Members

Pray for our Missionaries

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With the  person’s  permission,  please  tell   Pastor  Rick  or  Pastor  Cory  if  you  know  of   someone  in  need  of  prayer. And  please  let  us  know  when  prayers  for   you  have  been  answered!


WEST COVINA CHRISTIAN CHURCH 1100 E. Cameron Ave. West Covina, CA 9!

MAY 2011

Missions Please Note:   The   full   message   from   Lillian   Shinoda,   the   only   missionary   sent   by   our   OMS   Holiness   Conference,  was  presented  in  the  last  Messenger.    But  here  is  Lillian’s  request   again  for  us  to  pray,  that  “just  as   Shadrach,   Meshach,   and   Abednego   were   protected   from   the   burning   furnace,   Satoh-­‐san,   his   team,   the   firefighters,  police  officers,   members  of   the  self-­‐defense  force  and  government  officials  on  the  scene  will  also  be   fully  protected  from  all  harm.”

Mitsuo Fujishima   is   the   fourth-­‐grade   math   teacher,   serving   with   SEND,   Interna%onal,   at   the   Chris%an  

Academy of   Japan.     He   wrote   a  few   months  ago,   that   he   was   coming   to   view   his  role   as   a  teacher   “as   an   outreach”  to  those  who  don’t   know  the   Lord  Jesus  Christ   as  their  Savior.     He  wrote   on   April  12th  that  his  own   father  had,  on  that  day,  prayed  to  accept  Jesus  Christ  as  his  Lord  and  Savior! QuesOons:     Do  you  think  Mitsuo’s  own  faithfulness  had  much   to  do  with  his   father’s  decision?     How  about  the   terrible  lessons   of  Fukushima/Sendai?     Mitsuo  wrote  an  emphaOc  “ Thank  you”  to   all  of   you  who  have  kept  his   family  in   prayer!    Many  thousands  of  people  could   be  thrown   into  greater  despair  by  the  events  of  Fukushima.     Let  us  pray  that  all  the  ChrisOans  in  Japan  give,  like  Mitsuo  and  Akiko,  such  a  powerful  tesOmony  of   their   faith   that  despair  turns  to  hope;  hope  into  joy;    joy  into  thanksgiving;    and  thanksgiving  into  true  worship!

Karen and  Mitsu  Nakamura,  with  Japan  Campus  Crusade   for  Christ.    Karen   makes  real  for  us  the  comfort   and  healing  being  brought  to  those  who  have  lost  their  homes,  families  and  friends.    She  writes:  “A  second   team   of  eight  staff  and  students  from  Nagoya  went  up  to  Fukushima  this  week.  Here  is  an  exciOng  report!    

“A lady  whose  house  the  first  team  helped  to  clean  heard  from  Kato-­‐san  (a  church  member)  about  relief  supplies   at  his  church  and  went  to  get  some.    Chiaki,  a  student,  helped  her  carry  the  supplies  back  home.  The  lady  was  so   thankful  for  the  1st   team  [from  Nagoya]   that  helped   her  last   week   and  kept  talking   about   it   with  tears  in   her   eyes.  Chiaki  took   the  opportunity   to  say,  ‘God  loves  you,  has   kept  you  alive  and  provided  help  for  you.  When  I   face   difficult  Omes,  God  helps,   encourages  and  comforts  me.  Through  a   simple  prayer,  you  can  invite  God  into   your   heart.   Would   you  like  to   pray   a  prayer   to  invite   Him   in?’  The   lady   said,   ‘Yes’   and  they   prayed   together!   Hallelujah!  Pastor  Chiba  and  Kato  san  will  visit  her  tomorrow.”   Karen  writes,  “Please  pray  that  God  will  conOnue  to  use  the  volunteers,   for  protecOon  as  they  travel,  for   humble   hearts   to   do   whatever  is  asked,  for   wisdom  to  work  with  balance  so  they   don't  get  overwhelmed   themselves,   and  for  Jesus'  love  to  shine  through  them.” Back   home,   Karen   joined   prayer   meeOngs   of   JCCC   staff   and   students,   as   well   as   neighborhood   wives.   One   student,  Mariko,  had  a  chance  to  share  the  gospel  with  a  new  friend,  who  was  very  open  and  received  Christ! Karen   writes,   “Miye,   Emi   and   I   made   packets   of   cookies  with   a   note   with   a   Bible  verse,   and   gave   it   to   our   neighbors.  I  had  some  good  talks  with  some,  who  said,  ‘Your  gig]   warms  my   heart.     Let’s  get  together  for  tea.’   Thank  God  for  new  connecOons  and  opportuniOes!”   How  wonderful  that,  even  in  such  Omes  of   crisis  and  suffering,  those–both  young  and   old–   with  the  ability   to   serve  others,  are  able  to  learn  what  it’s  like  to  be  the  kind  of  servant  Jesus  wants  us  to  be.   Karen  also  reminds,  however,  that  extremely  difficult  Omes  can   bring   out  the  dark  side  as  well  as  the   best   in  us.     And  she  asks  that,  in   addiOon  to  comfort  for  the  suffering  due  to   natural   disasters,  we  also  pray  for  those  who   have   become   vicOms   of   robbery   and   sexual  abuse  in   some   evacuaOon   centers.     Please   pray,   she   asks,   “for   healing  and   protecOon  of  vicOms  and  potenOal  vicOms,  and  for  deep  repentance  by  the  perpetrators.”    Yes,  pray   for  their  salvaOon,  too.


WEST COVINA CHRISTIAN CHURCH 1100 E. Cameron Ave. West Covina, CA 9!

MAY 2011

Spotlight on  Chris:an  Educa:on

It Takes  A  Village

The KWP/Orange  Prayer-­‐buddy  Program   By  Kaori  Kato,  Member  of  our  Nichigobu

Sunday School  has  been  using  the  “Orange  program”  for  a  year-­‐and-­‐a-­‐

half.   It  is  based  on  the  concept  that   parents  and  church  leaders  working   together  can   make  a  bigger   difference  in  the  lives   of   children   than  we   can  alone.    Red   represents  “parents,”  yellow   the  “church”  and  the  colors   become  “orange”  when  they   are  blended.    The  shade  of   orange  can  be   different  in  each  family.    This   reminds  me   of  the  Otle  of   Hillary  Clinton’s   book,  It   Takes   a   Village.    She  took  this  Otle  from  an  old  African  proverb   which  says  that  children  will  thrive  only  if  their   families  thrive  and   if  the   whole  of  society  cares  enough  to  provide  for  them.     How  do  we  care  for   our  own  and  other  people’s  children  in  this  church?   I   teach  Sunday  school  at  9  am  and  there  are  11  children  in  the  class.  Paky  has  6-­‐7  kids   for   2-­‐4  years  old.    KWP  at   10:30   has   5   classes   and   we   have   about   30   children.     I   believe   these   children   want   to   learn   about   faith   and   spirituality,  and  if  we  don’t  inspire  them  to  fill  that   void  in  their  souls  with  God,  someone  will  likely  help  them  fill  it   with   something   else.     Have   you   noOced   that   more   teen   magazines   have   a   new   “faith   secOon”   that   includes   inspiraOonal   messages,   and   personal   stories   of   “spiritual”   struggle   (witchcrag   and   Goth   group)?     “We   are   all   spiritual  beings  in  need  of  something   greater  than  ourselves.     That  need  will  either  be  filled  with  truth  or  filled  with   a  lie,   but  it  will  be  filled.     So,  what  do  we  want  to  teach  them?    Bible  stories  are  good,  and  memorizing  Bible  verses   is  good.    But  if  my   own  faith  and  acOons  are  weak  or  inconsistent,  I  will  not  be  able  to  reach  the  children’s  hearts.     Of  this  you   can  certain:  kids  can  spot  a  phony  in  a  flash,  and  when   they  do,  the  phony  becomes  the  object  of  their   scorn.   I  ask  myself   how   well  my   own   faith   is  grounded.    It   comes  from  my  personal  relaOonship  with   God   and  I   want   our   children  to  know  that  God  desires  a   personal  two-­‐way   conversaOon   with  us.     How   do   we  talk  to  God?     “Call  to   me  and  I  will  answer  you,”    He  promised   us  in   Jeremiah  33:3.    They  ogen   ask,  “Why   do  we  need  to   pray,  if   He  knows  everything?”     Yes,  Jesus  said,  “Your  Father  knows  what  you  need  before  you  ask  him”  (Makhew  6:8).    Dr.   James  Dobson  answered  this  quesOon:  God  desires  a  rela1onship  with  each  one  of   us,  and  there  is  no   relaOonship   in  eavesdropping!    God  wants  to  take  the  Ome  to  have  a   rela1onship  with  us.     So,  why   does  it  seem  very  difficult  to   find  the  Ome  to  talk  to  God?    I  know  from  personal  experience  that  prayer   is  effecOve,  and  powerful  and  healing.    It   has  the  ability   to   change  us,  to  strengthen  us,  to  give   us  peace.     Yet,   I  am  ashamed  to   admit,  I   have  also  ogen   neglected  to   talk  to  God.    SomeOmes  I  was  too  busy,  and  someOmes  I  was  too  selfish.     But  thanks  to  the  examples   of  my  parents  and  my  mentors,  I’m  always  brought  back  to  the   reality   that  prayer   is   an  essenOal  part  of   being   all   that  I  can  be,  of   being   a  beker   mother  –   and  a  beker  person.     I   believe  absolutely  that  this  personal   relaOonship   with  God  develops  a  reliable  internal  compass  within  me  and  in  our  children.     I  don’t   know   much  about  football  or   baseball  coaches,  but  in  the  stories  of   successful  athletes,   I  have   read   that   their   coaches  made  a   huge  difference  in   their   lives.    It’s  the  kind  of   difference  we  can  make  with  our  children  if   we’re   willing   to   take   advantage   of   the  once-­‐in-­‐a-­‐lifeOme   opportunity.     We  know   that  all   of   us  need   great  role   models  in  our   lives.    And  we  have  Jesus  to   follow!    However,  we  also  know   that  in  order  to   maximize  the  potenOal   of   our   children,   it   is   necessary   for   caring   adults   to   become  acOvely   involved   in   their   lives.     Have  you   had   any   “significant   adult   figures”  in   your   lives?     It   could   have   been   your   parents,   one   of   your   relaOves,   a  teacher,   or   somebody   in  the  church,  who  encouraged  you  to  stand   firm  against  the  pressures  of   this  world.    If  not,  that  is  all   the   more   reason   why   you   should   strive   to   be   the   one   the   children   look   to   for   unwavering   guidance   and   uncondiOonal  love.    With  a  firm  faith  in  God,  a   commitment   to  walking  the  walk,  and  with  a  daily  dose  of   prayer,   we  can   raise  children   who   will   be  champions  of   character   and   life  in   His   eyes.     In   the   family,  it   all  starts  with   parents.     In   our   church,  it   starts  with   each  of   us,  and   our  prayers  for  children.    Thank   you   for   signing   up  for  the   Prayer  Buddies  Program.  


WEST COVINA CHRISTIAN CHURCH 1100 E. Cameron Ave. West Covina, CA 9!

MAY 2011

A Recipient’s  Spotlight  on  Nurture  and  Care

A Sincere  Thank  You   “Inconvenient,  unplanned,  interrup1on”.....such  nega4ve  words,   especially  when  it’s  my  life  which  is  

affected.  But,  that’s  because  of  my  self  centeredness  and  God  knows  how  to  get  my  a<en4on!    During   my  4me  of  recupera4on  aEer   the  freak  accident  causing  the  fracture  of  my   hip,  I  have  had  4me  to  rest,   reflect   and  meditate...God  has  my   undivided   a<en4on.    And  He  has  revealed  Himself,  in  a  “real  and   personal  way”  by  the  love  which  is  reflected  in   the  lives  of  His  children  at  WCCC.    Thank   you  for  your   acts  of  love   through  your  prayers,   cards  and  notes,  telephone  calls,   emails,   visits  with  flowers,   meals   coordinated  by  deacon,  Glen  Waki,  and  others  as  well  as  giE   cards  to  eateries.     If  all  goes  according  to   schedule,  by  the  grace  of  God,  I’m  looking  forward  to  joining  you  on  May  1st!                   With  much  gra%tude,  Audrey  

Thank You  for  your  Stewardship   Have  you  no4ced  how  clean  our  church  looks  now?    The  windows    sparkle  and  the  inside  shines.    

The flower  beds  are  cleaned  and  the     bushes  have  been  trimmed.   The  Board  of  Trustees  would  like   to  thank  everyone  who  par4cipated  in  the  annual  church  spring  cleaning  on  April  9th.    Over  30  folks   a<ended  and  the  clean  church  shows  the  effort  all  of  you  put  into  that  day.     We  have  a   unique  ownership   rela4onship   with  this  church.     It   is  the  Lord's   church  and  it   is   our   church.     That   means  it  is   our   responsibility   to  take  care   of   the  property   but  we  do  this  unto  the   Lord.     It   is  our   duty   to   our   Savior  to   be  good  stewards  of  his  property   that   it   might   shine  to  the   community  around  us.                     Thank  you  again  to  all  who  helped!                 Bob  Smith,  Chairman  of  the  Trustees

Art –To  help  the  VicOms  of  Fukushima  

Cur:s Koshimizu  (Frank  and  Arleen’s  son)  is  a  professional  photographer  with  Toshiba,  USA.    He’s  

the one  who  fell  in  love  with  the  beauty  of  the  rural  Chinese  landscape  and,  then,  its  children  .  .   .  but   didn’t   stop  there:    Last  month,  we  celebrated  his  marriage  by  Pastor  Rick  to  his  new,  beau4ful  bride,   Dana–one  of  the  photographers,  below! Cur4s  and  three  other   photographers  are   selling   affordable,   signed  &   framed   photographs   to  raise   support   for   the   vic4ms  of   the  earthquake  and   tsunami  in   Japan.     100%   of  all   the  proceeds  will  be   donated  to  the  Japanese  Red  Cross  Society.    Won’t  you  please  see  the  photographs  that   are  available   on   their   website  h<p://­‐for-­‐japan     Each   photograph  that   is  purchased   will  be  sent   to  you  signed  and  framed.     The  prints  measure  3.5"  x   5.5",   while  the  frames  measure  6"  x   8".     A  minimum  dona4on  of   $30USD  is  requested  for  each  framed  print.  Cur4s  says  you  are  welcome   to  donate  more  if  you  like. Please    email  Cur4s  if  you  have  any  ques4ons  at Thanks!  From  the  photographers:    Steven,  Cur%s,  Dana  &  Ito PAGE 5

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MAY 2011

A Father  and  His  Son:  Sanmatsu  and  Mitsuo  Kunihiro Mits’  father,  Sanmatsu  George  Kunihiro,  came  to  the  United  States  from  Iwakuni,  Yamaguchi,  Japan  in  the  early  1900s.     One  aspect  of  Mr.  Kunihiro’s  beginning  in  America  that  disOnguished  him  from  most  other  Japanese  immigrants  is  that  he   went  to  a  mission  school  in  Riverside.    It  is  here  that  he  learned  about  the  ChrisOan  faith  and,  also,  learned  to  read,  write   and  speak  English.    Both  strongly  influenced  the  rest  of  his  life  and  his  family’s. Many  issei  worked  in  the  citrus  orchards  and  warehouses  of  the  San  Gabriel  Valley.    Most  towns  along  the  Union  Pacific   Railroad  had  warehouses  and  packing  sheds  to  store  the  orchards’  citrus.    A  Caucasian  owner  of  a  seed  store  befriended   Mits’  father  and  encouraged  him  to  grow  watermelons,  and  to  grow  other  crops  in  alternate  seasons.    He  followed  his   friend’s  advice  and  prospered.    Mr.  Kunjhiro  was  joined  by  other  issei  farmers  who  also  did  very  well. The  Union  Pacific  reported  the  rowng  of  produce  shipped  to  the  east  coast  for  many  years.    The  farmers  were  not  paid   for  those  losses.    A  detecOve  hired  by  Mr.  Kunihiro  discovered  that  the  “lost  produce”  was  being  sold  by  the  railroad  along   the  way.    Mr.  Kunihiro  sued  the  railroad  in  1914  for  $5  million.    The  case  went  all  the  way  to  the  U.S.  Supreme  Court  but,   in  1924,  was  ruled  in  favor  of  the  railroad.    That  was  87  years  ago,  at  a  Ome  of  strong  discriminaOon  against  Asians   generally  and  the  Japanese  Issei  and  Japanese  Americans,  in  parOcular. Editor’s   note:   It   is   assumed  that   readers  know  the  story   of   Fred   Korematsu   who   was   convicted   of   disobeying   ExecuOve  Order  9066  in   1942.    He  lost   his  appeal  to  the  U.S.  Supreme  Court  in  1944.    But   Korematsu’s  convicOon   was  vacated   in   1983,   four   decades   later,   by  Judge   Marilyn   Hall  Patel  (a  Wheaton   grad).     He  was  awarded   the   PresidenOal  Medal  of  Freedom  by  President  Bill  Clinton  in  1998.    This  past   January   30,  2011  was  declared  Fred   T.   Korematsu   Day,   the   first   statewide   holiday   to   be   named   for   an   Asian   American   and   a   day   dedicated   to   the   ongoing  struggle  for   civil  rights.    [We  note  that   our  Dr.  Ben   Hara  was  a  part  of   that  struggle–for   reparaOons  made   to  those  who  were  incarcerated.]     Korematsu’s   retrial  was   possible   because  UC   San  Diego   legal   scholar   Peter   Irons,   with   research   assistant,   Aiko   Yoshinaga  Herzig,  discovered  official  FBI,  FCC  and  other  documents  from   1943  and  1944   staOng   their  finding  that   those  of   Japanese  descent  were  not  a   threat   to   our  naOon’s  security.  Classified  Secret,  they  had   been   withheld   from  Korematsu  and  the  Supreme  Court  in  1944.    Represented  by   Dale  Minami  and  Irons,   Korematsu’s  convicOon   was  formally  overturned  by  Judge  Patel  in  1983. We  cite  the  historic  Fred  Korematsu  experience  (1)  because  it  was  made  possible  by  the  struggles  and  successes  of  men   and  families  like  the  Kunihiros  and  (2)  because  like  Mr.  Korematsu’s  case,  Mr.  Kunihiro’s  “would  have  a  good  chance  of   being  won,  were  it  being  contested  today.”    That’s  the  opinion  of  Korematsu’s  lawyer,  Peter  Irons!    (Someone  tell  that  nice   Nago  lawyer  lady.) The  height  of  discriminaOon  against  Japanese  Americans  occurred,  of  course,  ager  Japan’s  akack  on  Pearl  Harbor.    Mits’   family  was  incarcerated  at  Gila,  Arkansas,  as  were  120,000  other  issei  and  Japanese  Americans.    Mits  was  draged  from   Gila!    Now,  Mits’  feet  are  as  flat  as  pancakes  and  he  was  told  he  could  be  disqualified  from  serving.    His  reply?  “I  want  to   go!”    And  go  he  did,  serving  in  major  campaigns  both  in  Italy  and  in  France.    Mits  was  a  member  of  the  442  Regimental   Combat  Team,  the  most  highly  decorated  unit  of  its  size  in  U.S.  history  and  one  that  took  among  the  most  casualOes.     They  lost  more  Nisei  than  the  number  of  soldiers  saved  in  the  “ Texas  Lost  Bakalion.”    The  442nd  is  fondly  remembered  in   Texas  to  this  day. Mits  akributes  his  survival  and  ability  to  withstand  the  rigors  of  war  to  the  Lord.    One  of  Mits’  most  cherished  memories   of  his  father  is  of  Mr.  Kunishiro  studying  the  Bible  and  praying  every  single  day.    He  remembers  his  father  making  it [See  Mits  Kunihiro,  Page  7]


WEST COVINA CHRISTIAN CHURCH 1100 E. Cameron Ave. West Covina, CA 9! [Con%nued from  Page  6]

MAY 2011

Mits Kunihiro

possible for  their  home-­‐church  members  to  build  a  church  of  their  own  but,  being  truly  humble,  never  saying  how   much  he  contributed,  even  to  his  family.    Mits  remembers  with  much  fondness  being  given  the  Guideons  New   Testament  by  a  Caucasian  ChrisOan  woman  in  Salt  Lake  City,  Utah  as  he  was  preparing  to  depart  for  combat  in   Europe.    How  grateful  he  was,  he  s aid,  to  have  God’s  Word  to  read  and  recite–especially  the  23rd  Psalm.    He   keeps  that  Guideon  reminder  of  God’s  faithfulness  to  this  day.    Just  like  his  father,  Mits  steadfastly  refuses  to  take   any  credit  “for  what  many  others  did  in  heroic  service  to  our  country.”    But  among  the  medals  that  he  won  is  a   Bronze  Star,  Combat  Infantryman’s  Badge,  American  Defense  Service  Medal,  European-­‐African-­‐Middle  Eastern   Campaign  and  other  medals  for  heroism  with  the  442nd  Regimental  Combat  Team  in  WW  II. Mits  is  past  president  of  the  AssociaOon  of  G  Company–veterans  who  served  in  that  company  of  the  442nd,  and  he   con1nues  to  pay  tribute  to  veterans  by  commanding  the  flag-­‐folding  ceremony  at  their  funerals. The  Kunihiro  family  moved,  ager  20  very  successful  years  farming,  from  Brawley  to  Sierra  Madre,  where  the   family  had  acquired  a  home  as  a  consequence  of  the  father  helping  a  woman  to  whom  the  banks  refused  to  give  a   loan.    Mits’  father  began  a  floral  nursery  in  Pasadena.    Mits  had  begun  working  in  Pasadena’s  Farmers’  Market.    He   saw  this  preky  girl  across  the  market.    Undeterred  by  “the  war,”  Mits,  and  Marjorie  whose  family  was  incarcerated   at  Manzanar,  were  married  on  May  5,  1943  in  the  post  chapel  at  Fort  Custer  in  Michigan.    They  have  five  children,   12  grandchildren  and  three  great-­‐grand  children!    Mits  and  Marg  are  a  blessing  to  our  church  family. Thank  you  to  Rachel  Thomas,  one  of  the  Kunihiros’  grandchildren,  for  providing  much  of  this  informa4on.

O Dst Sp to the  Family  of

Shirley Barnes

Who joined  the  Lord  on  April  12,  2011   Originally,  a  faithful  member  of  American  Bap4st, she  chose  to  remain  faithful  with  us, a  congrega4on  very  different  from  her  own. The  ac4vism  of  her  earlier  years  had  diminished   especially  as  she  became  physically  weaker, but  never  the  warmth  and  sincerity  of  her  welcome  to  us;  

it was  as  if  we  had  been  her  brothers  and  sisters  all  her  life.              That’s  the  way  she  was:     Faithful  and  loving  to  the  very  end. We  rejoice  because  Shirley  is  with  Our  Father  in  heaven. And  we  are  grateful  because  we  know  that  her  warmth  and  love   live  on  in  her  daughter,  Sherri. Thank  you,  Lord,  for  Shirley  Barnes.


WEST COVINA CHRISTIAN CHURCH 1100 E. Cameron Ave. West Covina, CA 9!

MAY 2011

Introducing Brianne  Canamar “Brie,”  which  she  prefers   to  “Brianne”  (which  we   the  Messenger   staff  think   is   pre<y  as  anything!)  was  kind   enough   to   provide   answers  to   the  “interview   ques4ons”   that  follow–a  means   for   gerng   to  know   her  that   was   introduced   in   the   last   Messenger   by   Renae   and   Darren   Kishimoto.     Brie   is   responsible   for   the   Messenger’s   modern,  new   look  introduced   first   in   April!     She’s   young   and   very   athle4c   but   she   was   just   diagnosed  with  a  serious  illness.     That’s  why  her  name  is  among  those  in  WCCC’s  prayer   list.    We  want  Brie  to   con4nue  helping  as   the  Messenger’s   new   graphic  ar4st,  but  we  won’t  let  her   if   the  stress  will  endanger  her   health.     Please  tell   Brie  if  you   like  the  Messenger’s  new  format.     She  needs  your  prayer   and  encouragement.     Here  are  her  answers  to  the  “interview  ques4ons”:   Where  were  you  born  and  raised? •    I  was  born  in  La  Palma,  California  and  raised  in  West  Covina,  and  a<ended  West  Covina  Chris4an  School          through  the  sixth  grade. What  high  school  did  you  go  to? •    I  a<ended  South  Hills  High  School  in  West  Covina  and  graduated  in  2010. What  were  your  favorite  subjects? • My  favorite  subjects  were  science  and  economics.     What  extracurricular  ac%vi%es  did  you  par%cipate  in?   • I  played  varsity  tennis  throughout  high  school  years  and  was  the  captain  for  one  year.   Where  are  you  going  to  college  and  what  are  you  majoring  in? • I  am  going  to  Mt.  San  Antonio  College.    This  is  my  first  year  there.    I  am  majoring  in  chemistry  to  become  a  forensic  scien4st. Why  are  you  pursuing  that  major? • I  am  very  intersted  in  this  field;  it  has  been  my  career  choice  since  I  was  young  and  it’s  my  goal  to  achieve  it.  What’s  your  favorite  hobby  and/or  sport,  and  why  do  you  like  it  (them)  so  much? • Tennis  is  my  favorite  sport.    It’s  great  exercise  and  I  love  the  sound  of  the  ball  hirng  the  racquet  during  an  intense  game. When  did  you  first  start  aUending  church?  Are  there  certain  things  that  you  like  most  about  WCCC? • I  started  a<ending  WCCC  in  September  2010  with  my  family.    We  enjoy  it  and  are  happy  we  found  this  church.    The  WCCC   family  have  been  so  kind  and  welcoming.    I  really  like  the  sermons  that  Pastor  Rick  prepares  for  us  every  Sunday  and  not  to   men4on  the  awesome  presenta4ons  created  by  Andrew! Do  you  have  a  favorite  Bible  verse  or  favorite  worship  song  (or  hymn)?    If  so,  would  you  share  just  a  liUle  bit  about  why  you   like  it  so  much? • My  favorite  bible  verse  is  1  chronicles  22:13:    “ Then  you  will  have  success  if  you  are  careful  to  observe  the  decrees  and  laws   that  the  LORD  gave  Moses  for  Israel.  Be  strong  and  courageous.  Do  not  be  afraid  or  discouraged.” • What  are  some  things  about  you  that  might  surprise  people? •    Well,  I  am  half  Japanese  and  Spanish •    My  career  choice  to  be  a  forensic  scien4st   •    I  love  animals  so  much  that  I  would  like  to  create  a  founda4on  for  homeless  people  with  pets            (pictured  here  are  my  dogs,  Suki  and  Mia).


WEST COVINA CHRISTIAN CHURCH 1100 E. Cameron Ave. West Covina, CA 9!

MAY 2011

April Highlights! Photographs  by  WCCC  photographer,  Mayson  Kodama

Welcome Pastor  Kory,  Shelsea  and  Dawson!

April 3rd   marked   a   very   special   Sunday   as   the   Wenells   joined   us   as   WCCC’s  brand   new  Associate  Pastor  and  family  for  the  very  first  Ome.    Is   God  gracious  or  what??     And  if   you   think  we’re  happy,   you   should  see   Pastor  Rick!    Let’s  all  chip  in  to  make  the  Wenwlls  feel  at  home.

Kouichi and  Kimiko  Ikeda  are  a  young  couple  who  have  been  

among the  pillars  of   the  WCCC   Nichigobu.     Here  they   are  being   interviewed  by   Emi   Iwanaga  about   the  many   ways  in  which  they   have   been   serving   the   Lord   in   church.     This   was   done   to   encourage   more   volunteers  to  help  out  with  the  new   infant   class  so  that  parents  like  them– with  one-­‐year-­‐old  Naoki  David–  can  con4nue  to  serve  and/or   simply   a<end   worship  services  with  peace  of  mind.     Kouichi  says,   “ The  infant  class  started   two   weeks   ago,   and   it's   going   really   well   so   far.”   Naoki   David’s   name   suggests  what  is  at  stake.   Kouichi  wrote  (last  year):    "Nao"  means  straight  or   sincere  in  Japanese..."ki"  means  hope.  The  name  comes  from  Romans  5:5:   "This  hope  does  not   perish..."    We  named  him  with  the  desire  for   him  to  be   someone  who  has  sincere   hope  in  Christ  like  David.”               I  know,  I  know!     I   thought   Norm   Ong  was   invi4ng  all  of  us  to  go  on  a   motorcycle   ride,   too!     But   his  announcement   was  about   something   much  more  important:     A   Men’s  Retreat,  May   13–14th,  at  the  Radisson  in  West   Covina.    Pastor  Cory  Ishida  will   be  the  guest  speaker.     The  Theme  is  "Band  of  Brothers"  based  on  the  scripture   verse,   Proverbs  27:17:                                "As  iron  sharpens  iron,  so  men  sharpen  each  other." The  picture  below  is  of  the  April  3rd  KWP  Orange  Family  Time   presenta:on  on   the  virtue,  “Courage:  Being  brave   enough  to  do  what   you  should   do  even  when  you   are  afraid.”    Our  children  are  the  reason  for   the  impor-­‐ tance  of  Kaori  Kato’s  essay  on  page  4! But   the   greatest   joy   is  when   God   shows  us   remarkable   evidence   of   His   faithfulness.     On  the  right,   Cameron   Iwanaga,   is  sharing   how   God   is   calling  her  to  serve  as  a  short-­‐term  missionary  in  Brazil,   where,   from   June   17   to   August   3,   she   will   help   a   missionary   who  works  with  women  and   children  in  a   poverty-­‐stricken  area.     She  hopes,   through  this  experience,   to   learn  if   God  is  calling   her  to  the  mission  field  later  in  life.    If  you  wish  to  support   her  mission,  checks  can  be   made   out   to   WCCC,   with   the   note:   “Short-­‐term   Missions.”     Please   do   not   write   Cameron’s   name  because  the  Missions  Team  under  Arleen  Koshimizu  must  determine   how  contribu4ons  are   used.     Any   amount   more  than  needed   by   Cameron  will   be   given  to  support  the  Brazilian  ministry. Thank  you  for  your  faithfulness!                                                      


WEST COVINA CHRISTIAN CHURCH 1100 E. Cameron Ave. West Covina, CA 9!

West Covina Christian Church

MAY 2011

Senior Pastor Reverend Rick Iwanaga


Associate Pastor Reverend Kory Wenell Nichigo Pastor Reverend Yoshinosuke Nakao

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English Dept. (626) 917-0743 Japanese Dept. (626) 917-0652 FAX Number (626) 917-0663 Church Office E-mail: Church Website: Sunday Morning Ministries @ WCCC Sunday Morning Prayer - 8:45 to 9:15 a.m. Japanese Speaking Service - 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. Sunday School Classes - 9:15 to 10:15 a.m. English Speaking Service - 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. The WCCC web master is ANDREW TODD. We welcome articles from any group within the WCCC family for the web and/or “Messenger.” Please submit “Messenger” articles to Shiori, if possible, by e-mail to by the 10th of every month.

ome Join Us and See God Builid Us Up! C Every 1st  Sun   Personal  Prayer  with  Pastor  Rick  right  after  worship  service



Every nd   Prayer The  with Upper   Room:   lass   especially   men.    9:00  am  at  WCCC st Sun Every 12 Pastor Rick A in  cthe sanctuary afterfor   worship Saturday   Couples   A  special   time   urturing  at  6:00  pm  at  the  Iwanagas Upper RoomG–aroup:   class for men: 9:00 amof  atnWCCC Every 2nd TheALSO   Saturday Couples Group : 6:00 pm at the Iwanagas’ home Every  4th   GAP  –  Growing  as  Partners!    Usually  on  the  4th  Sunday  of  the  first  month  of  the  quarter   Every 4th GAP Partners) Group Usually onat   4th Sun of first month of the quarter (Jan, Apr, etc.) 5–7:00 pm Sunday          ((Growing Jan,  Apr,  As etc.)    5–7:00   pm  for   dinner   the   Iwanagas Sunday

for dinner at the Iwanagas’

Every 1st   March 5 Saturday   Saturday

Monthly Men’s  Breakfast:    8:00  am  at  Carrows  Restaurant  on  Azusa  by  the  I-­‐10.    In  addition  to  the   Monthly Men’s aBreakfast 8:00 a.m. at Carrows Restaurant on m Azusa Enjoy the cfellowship.        breakfast   nd  fellowship,   always   a  special   topic  for   en  aby nd  the a  sI-10. peaker   (who   ould  be  one  of  us) Orange on SUNDAYS noon Room 5. BE A PART OF OUR CHILDREN’S GROWTH KWP  Family Orange  Night Family  isTime:    At  noon  in  at room   5.  in  JOIN   OUR   CHILDREN   and   learn   how  to  be   a  partner

March 16st Every   Sunday Sunday    March 12

IN THE LORD AND enjoy fellowship, music and food! See Kelly Morimune for more info.

     and  encouragement  to  them  –  at  church  and  at  home  –  as  they  learn  about  God’s  love  for  us! Ladies’ Tea Luncheon: 11 fam–1 pm “The Many Hats We Women Wear” Bring your favorite hat and tea cup.        SEE   Kelly   Morimune   or  information!


Enjoy being pampered for two hours! See Diane Kakimi or Patty Higa for more info.

May 29   April 23 Sunday  

the Lord’s presence. Emi for info. WCCC’s Annual  See Business   Mee%ng.    PLEASE  PLAN  TO  ATTEND.    Learn  about  the  most  important  things

May 13–14   WCCC  Men’s  Retreat:  At  the  Radisson  in  West  Covina.    Our  retreat  speaker  will  be  Pr  Cory  Ishida Ladies’ Bible Friendship Breakfasts Three consecutive Saturdays: Mar 19, 26, Apr 2. A study on prayer over March 19 Fri    Sat          from   Evergreen   GV.    House, SEE  Norm   Ong  West for  information   right   way! keep you from the joy of being in Sat.–3x breakfast at the Hamilton SSteak Radisson, Covina. DON’T letabusyness Saturday

West Club 5KaWalk/Run! AM uatsual the sWestfield Shopping h Center. For ALL Want to        gCovina oing  on  Rotary at  church.    Bring    bag  lunch.    (8The   ocial/  fellowship   our  will   not   be  ages. held.)

form a WCCC Team? Get ready for 2012?? See Pastor Rick for info. May 13-14 WCCC Men’s Retreat Our guest speaker will be Pastor Cory Ishida, of Evergreen SGV. See Pastor Rick for info. SPECIAL Fri-Sat. NOTE:   You  may  support  relief  efforts  in  Japan  by  wri4ng  a  check  to  JEMS  with  “Japan  Relief”  on  the  memo  line.       Send  to  JEMS,  948  E.  2nd  St,  Los  Angeles    CA    90012.    Visit  (Andrew’s)    WCCC  website  to  donate  online. June 26-28 WCCC Annual Beach Camp Back to Leo Carrillo State Beach in Malibu! Volleyball, swimming, campfires, smores, music . . . and great camp food! Who could ask for more? Get out into God’s nature with your tent, or come Sun-Tues. for a day trip! Please let Janet Okamuro, Audrey Sakamoto or Andrew Todd know now if you can come and for more info. Messenger Staff: Frances Ching, Irene Hatate, Stan Ishino (Publications), Mayson Kodama (Photographer), Tim Kubo (Graphic Artist), Ikuko Nago, Kathy Saito, Shiori Sakamoto (ed.), Toshiko Sato (Nichigo editor), Kenjiro Takahara, Andrew Todd (WCCC Admin), Susie Watanabe, Mary Yoshida


May 2011  

May 2011 issue of the Messenger, the newsletter of West Covina Christian Church.