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W.C. Bryant High School Key Club Division 8A

48-10 31st Ave., Queens, NY 11103

Editor’s Email:

Special Issue for Incoming Freshmen

Upcoming Events

President’s Greetings Welcome, incoming Bryant High School freshmen! Congratulations to

have made it this far. Remember this is only the beginning of your high

 Light the Night Walk

school journey. Key Club is part of our growing community that allows

September 24, 2011 Forest Park Meeting @ 4PM

high school students just like us to make a difference in our society.

Besides volunteering in our community, we make lasting friendships, build character and leadership. Joining Key Club sets us apart from

others on college applications as well. We tackle numerous challenges

from five mile walks to six hour-straight volunteering to serving at local food shelters. We support various causes and charities, such as Aids,

 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer October 16, 2011 Flushing Meadows Park

UNICEF, American Cancer Society, Juvenile Diabetes Research

Foundation, St. Jude’s, Asthma, Ronald McDonald House and more. Key

Club offers a variety of fun packed events that everyone can attend and accumulate service hours. I, Samer Khawaja, President of Bryant Key

Club, as well as my board members, are open to answer questions about Key Club or anything about high school. I hope all of you will get

 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation- JDRF Walk

adjusted to this amazing school and one way in doing so is by joining

October 23, 2011 Flushing Meadows Park

the Bryant Key Club family, on Tuesdays in room 339, after period 9. Our doors are always open to newcomers. ;D

Samer Khawaja

 Trick-o-Treat for UNICEF

President of Bryant Key Club

Check us out on FACEBOOK Groups W.C. Bryant Key Club (2011-2012) And Our Amazing Website

Collection of boxes on October 31, 2011 K


$15 TO

Key Club Motto


W.C. Bryant Key Club

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Greetings from Our Lieutenant Governor Hello Mighty Key Clubbers, I would like to start off by introducing myself; I am the Lieutenant Governor of Division 8-A for the 20112012 Key Club Service Year. I am currently in charge of 11 Key Clubs. My job is to make sure they are on the right track, which means: getting their paperwork in, paying dues, having meetings, having events and much more. William Cullen Bryant Key Club or Bryant Key Club as many call it is one of the 11 clubs in Division 8-A. I know that what I am saying to you may sound very foreign since you have probably never heard of Key Club. First of all we don’t make keys so don’t expect to come into a meeting and see people with their keys out. Key Club isn’t just a school club, like I have mentioned there are many Key Clubs in the Division and there are many other Divisions like ours that belong to New York District Key Club. New York District Key Club is part of Key Club International. Here are the facts you won’t get everywhere; Key Club exists in 38 counties all over the globe, there are 30 Key Club Districts, each district must have over 300 Clubs to be considered or chartered as a district. Now you may be wondering what do we do in Key Club if it is not a key making club. Well we provide service; we help around in our communities, schools and lend a helping hand to those in need. Our Key Club motto is: “Caring, our way of life.” Whether you decide to join Key Club you will notice that you don’t just make friends through Key Club; those friends become like family to you. You will be able to bond with them at: The Breast Cancer Walk, The JDRF walk, The AIDS Walk, helping clean up Chinatown, volunteering at the Soup Kitchen, among other activities and service projects. The one thing you will share besides your developing passion for Key Club is your interest of helping others. One thing I like to think is that with each service project we do we help save a life or two, many Advisor Mrs. Diaz-Rodriguez, A.P. of people say our generation is doomed but that’s not true, those people don’t Foreign Language and A.P. of Arts and see the hard work Key Clubbers do, the time they dedicate, the weekends Business they give up and hours of sleep they leave behind to provide a helping hand. What you need to know is WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I look forward to ROOM 336 working with every single one of you, like you I am a Bryant Key Clubber, I attend William Cullen Bryant High School and everything I have told you is President Samer Khawaja from experience. I can’t go on about the benefits and joys of Key Club because we would be here for years, but you may feel free to contact any of (646)823–0892 the Bryant Key Club officers or myself. We are always recruiting Key Clubbers; it’s never too late to join or ask questions.

Contact Information

Vice President Francisco Meneses (347)431–8159 Secretary Hosna Sarwary (347)345–8193

Yours In Service and Key Club Pride Lieutenant Governor Division 8-A New Club Building & Reactivation Committee Chair Carla Pacheco (347)-841-5921

Co-Secretary Omar Shaddad

Why JOIN Bryant Key Club? (347)639–6193

Treasurer Khadija Khan (347)840–3785 (718) 902–6350

Easily earn service Hours/Credits

Hang out with old friends, make new ones 

Editor Mahenoor Baig

Webmaster Koko Zaw

Meeting EVERY Tuesdays, after PERIOD 9 

Co-Treasurer Doaa Ahmed

Only $15.00, to join

Build leadership and character

Great for college applications or internships

Have fun, giving back to the community we love!!! (917)346-2198

W.C. Bryant Key Club

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W.C. Bryant Key Club

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Freshman Newsletter  

Freshman Newsletter for Bryant Key Club

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