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Brief A child’s first bicycle is more than just a toy; in fact in the child’s mind it’s not a toy at all. The bike moves them up in the world. It’s not their brother’s, sister’s nor cousins... it’s their own. The evolution of getting around begins with big plastic Power Wheels, to a tricycle, then a hand-me-down with uneven training wheels to finally their first big kid bike. The experience of riding throughout the years is the thread in the fabric of Schwinn bicycles. They are a classic American company that has become a cultural icon through a rich history of tradition. The child waits for this moment. It’s a huge deal in their life and a rite of passage. A Schwinn is a big deal and transitions of this magnitude take place for the child’s birthday or from Santa at Christmas. It’s a milestone that parents can share with their children.



We are aiming for Schwinn to be the first bicycle children ages 3 to 12, learn to ride on. Schwinn is allowing kids their first taste of freedom. These kids are riding in their backyard, burning their tracks in the grass. They are riding around city blocks viewing their world for the first time.

The ads will be talking to the parents of these kids. Because it was the bike they learned to first ride, they want it to be the first bike for their kids. It is a rite of passage that only Schwinn can own.


Target Insights

To sell more Schwinn kid bikes, specifically children between 3-12 years old. We want to spark n o s t a l g i a o n t h e p a r e n t s , to remember the freedom of their first bike. The communications should motivate parents to create the same feelings they had when first learning to ride a bike.


Your first taste of freedom is leaving the driveway on 2 wheels.


A “big kid” bike is your own, not a hand-me-down. It’s the bicycle that you grew up on. Schwinn was there when you took that first pedal by yourself. They were there when you graduated from driveway to the sidewalk. Scwhinn was there when your bike became your ultimate source of freedom and adventure.

“The hardest part of raising a child is teaching them to ride bicycles. A shaky child on a bicycle for the first time needs both suppor t and freedom. The realization that this is what the child will always need can hit hard.” -- Sloan Wilson


Giving your child their first taste of freedom.

Thought Starters [1]

Everybody has a story about when they first learned to ride a bike.


Learning to ride a bike is a life lesson; if you fall down, you have to get back up. Colin Beirne

The Schwinn Brief  

Creative Brief

The Schwinn Brief  

Creative Brief