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The Reynolds Creative Brief The Assignment   Create an integrated campaign for Reynolds, making the brand #1 in the food storage category.

The Brand Context Reynolds is the category leader for aluminum foil but in the food storage category they are second to plastics (wraps, bowls, and bags). Reynolds is so innovative they haven’t had to change the product in 50 years. Since Reynolds is a mature brand they cut back lines in efforts to increase sales. This new focus on their bottom line lost respect from loyal customers. This once family brand has lost their family appeal. We need to bring back the family and get them cooking with the aid of Reynolds. Reynolds can be involved in all parts of the cooking process from set-up to cleanup. The microwave is the only appliance that plastic can utilize and aluminum can’t; the microwave is not real cooking. Reynolds is the only aid in the real cooking process. The battle lines have already been drawn: Aluminum owns the oven and Plastic owns the microwave. When the category of real cooking wins, so does aluminum.

Cultural Context The Food Revolution. America is seeing a new trend. In fact, it’s an entire revolution. Everyone from Jamie Oliver to Michelle Obama is talking about food. They are trying to bring people back to good, home-cooking, and away from the trans-fats, salts, and toxins that are found in fast or frozen foods. They are raising awareness about the benefits that come from eating good meals, and how you can live a happier healthier life.


We are eating in more, but that doesn’t mean we are cooking more. 60% of US adults report dining out less frequently. People have been limiting their trips out to eat to save money in the weak economy, which has hurt restaurants at all levels, from high-end to fast-food. However, less than 1/3 of Americans are cooking their evening dinners from scratch. Although 75% of Americans are eating their dinners at home, nearly half those meals are fast food, delivery, or takeout.

[1] Expand Reynolds aluminum segment by converting plastic users.

Strategic Direction [1]

Consumers are using the kitchen more for a variety of reasons.


To aluminum foil, the microwave is its kryptonite.


Own the entire kitchen experience from setup, to cooking, to leftovers, to cleanup.

Hub of the House. Home Chefs. One in every five household has a “budding gourmet chef.” It’s not just women spending more time in the kitchen either. Men are now cooking more for the hobby rather than a household chore and use kitchen skills to impress friends, family, and prospective partners. These “budding chefs” spend three to four hours in the kitchen everyday, not only cooking there but using it as a place to entertain, work, craft and spend leisure time.

[2] Cement Reynolds as the brand that facilitates real cooking.

Strategic Direction (in one sentence) The Kitchen is Calling.

Colin Beirne

Reynold's Wrap: The Kitchen is Calling  
Reynold's Wrap: The Kitchen is Calling  

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