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Clarity Through Body Insights A Guidebook

Julie Farha

Tangible Intuition Clarity Through Body Insights

Tangible Intuition Clarity Through Body Insights

Julie Farha

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This book is dedicated to my father George Farha with deep gratitude. "It's a great life!"

Acknowledgements Many thanks and much love to... ...Otto and Curt, for the inspiration and encouragement to write this book. ...Sandra, friend and writer extraordinaire, for bringing order to my words and thoughts. That is no easy task and you did it masterfully. I couldn't have done this without you. family, for being a constant presence and support in my life. ...all of my wonderful friends, for giving me a sense of community and providing endless hours of laughter.

Table of Contents Introduction.........................................................1 Intuition...............................................................9 Understanding Your Body’s Language ..............23 Discovering How Your Body Speaks to You .....43 Application........................................................63 Deeper Insights..................................................83 About Julie ......................................................105

"True insight comes from within.� Socrates

Tangible Intuition


Introduction When looking for advice or seeking an answer, where do you turn? Do you have a trusted ally, a respected colleague, or wise relative who gives you insight? Or do you look within? You have a magnificent tool at your disposal to help you make solid decisions and be more successful in all areas of your life. One that will help you find success and happiness, and know what is true at any given moment. That tool is your intuition. Intuition is something we all have, but don’t always understand. The information your intuition provides is signaled through your body. This happens all the time. Perhaps it’s happening right now as you read this. Did the hairs on your arm or neck stand on end? Did you feel a warmth in your heart or abdomen? Little signs like those occur regularly, and we typically tend to dismiss them.


Julie Farha

But they are subtle communications that are trying to guide and inform you. You simply need to know how to read the signs your intuition is sending, and how to better understand that language. Your body is the key to clarity. Clarity is a gift; it allows us to make confident decisions, create effective solutions, enjoy deeper experiences and rediscover our truest self. Clarity gives us the benefit of foresight rather than the lessons of hindsight. The source of this clarity is your intuition. Intuition has different names: inner guidance, God’s voice and gut instinct, to name a few. You may call it something else. Perhaps you refer to it as “that little voice”. Regardless of the name, what you are feeling is you. Your body is giving you information, directions and answers. It is part of our primal instinct that, over time, we tuned out. It is truth. More importantly, it is your truth. We all want answers to the questions we have about our lives and a clearer understanding of our best choices. Whether we talk with friends, family or a therapist, visit a psychic or card reader, what we are seeking is a deeper perspective, and confirmation of what we believe. We want insight into our relationships and career; guidance for the challenges and changes we face. We seek advice from outside sources, and while these sources are valid, the clarity we desire is speaking to us all the

Tangible Intuition


time. As an intuitive, I have been fortunate to be aware of my heightened intuition for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I had a deeper understanding of what was going on around me. I had no idea how I gained this understanding; I just knew, and that the “knowing” felt differently when it came through my physical body than when I sensed it through my emotions or in my mind. The words “intuition” or “inner voice” were unknown to me then, but that’s what it was—intuition speaking through my body. As an adult, I learned about intuition, the different ways that it worked and how intuition communicated to me in a tangible way. Once I began my journey of personal growth, my intuition spoke more loudly and more clearly. I discovered how that inner voice would manifest physically, how my body would signal the information. I learned to read those intuitional signals and interpret their meanings. Now, I clearly understand the language of my inner voice and how I am best able to work with my intuition. I listen to my intuition daily and, as a result, I have more success, more happiness, and make choices that lead to more desired outcomes. Of course, there I times when I fail to listen; I am human, too. When I don’t listen to the signals my intuition is sending, I can tell you I don’t like the outcome nearly as much. Those experiences


Julie Farha

reinforce what I inherently know: It’s always best to follow my instincts. Life is made up of a series of choices, and we make these choices minute-by-minute. Sometimes, those choices lead us to success. Other times, we may end up disappointed. The great thing is that, with our choices, we have the opportunity to learn what leads us to happier outcomes. We know it. We feel it. And by following the signals our bodies give us, we are guided to make better choices. It’s understandable that we might be reluctant to follow our intuition. This reluctance may be due to the fear of the unknown. The unknown can be scary. It can be filled with what-ifs and worry. Going with what you know, staying with who you know, or remaining in the same place may feel safe, or at least it’s predictable. To an extent, the familiar can make us feel like we are in control. Fear can be a strong motivator to keep you where you are, but that’s not always in your best interest. It is important to let ourselves grow, change and evolve so our lives can expand, allowing us to reach our truest potential. Intuition may guide you to areas outside of your comfort zone—away from what you know—so you may prefer to ignore that inner voice. However, if you find the courage to listen and trust that guidance, opportunities will appear, goals will be attained, and your confidence will flourish.

Tangible Intuition


Following your intuition is like being handed a map that will show you the way to the most desirable path, because your intuition provides all the information and insight you need to make the choices that will lead you to success. Take a moment to reflect on the times when you have listened to that insight. I have a feeling you might be smiling right now. It feels good to follow what you know is true. If you did make a “wrong turn”, think of it as a lesson rather than a mistake. Ask yourself if you might have heard a whisper from your inner voice guiding you to another direction, or if your body was encouraging you to make a different decision. Chances are, you were given a signal that you didn’t fully understand. That was your intuition— your truth—calling out to you. This book will help you to better understand and hear that guidance. This book will explain the ways intuition communicates, and how that communication provides insight and clarity. You will be able to navigate your way to what you most desire—be it success, love, happiness, inner peace or all of the above! You’ll gain the ability to be more proactive and less reactive, bring more balance into your life and remove much of the stress. Perhaps you are someone who is already aware of your tangible intuition. This book will help you gain deeper clarity and hone your natural skills.


Julie Farha

If following your intuition is new to you, ease yourself into it. Be patient. Just like starting a new form of exercise, it will take time to build this muscle. Start small at first, and let your intuition guide you with less significant things. As you come to understand how intuition speaks to you, you will become more comfortable using it to make bigger life decisions. Just to be clear, this isn’t about changing your personal beliefs or adopting a new religion. I might use terminology that is a little “out there” for some, but those are just words. Feel free to ignore them, or replace them with what you feel is more fitting. For the record, I’m not what you may assume an intuitive to be. You will never catch me in a pair of Birkenstocks or wearing a long, flowy dress (not that there is anything wrong with that); I prefer a nice pair of jeans and stilettos. I come from a conservative family, so I understand if this feels a little strange at first. Stick with it. You’ve picked up this book, or were given it, for a reason. As you might have noticed, this is also a workbook, and it is rather short. That’s because this is a simple process. I skipped much of the philosophy and went right to the practice of learning how to read your intuitive signs. As you start to feel those signals and understand the information your body is sending you, you will enjoy the empowerment that comes from listening to your intuition. I have also included a section in each chapter where you can reflect, answer

Tangible Intuition


questions, make notes, and do exercises that will help you hone your intuitive skills. Throughout the book, I have included some of my personal experiences, as well as experiences of others, to demonstrate how intuition speaks to each of us in different ways. One of the keys to understanding how your intuition speaks to you is to be aware of your body’s unique response. Keep this workbook with you, or use another journal, to take notes on your experiences. Soon, you will begin to see patterns emerge. And you will likely be surprised how familiar that tangible intuition is. How do you feel? Is your body telling you you’re ready to learn about your intuition? Great! Here we go!

Tangible Intuition


About Julie Julie Farha first became aware of her empathic and intuitive abilities as a child. Later, she studied and developed her natural abilities, and came to recognize that we all have these skills. Julie applies her abilities as an Intuitive Insight Coach, helping people to gain clarity in their lives and take action on their own intuition. Her distinctive style of teaching and guidance, filled with compassion and humor, has brought her loyal clients that span across the country and around the world. Julie has a Bachelor of Arts from Arizona State University, is certified in Life Coaching Fundamentals from Southwest Institute for Healing Arts, and is a certified Reiki practitioner. She is a popular speaker on intuition and offers private workshops. Her first book, Exploring Your Potential, is available in paperback and as an ebook via her website, Julie lives in Arizona.


Do you have a trusted ally, a respected colleague or wise relative who gives you insight? Or do you look within? Tangible Intuition - Clarity Through Body Insights is an interactive guidebook that will help you clearly understand how intuition speaks. You will learn how to read your body’s insights so that you are better able to make solid decisions, gain deeper confidence, and be more successful in all areas of your life. Imagine what it feels like to know—in any given moment—what to do, how to do it, when to do it, or not to do it. Imagine what your life looks like and how you feel with that empowered, insightful knowledge. Imagine how much easier life is having the answers you need. Imagine how much more fulfilling your relationships are because you trust yourself completely. Imagine how enjoyable life is having more of what you want and less of what you don’t need. Imagine how much more success you have because of the profound confidence with which you make your decisions. Imagine that life is yours. It starts by following your intuition. “ So many books are long on generalities and short on applicable content. This book offers fresh, exciting insights that are compelling and powerful. If you want to remove the obstacles and create the life of your dreams, read this book, apply Julie’s wisdom, and you can have it.” -Jim Britt, Author & Peak Performance Expert Julie Farha is an Intuitive Insight Coach, author and motivational speaker. She works with people all over the world, teaching her clients how to better understand their intuition, which is the key to clarity, confidence and success in all aspects of life. Cover design by Phillip Mckeage Creative Director, Speks Creative

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