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Top Texas Dentist Dave Rossen Expands His Practice Using Twitter & Facebook by Donna Newman by                                  Friday,  January  6,  2012  at  1:14pm  

North TX  dentist  Dave  Rossen  connects  with  patients  in  the  dental  chair  as  well     as  he  does  on  social  media  sites,  like  Twitter  and  Facebook.  Take  for  example  a   typical  morning,  Dr.  Rossen  drills  a  maxillary  central  incisor  in  2  minutes   sharp.    Next,  he  Tweets  the  latest  Mavericks  buzzer-­‐beater  update  or  a  general   dental  answer  to  the  very  question  that  his  last  patient  asked.    Just  before  his  next   general-­‐check-­‐up  patient  takes  a  seat,  Proud  Grandpa  posts  photos  of  his  newest   grandson  Evan  to  his  business  fan  page  wall.   "I  love  Social  Media  because  it’s  a  simple  way  to  reach  many  people,"  admits     Dr.  Rossen,  adding  that  it  has  become  a  great  problem  solver  too.    "Social  media   has  become  a  focus  point  to  market  our  services  to  people."    Prospective  patients   go  first  to  the  Internet  and  social  media  sites  well  over  the  classic  Yellow  Pages  so   small  business  owners,  like  dentists,  must  go  where  the  people  are  spending   anywhere  from  45  minutes  to  4  hours/day.    "But  it  requires  extensive  use  of  the   online  social  tools  available  today,"  he  adds.   CHALLENGE:    Training  a  35-­‐year  practice  new  'social  media'  marketing  tricks   For  35  years  strong,  Dr.  Rossen  has  enjoyed  a  thriving  multi-­‐million  $  practice,   where  he  covers  almost  all  areas  of  dentistry,  including  families,  Lumineers,  and   Orthodontics.    Yet,  besides  his  personal  past-­‐time,  Dr.  Rossen  hadn't  explored  a   "business  social  benefit".    Why  should  he?    Business  was  booming,  well,  maybe  a   little  dipped  as  every  business  across  America  has  been  the  past  2  years.    However,   within  the  dental  industry,  the  average  practice  was  down  40%.       So,  after  meeting  Summa  Social  [formerly  (WBYSM)]   a  year  ago,  and  being  progressive  by  nature,  Dr.  Rossen  got  the  buy-­‐in  of  his  long-­‐ time  staff  to  add  social  media  marketing  to  his  daily  marketing  practice.    "I  love   Donna  Newman  and  her  staff  of  people,  with  all  the  service,  encouragement,   information,  and  experience  she  brings  to  help  us  reach  more  people  that  can   become  patients  of  our  office!"  he  raves  after  seeing  the  fruits  of  his  labor.       OUTCOME:    New  Patients,  Permanent  archive  on  social  media,  and  Postured  as   Progressive  Dental  Expert    

-­‐-­‐ New  Patients:   Let  me  recount,  says  Dr.  Rossen  …  "One  recent  patient  said  she  found  us  on  the   Internet.  That  can  be  a  very  broad  answer  from  an  insurance  site  to  whatever.    So  I   asked  her  to  be  more  specific.  She  said  she  did  a  Google  search  and  we  came  up   along  with  some  others  but  we  were  the  only  one  with  a  strong  active  Facebook   page  and  an  equally  connectable  web  site.    On  our  Facebook  business  page,  she   looked  at  our  office  videos,  staff  info,  my  bio  and  decided  'we  were  the  ones!'      

It all  started  with  Summa  Social  designing  a  custom  Facebook  landing  page  so  within  seconds  Rossen  Dental   immediately  could  show  prospects  how  they'd  benefit  from  Rossen's  valuable  services.       -­‐-­‐  Permanent  archive  on  social  media   Progressively  said:  "I  think  that  we  need  a  significant  presence  in  the  social  world  today  like  Facebook,  Twitter,   Office  web  site,  Blogs;    anything  that  is  Internet  accessible  because  that  is  how  people  look  for  services  today!"  …   first  to  the  Internet.    Then,  within  their  search,  like  Rossen's  story,  prospective  clients  will  review  your  relevant   social  sites  to  see  how  many  of  their  friends  'like'  your  Facebook  page,  your  website  blog  for  your  relevant  topics   and  it's  reach,  and  your  services  via  a  review  on  sites  like  Facebook,  Yelp,  or  Dr.  Oogle.    Here,  what  you  might  not   know  about  social  media  posts,  Dr.  Rossen's  tweets  and  business  wall  posts  deliver  permanent  Internet  ink  so  when   prospects  search  for  general  dental  services  within  his  area,  he  is  sure  to  stamp  the  top  of  the  Google  Search  Page.       Might  nice  archive!   -­‐-­‐  Postured  as  Progressive  Dental  Expert   Dare  to  do  the  undone,  or  some  call  it  The  Road  Less  Traveled.    This  is  intrinsic  for  Dr.  Rossen  as  he  graduated     from  dental  school  at  age  23  while  most  peers  were  26+  and  spent  his  first  9  dental  years  in  a  small  town  called   Sandwich.    He  knew  early  on  that  a  solid  MARKETING  SYSTEM  would  generate  a  consistent  flow  of  new  and   returning  patients.    That's  NOT  something  you're  taught  in  dental  school,  but  Dr.  Rossen  himself  has  never   hesitated  to  teach  other  young  dentists  all  the  success,  and  every  minute  detail  of  his  recent  social  media  marketing   success,  that  has  sustained  his  practice  for  35  years  strong.    Best  tip:  host  a  Contest,  plan  a  Give-­‐Away  for  your   Facebook  Fans.    Here,  within  a  month,  Dr.  Rossen's  business  page  jumped  from  a  couple  hundred  fans  to  nearly   1,200  active  fans.    "We  gave  away  an  ipad2  to  our  fans  on  December  19th-­‐  so  that  was  a  viral  incentive  to  join  our   fan  page!"    The  prize  not  only  incentivized  patients  to  join  but  encouraged  them  to  tell  all  their  Facebook  friends,   too.    And,  best  value  yet:  majority  of  these  friends  of  friends  are  within  driving  distance  of  the  clinic  -­‐-­‐>  of  course,  the   goal  of  every  marketing  endeavor  is  CONVERSION,  right?         Dr.  Rossen  is  living  proof:  Internet  is  first  stop  and  the  peer  influence     determines  the  sale.    So,  Social  Media  sites  like  Twitter  and  Facebook     are  more  than  websites  …  for  dentists,  they  are  a  consistent  'recall'     opportunity  to  stay  top-­‐of-­‐mind  with  patients,  generate  general  dental     commentary  and  human  interest  features  that  gain  SEO,  and  give  'social     proof'  to  prospective  patients  to  choose  Dr.  Rossen  as  THEIR  DENTIST!      


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Case Study: top Texas Dentist Dave Rossen expands his practice using Twitter & Facebook  

Get the full details on how a professional Texas dentist uses digital social media marketing, specifically Twitter, a Facebook fan page, and...

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