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Dura-Shine Cleaning Company Lands a BIG Contract with Facebook


by                                Friday,  November  25,  2011  at  3:40pm     In Washington State, you might say Carlos Martinez has achieved CELEBRITY STATUS among business owners as "Mr. Clean" or "Grime Fighter". Give him or his Dura-Shine Clean Company of 18 years a tough grime or grease stain, and he'll arrest those dirt problems for good! Just ask all of his long-standing happy clients, both residential and commercial. Want to know just how good Dura-Shine Clean is? Well, they are still serving their very first client nearly two decades later. What started out as a part-time family business simply created to "make ends meet", Dura-Shine Clean Company now operates 24/7 throughout Seattle Metropolitan area, boasts 70 highly devoted clean-busting employees, and has served many clients in more than six different industries. YET, JUST LIKE EVERY AMERICAN BUSINESS, he has had to endure the downward economy. How well has he endured ... you might ask? Well, Carlos Martinez knows how to do business under tough circumstances and how to thrive under the best of economies. His arsenal AGENTS are … • • •

FACEBOOK, along with "delivering what is promised" and "quality cleaning services."

"Facebook has allowed us to develop better relationships and share our happenings with our community. We have gotten fans through our Facebook page and converted some of them into clients."

Here's a quick Case Study on how well Carlos used his Facebook personal profile and business fan page to land one of his largest accounts... Challenge: Landing new contracts Cleaning services can often be overlooked but the Dura-Shine Clean team WANTS to make life easier, so that customers can focus on what is most important: their home or their business. But, hey, even with a great mission, dedication and quality cleaning services, sometimes you can't "land" every deal. Unless, you follow the Grime Fighter's technique. Solution: A social media presence & community involvement

Five years ago on a cold-call pitch, Carlos proposed his cleaning system to a local car dealership, but didn't land the contract. A few years later, Carlos cleaned house - so to speak! Carlos became friends with the general manager on Facebook. They began to develop a relationship over Facebook via his personal profile. As well, the GM 'liked' the Dura-Shine Cleaning business page. By reading his personal newsfeed, Carlos learned about a special on oil changes that the dealership was offering. While waiting at the dealership for an oil change, Carlos and the general manager bantered and by the time Carlos' name was called, he had rebid on cleaning services and landed the service contract. Result: Carlos was awarded the contract. Why? Because of Facebook. "The GM loved what DuraShine Cleaning Company stood for and valued our community involvement. He watched the happenings that we posted on the Wall of our Facebook Business Fan Page," Carlos boasts, adding: "Today we clean two of their dealerships!" Carlos initialized the contact via his Facebook personal profile. You could say he closed the deal by engaging with the GM via both his personal profile & the very content he wrote on his Facebook Business Fan Page Wall. By consistently posting and engaging with their fans (one of whom was the GM); Dura-Shine Cleaning Company has nearly 600 fans. His advice? "Be the best version of yourself." Start by branding yourself with an active Facebook Personal Profile. Then, upgrade your company with a business fan page, a custom landing page (like a mini website and his coupon landing page), and have: • • •

Consistent Posting Fan Promotions Contests

... all so you gain Clients and raving referrals.

"I Love Facebook because it has allowed us to develop better relationships! and I Love Working with WeBuildYourSocialMedia because I feel they are very knowledgeable and friendly!" When Carlos isn't traveling around the country following his favorite basketball team, The Lakers, or volunteering at the Kadlec Hospital Foundation, he's cleaning up the community. And, Best Takeaway for cleaning up your Community: Facebook is the key to generate and repeat business." Enjoy your Fan Friday, everyone!! ~ Donna Newman Getting the Dish with Donna Agency 16420 North 92nd Street, Suite 224-228, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 o.480.314.4101 f.480.314.4140 e/  

Fan Friday Case Study: Commercial Cleaner Carlos Martinez gets more sales using Facebook Marketing  

Get the full details on how a Seattle-based Commercial and Residential Cleaning Company starting using his Facebook personal profile, a cust...

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