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Kids Summer Surf Camp Kids Guppy Summer Camp - Full Day Our full day Guppy Ocean Safety Adventure Camp takes place on several pristine beaches of Southeastern North Carolina and is designed for children ages 6 to 10. During this week-long full day program, kids will learn about ocean safety and multiple components of our coastal environment. Participants will earn their Junior Ocean Safety Certification, which raises young beach goers’ levels of awareness and instills ocean safety knowledge (rip current identification and awareness, marine life education, surf and sun advisories). Your kid will leave our Guppy Camp with a basic understanding of ocean dynamics, water safety, sun protection, and basic first aid skills. This is not a surfing program and will not be an activity of these camps. The main activity of this camp is boogie boarding.

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Kids Summer Surf Camp Our Kids Surf Camps have a 2:1 student to instructor ratio and are a great way to build confidence in children ages 7-10. It is a proven fact that kids learn better when immersed within their own age bracket. We spend a lot of time at summer camp building inner confidence and ocean respect. This summer camp was specially designed to get kids stoked! Kid’s first experiences with the ocean will shape their attitude towards it for the rest of their life. It is so important to get your kid off to a fun and safe start. At summer camp, they will make new friends, receive personalized attention, and develop a connection with Mother Ocean that they will always remember.

Whether your child is an absolute beginner or an intermediate surfer, our staff of caring and professional instructors will take them to the next level, while creating interest in our coastal ecosystems. You can be assured that after a day in our Kids Summer Camp, your child will be sleeping sound right after dinner!

Kids Summer Surf Camp - Overnight Has your child ever talked about learning how to Surf? Has your child just started surfing and wants to improve their skills? Does the coastal marine environment interest your child? If so, then we invite your child to join our Kids Overnight Surf Camp, where they will be immersed in the warm waters of Wrightsville Beach, NC and will learn about the incredible sport of surfing. Here, your child will gain knowledge, confidence, and board riding skills through our progressive and professional instruction.

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Kids Summer Surf Camp Your child will join campers from all over the world in an adventure they will always remember. We feel that 11 year olds should not be in the same program as 17 year olds, so our overnight summer surf camps are age specific. We cater to the absolute beginner, and our top notch staff will take your child to the next level. WB Surf Camp is all about focus and full immersion in this incredible sport.

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Our full day Guppy Ocean Safety Adventure Camp takes place on several pristine beaches of Southeastern North Carolina and is designed for ch...