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SPECTRUM October 30, 2020

Vol. 34 Issue 1

STUDENT MOTIVATION Learning in a virtual environment is not as easy as it may sound.

MEET DR. GRIFFIN Dr. Griffin is the new Assistant Principal at WBHS.

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL It’s that time of the year! What to do during a pandemic.




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OCTOBER 30, 2020

MEET DR. STEPHANIE GRIFFIN Dr. Stephanie Griffin is the new Assistant Principal at West Bloomfield High School WRITER


Photo of Dr. Stephanie Griffin courtesy of WBSD

WBHS hired a new administrator in the middle of the pandemic. Dr. Stephanie Griffin was happy to join Laker Nation in her new position of Assistant Principal. Dr. Griffin started her professional life at Michigan State University, by earning a bachelor’s degree of Arts in Journalism. She then continued her education at Eastern Michigan University, and earned a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. This year Dr. Griffin rose to a new level, as she earned her doctorate of Educational Leadership from Central Michigan University. When talking about what she is most proud of this year, Dr. Griffin mentioned this milestone, “I know for a fact that earning my doctorate this year...that is the accomplishment that I am most proud of right now.” Before coming to WBHS, Dr. Griffin worked in many different educational institutions. She taught at multiple charter schools, a juvenile detention facility, and the Education Achievement Authority. Her latest position was with Detroit Public Schools, where she worked on the Coalition for the Future of Detroit School Children.

Working on the Coalition, which improved education within the city of Detroit, was fulfilling to Dr. Griffin. “That was...one of my final contributions before I felt like, okay I’ve done good work here I can go and do something else now.” Dr. Griffin was looking for a change when she applied to WB. The high test scores and diverse student body drew Dr. Griffin to the district and pushed her to apply for the assistant principal position. She has worked in education for seventeen years and wanted to diversify her experience in education by working in a new setting, “I want to be able to know that I can go in any setting and thrive.” This newly hired assistant principal will have many roles around the high school. Now, Dr. Griffin is working on special education, student achievement, and standardized testing. Her roles will change and evolve once in-person school resumes. Dr. Griffin is excited to experience the community aspect of WB, where students and staff feel like a family. She is looking forward to seeing students in person and getting to know them. “I love popping up in the classrooms

“Be gentle with yourself”

and talking to the kids, observing, working hands on with you guys.” There are many fun classes available for students to take at WB. When asked which class she would most like to take, Dr. Griffin stated, “One of the classes that sticks out to me a lot is Mr. Bellamy’s class.” With a smile, she noted that he is always moving around the high school having class in different areas and interacting with his students. “To me that seems like an engaging classroom.” Speaking about advice she has for the students at WB, Dr. Griffin says, “We’ve never had school in a pandemic before. You’ve never had all of your classes virtually...Be gentle with yourself, we’re all learning.”

Quick facts about Dr. Griffin •Would love to join Mr. Bellamy’s class •Has worked in education for seventeen years •Went to Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University, and Central Michigan University •Loves working hands-on with students •Working on special education, student achievement, and standardized testing




DURING A PANDEMIC Teens are tired of staying home and are wanting ways to connect with their peers WRITER

Ayanna Scott. 12th Grade, practicing social distancing with friends. Photo Courtesy of Ayanna Scott

Anansia Paylor, 12th Grade, at a friend’s house practicing social distancing. Photo Courtesy of Anansia Paylor

For teens in West Bloomfield, life abruptly changed March 23, 2020 when quarantine was thrown into effect. Before they knew it, school went virtual, prom was canceled, spring sports was canceled, graduation was just a driveby for seniors. So many students could do nothing except stay home or go to their job if they were considered to be essential. For months, that was all that happened. In the bedroom community of West Bloomfield, many teens already feel that there is not a lot to do, add a quarantine into the mix, and it feels pretty desolate to them. Seventeen year old Ayanna Scott is one of the students. “I hate to say it but Michigan for some teens really sucks!” Even with a pandemic going on, teens are still wishing there were more places to hang out and be able to just see their friends. Scott goes on to say, “I just wish we had new hangout spots and activities that fit our age.” Mentally, students are forced to adapt to being isolated. This caused many students to face deep depressions. “Being stuck in the house really took a toll on me mentally. I was going through a depression many of my friends talked about and could relate to,” said seventeen year old Jaeden Weems. Some students even faced separation anxiety. Becoming so equipped to the home environment created a fresh feeling when getting to go to the grocery store, “It felt refreshing, it was the only time to come out of the house. I felt a huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders. Being designated to the house made me so distant from my family because I felt trapped with them,” Seventeen year old Immanuel Mitchell said.


Those few moments leaving the house felt so precious to students. Such a breath of fresh air. Some of these students gathered in store parking lots or parks and socially distanced themselves. Seventeen year old Anansia Paylor stated, “The only thing that kept me sane was being able to go meet up with my friends at grocery stores before the set curfew. We only started to do it closer to when quarantine was almost over.” Though some teens are fine with the way things are now. Not having to go to school and fewer social interactions seemed to be just fine with some. The burden of having to get yourself up and ready for a day of interactions would be overwhelming for those with social anxiety. Sixteen year old Karon Wilkins claimed, “Not having to get up and go talk to people so early in the morning was a great vacation for me. Being around big groups of people often makes me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. I feel like I was learning better in the comfort of my own home.” There are many different experiences for these students in this tough time. Students are still able to overcome these obstacles and pull through. Daily life changed and so did these students.


OCTOBER 30, 2020


High-schoolers are losing their motivation during the most crucial part of their schooling WRITER


Mr. Sturgill’s 3rd Hour ZOOM. Photo by Alyssa Snead

High School students are losing their moti- their school supplies to the area. They should vation. Their motivation to focus on ZOOM, organize their supplies in a way that works stay in routine, and to do their work is hard to best for them. After their work area is set, keep up. It is understandable that students feel they shouldn’t bring in any distractions, such distracted while working in their own home, as a cell phone. Anytime students go to this but it is unacceptable. area, it should be for school and school only. Many students have mixed feelings about on“High school students have been condiline school and it is affecting their work ethic. tioned to arrive, behave, work and leave Students need to realize that even though this via bells for 10-13 years of their lives…. Inschool year looks different, grades and atten- stead, for better or worse students are being dance are still crucial to being sucthrust into an adult world filled cessful. Especially, to the juniors with responsibility, foresight, and seniors that will be starting or “You and only planning and self sufficiency,” completing their college applicaMr. Sturgill, teacher at West you decide said tions. Bloomfield High School. “You “I can’t stay motivated because what is to be and only you decide what is to be I feel like school is an option and learned….Take control of your learned.” like I don’t actually have to do my learning, invest in yourself by work,” said Latrell Massey, a junior putting your phone down, digat WBHS. “And at the same time I ging into a topic, questioning, feel motivated because I don’t want to fail at revisiting and then making it yours…. Invest anything I do.” time in yourself. Take care of yourself. Only Motivation loss is bound to happen in stu- then will you find true motivation and discidents homes, from being distracted by social pline.” media to dealing with siblings. It may be difAs Mr. Sturgill said, students need to take ficult to completely get rid of the distractions control of their learning. High school stubut there are ways to minimize them. Making dents are mature enough to know that their a work space, for example, will be beneficial. actions have consequences. Not completing Students should find the most quiet space in work and not focusing on ZOOM will only their home, this space may still be somewhat hurt students in the end. High-schoolers are noisy, but less noise is better than more. After losing their way with online school. This new finding a quiet space, students should bring way of schooling may be different, but that

does not mean it is any less important. High school years are crucial for students and need to be taken seriously. Motivation is decreasing and that needs to change.

Ways to stay MOTIVATED • Make a schedule • Set obtainable goals • Stay positive • Make a work space free of distractions • Set a routine • Check grades regularly • Change mindset • Reward for doing well



STAYING ACTIVE AND STAYING HEALTHY Find easy ways to get outside and stay active in your community WRITER

With restrictions on going out and social distancing guidelines, it may seem difficult to stay motivated and find ways to stay active and healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic. Although, if you look around there are many alternatives to going to the gym or hanging out with friends indoors. All around West Bloomfield are parks and trails great for getting outdoor exercise while still being able to maintain a safe six feet from those around you. All parks and trails are open from 8:00 A.M. until dusk. During the fall, parks and recreation of West Bloomfield are still holding the yearly events modified to fit the COVID-19 safety protocol. When speaking with Megan Kurnat she mentioned a few of these events. “Our Halloween event has transitioned into a Park-to-Treat-to-Go where families will remain in designated parking spots and a parade of costume characters and local business vendors will deliver candy to buckets placed at a distance from the kids.” The people working at these events are also tested for COVID-19 prior. This Park-toTreat-to-Go event is occurring at Marshbank Park (Hiller Rd, West Bloomfield Township). Parks and Recreation are also having private hayrides that you preregister for and you can bring whomever you want on the hayride with you. If you’re looking just for a place to go for a run or walk by the water or through the woods, there are countless trails and parks. The West Bloomfield Trail is a gravel trail that runs through West Bloomfield and can be accessed through Sylvan Manor Park. The West Bloomfield Nature Preserve also acts as a trail-head for some unpaved trails. There are also many different animals kept there at a sanctuary that you can visit and walk through. Although, West Bloomfield Parks and Rec still ask that you follow COVID-19 safety guidelines at their parks. “We installed large signs in every park encouraging users to keep distance from one


The West Bloomfield Trail is a great way to get outdoors and spend time with family and friends. Photo by Kylie Harmala

another” Megan Kurnat says, “Even though we’ve increased our cleaning and sanitization processes, ultimately, the park user needs to make their own safety top priority.” Living in West Bloomfield there are so many places to explore as long as you know where to look. There are countless opportunities to stay engaged in the community through the parks and recreation programs. If you want to find out more information on how you can stay active in your community and find more trails or parks visit www.wbparks.org to discover more places to explore near you.


OCTOBER 30, 2020

LOCAL BUSINESSES, SUPPORTING THE COMMUNITY Looking for a new place to discover? Look no further, here are some locally owned businesses to support near you WRITER


With colder weather approaching in West Bloomfield you might be looking for some new indoor local places to visit. Luckily, West Bloomfield has plenty of unique locally owned businesses that are great places to eat dinner, have a treat with a friend or to go when you’re feeling a bit creative. These three businesses; Board and Brush, Gino’s Pizzeria and 44 scoops will soon become your new favorite places.

44 Scoops is known for their 44 different flavors. As soon as you walk in the ice cream display seems to go on forever.

44 SCOOPS 44 Scoops is an ice-cream shop on Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield open from 11am to 9pm all days of the week. Named after its 44 different flavors, you can find almost any dessert from traditional ice-cream to cake and milkshakes overflowing with ice cream, candy and cupcakes known as the “Milkshake Masterpiece”. Although, this sweet store runs deeper than just their desserts and truly creates an incomparable ice cream experience. When you walk into 44 Scoops for the first time it may almost seem overwhelming with the amount of sweet options you have. Some of their flavors include rainbow sherbet, cookie monster, ultimate Oreo and

Haley’s comet. These flavors can all be made into milkshakes and you can pile on whatever toppings you are drawn to. 44 Scoops also offers an option to have your ice cream served in a large bucket that you and your friends can all share together called the “Everest”. The owner, Neal Rosenthal is very passionate about 44 scoops and providing the best experience for every customer. This makes the most notable thing about 44 Scoops the service and family-like environment created in this local ice cream store. Neal Rosenthal believes that when a customer walks in they’re the boss and says, “Service is the big thing.” and that his job is to, “Take care of the customer.” If you can imagine it, chances are all your sweet dreams are possible here. 44 Scoops allows for the customer to customize their order entirely and build the perfect dessert. Creating what Neal Rosenthal believes to be, “A unique product in a standard world.” GINO’S PIZZERIA Gino’s Pizzeria is a locally owned business on Cass Lake Rd, Keego Harbor. Their dining room is open most days from 3pm to 9pm but are available for carry-out and curbside pick-up. Gino’s offers a large range of Italian foods from pizza to pastas. This restaurant is a great place to go with a group of friends or with your entire family. They offer private, reservable rooms and have long tables in the main dining area to accommodate larger groups. Speaking with the owner of Gino’s Pizza, Gino, he spoke of his favorite aspects of owning a restaurant here in Keego Harbor. “I think one of my favorite things is having made many acquaintances and smiling faces with our Italian food.” Gino’s restaurant makes you feel like you’re at home and strives to make their food accessible to everyone in the community. For high-schoolers, Gino’s Pizzeria offered a deal for you and your friends to eat out together before the West Bloomfield High School homecoming dance. For a singular price you and whomever you bring with you will get an assortment of foods that act as a mini buffet for your table. Gino loves being at the center of the community and a place for gathering. “With the support of our friends and the community we were able to grow to what we are now.” Although, with COVID-19 it is also important to still follow safety precautions while eating at Gino’s. You should wear a mask when not at your table and please maintain a good distance from others at the



restaurant. If you want to find out more information on Gino’s Pizzeria visit http://www.ginospizzakeego. com/ginos.html. BOARD & BRUSH Board and Brush is an art experience for all ages and ability levels. This art studio is located on Orchard Lake Rd, Sylvan Lake. They’re open from 10am to 5pm Monday through Friday with varying times on the weekends. Board and Brush offer art workshops where you complete DIY projects like wooden wall decor, tote bags, doormats and other personalizable items for your home. Board and Brush is a one of a kind place in our local community. Guests pre-book an art class of their choosing and show up ready to learn. All you need to bring with you is your friends and some creativity. The owner, Dee Sloan, is very passionate about creative expression and wanted to share that with her daughters and the community. “I wanted more for my children, and knew that I was doing them a disservice by not wanting more for myself. I have always loved to create and knew that whatever I did next had to involve something I was passionate about.” That is what makes Board and Brush such a unique experience. It’s meant to be a place where you can come together with friends and family and have fun spending time together while learning a new skill that you may have never learned elsewhere. Or, you can go alone and meet people and make new friends in your community. They offer birthday parties, fundraising events, baby showers, team bonding events and more. Although, if you’re ready to explore your creativity but aren’t comfortable with sitting in an enclosed space with others due to COVID-19, Board and Brush are hosting their classes in smaller groups and are holding zoom classes. You pick up your materials, take them home and get to enjoy a socially distanced art experience. “Customers can still use their creative energy, but in the comfort of their own homes, and walk away feeling proud that they have created something with their own hands.” If you’re looking to book a visit today or are curious for more information see https://boardandbrush. com/.

Board and Brush has a unique store front right along Orchard Lake Rd. Example art projects decorate the store windows.

Gino’s Pizzeria has a bold store sign above the restaurant. Come look for Gino’s restaurant along Cass Lake Rd.

10 OCTOBER 30, 2020

wbspectrum.com 11

TRUNK OR TREAT: ANOTHER EVENT TAKEN BY COVID Student Leadership was forced to cancel this event due to an increase in covid cases WRITER

On Thursday Oct. 29th, WBHS students planned to pass out candy to the community children at the annual Trunk or Treat. The event was to be held in the main parking lot, with parents parking in the South lot and walking their children over. The community event, which was organized by Student Leadership’s School Spirit Committee, had many challenges in this new COVID-19 world. Paige Harris, eleventh grade co-chair on the School Spirit Committee, talked about the committee’s difficulties when planning the event. “It was a struggle to come up with a plan that made sure everyone was safe while maintaining the Halloween spirit,” Harris commented. Student volunteers and families would have been required to wear masks while at the event and practice social distancing. The kids would also not be allowed to eat any of their candy to ensure the safety of the attendees. Hand sanitizer would have been placed at the entrance to the parking lot and families would be encouraged to use it before and after trunk or treating. The cars used to trunk or treat would have parked six feet away from each other, to make sure that each student volunteer was safe. Even with the safety measures put in place, the event was not able to run. The increase of COVID-19 case numbers in the area forced the district to cancel the event to ensure everyone’s safety. The cancelation weighs heavily on the students that organized the event and the students that signed up to volunteer. The committee received candy from thirty-six of the original ninety-eight volunteers. Many students went above and beyond with their candy and assembled adorable Halloween themed goodie bags. Student Leadership is turning the event into a positive. Representatives from the School Spirit Committee accepted candy donations from the students that signed up to volunteer at Trunk or Treat. The plan is to donate the candy to a local organization.

“We got more candy than we thought we would! We’re super excited to be able to still do something for the community by donating the candy,” Harris commented. The committee is hopeful that they can plan a separate fundraiser for Student Leadership later in the semester. They are also looking at planning another event for the children of the community when COVID-19 case numbers have declined


Members of the School Spirit Committee Josh Geller (11th) and Paige Harris (11th) sit at the entrance to WBHS collecting candy from student volunteers

12 OCTOBER 30, 2020

FALL FESTIVITIES This Fall looks different but fun festivities can still happen WRITER


Alyssa Snead and family taking precautions at Apple Charlies Cider Mill. Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Snead.

Colors changing, leaves falling and cold wind blowing are all indications that Fall is here. Fall is a season with many festivities to enjoy, but it looks different this year. Due to the national pandemic, this is the first precautionary Fall. Even though this Fall looks different than normal, many places are still finding ways to embrace the season. Haunted houses, cider mills, apple orchards, football games, Halloween and festivals are a few of the many Fall festivities we participate in. Many of these activities are still open and are waiting for people to arrive. Places such as cider mills, haunted houses, and apple orchards are all taking precautions. From offering hand sanitizer to requiring mask wearing, businesses are going the extra mile to make sure that guests are safe and can enjoy themselves. “I was at Longs Cider Mill last weekend and they took precautions by requiring masks and social distancing while in lines,” said Shoshana Sprecher, a junior at WBHS. “They also spaced out the picnic tables and limited the amount of tables to avoid crowds of people near each other.” There are many places being cautious, such as Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill in Armada. Blake’s offers activities such as haunted hay rides, zombie paintball, and much more. They are taking precautions by making people pre-order their tickets for the events, and

with the pre-orders they are able to limit their capacity by 50%. Parmenter’s Cidermill is a cider mill in Northville. Parmenter’s is taking precautions by only allowing people to buy their donuts through a drive through. Franklin’s Cider mill is in Bloomfield Hills. Franklin’s is taking precautions by requiring mask wearing and such, but they are also offering online ordering of their fall treats for people who aren’t comfortable going out. Erebus Haunted House is in Downtown Pontiac and is one of the most popular haunted house attractions in Michigan. Erebus is taking precautions by not allowing their live actors to make any physical contact with the guests. The actors also have to wear masks, even if they have on heavy makeup. “My favorite thing about Cider Mills is eating as many donuts as I can, and drinking a lot of warm apple cider,” said Bella Janus, a junior at WBHS. “I also like to volunteer for the scare mazes because it is funny to scare people.” Fall businesses are taking precautions so visitors can still enjoy the season. By requiring masks, taking temperatures and more, Fall businesses are going above and beyond for the safety of their customers. Even in the midst of a pandemic, fall festivities are still open for fun!

Sign posted at Bonadeo Farms in White Lake. Photo Courtesy of Alyssa Snead

wbspectrum.com 13


Pumpkin spice, pecan and apple cinnamon are the flavors of Fall. Many people use them while baking delicious and comforting fall treats. Here are some recipes to try out this Fall! WRITER

Pumpkin Spice Roll Ingredients: For Cake 1 cup granulated sugar ¾ cup all purpose flour ½ tsp. Kosher salt 1 tsp. Baking soda ½ tsp. Pumpkin spice 3 large eggs 2/3 cup pumpkin puree 1 cup Powder sugar For Filling 12oz cream cheese softened 1 tbsp melted butter 1 tsp pure vanilla extract 1 ¼ cup powdered sugar ½ tsp. Kosher salt Directions 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line 15’x10’ jelly roll pan with parchment paper and grease with cooking spray. In a large bowl, combine sugar, flour, salt, baking soda, pumpkin spice, eggs, and pumpkin puree until just

combined. Spread into a prepared pan and bake until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean, 15 minutes. 2. Meanwhile, lay out a large kitchen towel on your counter and dust with powdered sugar. When cake is done baking, flip onto a kitchen towel and gently peel off parchment paper. 3. Starting at a short end, gently but tightly roll the cake into a log. Let cool completely.

Pumpkin Spice Roll Photo Courtesy of Delish.com

4. Meanwhile, make filling: In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, melted butter, vanilla, powdered sugar, and salt. Using a hand mixer, whip until smooth. 5. When the cake is cooled, gently unroll and spread the cream cheese filling. Roll back up and dust with more powdered sugar. Slice and serve.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole Photo Courtesy of TheAnthonyKitchen.com


batter into a baking pan. 2. Mix sugar, flour, butter, and nuts in a separate bowl to create the crumb Ingredients topping. For Casserole 2 large cans of drained sweet potatoes 3. Sprinkle crumb topping on top of batter. 2 cups sugar 4. Bake in the oven for 1 ½ hours. 1 stick butter 5. Let the casserole cool for 30 min2 teaspoons cinnamon utes. Slice and serve. 2 cups milk 4 eggs For Crumb Topping 1 cup sugar 1 cup flour 1 stick butter 1 cup of chopped nuts(your choice of pecans or walnuts) Directions 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Blend sweet potatoes, sugar, butter, cinnamon, milk, and eggs with a mixer in a large bowl. After mixing, pour

14 OCTOBER 30, 2020

HAUNTED HOUSES STILL HAUNT Covid-19 has stopped many traditions, but haunted houses have found a way to keep the Halloween spirit alive WRITER


Photo Caption and Photo Credit

Though 2020 has been frightful, people are still enjoying haunted houses. Due to Covid-19, many are wondering if they are safe to participate in. If they are safe, will they be scary enough to satisfy customers? In Pontiac, there is only one haunted house in the city people can go to. This main haunted house draws thousands of people to it every year, Erebus. Erebus Haunted Attraction, is a four star haunted house people usually enjoy but this year looks a little different. With a pandemic in place for nearly 8 months, governments, businesses, and everyday people have learned what it takes to keep themselves and others safe. This is no different for haunted houses. “We are taking major precautions this year,” Erebus employee Sandra Reece explained, “we have everybody sanitize their hands at the door, nobody is welcomed without a mask, point blank period! After everyday we have special cleaning crews come in and sanitize everything from top to bottom. We are definitely being as cautious as we can, the safety of our patrons is most important.” Haunted houses can pose many problems for social distancing and their attractions.

Many areas are tight and enclosed. Actors and actresses have been known to get really close to guests, close enough to breath on them. Overcoming these typical scare tactics for something that is more Covid-friendly is a challenge that many haunted houses face. Erebus was able to overcome these challenges to still provide a spooky haunted house for its guests. Twenty one year Josh Lyons was pretty impressed with what they did. “The actors were lowkey pretty scary. They never got too close though. I think I got a bit more fear from them being further and kinda creeping up toward me. Another bonus was the line, the groups were separated pretty far from each other, that made me comfortable”. Reece reiterated the importance of their safety precautions adding, “We only let groups who came together go at one time. We don’t want to mix any groups up with risk exposure to this horrible virus! That’s another way we try to practice social distancing. Stickers have been placed on the floor so people can stay six feet apart from each other”. Unfortunately for Erebus all the reviews that included the new Covid guidelines were

“Nobody is welcomed without a mask.”

not the best. Due to the distancing, some said it was less frightening. “There were no big jumpscares and the actors didn’t scare me or my girlfriend. I mean, I guess it’s nice they distanced us but it was lame,” nineteen-year-old Jake Hutch said. Safety over scare is the order this haunted house is currently following. However, it’s no picnic for the actors either because they also have to protect themselves and others by wearing a mask. “When we have to go out and put on our masks under our costume masks, it does get uncomfortable hot,” Erebus actor Rashard Flemming states, “ we all try to work through it because we love the fright we bring to people. It’s not just about getting paid for us. It’s just so different now not being able to get in somebody’s grill and chill their bones you know?” All of the steps that Erebus is taking, along with their employees and guests, is allowing a little bit of normal in this Halloween season.

wbspectrum.com 15


Halloween looks a little bit different this year, find out some alternatives to your normal Halloween traditions WRITER

Trick or treating hours are 6-8 p.m. in West Bloomfield Township, but Halloween may look a little bit different than normal years Although, that doesn’t mean all there’s left to do is to sit at home and do nothing. There are so many different ways students around West Bloomfield are celebrating Halloween with their friends and family. Just walking around your own neighborhood you will see many different ways people have chosen to celebrate Halloween, from decorating their houses to carving pumpkins. Although, one special way West Bloomfield student Sydney Vagg has chosen to celebrate Halloween is by “booing” her friends. Booing is a game where you put together a small bag of Halloween themed gifts and anonymously drop them off at your friends houses with a note that says “you’ve been booed!” that they’re supposed to hang on their door to let others know they’ve already been “booed”. The person who receives the gift is then supposed to boo somebody else to keep the game going. Eventually, “you’ve been booed” signs will spread all throughout your neighborhood. “I have a lot of fun booing people, and

others. It’s a fun way to celebrate Halloween,” Sydney says. Another West Bloomfield student, Kate Mercer, says she and her family celebrate Halloween in their own way. “We carve pumpkins, put candy out and watch scary movies together,” Kate says. Although, she said one of her favorite parts about Halloween is decorating her house with lights. Staying covid safe during Halloween may seem frustrating, but with a little bit of imagination you can find so many other ways to truly embrace the spooky season. On the West Bloomfield Parks website they include a list of some spooky themed activities you can participate in at the parks or at home with friends and family. So, get creative and stay safe even during the spookiest night of the year.


Halloween Lights in Keego Harbor, Michigan

WAYS TO STAY SAFE DURING COVIDWEEN • Avoid direct contact with others • Hand out treats outdoors • “Boo” a friend • Wash your hands • Use hand sanitizer • Stay at least 6 feet away from others

Halloween Lights in Keego Harbor, Michigan

16 OCTOBER 30, 2020

MY LOVE FOR FRIGHT Remembering the Halloween’s of my childhood WRITER


As a child, I was infatuated with Halloween and the candy that came with it. The smell in the air on Halloween night was always so distinct to me. It was never describable but it was always there, I loved it. Though there was one thing I loved more than the rest, the fright. The bravery I got from dashing to grab delicious candy from the porches of haunted looking houses was intoxicating! The anticipation for fright and candy always consumed me. There is one Halloween that stood out like no other. I decided I would be a vampire that year, having a deep fascination for the life of a Twilight vampire. Arriving in the fierce looking neighborhood my mom decided to take us to, sent chills down my spine. Pulling up to the side of the curb, my mother threw the car in park. Taking the keys out of the ignition she got out of the car, my sister who was the butterfly of the night and I, following suit. Unfortunately, for my sister Imari, she wasn’t up for scare like her little sister. Walking to the first house, Imari was hesitant while I was beyond eager. Passing my sister I crept to the porch in pursuit of the candy bowl right by the door.

“Before I could say anything, I saw a man on the other side of the porch getting ready to scare my baby,” my mother Rona said, “now don’t get me wrong, I had time to tell London, but she loved a good scare so i decided to let it happen.” Reaching toward the bowl, I decided to just pick the whole thing up so I could walk some to my scary sister. Before I could make it to her, I heard a powerful “Hey!” from the porch. Turning around, I see a tall man wearing all black with a red face mask to top it off. Before I could take off, my sister let out an ear splitting scream beelining to my mother. Hearing her scream snapped me out of my small trance activating my legs. I threw the bowl of candy in the air and ran straight to my mother, Twix, Kit Kats, and Snickers flying everywhere. I made it to my mother within seconds, holding on to her leg for dear life. “At the time, I had never seen my sister run so fast. She was definitely scared but she also had a look of amusement on her face. I mean candy went everywhere and I’m sure everybody saw it. I was so scared myself, I almost forgot I even had a sister till I actually saw her charging at me and my mama,” said my now twenty-one-year-old sister Imari.

Though I did get a scare big enough to send me flying to my mother, that’s the thing I loved the most about it. Calming down after realizing the man didn’t chase me, I came around from behind my mother to see him on the porch waving at me, yelling “Put some candy in your pumpkin!” pointing to my pumpkin candy bucket. Graciously I grabbed two candies noticing other kids were doing the same thing and carrying on to the next houses. Little did I know, this was only the beginning of a night filled with even bigger blood curdling screams and scares!

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VARSITY FOOTBALL CRUSHES THE SEASON Coaches build character and strength WRITER

Donovan Edwards (#6) celebrating with Dillion Tatum (#5) after scoring a touchdown. Photo taken by Ava Bell

The 2020 football season was off to a rocky start this year. The pre-season started with Governor Whitmer canceling contact sports in order to protect high school students from getting COVID-19. This was a shock to players, coaches, and fans who were all looking forward to the sports season. However this all changed when Governor Whitmer amended her executive order: sports were now able to resume! When asked about his favorite memory from this season, head coach Ron Bellamy replied with telling the players that the season was on. “Just being able to text the kids, call the kids. Just tell them, ‘Welcome back to football.’...They were beyond excited.” Although the first three games were canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Lakers came ready to win their next four games. Their off season training had paid off, getting them a 3-1 record. The game on October 9th against Oxford ended with the Lakers dominating with a score of 45-0. Defensive back,

#22, Max Hairston looked back at the team’s successes, “Just celebrating with my teammates on the sideline, just lights up your day.” Football is about more than just knowing plays. The players spend countless hours with one another working on their technique and building their bond. They become more than just teammates, some would say brothers. “It’s just big trust,” says defensive tackle, #50, Jaden Green. The strong bond between the players is visible to fans and felt throughout the stadium. The coaching staff also works to strengthen the connection between the players. “One of the things about family that we do is we try to get the kids to go out and hang out together…We just promote that environment, that culture,” says head coach Ron Bellamy. While the coaches hope for the players to reach their highest potential on the field, they also want to help build their character. “A lot of the time the coaches talk about being a man and making sacrific-

“Welcome back to football.”


es,” quarterback, #9, Alex Short notes about the coaches helping to develop players’ integrity and mentality. The coaches take their responsibilities seriously and focus on not just football, but the bigger picture. Coach Bellamy recognizes the importance of his role in a player’s life, “A lot of people talk about how you’re judged on your wins and losses, I like to say you’re judged on your legacy of how you were mentoring kids. Were you part of the change in their lives and the development of their lives? I think to me that’s more important than the wins and losses.”

HEADED TO THE PLAYOFFS •WB v Oak Park 39-0 •WB v Southfield 17-15 •WB v Clarkston 24-21 •WB v Oxford 45-0 •WB v Rochester Adams 37-0 •WB v Lake Orion 28-0

18 OCTOBER 30, 2020

INCREASING YOUR FITNESS Moves you can do during quarantine to increate your fitness levels WRITER


Quarantine could have affected you in different ways. You either got the body and strength of your dreams or you got hit hard and got in worse shape than you were before you had to isolate yourself from the population. As teenagers we went from living an active lifestyle to a completely sedentary lifestyle in a box filled with snacks and sugary drinks. If you are reading this and do not have access to a gym then do not worry anymore because getting fit is so simple, maybe one of the most simple things in the world. This first part will be on how to develop a solid workout routine to get you in the best shape of your life. The second part will be an example routine to follow Now there are some people that seem to think fitness is optional, and having that mindset will really affect you because you only have one body, so don’t waste it. If you continue to live a bad lifestyle you may face heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, a weak immune system, low testosterone, depression, and low energy,. If you choose to live an active lifestyle benefits include lower body fat, stronger muscles, a healthier brain, a stronger cardiovascular system, a better mental state, more confidence, and reduced chances of getting Alzheimer’s. There is a percentage of people who spend years in quarantine. They train like warriors preparing for battle because every day can be there last if they aren’t in peak physical condition. They are prisoners and they will be our guides for these workouts. If you ever looked up a prison workout on youtube you would see that there are a few select exercises that prisoners tend to cycle through. The main exercises that the inmates do are pushups, situps, squats, chin-ups, and burpees. Although there is a certain way that they will perform those exercises that speed up their results. 4 years ago a family friend told me how he got into such great shape. He said the reps that you should perform should be high reps with a short rest period or example you perform 25 pushups, rest 5 seconds, then perform another 25 reps. Doing that type of training will trigger sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, meaning it increases the volume of fluid in your muscles. This is the way bodybuilders typically train; it increases muscle much better than lifting heavy for most people. The first benefit of calisthenics is the activation of stabilizing muscles. You activate your stabilizing muscles much more doing calisthenics than weight training. Having an increase in these mini muscles will make you much safer. They will prevent injuries to the joints when they are strong. If you are an athlete these are a must, plus it will make you look more ripped and a lower body fat percentage. The second benefit is you get a new form of strength. Not only does your muscular endurance increase, but regular strength also increases at the same time. The third benefit is you can do it anywhere. Maybe you’re on a trip and you do not have access to a real gym but you always have access to a free supply of gravity so that means you can do it anywhere. Along with calisthenics, you will need a fun source of cardio it could be jogging, jump rope, cycling, sprinting, etc. You don’t need a fancy gym to get into the body of your dreams all you need is a strong will to transform yourself.

#LakersWorkout Upper body Prison style pushups 6xfailure rest 5to10 seconds in between sets Bodyweight chin-ups 7xfailure rest 20-45 seconds in between sets Dive bomber pushups 4xfailure rest 45-60 seconds in between sets Crunches 200 reps in total try to rest as little as possible Lower body Hindu squat 5x45seconds. rest 45 seconds in between sets Side lunges 5x45seconds. rest 45 seconds in between sets Stair calf raises 10 calf raises on each step no rest until you finish all steps Norweighn hamstring curls or negatives 4x8 Total body Burpees 55 reps in total try to rest as little as possible Mountain climbers 5x1min Plank 5x1-2 min Wide grip pullups 4xfailure Dive bomber pushups 4xfailure Bodyweight squats 300 reps

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NUTRITION TO HELP YOU STAY FIT Fitness is great for the mind and body, but most of your fitness begins with how you fuel your body. WRITER

Nutrition is more than half the battle to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it dominates about 70% of it. If you achieve a well-balanced diet, everything will come easier in your nutrition goals. However, everything is very tempting these days which makes it very hard to maintain a healthy eating pattern. When health professionals say eat healthily, that does not mean only eating lean chicken breast and broccoli for the rest of your life. Healthy eating is a diet you can maintain for the rest of your life because you are eating 80% clean 20% whatever you want. A good starting point would be to eat clean 6 days a week and have one cheat day. Just once a week is more than enough, or maybe all you need is a cheat meal. Just 4 to 8 healthy eating will make you resistant the bad food you might crave constantly right now. Now having a cheat day once a week has been shown to be very beneficial if done only once a week. It can speed up your metabolism and keep your mental state intact. But this is only recommended once a week. That is the way more experienced athletes keep their diet in check. For example, Dwayne The Rock Johnson eats insanely clean and has one cheat day. If you are wondering How he stays in great shape 24/7 it’s because he keeps his calories in check. Having a calorie deficit which means you are burning more calories than you consume is a must if you have to lose body fat. In fact, it is the only rule you have to live by. YOU MUST BE IN A CALORIC DEFICIT IN ORDER TO LOSE WEIGHT. Now if you are extremely active maybe you are in a sport or you do an intense workout twice a day than you can get away without tracking your calories because you are very active for long periods of time. If you are in that situation all you have to do is eat healthy whole foods. If the scale doesn’t drop then you should track your calories for a while until you get the hang of your eating habits.

A good diet is not hard if you follow the food pyramid. It provides you with a great place to start building your healthier diet by looking at portion sizes. However, the pyramid leaves out macronutrient information which is important also. Protein is a super nutrient that is really important for building muscle and bulking up, but if you want to lose weight you need a high protein diet as well. Tigers eat nothing but protein, and the side effect is that they are super lean and strong. If you eat nothing but protein you too will get crazy lean, but there will be side effects so you need healthy fats to keep you up, and eating moderate protein and high fats for a while will put you in a state called ketosis. Ketosis is commonly known as part of the ketogenic diet. When you are in ketosis you are using fat as your main energy source rather than carbs if you follow a regular diet. By using fat instead of carbs, you are burning the extra fat that your body is holding on to. The keto diet works well but it is hard to follow because it is expensive and requires a lot of cooking. Finally, we will discuss water intake. If you are an athlete then you should automatically drink at least half your body weight in ounces. Water has amazing benefits it keeps your joints healthy, it aids greatly in building muscle, and helps you feel fuller, longer. I should also note that I am not a medical professional and that all of these tips come from my own interest and success with eating healthy and nutrition.


APPS THE HELP WITH NUTRITION My Fitness Pal - Food and Fitness Tracking Carb Manager - Keto Diet Lose It! - Food Tracking Fooducate - Food Tracker Zero - Intermittent Fasting Tracker

The girls swim team has a league meet next week and then 5 swimmers will be competing at the state competition on November 21, including a Freshman!. Many have seen personal records this year. Coach Hrycaj stated that despite everything, “the girls have kept a positive attitude and created an encironment at the pool that people want to be a part of.�

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