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May 21, 2021

A Letter to the Class of 2021 Written by Class of 2021 President Ava Bell Dear Class of 2021, We have experienced so much together in our last four years. We entered West Bloomfield High School as excited and apprehensive freshmen, wanting to experience everything we could. We were greeted by Leroy every morning reminding us, “You matter.” We had our first pep assemblies and high school dances. We also supported our varsity football team at Ford Field as they battled for the State Championship. Through Econ, Civics, Bio, and English 9 we earned our way to the next year. Sophomore year we were more knowledgeable and knew our way around the school. Some of us chose to take honors classes and spent our free time memorizing polyatomic ions, the periodic table, and reading Pudd’nhead Wilson. Many of us turned sixteen and were able to drive. It was an exciting time, especially for Mr. Avery to give out all the new parking passes. Junior year we became upperclassmen, finally nearing the end. We prepared to take the SAT and ACT, and started thinking about where we wanted to attend college. At the end of Junior year, we entered a global pandemic and had to start doing our school work from home. It was hard for all of us quarantining in our homes, not being able to see friends or family, and having to learn online. Senior year wasn’t what we had expected and hoped for all our lives. The year started online with Zoom classes and asynchronous work. We went months without being able to walk into West Bloomfield High School. We applied to college and decided where we would spend our future. Second semester we were finally able to see one another, laugh, and learn together. School was back to being semi-normal, with Jess and Antonio waving to us in the halls, Mr. Pace running around with his cart, and teachers giving us paper assignments. The past four years haven’t been easy, but we’ve made it. I’m so incredibly proud of each and every one of us for persevering and making it to graduation. I wish all of you the very best in all future endeavors and I am so happy to have been able to attend high school with you. Sincerely, Ava Bell 2021 Class President

A Vaccination For Your Education Find information about COVID-19 vaccine requirements for your university next semester Writer

Kylie Harmala

Seniors committed to a college or university next year who are looking forward to getting their typical college experience now have some extra steps to get there. Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, many universities are holding vaccination requirements for returning and new coming students for the 2021 - 2022 school year. In the State of Michigan, many of the colleges and Universities are encouraging students by setting up centers around campus with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Being vaccinated as an incoming or returning college student can give the opportunity to regain the ‘traditional’ college experience. Schools like University of Michigan, Michigan State, Western Michigan University, and Grand Valley State University aren’t requiring students to get vaccinated to return to campus. Although, if not fully vaccinated they have to continually be tested for COVID-19 throughout the year and fill out health forms before entering each building. Yet Oakland University has become one of the first schools to announce that students will be required to be fully vaccinated if they wish to participate in any in-person activities. The University of Michigan has been taking vacant buildings on campus or nearby and turning them into centers for returning and new coming students to receive the Johnson

Picture in front of Pfizer sign after receiving vaccine

and Johnson vaccine. In an email from Mark S. Schlissel, president of the University of Michigan to all members of the university’s community, being staff and students, he listed how students can go about getting their vaccine. “This week, we were pleased to announce opportunities for students to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. We partnered with the state and private pharmacies to bring the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine to our students.” Mark S. Schlissel continued, “We sought out supply of this vaccine because it’s the best option for many students as the semester winds down, as only one shot is needed. It’s one and done.” In hopes to lower the COVID-19 case numbers, Oakland University is requiring students who are hoping to experience college on campus to have the COVID-19 vaccine. As of the beginning of April, they are the first university in the State of Michigan to have this requirement for students. In an email to all faculty and students from Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, the president of Oakland University, stated these requirements for the Fall 2021 school year. “In order to ensure the health and safety of every student resident, students living on campus in residence halls, apartments, and cottages must be vaccinated prior to fall movein on Friday, August 27,” Ora Hirsch Pescovitz wrote. “By immunizing our entire communi-

Picture receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

ty, we can return to pre-pandemic normalcy. This will allow us to repopulate campus, and re-introduce the many unique features of the OU experience, including on-campus dining, attending special events, concerts, and cheering on our Grizzlies sports teams.” If you are a senior committed to a college or university next year, make sure to check out your school’s web page for more information on their vaccination requirements. If you’re going to an out of state school, many pharmacies, urgent cares, stores like Meijer or Kroger’s, and sports stadiums are being used as vaccination centers. Through social media you can find information on where to sign up and where to get put on a waiting list if appointments are all booked. Getting your vaccination can help keep you and others safe, so look online and get your appointment today.


May 21, 2021

Finding Alternative Career Pathways

It’s easy to fall victim to thinking that going to university is the only way to starting your career, but find out many different was you can get involved in career pathways Writer

Kylie Harmala

Trade & Technical College

Motion Picture Institute (MPI) Specs Howard School of Media Arts Northwestern Technological Institute D&S School of Cosmetology Detroit Training Institute of Technology

Careers from Technical Colleges Electrician Cosmetologist Plumber Builder (Construction and Maintenance) Air Conditioning & Cooling Repair Person Chef Dental Hygienist (graduate technical school with an associate degree) Massage Therapist Welder

Community College Oakland Community College (OCC) Schoolcraft College Crane Liberal Arts and Science (Washtenaw Community College) Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD)

Career Pathways from Community Colleges Receive an Associates Degree in the following areas: - Arts, Humanities, and Communications - Business and Technology - Engineering and Manufacturing - Health Services - Human Services - Math and Science



Jobs that require a high school diploma + a certification course Chef Flight Attendant Police Officer Real Estate Agent Personal Trainer Landscaper

Jobs that only require a high school diploma

PHOTO CREDIT: Joe A. Kunzler Photo, AvgeekJoe Productions, growlernoise-AT-gmailDOT-com

Postal Service Worker Customer Service (retail salesperson/fast food) Drivers (bus driver/uber/personal driver) Nanny Waiter/Waitress Janitors


“Douthat Lakeview Restaurant-server” by vastateparksstaff is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

- There are many websites and job centers that will help guide you to internships that can lead you to a career path - Many internships are done in pair with a trade school and some other community college pathways Careers that offer, encourage, or require internships: - Hygienist - Nursing - Communications (media/journalism) - “Hands-on” trades (welding, electrician, plumbing) - Parks and Recreation (national and state park ranger)


March 26, 2021

Different Senior Paths

I definitely don’t want to go to college. I don’t want to have to pay all that money back. I think it’s a huge waste! I plan to find a job to support myself until I really know what I wanna do. -Anansia Paylor

Since I don’t plan to go to college, I’m just going to work until I think of what’s next. There’s no big rush but I’ll figure it out. -Terence Joyce

I wont be going to college. I’m still trying to piece together what it is I want to do. Until then i just want to enjoy my life and find a job for the time being. -Ayanna Scott

I’m going to trade school. I’ll be getting paid to train in the electrician field. Once I take my certification test, I’ll be able to work for other people. Thats my current life plan. -Immanuel Mitchell

I’ll be going to cosmetology school. The course is only a year long. I’ll have my license within a year. Cosmetology cover hair, nails, makeup etc. after that ill be taking esthtictian classes. -London Outlaw




Doctor Health Communications Physical Therapist Nurse Forensic Scientist

Accountant Management consultant Financial Analysts Actuary Healthcare Administrator

Teacher Principal Counselor Curriculum Designer Life Coach



Actor Director Music Producer Choreographer Talent Agent

Social Media Manager Event Planner Brand Manager Public Relations Specialist Media Planner


Alyssa Snead



Psychologist Guidance Counselor Human Resources Social Worker Public Relations Specialist

Architect Urban Planner Interior Designer Landscape Architect Residential Architect

CRIMINAL JUSTICE Lawyer Forensic Psychologist Private Investigator Correctional Counselor FBI Agent

SOCIAL WORK Family Social Worker Counselor Human Services Specialist Probation Officer Healthcare Social Worker

ENGINEERING Software Engineer Mechanical Engineer Computer Engineer Electrical Engineer Automotive Engineer



wbspectrum.com 15

May 21, 2021


Alyssa Snead



☐ Shower shoes ☐ Shower caddy ☐ Bathrobe ☐ Towels

☐ Laundry basket ☐ Laundry detergent ☐ Bleach ☐ Dryer Sheets


SLEEP ☐ Mattress pad ☐ Bed sheets ☐ Comforter ☐ Throw Blanket ☐ Pillow ☐ Pillow cases ☐ Alarm clock

OTHER ☐ Adhesive hooks ☐ Extension cord ☐ Umbrella ☐ Flashlight

☐ Trash can ☐ Fan ☐ Desk chair ☐ Bedside table ☐ Lamp ☐ Rug ☐ Extra seating, such as bean bag ☐ Bulletin Board or calendar ☐ Posters ☐ Small refrigerator

STORAGE ☐ Storage Bins ☐ Hangers ☐ Coat rack ☐ Suitcase/Luggage ☐ Jewelry Box

KITS ☐ Mini toolkit ☐ First Aid Kit ☐ Mini sewing kit


March 26, 2021

wbspectrum.com 11


May 21, 2021

Senior Spotlight: Joseph Landra To write, or not to write... Writer Emerson Hurd

Joseph Landra has always had a passion for writing. As a child, he would write stories and comics about dragons, werewolves, ghosts, and on the less fantastical side, detectives. Landra read and enjoyed stories by Rick Riordan and Christopher Paolini - authors of the Percy Jackson series and The Inheritance Cycle, respectively. Nowadays, Landra’s favorite book is Done in One. He likes the fast pace and the well done twist of the SWAT story by Grant Jerkins and Jan Thomas. Currently, Landra is working on over five different stories. His favorite is The Cards, which in his words is “A revenge story about a man who was betrayed by all of his closest friends because of his own wealth.” “[The Cards is] a novel I’ve been working on for years, and I recently decided to rewrite the entire thing,” he says, “It’s one of the few stories I’ve consistently worked on as I’ve gotten better

at writing. Being able to look back and see what my ideas were and how I executed them is… fun. It makes me feel proud of how far I’ve come.” Despite his growth as a writer, Landra holds himself to impossibly high standards. Like everyone else, he doubts his own ability in the creative field, but even so, he works hard to create well written stories for people to enjoy. His main goals are to create characters that people can connect to, as well as to entertain his readers. In fact, entertaining his readers is one of his key motivators. You can normally find Landra cracking jokes with his friends while finishing his final year in in-person schooling. Despite this, his stories take on a more serious tone. He prefers to write stories about the darker nature of the human psyche. “I write about people who do horrible things without remorse, and I let them do those things to innocent people, because that’s what life is, that’s the reality of everything.” Landra also works on a number of passion projects. His podcast, Chatterbox Talks, talks about a multitude of topics, from mobile phone games to the Black Lives Matter movement. He says that he created his podcast because it seemed fun to be able to talk about topics that interest him to people who wanted to listen. Landra also dreams of one day making a movie, and would one day like to try out acting.

Landra's Lessons to Aspiring Writers 1. Trust your gut - you will know when an idea is good, an idea is bad, or if an idea is uninteresting. If an idea is interesting to you, it’s probably interesting to someone else

2. Know your vision - when Landra starts a new story, he begins with a concept, a general outline, and an ending. In most cases, he is also already aware of the theme and what he wants his story to accomplish, and then it is a matter of free writing.

3. Try not to edit as you go - For most intents and purposes, Landra recommends to begin by word-vomiting your story. He understands that it can be difficult to not change your story as you write it, but you should try to avoid that temptation if possible.

wbspectrum.com 13

Senior Spotlight: Aries Williams On and off the field Writer Miyah Burton

Aries Williams is a seventeen year old point guard for West Bloomfield High school. Williams has been playing basketball for well over a decade. Williams began his basketball career as a young child playing with the Amateur Athletic Union team ‘The Family.’ “I made memories on the court that made me the man I am today off the court.” Williams also described how in the past, he has had a lot of anger built up inside and how basketball was a positive outlet. Williams’ passion arose from star players that played ball in the NBA. These players include Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Steph Curry. Watching the NBA since a toddler, Williams always knew basketball was what he wanted to pursue. While Williams considers himself a team player, he believes that every man must put in their own work. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my team and how we’re able to come together, but when I’m on that court, all I’m focused on is getting that ball in the hoop and sometime, you might have to do it yourself. However, Williams have learned to appreciate the fact that playing the game has helped him to improve his trust. Williams is a tough cookie to break but his teammates have his trust. “I don’t trust easily, but my team mates? I trust them with everything in me. They can get anything from me Because I know they’ll do the same. Playing the game for years, Williams expressed how the love and excitement never faded. When Williams attends college next year, he plans to continue playing to see how far the game can take him.

40 Facts about Aries Williams

1) Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 2) Finds the diagnoses less flattering 3) Lives with his uncle 4) Looks up to his uncle 5) Lived with his uncle since 8th grade 6) Is majoring in biology or psychology 7) Raised in Detroit 8) Has 11 siblings 9) Is a middle child 10) Defines success as being comfortable 11) Williams and his mom clash a lot 12) Lying is one of his deal breakers 13) Zodiac sign is an Aries 14) Is right handed 15) Stands tall at 6’1 16) Is seventeen years old 17) Favorite holiday is Christmas 18) Has a dog 19) Favorite rapper is Lil Baby 20) Favorite sport is basketball

21) When traveling likes to sight see 22) Favorite shoes are Jordan’s 23) Is a night owl 24) Favorite season is Summer 25) Favorite animal is a dog 26) Favorite food is chicken 27) Favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla 28) Has been swimming in a lake 29) Has been out of the country 30) Enjoys to chill 31) Loves to make people laugh 32) Working hard is important to him 33) Believes you should work to live 34) Favorite movie is Friday 35) Enjoys fashion 36) Favorite show Power 37) Has brown eyes 38) Enjoys shopping at Pacsun 39) Afraid of heights 40) Favorite candy is sour patches


May 21, 2021

Senior Spotlight: Ryan Odden After cheering for 4 years Ryan Odden describes her experience. Writer Nneka Amadi The cheer team plays a major role in the liveliness of athletic games. Without them there to cheer on the players and amp up the crowd many games would be very dull. Cheerleading in the fall for the sideline and ends in early March for the competitive season. Senior Ryan Odden has been cheering on the varsity team both sideline and competitive for all four years of high school! It all started because Odden loves to dance. Cheerleading to her was nothing more than dancing with words and chanting at the same time. What really kept her on the team was the fun from all the adrenaline and spirit each game day. Before going out on the field to cheer, each Friday night or before a competitive competition the excitement filled her with joy which made her perform well. Odden says, “I have personally benefited from working on a team for a pretty long time, because it definitely just made me realize working with others isn’t all that bad especially coming from a person who loves to do things individually and be independent.” Odden describes herself as a very outgoing yet shy person. So being a part of the cheer team has influenced and strengthened her outgoing side even more. Odden grew to love the team mainly because there were many challenges that they, as a team, faced together in order to grow, accomplish skills and reach the goals they set. To be more in-depth, one of Odden’s personal challenges with being on the team was injuries. She says, “I had to overcome a bunch of injuries like a concussion, a broken finger, and just trying to keep myself safe. It was a challenge at times especially due to covid-19.” Although Odden had a few injuries throughout the season she definitely had plenty more accomplishments. Some of her main skills and favorite activities all throughout the sport were tumbling and stunting. When asked, sideline or competitive she says, “ I would have to choose sideline over

competitive this is only because sideline is definitely so much fun and it gives you high school vibes and just really good energy cheering for football.” There were also many different fun moments throughout the season that she enjoyed like homecoming, but in particularly she says, “ All I did at practice was fall on my butt because I was so adamant to get my back to work so yes, I’ve had a bunch of embarrassing moments and literally I fell more than I can count at cheer practice but that’s all a part of the sport.” Ryan odden is a hardworking and ambitious athlete who believes that, the word team means “being able to work as a cohesive unit and being able to put aside differences for the sake of each other.” Odden surely plans to further her cheer interests in college especially because it will be a great way to stay in shape. She also would certainly recommend the sport cheer to anyone who’s got lots of courage, positivity, energy and great spirit.

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Senior Spotlight: Rishard Weaver High school Varsity Basketball Player Writer Aries Williams

Weaver at a summer league game

Rishard Weaver is a seventeen year old boy who describes himself as “Fun, energetic, and a caring person” who loves to play basketball and video games. He has been living with his parents all of his life and he says if he was given a chance to change anything about his life, he wouldn’t change a thing. He is totally content with his life. Weaver has a huge passion for the game of basketball and he has been playing for as long as he could remember. His parents (mom) works for the state of Michigan. He also lives with his older brother whom he says, “Is the person that inspires me the most because he is a great guy and awesome role model.” When asked about a huge obstacle that he has faced and dealt with, he said, “The Corona Virus because it caused him to miss his last high school home game.” Weaver is a senior in high school and the only thing he wished he could have changed about his high school experience so far was that he wished he would have taken his freshman year more seriously.

He says this because he feels as if he would have done that, his cumulative grade point average would be much higher than what it is now. After high school he says that he wants to go to college and possibly play ball. He doesn’t know as of right now where he wants to attend school in the fall but he will make a decision fairly soon as the upcoming school year is right around the corner. He has spoken with college coaches such as Central Michigan University and Oakland University so it is just a matter of time before he chooses the school he wants to spend the next four years in. Weaver plans on having “A healthy family and possibly being an engineer” in the next fifteen years of his life. He plans on majoring in psychology in college because it makes him think about things that he shows interests in. When asked what his biggest regret was , he responded with, “I wish I would have gone to a different high school.” By the end of his high school career he wants to have achieved obtaining a basketball scholarship because he has worked very hard his whole life and that would be the gift that shows his work has paid off. Family is his most valuable asset in his life because without them sacrificing everything, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Weaver on the left, hanging out with friends

Fun Facts About Weaver: 1. His height is 5’11” 2. He has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember 3. He has three siblings 4. He is a starter for West Bloomfield High School’s basketball team 5. He has over eighteen pairs of shoes 6. He wants to be a psychologist 7. His dream goal is to play professional basketball 8. He likes to bowl with friends 9. He enjoys playing basketball with his brother and their friends 10.His favorite fast food place to eat is Tropical Smoothie Cafe 11.He has lived in the same home all of his life. 12. He went viral on Tik Tok with his friend Aries Williams and the video has over 1 million views. 13. He plays xbox 14. He hates Chipotle 15. His favorite snack to eat at home is Mott’s fruit snacks.


May 21, 2021

Senior Lakers Favorite High School Memories Writer

Jack Turpen

Ava Bell

Alisha Sanghvi

My favorite memory from high school would be going One of my favorite memories was creating the Maltesers to MIFA states and getting to bond with everyone in the video with Audrey in leadership and winning 3rd place theatre company. and free Beats Earbuds! Another favorite memory was being apart of the Giving Tree committee in leadership and raising more than double our monetary goal! Chloe Bowyer One of my favorite high school memories would be going to the playoff game at ford field my freshman year. Laurine D’Amore The most fun I ever had was going to the state HOSA competition with some others from school. Alana Quirindongo Football games 110% with the atmosphere around it was just so so much fun. Reet Grewal My favorite memory would be the football games. It was just amazing to see all the students coming together to Ava Schulz cheer on our team and doing the chants and screaming on Pep assemblies and dressing up as Lyle. a Friday night.

Rachel Zubrzycki

My very first assembly freshman year because I was on hoco court and it was such a fun new and crazy experience.

Audrey Gunawan

Screaming and singing songs in the car with Ava Bell.

Sophia Mashkevich

My favorite memory is closing night for spring show 2019, the last time we would perform legally blonde and the final time we’d see the seniors of that year. Although many tears were shed, it was one of the best days of our lives.

Karleigh Duffield

My favorite memory would have to be the tropical out in the Swamp. Everyone was dressed up and super excited One of my top memories from high school has to be lunch! So many memories, fun times, and conversations and it made me feel like I was a part of a community. took place in the cafeteria and I’ll cherish them forever.

Margaret Gauss

Anna Vadella

I think one of my favorite memories from high school was Definitely my tennis season! It was so fun being able to the regional meet for cross country my junior year. It was go to tournaments and hanging out with your teammates. freezing cold and so early in the morning, but that meet Especially when it culminated in my senior year where we was where I hit my all time personal record for a 5k, and it was the first time that I felt like I was really capable of celebrated all of our accomplishments. succeeding when it came to running competitively.

Navya Paingol

Tess Kadian

I would probably have to say meeting every morning ju- Alison Lamb nior year in Stro’s room and seeing all of my friends. This It would be doing the dance off for the pep rally sophois definitely something I appreciate/miss a lot now with more year for winterfest. COVID restrictions.

wbspectrum.com 17 Jade Palmos

Autumn Woods

Closing shows of the musicals are my favorite moments in My favorite high school memory was in my 11th grade high school. There’s just something about them, the emo- year when I met my best friend in the entire world. tions are running high and we can see the culmination of our hard work being evident to us. Terrell Thurman I really enjoyed helping peers and helping the freshman Meghan Mak for peer mentorship, helping people has always been my My favorite memories are at the football games. I loved thing!!! seeing everyone hyped up together in the swamp, all dressed up and having fun. I remember feeling like a part Brad Rubin of the student section and feeling so excited to start high My favorite part was the Mario Kart tournament we had school. during sophomore year that I got to hang out with my friends at!

Elijah Burlak

My favorite memory from high school is when McQ walked into class sophomore year wearing a witches costume.

Peyton Capalungan

Some of my favorite memories are the opening and closing nights for the spring musical!

Jada Lee

My favorite memory in high school is being in HOSA and the HOSA states competitions!

Rave Andrews

Every year, I always look forward to homecoming week. I love dressing up for spirit days, attending the football game, and helping build the class float.

Savannah Dodson

My favorite high school memory has been doing the plays and musicals and the friends that I’ve made through theatre.

Aiden Vance

My favorite high school memory would have to be any of the home football games. Just getting together with the people I love to be with while watching and cheering for our team together was so much fun.

Grant Lenton

My favorite high school memory was when I was at U of D my sophomore year. They always have one big varsity basketball game where all the students at the school are expected to watch. The stands are full and the crowd is always cheering.



March 26, 2021

Senior Last Words Writer

London Outlaw

I’ve been ready to graduate since middle school so high school didn’t make it any better. But, I will say after freshman year, it went by quick. -London Outlaw

Though school was draining I still enjoyed it. I made friends that I’ll happily continue my journey with and for that, I’m grateful. -Ayanna Scott I had fun here. My most memorable experience was playing for the football team. That team is now my family, forever. -Immanuel Mitchell

High school was a very crazy experience. I’m not gonna lie though, I had fun. All while still not letting distractions get in my way with school work. -Alex Kirk

Honestly I hated high school. I was never a morning person. However, my friends did make my experience better. -Anansia Paylor I’m glad this is my last year, nothing like all your work finally paying off. -Pierson Horne I put in effort and it is finally paying off. Goodbye, West Bloomfield! -Lauren Jordan

wbspectrum.com 19

FromSpectrum To You

Congratulations, it is through four years of endless hard work and preparation for the day you would walk into independence and adult hood. Through the camera lenses, mics, and voices of Spectrum, we have spent restless nights and relentless hours capturing the true beauty and essence the Class of 2021 has brought into West Bloomfield High School. Continuing to raise the standard and surpass societal boundaries, Seniors you have made the biggest impact in this world. As you step one foot closer towards your goals and aspirations, remember the importance and weight you hold in a world where you will one day lead. Creating a larger footprint for other generations to fill, your flawless work ethic and creativity has become the most consequential and inclined work we have ever seen. Contained within every page of this Spectrum Issue is a memorialized moment for you to carry within your heart, mind, and hands. On behalf of the West Bloomfield High School Spectrum Newspaper, we would like to wish the Class of 2021 a successful lifetime of triumph and beyond. -


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Spectrum Vol 34 Issue 4  

Spectrum Vol 34 Issue 4  


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