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DEJA VU X2 TEAM SERVER® Having elected to employ most advanced information technologies, in our work we use the server-based CAT system by ATRIL. The essence of the system is creating translation memories which store previously translated source texts and their target language equivalents in a central database (TM) and which re-create related segments while translating new texts in order to streamline translation and increase consistency of translations.




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Decreasing costs (translations from 19 PLN per page). Large volumes of translations in a short time (up to 250 pages per day). Ensuring consistent style and terminology (creating lexicons and termbases). Preserving the source structure of files (e.g. XML, HTML, SGML). Possibility of importing translations automatically to DTP programs (Adobe In Design, Quark). Preserving the source text formatting. Conversion of PDF files into editable text formats. Building dedicated translation memories. Possibility of using both translation memories and Client terminology

For more information contact our call centre on: 0 801 540 440

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Leaflet describing Team Server services rendered by mLingua - a Polish translation company

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