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What is Document Imanaging ? Document Imaging means the process of making electronic copies of paper documents. It is now considered as an essential element of modern day business. Business documents are prolific in nature. Manage this documents in paper in not only difficult but impossible. Document imaging is the best solution to this problem. As documents are prolific in nature they become vast within a short span of time. How will you manage them? You can say that you will arrange them orderly in the shelves. Imagine how many shelves you really need. The number will increase with the passage of time. Now imagine how many rooms you really need how much money and labor you need to maintain them. But the big question is security. How can you manage these huge documents with proper security? It is quit impossible. The best way to manage these documents with proper security and with proper arrangement is managing them electronically. You can ensure the safety of your business papers by creating electronic copies of important papers, diagrams, and pictures which is known as document imaging system. Document imaging system has not only changed the way of companies’ document storing system but also made it easier to retrieve data when need. It converts paper documents to digital content and stores the resulting information in a central computer server. Loss and damage are the main problems that are associated with paper are eliminated by Document Imaging Software. More importantly good document imaging systems store more than just digital images of the documents.

What Is Document Imaging ?