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Know About Employee Management Software Employee management software enhances the efficiency of keeping track of employee information and managing their performance. You have to maintain employee information to meet both legal and business requirements. Maintaining this information manually suffers from drawbacks like:  Difficulty of retrieval, as

you typically have to retrieve paper files from filing cabinets, and go through several or many records to find what you are looking for  Ease of damage, as paper records can get damaged during long storage from environmental factors like humidity  Greater chances of loss from pilferage, fire, loss in transit, etc Computer-based records managed through employee management software can be retrieved quickly at your workstation from a central server. Safeguards such as regular backups, and storing the backups at a separate location, can minimize the chances of data loss. Computer-based records can also be protected against unauthorized access and manipulation through the use of passwords and permissions. Let us now look at the kind of information and tools that employee management software can provide. Employee Information  Basic information: information such as name, address, date of birth, social    

security number, photo, phone and email Employment information: employment start date, employee id, position, department, location, work phone, tax-related and other essential information Compensation information and history: basic pay, performance-linked pay, incentives, tax deductions, pay increases and compensation history Vacation and leave information: vacation computations and scheduling, sick leave and other absences Performance related information: performance appraisals, achievements, supervisor ratings, counseling programs, training programs and other relevant information Benefit plans: benefit computations, pension contributions and other benefits details

 Employee documents: scanned copies of paper documents such as employment

application and tax declarations  Employee separation: separation letter, and other separation related information  Notes: any other information that is considered worthy of noting down

Employee Communications Human Resources management software can facilitate employee communications through the readily available mailing address, phone numbers and emergency numbers. Standard templates for different kinds of communications can be prepared by competent persons and used as such or with suitable modifications on relevant occasions. Facilities like email, mass-mailing and instant messaging can also improve communications with employees. Emails can be stored under employee records to maintain a history. Employee Management In addition to maintaining information, employee management software can have tools that facilitate day-to-day management, such as attendance recording and timekeeping. Timekeeping can be moved to work areas from factory gates for better control over actual work times. Another facility offered by good employee management software is the ability to document employment related policies, employee forms, employee handbooks, job specifications & descriptions and appraisal checklists. Communicating policies, job expectations and appraisal results to employees is an important employee management task. Employees need to know what is expected of them before they can try to meet the expectations. Employee Scheduling Where employees have to work in shifts, scheduling their work times can become a complex task. Employee management software can be configured to consider all relevant issues and generate schedules quickly. Facilities can also be incorporated to modify the schedule for individual employees in case of necessity. I recommend search at software directory here is some useful site list. Employee management software Business Management Software Guide Document Management Software

Employee management software  

Employee management software enhances the efficiency of keeping track of employee information and managing their performance. You have to ma...

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