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Handmade Baby Shower Party Favors: Great Way to Customize the Party     

Organizing a personalized Baby shower is the best way of making it magical. Handmade favors are a great way to make baby shower party personalized. In this busy world it is difficult to think about hand making favors. But if are in a budget, hand made favors are the best choice as they are not expensive. For instance, making handmade favors are not time consuming. Small candy pouches are one of the easiest but favorite baby shower party favors to make. Everybody loves candy. If you think about something to give out that will be loved by all, try candy pouches. Place your favorite candies in a round cut of tulle. Take care that the shade of the tulle should match your baby shower color scheme. Secure the tulle with a coordinating ribbon, and voila. Use your own taste and imagination to make cute candy pouches. Baked goods are another wonderful handmade baby shower party favor. Make some cute baby shapes, like carriages or pacifiers, sugar cookies. By icing and decorating you can make them even more beautiful. Use clear plastic bags and ribbons to decorate them. Secure the cookies with a ribbon after placing them in a clear plastic bag. You can use your creativity to make the packing more beautiful. Apart from edible baby shower party favor there are other handmade baby shower party favors like Washcloth bouquets, soap and candles that you can make. Washcloth bouquets are another great idea for handmade favors. By coordinating with the decor of your baby shower, purchase washcloths in different shades. You will also require strong green pipe cleaners. Create a flower by wrapping the washcloths around the pipe cleaner. Secure it with florists’ wire. Create a bouquet by putting couple of these together. Another wonderful handmade baby shower party favor is soap. Kits for making soap is available in the local craft store. Making soap is easier than other things. It will also provide you a lot of fun and guests might love it. It is easy to use your imagination with the color, scents and other additions of the soap. You can also make candles instead of soaps as your handmade baby shower party favors. Candles are easy to make and everyone likes them. Coordinate the color of the candles with the color scheme of your party. Simply adorn them with ribbons you can make them more festive. More info about Baby shower at

Handmade Baby Shower Party Favors: Great Way to Customize the Party  

Organizing a personalized Baby shower is the best way of making it magical. Handmade favors are a great way to make baby shower party person...

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