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Should you buy a Separate Car Insurance for your Insured Car? If you have an insurance policy for the car you use for personal purposes, you will have to buy a separate insurance for your car when you will use for rental propose. Like any other insurance, the car insurance is sometimes a tricky affair. Suppose you have Auto insurance for your car. But if you use this car for rental purposes, your old insurance policy will not work. If you use your personal vehicle for rental proposes, you can bring it under insurance in two separate ways. The first and the easiest way to do it are to add it to your existing policy for the amount of time you'll use it for rental propose. The other way to do it is to buy a separate policy that will cover any kinds of losses during you use the car for rental proposes. Thus, be sure that you have full coverage on the care that you own and use for private as well as rental proposes. Fore more information about cheap car insurance and get insurance quote visit

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To konw why you need car insurance?

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