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INVASIVE SPECIES 15-17 April 2013 CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS Be a part of the next ethology Investigates online conference where researchers will present new theories and discuss recent findings on the behavior of invasive species and their impact on the host environment. Animals today are regularly confronted with novel situations – destruction of habitat, introduction of new predators or new food sources. Studies on invasive species can yield critical insights into evolutionary theory, behavioral ecology, community ecology, developmental physiology, and conservation practice. This three-day event will showcase talks, original articles, and posters on the behavior, physiology, ecology, and impact of invasive species as they interact with native biota. Mark Hauber (Hunter College/CUNY) will host the meeting with co-organizers Phill Cassey (University of Adelaide), Naomi Langmore (Australian National University), and Bard Stokke (NTNU Norway). We invite you to submit proposals for talks, papers and posters. Original papers will undergo peer review; accepted manuscripts will be published in the journal ETHOLOGY. For additional information and to submit your paper, suggested talk or poster, contact Mark Hauber . The deadline to submit an expression of interest is November 30, 2012. The conference will be held 15-17 April 2013. Photo: Portraits of 9 Polistes dominulus paper wasps. Photo reproduced by permission of Liz Tibbetts.

Ethology Investigates: INVASIVE SPECIES  

JOIN THE NEXT ethology Investigates Online Conference on INVASIVE SPECIES

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