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Company Presentation

October, 2012

The Meaning of Epos – The Tale of Swiss Watch Making An „epos“ is a tale of heroic deeds and events significant to a culture or nation. With complications that are based on vintage constructions of finest Swiss watch makers, EPOS lives up to the myth of Swiss artistry in watch making and tells the “epos” of Swiss watch makers’ heroic deeds.

Watch maker decorating a movement


Philosophy – Artistry in Watch Making Focus on sophisticated complications in an affordable price range to address watch collectors without neglecting the classical mechanical watch consumers.


Core Competence – Complicated Mechanical Watches • Strong focus on sophisticated mechanical watches • Proprietary complications with innovative functions • Decoration and modification of standard Swiss movements


Price Segment – Affordable Price Range

• Core collection retail prices range from €700 to €3000 • Some master pieces with higher price points (e.g. Tourbillon, 5Minutes Repeater)


Market Positioning – A strong Value Proposition Premium Price Patek






Tissot Mido

Reasonable Price 6

History – A Success Story

• Since the very beginning, Epos is in close collaboration with watch engineers from James Aubert SA, a company with roots back to 1925 • The company was founded by Peter Hofer, a renowned mechanical watch expert in 1983 • During the last 30 years, the company earned a reputation as innovative mechanical watch manufacturer • Take-over by the Chonge-Forster family in 2002, a family with strong roots in the Swiss watch industry


Memberships – Epos is deep-seated in the Swiss Watch Industry Epos is member of: • • • •

Swiss Watch Federation Chamber of Commerce of the Canton of Berne Trade and Industry Association of the Canton of Berne Committee member of the Swiss watch exhibitors at Baselworld


Geographic Footprint – Epos is a Global Brand • Epos’ main markets are Eastern Europe and Asia


Gents’ Collection ranges from Classic…


…over Sportive Models…


‌to Masterpieces with Complications


Pocket Watches are an important Item in the Epos Line-Up


Ladies’ Watches to complete the Collection


Sales Points all over the World

Corporate Design for shop-in-shops: Logo Color: White, yellow-gold, white neon letters Background Color: black (mat or shiny) Pictures: Epos watches (download: 15

Global Marketing Activities


Brand Ambassadors For classical watches:

Josef Skarka Opera singer

For sportive watches:

Mike Schmid Ski-cross gold medallist Vancouver 2010 17

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History – The Knowledge of the Legendary Swiss Watch Engineers in early 1900… You might say that the origins of the EPOS Company date back to 1925. In that year, James Aubert formed his watch company in the Vallée de Joux, known as the centre of the mechanical watch world. He was an passionate mechanical watch engineer, who dedicated his life to developing new watch mechanisms. James Aubert

James Aubert was a master of his art and spent most of his efforts focusing on technical developments of chrono-graphs and minute repeaters. He had first acquired his skills working as an engineer for the former watch movement manufacturers “Valjoux” and “Landeron“.


History – …Handed down over Generations…

In the true watchmakers’ tradition, he handed down his knowledge to his nephew Jean Aubert and his son-in-law, Jean Fillon, who still is a consultant for movement modifications at EPOS today. In his workshop many of EPOS’ own developments for complicated watches were created. Selected examples are the jumping hour, the power reserve indication, the big date, the regulator and the regulator with the phases of the moon.


History – …To form Epos as we know it today In the early 1980s, the success story of the traditional Swiss watch came to a standstill. The new quartz technology radically changed the face of the watch industry. Nobody wanted to produce mechanical watches any longer, with the notable exception of a few luxury brands. Peter Hofer, a long-established expert in Swiss watch making, was one of the few who still believed in the future of the mechanical watch. Therefore he started to look for experienced mechanical watch engineers in Vallée de Joux and met Jean Fillon. With the support of Jean’s deep knowledge in developing mechanical complications, Peter decided to establish Montres EPOS SA in order to reanimate the artistry in Swiss watch making.

Peter M. Hofer


History – Dedicated to fascinating Complications for 30 Years From the very beginning, EPOS has been a brand for mechanical watches with interesting innovations. For 30 years, it remained faithful to its vision, developing stunning collections incorporating fascinating mechanisms, always in close cooperation with Jean Fillon.

Jean Fillon


History – Stunning Functions on Swiss Base Movements The heart of each EPOS watch is its mechanical movement. The basic mechanisms, which come from renowned Swiss manufacturers, are then assembled by the EPOS watchmakers, who add special functions and stunning decorations. Once completed, the movement is very carefully decorated.


History – True Artistry in Watchmaking EPOS offers high-quality mechanical watches with interesting functions but still at an affordable price. Finished with loving care, according to the traditional Swiss watchmakers’ heritage, they deserve to be called „Artistry in Watchmaking“.


Epos Milestones 1987 Reintroduction of skeleton manual winding model on Calibre P. 7040 and UT 6497 1988 Development of a regulator module on Calibre P. 7046 1989 Development of a power reserve indication on Calibre P. 7046 1990 Reintroduction of skeleton automatic winding model on Calibre ETA 2892-2 1991 Development of a regulator module with the phases of the moon on Calibre P. 7046 89-92 Development of the Hundertwasser pocket watch in collaboration with Edition MANUS

1997 Development of a full calendar with the phases of the moon module on Calibre UT 6497 2000 Development of a big date on Caliber UT 6497 26

Epos Milestones 2002 Development of a date-pointer and small second hand at 8 o’clock on Calibre ETA 2824 2003 Reintroduction ref. 3340 Edition Antiquité with historical 8-day movement with new case 2004 Winner of the „Goldene Unruh“ for ref. 3340 Edition Antiquité

2005 Introduction of ref. 3375 “One Minute Flying Tourbillon”


Epos Milestones 2006 Development of Retrograde Minute UT 6497 2007 Development of Big Date Verticale UT 6497 2009 Development of GMT based on two movements ETA 2671

2010 Development of Jumping Hour at 3 o’clock ETA 2892 2011 Development of 3391 Blue Sky Watch based on DD9000


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