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officers, “Is this the university telling tailgaters to do this or UPD?” That’s when I learned very quickly that you are not allowed to ask the UPD questions. In the end I still wanted to watch the game, so I packed up the tailgate. However, I left with the opinion that I had suffered out and out harassment. Further, I felt that it would lead to me being handcuffed if I questioned the UPD further.

No Beef needed at my Tailgate This issue is all about tailgating. I have been tailgating at Texas State for a long time, back when it was me and two or three other tents in the parking lot. Now the tailgating has grown and I can usually gauge how full the stands are going to be by the look of the parking lot at noon. It is no secret I love to tailgate, but something happened last year that made me want to keep my maroon and gold Bobcat tent in its sheath. That something was the University Police Department. Last year they were shutting down tailgating early and telling students, fans and alumni in the east side parking lot to put up their equipment and either go into the game or go home. Never mind that this was not happening on the west side. While that bothered me, what irked me more was this action had never been done in prior years. Thanks to the big gap in the middle of the parking lot, UPD was driving around the parking lot with their lights on and horns screeching telling everyone to pack it up with more than 30 minutes left until kickoff. Why?

The harassment didn’t end there, either. Later, the same officer I had questioned saw me on the alumni side walking up the hill (you know, the green grass slope on the side of the stadium where all the little kids tumble down) to go to my seats. He proceeded to order me down off the hill and told me I was not allowed to walk up the hill. Right?! How much do you want to bet that if I had never questioned the officer’s actions I would have been just fine walking up the side of that hill, as people have been doing every game since the stadium was erected? I don’t know what he accomplished except maybe getting an ego boost.


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Thankfully by the end of the season I was not the only one complaining about this new police state at the tailgates. Many alumni came forth and vocalized their displeasure, one even being an Austin Police Officer who thought UPD needed to back off. I have been told it will be different this year. Time will tell, but the one thing I don’t need at my spot this year is UPD bringing their BEEF to my tailgates. Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. -Thomas Jefferson

When they crashed our Alumni based party I asked the police

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THE T i d b i t s

TCU Tailgating The TXST Alumni Association is having a pre-game reception for all Bobcat fans traveling to the TCU game on September 19th. A $40 package gets a fan a ticket to the game as well as a BBQ buffet with beverages at the Alumni Tent. The mingling starts at 4pm with kickoff at 6pm. To RSVP go to for more info. But if you are looking for a Bobcat hangout before 4pm, well then Snookies on 2755 South Hulen is the place for you. members organized this party with the intent of taking over this local watering hole. Drink specials all day and word on is there will be some “Bobcat” themed bar drinks for the fans. Last years party was epic so you might not want to miss this one. Or you can set up your own tailgate at TCU in the parking lots between the baseball and soccer stadiums for $15. Crowds in this area vary from game to game and is on a first come, first serve basis. Tailgate there, walk through the famed Frog Alley and visit our Alumni tent on the way to the Stadium. Bobcats pack up and make your way to Ft. Worth on Sept. 19th and show these horny toads how Texas State parties before a game. Show ‘em State!

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A cup of joe with a side of Bobcat Pride. Aaron Gadberry (TXST ’05) took a picture while on vacation in front of the very first Starbucks in Seattle located at the world famous Pike Place Market, you know, the place where they throw fish around. Thanks for spreading your Bobcat Pride and sharing it with us. If you have a photo of yourself throwing Show ‘em State or reading BobcatFans Magazine in an interesting dwelling, we want to share it with our readers. Send your best shots to

In the Know One of the Best last Eleven Years

First Word with Larry Teis

TXST’s Athletic Director We are entering this season as champions! This has been one of the busiest and most rewarding times since I came to the university 11 years ago. We are on track for the completion of the West Side expansion project at Bobcat Stadium, and all of our fall sports teams are preseason favorites to win Southland Conference championships. Join the band, Strutters, cheerleaders and our department for the opening ceremony of the West Side complex at Bobcat Stadium on Saturday, September 5, at 2 p.m. Be among the first Bobcat fans to see the Legacy Suite and Champions Club seating (including the president’s own suite) and the fantastic view from the top of the stadium. Wear your walking shoes! But most important: Stay for our first game beginning at 6. We’ll have fireworks, a flyover, halftime presentations and some surprises you won’t want to miss. Please show your support for Bobcat Athletics by attending football, volleyball and soccer games. You may purchase season tickets and join the Bobcat Club. All of our sport schedules and ticket purchasing instructions are located on-line at or call 512.245.2114 to receive more information. Suite and Club seat sales continue to be a top priority for our department, and I would like to thank all of our fans who have assisted us and secured themselves great seats by

purchasing tickets in the new West Side complex. I want to take this opportunity to thank the J. Garland Warren family, who just this past week, committed to purchase one of our new legacy suites. We will continue to market and sell both the suites and club seats until the start of the season, and hope that the next few weeks will continue to generate new sales for both seating options. These sales are very important for future stadium expansion, and if you or anyone you know are interested in these new seating options please contact our department for more information. During the summer, members of our External Operations staff also spent a great deal of time focusing on our corporate partnerships. I am very pleased that we are projecting over half a million dollars in corporate support, and in the past month secured strategic partnerships with several new and existing partners, including HEB and Central Texas Medical Center. This past month has also seen the arrival of new and old faces to our Bobcat basketball program. I would like to welcome new Bobcat basketball assistant coaches Rob Flaska, Terrence Rencher and Eric Brand to our program. Their wealth of coaching and playing experiences will be a major asset to our team. Both Coach Davalos and I are very pleased with staff he was able to put together this summer. Finally, congratulations are in order for former men’s basketball player and current member of the NBA’s Indiana Pacers Jeff Foster. Saturday Jeff joined several other Bobcat athletes and hundreds of Texas State students as he completed his degree in Applied Arts. We are very pleased that Jeff earned his degree after so many successful seasons in the NBA.

New Bar Hours & New Jobs

Jones Report City Councilman Place 4

Bobcats of the world unite! I am proud and happy to be a Bobcat. I want to welcome back those Bobcats who visited their home away from home this summer. While you were away a few things have changed, most notably the San Marcos bar hours. I am sure you heard before you left that the San Marcos City Council passed an ordinance creating extended hours for the sale of alcohol between the hours of 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM. Months before this passage the council put together a 2:00 AM implementation task force, which was charged with addressing problems that could impact the successful transition from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM. The Task Force recommended closing high traffic streets around the Central Business District. They also requested permission from Hays County to use their parallel parking spots on the Hopkins side of the County Court House for bus, taxi and SWAT service for those needing a ride home.  The task force encourages all San Marcos Citizens and downtown patrons not to drink and drive. Instead, call a cab, call SWAT or get on a bus; save your life and someone else’s. In addition the Task Force also recommended additional police coverage for downtown between

the hours of Midnight and 2:00 AM. The task force has also asked the city manager to launch a “Don’t Drink and Drive” education campaign.  The task force was also concerned with lighting in certain areas and has recommended that city staff look into and address these issues. Finally, the taskforce recommended that behavioral statistics be gathered and analyzed in January and again one year after implementation.  If you would like to see the final report from the Task Force, you can find it on the City of San Marcos website. San Marcos is also proud and happy to welcome Grifols to the city. Grifols is a company that  provides research, development, manufacturing and marketing of plasma derivates, IV therapy, enteral nutrition (feeding tubes), diagnostic systems and medical materials for the bioscience, diagnostic and hospital sectors. The company will create 190 new jobs and generate more than $76 million in capital investment.  Operations in San Marcos will be developed in two phases, beginning with a new plasma testing laboratory. The company will continue to expand the company’s operations with a fractionation plant that will manufacture life saving medicines derived from human plasma to supplement its current facility in California. Upon completion of the second phase, Grifols will be the first company in the industry to have two fractionation plants in the nation. I believe this is a step in the right direction for San Marcos. It is my hope that this opportunity will allow more Bobcats to stay in San Marcos upon graduation. In closing, remember: “The eyes of Texas are not upon you but they are looking up to you because Bobcats are the Stars of Texas!”

I look forward to seeing everyone soon as our athletic events start back up. Go Bobcats!

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2009 Gadgets Review Tailgating is quickly becoming as much of the reason for going to a game as the game itself. Nothing says, “Hey ladies come hang out with me!” like a cool tailgate set up and, of course, plenty of adult beverages. BobcatFans once again scoured the internet for the latest tailgating products and put them to use for you, the fan. These are some of our favorites.

The Wine “Rack” There’s no way to discuss this without offending someone, so here we go anyway. Ladies, turn an A cup into double D’s and sport your favorite beverage for yourself and your friends! Better than a boob job and much cheaper too! Not to mention the 5-0 can’t frisk you without fear of a lawsuit. This very comfortable sports-style bra has a special pocket that holds a bust-enhancing bladder filled with the drink of your choice! The Wine Rack can be filled with up to 25 ounces of fluid and emptied through a convenient bitelocked tube. So let the good times flow while increasing your cup size 2 full cups! Don’t worry about deflating as you drink... simply blow into the drinking tube and inflate to your desired fullness. We give The Wine Rack 9 out of 10 on the Bubbly in your Jubblies scale. Price: $29.95 Official website:

Cruzin’ Cooler

The Sports Fan Tailgate Table

Tailgator Gas-Powered Blender

Suction Koozies!

For the lazy tailgater in all of us, this cooler is on wheels. Plus you are not going to pull it, you get to ride the motorized tub of ice! It comes in gas and electric versions with extensive color options. You can zip around the parking lot at a top speed of 15mph and maybe even pick up a TXST Hottie along the way. This novelty item even gets great gas mileage and has a range of up to 15 miles of travel. No other tailgating item screams, “Hey look at me, I like attention and I hate to walk!” like the Cruzin’ Cooler. Sure it might set you back a few bucks, but the perks are well worth it. So go ahead – cruise around the parking lot on your Cruzin’ Cooler and be the envy of tailgaters everywhere! Price starts at $399.00 Official Website:

The big day has finally arrived and it’s time to tailgate, but time and space is not on your side because you were out too late Friday night and the parking lot is close to full at Bobcat Stadium. No worries! The Sports Fan Tailgate Table is designed to be the perfect balance of expansive table surface in a lightweight, easy to set-up format that allows for quick set-up and space-saving options. This table can hold up to 50 lbs, comes in four colors (sorry, maroon or gold are not available) and attaches directly to your hitch. BobcatFans tested this model and found it a great set-up for those with a smaller tailgating party and a must for traveling to away games. Price start at $90.00 Official Website:

Who hasn’t wanted to make a Margarita in the parking lot before a game, at the beach or just so you don’t have to leave the couch? Well then, this blender is the answer to all of your wishes. The TailGator Blender is a beastly gaspowered machine that allows you to blend great cocktails anywhere you can carry it, with no need for electricity. Beware, you may make more friends than you bargain for as the distinct chainsaw sound will attract any curious person nearby. Then, after they marvel at your “Big Boy Toy,” they’ll be begging for a drink. Remember to serve the ladies first. If this blender doesn’t amuse those around you then you need to find new people to hang with. Price: $369.95 Offical Website:

No more spilling your drink or getting it knocked over at a tailgate. The Octopus Suction Coolie will stick to any smooth, clean surface such as fiberglass, Plexiglas, glass, metal and plastic! The eight suction cups on the base will keep your beverage from spilling even when plastered to the hood of your rig while moving from one end of the parking lot to the other. It is made of rubber and will not harm surfaces. Available in numerous colors and can be customized with a logo. Price as low as $5 per Koozies. Official Website:

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Out of Conference Match Ups By: Max Strickler

Angelo State September, 5th The Bobcats open the season against the Angelo State Rams from the Divison II Lone Star Conference. Texas State fans will remember the Rams from 2008’s home opener that turned out to be a nail-biter. This season, the Bobcats are hoping for a different type of game. Look for a more polished performance by Senior Bobcat Quarterback Bradley George, along with a hefty dose of running game courtesy of Karrington Bush and Alvin Canady. Angelo State returns Quarterback Josh Neiswander who after starting all 10 games as a Sophomore in 2007, went down with a season ending leg injury in the 4th Quarter of last year’s game against Texas State. The Angelo State defense returns 3 starters on the Defensive Line and 3 starters in the Linebacking corp. Although the Bobcats scored only 21 points in last year’s game, look for the Bobcat offense to be the talk of the game. If all goes according to Coach Wright’s plan, Bradley George should be sitting on the bench halfway through the third quarter, allowing Bobcat fans to see backup QB Tim Hawkins finish off the first victory of 2009 in Bobcat Stadium. Prediction: Bobcat rough up the Rams 42-17.

Texas Christian September, 19th If Angelo State was supposed to be a warm-up game for Texas State, than the Bobcats are the same for the TCU Horned Frogs. After an 11-2 season last year, with losses to only BCS bowl teams Oklahoma and undefeated Utah, the Horned Frogs ended the year ranked #7 in both the AP and Coaches Polls. On Offense, TCU returns 7 starters, including QB Andy Dalton who has compiled 19 wins as a starter in just two years with the program. On Defense, TCU returns 5 starters, led by Consensus All-American Defensive End, Jerry Hughes. Last season Hughes put constant pressure on opposing quarterbacks with an astounding 15 sacks and 6 forced fumbles. Speed can be a neutralizing factor in games against big-time opponents, and this Bobcat team has plenty of it. However, playing a close game will be a tall order for the Bobcats and I’m sure the Bobcat Coaches are hoping for no injuries and a game where all TXST fans and players can leave with their heads held high. Prediction: Horned Frogs sting Bobcats 44-19.

Texas Southern September, 26th The Tigers are coming back for seconds at Bobcat Stadium after they lost a high-scoring shootout 63-39 last season. TSU Senior Quarterback Bobby Reid accounted for an eye-popping 525 yards and 5 TDs in last year’s game. Luckily, with the absence of Reid, that kind of offensive power is gone from the Tigers this season. After amassing a 4-8 record, only 12 starters are returning for the Tigers, 6 on both offense and defense. If anyone will be a thorn in the Bobcat’s paws this game, it will be Senior WR and Return Specialist William Osbourne. Osbourne was recently named a 2009 Pre-Season All-American by the Sports Network. Bobcat special teams will need to be fast and hit hard, as Osbourne had 891 kick off return yards and 349 punt return yards last year. He also eclipsed the 1,000 yard receiving mark in his role as WR. The Tigers will first need to find a suitable QB to replace Bobby Reid before they have any hopes of stealing a game from the Bobcats. Prediction: Don’t look for the upset in this game as the Bobcats should beat the Tigers 59-17.

Southern Utah October, 3rd Coming off of a 4-7 season the SUU Thunderbirds will meet the Bobcats for the 10th time since 1995. Before the Cats 2008 loss in San Marcos, the home team had won every game in the series, currently making the all-time record 5-4 in favor of the Thunderbirds. SUU has lost 11 starters from last year’s squad, but the biggest loss was starting QB Cody Stone. Oregon Transfer Cade Cooper is expected to take over the Quarterback position. The biggest playmaker that the Bobcat defense needs to keep an eye on is All-American WR Tyson Poots. Last season Poots had over 1,200 yards with 83 receptions and 14 TDs. However, the Bobcat secondary this year is stacked and ready for a challenge, which Poots will certainly provide. Look for the Bobcats to even up the series and steal a game from the Thunderbirds. Prediction: Bobcats grill the Thunderbirds 34-28

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Mishak Rivas

Ranked second among team leaders in receiving with 40 catches for 625 yards and three touchdowns

Photo by: Luciano Guerra

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Sept. 5th Sept. 19th Sept. 26 Oct. 3rd Oct. 10th

vs. Angelo St at TCU vs. Texas Southern at Southern Utah vs. Southeastern LA*

6pm 6pm 6pm 2pm 2pm

Oct. 17th Oct. 24th Oct. 31st Nov. 7th Nov. 14th Nov. 21st vs. Sam Houston State*

at Nicholls * at Northwestern State* vs. Stephen F. Austin* at Central Arkansas* vs. McNeese State * 2pm

1pm 7pm 2pm 6pm 6pm

* Conference Televised games

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Champions The Year of

By: Robert Wood

14 | BobcatFans Magazine

Photos by: Texas State Media Relations

The 2008-2009 sports season was indeed a great time to be a Bobcat. Conference championships went to Texas State in volleyball, soccer, football, softball and baseball, with football, soccer, softball and baseball all making post-season appearances as well. Texas State women’s cross country and men’s golf also made NCAA regional appearances. That kind of success all in one season over the entire program means there is a lot of excitement, not just in coaches’ offices but on campus, as we are starting to see the beginning of the future of Bobcat athletics. The future is that of a winner with the facilities to match the power program that is beginning to take shape. With that success, however, there were setbacks. Most of the post season appearances were one and done with teams not making it out of the first round. “It certainly didn’t end like we wanted it to” said baseball coach Ty Harrington, “but certainly in between had a lot of great moments and a lot of fun moments.” Harrington’s team was special. “They were a lot of fun to coach. We really had tremendous, tremendous team chemistry.” It’s a team that set a record for total number of wins. The Bobcats were also one of only two Division I baseball teams in Texas to have over 40 wins (the other one up the road played for the national championship.) Similar success was seen right next door in the new softball stadium. Coach Ricci Woodward’s team beat every ranked team they played at least once and made some noise in the NCAA Regional’s but again fell in the first round. “We put ourselves in a great spot winning that first game and beating the top seed. I think we were close this

year and I’m not real sure what pushes us over the edge to be real honest with you. I think we’re right there.” So with the start of a new college sports season upon us, what do you do for an encore? Continue to improve not only the individual programs but the athletic program as a whole, and that is happening. “Success breeds success I think,” said Woodward. “It’s the same as I feel about hittingit’s contagious; and when somebody starts winning it’s a little bit easier to jump on that wagon.” In some cases winning alone isn’t enough to bring the whole program up to that next level, the level that we as Bobcat fans want and expect. “We’re still having to spend a lot of time as coaches fundraising and trying to raise money for our programs just so we can travel and play outside of our conference. We’re still having to pay minimum wage salaries to assistant coaches,” said Woodward. “We all would like to get to that next level but I do think it’s still a little bit tougher to compete against that big time university that is still a little bit ahead of us on some things. I think this year we proved there’s no reason we can’t compete against them but it’s hard to do that year in and year out.” All you have to do is drive around the campus and see the new facilities that are complete or being built to know that money is flowing into this athletic program to start that push up. That construction is also raising the excitement level of every Bobcat (if you haven’t seen the new football stadium just wait until you do). “You can see with the construction and the building of the baseball/softball complex, you can see with the construction of the football stadium, you can see just when you walk through the heart of our campus alone all the different construction,” said Harrington. “I think the

momentum of what this university is doing with the athletic department right now is huge. I don’t know that there’s a university in the state of Texas that has the momentum that we have in our athletic department and our university.” One problem with getting excited is that you lose patience. All of us, including myself, want to see Texas State become a powerhouse in every sport and be feared by opponents every time we walk on a playing field or court. Like the building of these new facilities, however, that doesn’t happen overnight. “You don’t wake up one day and decide you’re going to be a big time athletic department and snap your fingers and that happens,” said Harrington. “There are steps you have to take. There are opportunities you have to create. You have to go out and find your path. It does take enormous resources to do it. You go back and look at the top athletic programs in the country; their resources are really really high. We’re going to find our path. We’re going to find our way to kind of niche out our way into big time athletics and it’s going to be fun.” Of course when a coach talks about resources they are talking money and without a $100 million Texas budget to work with, money is always an issue. “Winning helps. It can only help in bringing in more sponsorships. I think we have to continue to win if we want to continue going in that direction,” said Woodward. “I also think that’s going to be one of those battles that I don’t know how you get to the top.” Of course all of this moving up and success and drive to get more money continues to put pressure on coaches and players as we, the fans, adopt the Al Davis “Just win baby” philosophy. Woodward says “I think the challenge for this year for Texas State athletics is to continue that winning tradition. Now everybody expects it.”

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2008 SLC Champions Who needs eHarmony when you have BobcatFans

Well, Hello Ladies

Ice Cream Man tailgates

Reckless Ke

2 turntables and a microphone. Show ‘em State!

Save the Date and Tailgate By: Chris Lehman

In January 2009, officials at Texas State invited students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the local community to the Sac-n-Pac Room to gather suggestions and discuss ways to improve tailgating. Their hope was that tailgating parties would create and promote an atmosphere that would turn game days into festive events and encourage more people to attend Bobcat football games. Bobcat fans of all walks of life took the opportunity to explain what they liked and disliked about last season’s tailgating. Many of the students loved the pre-game party, but complained the police were too strong in their attempts to prevent underage drinking and overindulgence of alcohol. Some of the By: Robert alumni wished Wood to continue tailgating away from the chaos of the students on the Westside of

16 | BobcatFans Magazine

the stadium and disliked the idea of constraints on their tailgating hours. Community members looked for ways to celebrate with friends and family, but saw the current tailgating situation as an alcohol-fueled fiesta that did not provide a positive experience for their children. Officials feverishly jotted down the ideas and concerns, and decided another meeting was necessary once the responses were organized.

The group reconvened a couple of times throughout the spring, and the fan suggestions were organized into topics such as location and layout, logistics and operations, funding, and entertainment. They had a desire to bring students and alumni together in one official tailgating environment. Discussion centered on creat-

ing this environment in the Strahan Coliseum parking lot because of its size, and its location between the three major Bobcat sporting venues and Aquarena Springs Drive. This location could have established the Strahan parking lot as the tailgating lot for most Bobcat athletic events. However, in the end, the fans voted to keep tailgating on the east side of the stadium because it was closer to the student section and did not require crossing the railroad tracks to attend the game. The fans also approved a plan that would attempt to bring order to the tailgate set-up on game-days. It would split the east side parking lot into three sections. One area would be reserved for students and organizations, another

I Madden!


3 Dudes in a Pool

Photos by: Luciano Guerra

Down Boy! for alumni and the general public, with a special events area between the two. This middle area would have a stage for live music, an open area for other events, and a place for venders to set up. It would condense tailgating to one parking lot, but it would also give fans the ability to celebrate in different ways. Hosting an event like tailgating requires extensive logistical and operational planning. Among the topics discussed were how early tailgaters could begin, and the possibility of resuming the party after the game. Officials also looked at a suggestion to operate the Tram system on game day to bring fans to the stadium. These two suggestions would require additional funding to make sure an adequate number of police and

I hope he’s SURE

transportation staff were available throughout the day. At the time of this article, these decisions were still under review.

There is no silver-bullet for keeping a parking lot full of people entertained. The committee has looked at a number of suggestions such as cook-offs, concerts, and contests. Fans requested live music and events before each home game, but funding could limit it to specific games throughout the season. Some students, alumni, and community members stated they did not tailgate due to the lack of a kid friendly zone for their children. They mentioned schools like Baylor and Texas Tech, who have established family fun zones filled with games, activities, and other events to keep children entertained.

This group liked the idea of an alternative to the “spring break” type atmosphere associated with the student tailgating area. They suggested that a carnival environment could bring more families to Bobcat Stadium on game days. Tailgating is a great Texas State tradition, but we need to make it a positive experience for fans of all ages. It is time for students, alumni, friends, and family to come together and celebrate all things Bobcat. Now it is up to you, the Bobcat fan, to be part of the festivities on Saturday afternoons. Set up a tent, bring a friend, and celebrate. Just don’t forget to attend the game.

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Texas State Offense 2009 Bobcat Football, are you ready? This September’s BobcatFans Player of the Month is the Texas State Offense. The Bobcats have 8 of 11 returning starters on the offensive side of the ball, and with the defense still being a little questionable going into this year, the brunt of the burden will be laid at the feet of the offense. They need to score and score often. Bradley George returns to take the reins again under center. 2008 was an up and down year for George. After fluttering during last years opener against Angelo State, George will get another shot at showing the Bobcat faithful, and his team, he is ready to go in his final season. The goal for the first game is to get his backup and heir apparent Tim Hawkins playing time by the end of the 3rd quarter. Look for this to be a shining season for the veteran QB. The offensive line returns 4 of 5 starters and, while these gridiron warriors seldom receive the credit they deserve, they are the all-important lubricant in a well-oiled machine. And the pistons in this analogy are Karrington Bush and Alvin Canady. If you have followed Bobcat football the past couple of years

Steven Kenney: OL

Played in seven games as a reserve center and member of the special team

18 | BobcatFans Magazine

these playmakers are household names and will be responsible for keeping the yard sticks moving in the right direction. The receiving corps, in one word: Talented! Sure the Bobcats lost the great Cameron Luke but he emerged from what seemed to be out of nowhere. When the Bobcats take the field on Sept 5th look for the new receivers to make plays and eventually become conversation pieces in parking lot tailgating talk as the season rolls on.

Bradley George: QB

Ranked among the nation’s top six quarterbacks in passing efficiency with a rating of 158.88 after completing 181 of his 301 passes for 2660 yards and a school-record 26 touchdowns

Nothing is going to come easy for the Bobcats this season but they are built to win and win now. There is a great shot to win two SLC conference championships in a row and give fans a solid look at a home playoff game at Wacker Field. This season there’s no doubt about it- Win Conference or BUST! Show ‘em State!

Karrington Bush: RB His 7.8 yards per carry ranked second nationally. Ranked sixth nationally in all-purpose yards with 179.23 yards per game

Alex Luna: OL

Was part of an offensive line that ranked 19th nationally allowing just 1.15 sacks per game Photos by: Luciano Guerra

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Bring on the Belt

By: Chris Le

While football dominates message board chatter, the ‘Drive to FBS’ is not just about Football; it is about improving all of our athletic programs and having the opportunity to be nationally competitive. Conference Expansion is a staple for internet message boards. Current members imagine the possibility of adding a rival from a neighboring conference or an FCS-school that is looking towards the next level. Texas State has shown they are committed to moving to that next level, but the University must wait until the NCAA moratorium is lifted. The moratorium, which prohibits FCS teams from moving to FBS until at least 2011, has fans from several conferences wondering what changes may occur in the near future. When the moratorium is lifted, Texas State should strive to gain membership in The Sun Belt Conference. The SBC consists of thirteen schools from Colorado to Florida. It sponsors nineteen sports (most of which we currently offer). It is affiliated with five postseason bowl games, and has sent multiple teams to NCAA postseason play in basketball, baseball, and volleyball over the past five years. In only eight years as an FBS conference, the ‘Belt has managed to elevate several teams onto the national stage including Troy, Florida Atlantic, and Western Kentucky. Unfortunately, The Sun Belt has been painted as a weak football conference by the media because they agreed to a large number of ‘payout’ games during their first few years as an FBS conference. Storied programs like Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma bought home games against SBC teams as a way to pad their win/ loss records. This stigma has stuck around and caused average sports fans to look down on the ’Belt. However, it proved to be a baptism by fire for the teams involved. Playing against the best forced the conference to get stronger, and they are now playing spoiler to BCS teams. In the past three years, Sun Belt members have knocked off teams like Texas A&M, Alabama, and Minnesota. Some ‘Belt teams are starting to negotiate home games against major conferences rather than the paycheck. This season, teams from the Big XII, CUSA, and Mountain West will visit Sunbelt Stadiums. While football dominates message board chatter, the “Drive to FBS” is not just about Football; it is about improving all of our athletic programs and having the opportunity to be nationally competitive. The best way to do that is to play a stronger conference schedule, and improve our Ratings Percentage Index (RPI). The NCAA guarantees that each of the thirty-one conferences receives an automatic bid to their national tournaments. In most cases, the thirty-one conference-tournament champions receive the automatic bid, and the remaining spots come from ‘at-large’ bids. At-large bids are based on a number of factors including a school’s winloss record, strength of schedule, and Ratings Percentage Index (RPI). Conferences with higher RPI’s typically have more teams in this tournament. The Southland Conference, our current home, is a habitual one-bid conference for all of the major sports. In most cases, the SLC only sends its tournament champion to the NCAA tournament.

The Bobcats play teams like Texas, Rice, and TCU in out of conference contests, but then we get stuck with weaker teams during the conference schedule. This means that we could be sitting at home if we failed to win the SLC conference tournament (even if we had best conference regular-season record). Over the last five years, The Sun Belt has had a higher RPI rating, and placed more teams in postseason play than the Southland Conference in baseball, softball, basketball (men’s and women’s), and volleyball. With the exception of Men’s basketball, the Sun Belt Conferences has finished nearly 10 spots ahead of the SLC in end-of-season Conference RPI standings over the last five years. The Sun Belt’s Conference RPI in baseball and softball has finished in the Top-10 three of the last four years (ahead of the Big Ten, Mountain West, Southland, and WAC). Some Bobcat fans complain that moving to the Sun Belt would be a death sentence for our athletic programs. They think the WAC is a better choice because it has marquee football teams like Boise State and Hawaii. Personally, I might consider this option if we were only joining a conference for football, but we need to focus on a conference that can better our entire athletic department. RPI ratings for baseball, softball, women’s basketball, women’s soccer, and volleyball all have the Sun Belt ahead of the WAC. I have a feeling football will be up there in the near future as well. If Texas State joined the WAC, our closest rivals would be Louisiana Tech (467 miles) and New Mexico State (632 miles). The SBC has six teams located within 630 miles of San Marcos, which means we could bus to most contests. Many of the SBC teams are located close to an international airport, and all can be reached from Austin with either a direct or one-layover flight (if air travel is preferred). It is important for Texas State to join a conference that promotes regional rivalries, and affords us the best opportunities to be competitive on the national stage. The Sun Belt will help us achieve that goal..

What you might not know about the Sun Belt UL-Lafayette Softball has made the WCWS 5 times since 1993. They have seen the post-season 19 of the last 20 seasons. 2008 - WKU advanced to the NCAA March Madness Sweet-16

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2007 – UL-Monroe beats ’Bama on the road 21-14. 2004 – Troy hosted and defeated #17 Missouri in their third season in FBS.

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