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May 2010


Maroon-n-Gold Hill Country Elegance Must See Venues

HH Fitness Talks Motivated Brides

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Development Director Steve Husky Featured Contributors: Erik Helsing Tiffany Matthews Dennis Meneghini Chris Lehman Heath Herrera Contributors: Austin Nichols Brodie Corinth Michael Kelton Johnell Huebner Texas State Media Relations Photos courtesy of TXST Media Relations, Amanda Hatley, Matt Lufkin & Jeff Loftin Photography



The Program 11 Wedding Gadgets Good for the registry. 12 Bobcat Inspired Big Day Maroon & Gold with Class. 14 The Wedding Party How to choose.


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BobcatFans Magazine is not an official publication of Texas State University but is The Official Publication for Bobcat fans World Wide.

15 Popping The Question Make it count guys. 16 River Raft Getaway A grand exit. 17 The Checklist Cross your t’s and dot your... 18 Must See Venues In the heart of Bobcat Country. 21 HH Fitness Shapes up brides. 22 Subway POTM His name rhymes with Pivingston.


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The TidbiTs Bobcat Pizza @



Your eyes are not playing games with you. That is a Bobcat shaped pizza. Gumby’s is all about Maroon & Gold pride and it shows in their food, literally. They call this creation Bobcat Stix and they are delicious. Keep an eye out for their twitter and Facebook feeds for specials on these one of a kind sticks. Twitter @GumbysSanMarcos

OPEN UNTIL 3AM FRI & SAT Pictures Courtesy Brandon Bush (left)

Cherry Passion or Bobcat Pride?

Sure you could choose the same old boring white tic-tacs or you could pick up the Maroon & Gold version. Now how do we get them to change the packaging for the San Marcos market?


If it’s in the game

The Secret Service @ Stratosphere Lounge !

The Secret Sevice Program is what local music connoisseur and Sundance Manager Brett Danis calls his mix of world/ urban/downtempo tunes. He spins every Wednesday from 7-9pm. Music lovers this is definitely very cool stuff. Check it out. Cheers

A few weeks ago, former Texas State guard/ forward Brandon Bush was contacted by the creators of the NBA 2K series. They wanted Bush to help develop the newest installment of the video game series. Bush agreed and was recently flown out to California where he joined former collegiate and current NBA players at the Visual Concept studios. Courtesy Tyler Mayforth SMDR


Bobcat Club Y L N Membership Drive O

$8.33 a month!

BobcatFans must be coming up in the world because we got a Bobcat Club fund raising team named after us. If you haven’t already heard there is a huge grass roots effort of get the Bobcat Club (the fund raising arm of athletics) 1000 new members ASAP. Membership has been floundering at around 400 for years but with The Drive to FBS the group needs to grow in order to show potential conferences TXST fans mean business. Joining can cost as little as $100/year ($8.33 a month) and is painless to join. When you unite Bobcat Pride you are helping TXST get one step closer to FBS success. Join our team at

235-B N LBJ DR

HAPPY HOUR FROM 6PM-7PM WITH 1/2 PRICE BOWLS! Movie Night every Sunday

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Shwayze to Headline Riverfest

Shwayze, featuring Cisco Adler, will headline Riverfest, the annual free concert for students and the community April 22 in Sewell Park at Texas State University, sponsored by SACA.

Tweet Back Follow us @BobcatFans

The concert will open with local bands Zlam Dunk and The Couch, with Shwayze closing out the evening. Zlam Dunk was winner of the SACA Battle of the Bands in the fall 2009 semester, while The Couch earned a spot at the event through student suggestions on campus. Riverfest is free and open to the public.

BobcatFans’ Mardi On The Square @ Hapers

IAmCalledJason @BobcatFans That’s the only way to golf. “Be where you are” is a quote I like to live by. K_Schmidt @BobcatFans Bring me some Gumby’s. I’m starving! Jordan_Stewart @BobcatFans Yea, and that’s a great model to follow. Especially because like USF, they’re in a region with lots of big FBS programs already.

photos by Amanda Hatley

On the Forum Texas State’s Largest Message Board On Dan McCarney’s SA Express-News Article about UTSA not running from TXST “As one UTSA official mused, why would the Roadrunners risk any of those commodities by voluntarily giving Texas State a foothold? Especially when the Bobcats already had — and squandered — the chance to cultivate a presence amongst the 1.9 million inhabitants in the San Antonio metro area.”-SAEN

SWT84 wrote: That is the truth. The recent history of the

Bobcat football program is littered with squandered chances. As the University has grown from approximately 16K students in 1984 to 30K now, the football program is about the same as it was when we entered IAA.


Show’em State Doggy Style

CleaverHouse wrote: I am sure we squandered plenty.

BobcatFans’ Tiffany Matthews was invited to Perez Hilton’s SXSW Party and took the opportunity to display her Bobcat Pride by showing Snoop how to Show’em State! Lodi dodi, we likes to party…

TheRevSWT wrote: Sorry man, that’s just dumb. It is not the duty of the media to “give us a chance”. They are there to sell papers. If no one clamors to read about us, why put us in there?

| BobcatFans Magazine

However, some blame can be placed on journalists like Mr. McCarney. Ones who have never covered an event at Texas State. Publications who have never given us a chance.

Baseball’s 6-5 win over #22 Aggies in extra innings Bobalouee wrote: Well, that’s good to know the bullpen is holding its own. Let’s get one more run, boys! Chrisattsu wrote: Light the star on Jackson Hall, Bobcats win!

Casey wrote: Why do I ALWAYS have to be traveling for work when these games are happening?!?!?! Congrats to our Cats on an awesome win! LCCat wrote: When I saw Randell coming to bat, I told pretty much everyone around me who didn’t know about the Rice game from 2007 that Laurn would be the hero again tonight.

Stay up to date with everything BobcatFans

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silver screen Upcoming Movies


Iron Man 2 May 7

The Losers April 23

The Back Up Plan April 23

A Nightmare On Elm Street April 30

Betrayed and left for dead, a group of CIA operatives seek revenge on those who tried to kill them.

A woman starts dating a man the day she is artificially inseminated.

Freddy Kruger haunts your Tony Stark is back as the dreams. Stop me if you’ve heard title character to battle a new this one. opponent in Whip-Lash.

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Alex O’Loughlin, and Anthony Anderson.

Starring: Jackie Earle Haley, Rooney Mara, and Kyle Gallner

Starring: Zoe Saldana, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Idris Elba, and Chris Evans

Thought: Like The Losers is your typical action movie, this will probably be your typical Thought: This movie based on romantic-comedy. The premise, a comic book ought to be a fun however, looks to be an original romp if you like seeing things one and has potential to be a blow up. This will probably be halfway decent movie. Guys your typical action movie that you can probably rack up some you’ll be able to get your girlfriend decent brownie points by taking to see with you after you go see your girl to this movie. The end. the movie she wants to see first.

Thought: This movie has the potential to be either really great or really bad, but will most likely fall somewhere in between. Horror movie remakes lately haven’t had as much success as their more mainstream contemporaries like Star Trek, but with a versatile actor as the central character of Freddy Kruger, this movie is at least worth a shot. Admit it.

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Don Cheadle Thought: If you like comic book movies you will probably be camped out to buy your tickets a week in advance. If you don’t well, then, don’t see this movie. This movie will most likely be the first blockbuster of the summer and the only gripe most people will have now is the recasting of Don Cheadle as James Rhodes.

Online Ordering . Late Night Hours

Sun - Wed 11am to 3am . Thurs - Sat 11am to 3:30am

Daily Specials

Mon: Buy any Lrg, XL or Massive Specialty pizza get a medium pokey stix free Tues: Buy any drink, get pepperoni rolls for 75 cents Thurs: Massive 20” Cheese only $9.99

Bobcat Owned... Bobcat Proud...



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Underground games

BobcatFans Game Reviews


underground games

Bioshock 2 (Xbox 360 & Playstation 3)

Heavy Rain (Sony Playstaion 3)

Bioshock 2 delivers a gaming experience that many will be familiar with and almost all will appreciate. Fans of the original Bioshock will find that the weapon and plasmid systems largely work the same way (with some small modifications, like being able to charge up plasmids for different effects) and the means of storytelling is the same (with radio transmitters and tape recordings the player must find). The biggest change in game mechanics really comes in a new mini-game involving bot-hacking that the player has to beat in real-time (while things are still shooting at you). How Bioshock 2 distinguishes itself, then, is through theme. The ideals of the first game, based on individualism and greed, are replaced by equally corrupted ideals of collectivism and altruism. The player is not exploring the basic game mechanics that were already done so well in the first game. They are asked to question their beliefs and morals; they are asked to think and react, instead of just react. Bioshock 2 serves as an excellent addition to the series that doesn’t require intimate knowledge of the original Bioshock to enjoy.

Heavy Rain is a game in the loosest sense of the word. More a progression of plotlines played out through quick-time, a challenge of hand/eye coordination, rather than button mashing. Once the player has completed the two hour beginning (“tutorial”) of the game; the player receives the trophy “Interactive Drama”. During that tutorial, you’ll find yourself performing the most mundane of tasks (like drinking orange juice) with the “help” of said quick-time events (gotta do it quickly, or the wife will catch you drinking from the juice carton). Fortunately, Heavy Rain picks up quickly afterward, becoming quite exciting as more of the plot is revealed, but you’ll need to muscle through nearly two hours of shaving and getting dressed before settling in and experiencing what Heavy Rain really has to offer.

Austin Nichols

Capcom vs. Tatsunoko (Nintendo Wii) This game is everything to expect in a 2-d fighter: whacked-out characters, nonsensical plot lines, an over-the-top soundtrack and dialogue, and some pretty well-balanced and beautifully animated fighting. However, what sets Capcom vs. Tatsunoko apart from most other 2-d fighters is that you don’t need to have played 2-d fighters for a decade to enjoy it. With a variety of new control schemes added specifically for the Wii controller, this fighting game is extremely accessible to new players, and deep enough to keep the hardcore 2-d fighter fans happy. Anyone can be good at and have fun while playing Capcom vs Tatsunoko, but it still takes practice to be great.

Come and Get Lucky at....

Happy Hour 4-7 twitter @SeanPatricksTX

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The Toys B F M We d d i n g G a d g e t s I d e a s

Dennis Meneghini

Kodak Slice Want your own pictures for the honeymoon without having to bother the photographer? You won’t have to with the Kodak Slice. Slide this into your groom’s tux pocket and have him snap some fun shots of the reception. That way, when you are lounging on the beach or skiing the slopes, you will be able to smile at your not-so-distant memories. Worried about capacity? It can hold up to 5,000 pictures with 2GB of internal memory. You can even spend some time Photoshopping your new husband’s drunk friends out of the pictures before you send them to your folks. $349

Pandigital 7” Digital Photo Frame (Model: PAN7000DW) Seriously, the guys in the wedding party don’t want another flask. Let’s try this instead. After you’ve snapped pictures of everyone at the reception with your Kodak Slice, get someone to load those pictures into these awesome digital frames. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, even the guys will like it. Finally, when your mother-inlaw asks if there is anything she can do, you can finally smile and say, “As a matter of fact there is…” $79.99

Insignia 32” TV (Model: NS-L32Q09-10A) The gift table is always lonely at the reception. It’s usually by the door, piled high (hopefully) with big expensive looking boxes. No one ever pays attention to it…until now. Before the guests arrive at the reception, you can have the photographer copy the pictures of the ceremony and put them on an SD card and slide it right into the TV for a slideshow. That way, when your relative is dropping off the fifth punch bowl you’ll be getting and placing it next to the sixth toaster, they’ll have something nice to look at. $379.99

iPod Touch 64GB Mood Swing by Too Faced Guys, this is a Honeymoon must have. This lipstick goes on clear and will stay clear, well, until she’s in the mood. According to the product description, it changes from pale pink to crimson red when the wearer becomes aroused by reacting with her body chemistry. When she gets worked up and it turns a deep red forget dessert and get the check. If it stays clear, tell yourself it’s a faulty product. Note: The longer you are married the less it will work. $18.50

Check Please

I know you have a band booked. But can they play all of your favorite songs? An iPod Touch can. Load up to 14,000 songs or 80 hours of video (for those unruly rugrats) and you have an amazing reception soundtrack in your pocket. The iPod Touch is so easy to use, even when the lead singer of the band falls over drunk in the middle of his set, you can sit him down with his water and tell him to pretend to know what he’s doing. $399.99

Wedding Day Survival Kit It’s the day of the wedding and everything is in place. Next thing you know, people are coming at you from everywhere. Someone needs some super glue, someone tore their tux, and the Best Man lost the rings. After slapping the Best Man, don’t panic. As long as you picked up the Wedding Day Survival Kit, you’ll be fine. Why? Because not only does it have solutions to all of the above (apparently your Best Man isn’t the only moron), it has even more. So when people are flipping out, just open your case of tricks and let them pick what they need. That might even free up some time for some champagne before the ceremony. $49

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Maroon -n-Gold -n-Gold

Wedding School pride, traveling or cooking are just a few things that couples share together. In this edition of BobcatFans Magazine it was our plan to show how you might execute a classy wedding using themed aspects that you and your fiancé both enjoy.

We decided to go with a Bobcat Themed Wedding to represent the school spirit and pride of San Marcos. We started by talking to some of our favorite professionals and vendors in the area and everyone was really excited. We decided to use our favorite outdoor hotspot, Sewell Park, for the back drop of our mock wedding. Our “Bride” Kendall Schmidt and “Groom” Austin Hall were great sports as we began our shoot early that Monday morning.


Kendall is wearing a vintage dress courtesy of GypsySun Vintage in Austin or online at Vintage wedding attire is very hip right now, whether the bride dons a long lost beauty or the bridesmaids wear a simple headpiece to jazz up plain bridesmaid’s dresses. Our groom Austin is also wearing some trendy touches within his classic tux look. We chose a gold necktie and vest with a not so traditional black shirt to give the gold a nice pop. His tux was provided by Celebrations in New Braunfels, online at


Luscious, fun and fresh was the theme for the flowers. We wanted to use some uncommon flowers mixed among some classic choices, adding height with some trendy gold branches. You could use these same choices in different ways on other tables to add different looks throughout the room. The bride’s bouquet was a very full, plush mixture of floral choices to meet the color needs of the theme. These absolutely stunning arrangements were provided and designed by Prive Floral in Kyle, also on the web at


Concept and photo shoot set-up was taken care of by the always classy Clearly Classy Events, Kyle, Texas CCE is notorious for handling challenges and hurdles during the day of your wedding. No wedding goes without any problems. Who will handle those problems at your wedding, you? Your mother? Or Clearly Classy Events?


| BobcatFans Magazine

Cake provid ed Texas - www by Sweet Stuff.thesw Ky eetstu le, )


The Bobcat reception table reflects classy ways to bring school pride to your wedding. We also wanted to show you some trendy ways to make your themed wedding stand out. We started with gold chiavari chairs. Nothing says “class” like chiavari. Expect to pay a little bit more for them, but you can’t go wrong with this look. To add

invitations some color we got creative and tied sashes into the slats of the gold chairs. We decided to mix contemporary and traditional touches so as not to push this classy wedding over the top. Our traditional china sits on a fun clear charger with gold accents. We had a little bit of fun with the gold silverware, adding a dash of unexpected color to

the mix. Classic yet beautiful glassware adds an element of height and dimension to the table. We chose to use maroon napkins and set it all on a cream pin-tuck table linen. All rentals were provided by Premiere Party Central in Austin. You can also check them out at

Our custom made stationary sets the tone and maintains the theme throughout the process. Tri-fold invitations are all the rage right now in weddings, along with custom invitations that embody you and your fiancé’s relationship. Fun crushed gold paper was the backdrop for the menu and table cards and wax stamps with the couple’s initials bring the details together in a very traditional way. This stationary was lovingly handmade and designed by Monica Barcenez of Cibolo, Texas. You can also see her work at Our desire was to inspire you for your special day. If you are newly engaged, congratulations! We hope you have some new ideas to move forward with your planning and that you see there are many great professional and creative businesses right here in the area to provide you with everything you need!

***Tip*** When choosing a photographer,


One of the most important aspects of wedding planning is who you choose to photograph your big day. With all the planning, detail and thought that goes into the event you need to make sure the person or company you decide on will capture everything from the smallest detail to the most emotional parts of the day. This is always easier said than done. Interviewing your photographer is a critical step in the wedding planning process. We chose Jeff Loftin as our photographer to capture our unique “wedding.” We have used him before at other events and feel that not only does he bring a wedding to life through art, he also understands the importance of the day and keeps it professional no matter the event. All of the images you see featured in this article and the cover were shot and edited by Jeff Loftin of Austin. Check out more of his portfolio at

look at galleries online to get an idea of what you like. Ask your potential photographers questions about how long it takes them to shoot family pictures. Ask how they deal with challenges with time during the day or different personalities. Packages are ALWAYS customizable. If a package seems too expensive for you, ask the photographer how you can shape it to your budget. Red Flags to watch for are: Photogs who are wishy washy about how much time they need; or one who likes to pull people from receptions to get a private moment. These should all be taken care of prior to the party, since you won’t want to leave your friends and family to take pictures.


Use your personal style to bring in touches of quirkiness or unique aspects of your life.

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Wedding Party

-brought to you by Clearly Classy Events

When choosing the people to be in your wedding party, there are many things you should take into account. As a Wedding Planner, I have found that less is more. Use siblings, close cousins or best friends only. Sometimes a large entourage is unavoidable. Maybe you have a huge family or you have participated in many weddings and you feel obligated to ask a certain amount of friends. Typically I see the extremes. It’s either three groomsmen or ten, one bridesmaid or nine. The question is where do you draw the line? Will you be letting someone down? Having been involved with a hundred plus weddings between my personal life and business, I have always found that the bigger the wedding party, the more trouble you bring upon yourself.

“ Where do you draw the line...... It is of my perDo your very best to assign the important spots of Best Man and sonal opinion as a Maid and/or Matron of Honor to your very closest friend or sibling, or with your closest family member- someone you know you will Wedding Planner still be friends with in the end no matter what. After that you could reserve spots such as House Party that less is more.� girls or Ushers for the next in line.

Drama arises out of larger groups of individuals in general, and especially when it concerns an emotional day like this. Everyone will have an opinion, everyone will have a comment and everyone will want to have a say. If you are not prepared to listen to the person who wants to toss their two cents in, I suggest you invite them to come and party at your wedding, but not to be in it. Hey, you may be doing them a favor. Being an attendant is an expensive job!


Book your reception and receive:

Complimentary honeymoon suite Parquet dance floor All tables, chairs and linens China, glass and silverware Coordination by our wedding professionals And much more Visit us soon and book a tour.



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Like a Champion

It should go without saying the proposal is BIG. This is a story she will tell your kids for crying out loud. When you decide to pop the question take the time to plan and make it what it deserves to be: Special.

Here are a few helpful tips: 1. Keep it a surprise. Telling her when you are going to propose does not help the proposal. No matter how much pressure is applied by the opposite sex, keeping a shocker is worth it. 2. Follow the formalities and talk to her father. Although very traditional and somewhat “old school” there is nothing more respectful than asking your future fiancée’s father for her hand in marriage. 3. Pick a timeframe or date. That damned ring is a time bomb waiting to go off. The second you purchase it you will want to give it to her. There’s something about purchasing something that big for the person you love that can drive you crazy. If you don’t set a hard and fast date for your proposal you might succumb to temptation and give it to her before that perfectly planned time. 4. Don’t take her to the jewelry store to pick out her ring. That is weak and shows little effort on your end and completely ignores tip #1. You know and I know women drop hints all the time on what they like. Continue your selective hearing as usual but set your internal tuner to ring hints. Basically, just be sly about it and use other resources.*

5. The proposal is not about how much money you spend. It’s about how much thought you put into it. This is an incredible moment that can cost you as much as the ring itself or be absolutely free of charge. It’s what you make of it. The proposals that cost next to nothing are often some of the best. 6. Just the two of you or surrounded by friends and family? There is no right or wrong answer here. If you are asking her to marry you then you should know what she would prefer. A romantic moment is priceless and can be celebrated with or without friends and family.

You can’t afford not to have a wedding planner! Day of Coordination is only $600! Let Clearly Classy Events take care of all the details so that you or your family members don’t have to!

7. Be sure to ASK her! Don’t forget to actually ask her to marry you. Some people get so nervous to propose that they sometimes forget to pop the actual question. * If there are predetermined demands on the size of the diamond similar to “I won’t take a wedding ring less than one carat”, word to the wiseyou might want to rethink marrying her.

Call Johnell Huebner


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River Raft Getaway Stoneburner/Swanson Wedding: My husband and I knew from the minute the planning began, we wanted to get married along the Guadalupe River, overlooking the breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country. Little did we know we’d be floating the river at midnight for our “wedding getaway”! After months of planning our wedding along the Guadalupe, the logistics were finally nailed down... everything except the getaway. In an effort of time (and added stress), I arranged to have a customary getaway at the end of the night, running from the reception to our car.

“We floated for

forty-five peaceful minutes as newlyweds. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Two days before the wedding my fiancé decided our plan was too traditional. He wanted to surprise guests with a getaway they’d never forget. Matt decided we should take advantage of the beautiful river at the wedding venue. We quickly rented a white water raft and kindly asked our wedding party to help with the grand exit. As a complete surprise to guests, our wedding coordinator (Clearly Classy Events) instructed everyone to make their way down to the river landing at midnight for a surprise. Three-foot sparklers were distributed and everyone waited with anticipation. One by one, folks began to see our wedding party walking carefully down to the river landing, carrying a full size white water raft! Matt and I followed, carrying our oars. The raft was placed in the river and off we floated, with the moon and stars casting a beautiful shadow on the river (along with our headlamps, of course). We floated for 45 peaceful minutes as newlyweds. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day. Thankfully our wedding party picked us up a few miles down the road, just as planned.


| BobcatFans Magazine

Memory Lane Event Center Wedding Prep Checklist

One Year Wedding Prep Checklist - Lite ˆ ˆ ˆ

ˆ ˆ

Take a deep breath and get ready to embrace a whirlwind. Plan and host your engagement party. Talk with your fiancé and all parents or family members you choose to involve regarding budget, style, size of event, location, and attendees. Begin researching and visiting reception sites. Hire a wedding consultant, if desired (highly recommended)

10 to 12 Months before ˆ ˆ ˆ

Research and choose your officiate. Start researching and booking vendors (Catering, Cake, Floral, DJ, Photographer, Linens, etc.) Create gift registries at local department stores.

8 to 10 Months before ˆ ˆ

Send save-the-date cards with hotel information to guests. Order your wedding dress & bridesmaids’ dresses.

6 Months before ˆ ˆ ˆ

Shop for invitations. Call your wedding coordinator or catering director to schedule a menu tasting. Reserve the groom’s and attendants’ tuxedos.

4 Months before ˆ ˆ ˆ

Book the honeymoon and all transportation. Finalize the guest list and order invitations. Begin finalizing flower design with your florist.

2 Months before ˆ ˆ ˆ

Schedule ceremony rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and departure brunch. Mail invitations, being sure to use proper postage. Get name-change forms.

6 Weeks before ˆ ˆ ˆ ˆ

Print programs for the ceremony. Try out hairstyle and makeup. Contact wedding coordinator about hotel room blocks. Schedule final dress fitting; make sure bridesmaids have done the same.

30 DAYS before ˆ ˆ ˆ

Apply for marriage license. Confirm schedule, arrival times, and any other arrangements with all vendors. This is what a wedding coordinator is good for Confirm all honeymoon reservations.

10 DAYS before… *For the more detailed list go to

BobcatFans Magazine | 17

Hill Country’s Finest

Wedding Venues You Must See.

Texas Old Town

Location: Kyle Imagine going back in time to the way Texas used to be. Wild prairies and dirt gravel roads with the old look of Main Street and a carriage waiting to pick you up. This facility will make you remember why you are proud to be a Texan. It has the feel of turning back the clock with all the modern amenities. Located in between San Marcos and Kyle right off of Old Stage Coach Road, you will not believe your eyes when you see what these visionaries created. Truly a beautiful place to host a Texas wedding.

Memory Lane Event Center

Dripping Springs, TX Memory Lane Event Center in Dripping Springs, Texas is a hilltop setting on 18 acres surrounded by 100-year-old oak trees and built with beautiful rustic cedar and stone. Memory Lane hosts weddings, receptions, bridal showers, corporate events and


| BobcatFans Magazine

The Hideout

New Braunfels, TX The Hideout on the Horseshoe is such a beautiful place and all of their weddings have been a great success because it allows you to do everything at one place, including lodging. This is the ideal getaway in the beautiful Hill Country with all river front views. They rent the full facility for weddings because they have found that the Bride, Groom, family, and friends enjoy being together for the weekend instead of just a few hours for this very special occasion. They give you full access to the property exclusively for your party with check-in on Friday and check-out on Sunday. This includes their covered Pavilion, Stone Landing on the River, and all 19 cabins (sleeps up to 108) for lodging.

The Inn Above Onion Creek

Kyle, TX Welcome to a 12-room country inn and spa on 88 Texas hill country acres with stunning views, relaxing porches and luxury accommodations. Located just 15 miles from San Marcos, the Inn was designed to be the ultimate Texas Hill Country bed and breakfast for romantic getaways, hill country vacations or corporate retreats. Built from the ground up in 1994, the Inn Above Onion Creek was built to resemble a late 1800’s Texas homestead and was meticulously planned to offer the finest accommodations at a bed and breakfast. There are Texas Hill Country views from all rooms. They are the idyllic setting that you’ve dreamed of for your wedding. The Inn is affordable luxury, and they are there to take care of you!

consulting services making your dreams come true. Each event is uniquely catered to our clients’ desires, therefore making no event the same. Memory Lane also offers over night accommodations with spacious rooms in the Memory Lane Lodge, and two suites. They also offer many in-house services such as Wild Bunches Floral, Memory Lane DJ, and Wedding Coordination.

Camp Lucy

Dripping Springs, TX On a bluff above famed Onion Creek near Dripping Springs, just beneath the heavenly Texas sky, Camp Lucy awaits your discovery. Elegant, unique, and artistically detailed, this storybook wedding venue includes a luminous, restored French Colonial chapel; dramatic, open pavilion made of ironwood timbers; charming, Hansel & Gretel style bride’s cottage; Old World brick paved courtyard; chef-inspired catering kitchen; and sweeping Hill Country vistas. Camp Lucy is conveniently located minutes from San Marcos.

Embassy Suites

San Marcos, TX Let the experienced staff at the Embassy Suites in San Marcos make your dream wedding a reality. A certified wedding planner will arrange everything you need for an unforgettable day. The hotel features an elegant ballroom that will be set up to your specifications. They can even easily accommodate ethnic and military weddings. Simply set your budget and let their experienced team help you choose the perfect menu, table settings, florists, photographers and musicians for your big day.

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| BobcatFans Magazine


Top Diet and Workout Tips for the

Bride to Be

I have worked with many women and one of the most important components in getting my clients the best results is piggybacking on some sort of deadline. There is no better example of this than a new bride-to-be. It’s amazing what happens to women as soon as they set a wedding date they are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to fit into their dream dress and inspire awe in all who attend the most important day of their life.

Diet Tip#1- Eat Early and Eat Often:

Eat immediately upon waking and then again every 2-4 hours after that for a total of 6-8 feedings per day. This is a staple for any solid fat loss nutrition plan because it allows your body to starve the fat and feed the muscle, optimizes performance, and prevents your body’s starvation signals from going off. The dietary breakdown is 3 total meals per day consumed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time, 3 total snacks per day consumed between meals and before bed, and workout nutrition in the form of a protein or amino acid supplement consumed around your training sessions.

Diet Tip#2- Focus on the Essentials:

Consume a wide range of organic lean proteins of animal origin at each feeding. Protein is not only the only macronutrient responsible for building and repairing that lean, sexy muscle tone but it is the best way to starve your body of its ugly, unwanted fat stores. Consume a wide range of natural fat at each feeding (olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, whole eggs, avocado, mixed nuts, flax, etc.). Sufficient dietary fat intake is critical to beneficial hormone production, allowing for optimal fat loss. Consume a wide range of fruits and veggies at each meal. When it comes to produce consume at least one green item AND as many other colors as possible to get the most health benefits. Carbohydrates should contain AT LEAST 3g of fiber per serving and offer LESS THAN 10g of sugar per serving.

But, a bride still needs an exercise and dietary blueprint in order to get the job done. After all, nutrition is 80-90% of building a lean, sexy physique. We need to build muscle in all of the right places (with a particular emphasis on the shoulders and arms) and burn fat in all the right places (think hips, thighs, and belly fat). The focus must be on improving overall health, body composition, and performance, NOT weight loss!

Workout Tip#1- Get Strong to Get Lean


Strength training strengthens muscle and bone. This leads to increases in lean body mass that increases RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate), the number of calories your body requires to function on a daily basis regardless of activity. Focus on performing compound, multi-joint movements that work as many muscles in your body as possible for best results. Not only do compound exercises allow you to use heavier loads which stimulate maximal lean muscle gain, they also burn the most calories and create the optimal hormonal environment for burning the fat covering those sexy, toned muscles!

Workout Tip#2- Fat Intervals Burn 9x More Than Ordinary Cardio:

Intervals consist of alternating between short bouts of all- out high-intensity effort and active recovery periods for a much quicker and focused amount of time (typically 10-20 minutes of intervals works best). This approach is scientifically proven to burn nine times more fat AND leads to faster improvements in fitness than the slow steady aerobic alternative. Aerobic training does have its uses in conjunction with a strength training and cardio interval training base. By performing some low to moderate intensity cardio following your strength and/or cardio interval training workouts you can accelerate the fat loss process. More specifically, 5 minutes following high-intensity exercise your body dumps stored triglycerides (fat) into your bloodstream, making it the perfect time to do some aerobic training to eat up that fat before it gets re-stored.

It’s not about weight loss - it’s about being as visually stunning as possible via losing inches in all the right places. For more information on achieving the body you want or additional support please contact HH Fitness by email at or by phone at 512-787-2219. Mention this article to receive an e-book with more exercise and nutrition tips, sample workout, nutrition plan, and 1 free month of boot camp training from HH Fitness (expires May 31st and free month available to new members only).

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Kyle Livingstone

With the baseball season upon us, and Texas State currently working on repeating as the SLC champs, we turn our eyes to the Boys of Summer to find our Subway Player of the Month. Standing out among an impressive group is Kyle Livingstone, a senior from Ft. Worth. Kyle was named as a First Team selection in the Preseason All-Southland Conference and has been backing up that honor ever since. Having played in every Bobcat game this spring he has a respectable .349 Batting Average to complement his .407 On Base Percentage. He also leads the team in four categories, runs, stolen bases, home runs, and RBI’s. Of his 106 plate appearances Kyle has only struck out 8 times. He has also proven to be an adept fielder posting a .996 fielding percentage. As this Bobcat team continues to go after that SLC crown, look for Kyle to continue to be a big contributor to their success.


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BFM May 2010  

BFM May 2010