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August 2010

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20 2010 Football Poster Inside Uniting Bobcat Pride!

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August 2010

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On the Cover: Woody’s BBQ Brisket, Chicken, Pork Chops, Sausage, okay I’m getting hungry

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the Tidbits

Eat the 7 Pounder & win $250 Pandhandler Pizza is giving $250 to anyone who can defeat their signature 7 Pounder Pizza. That’s child’s play for any of those hotdog eating fools. If you have what it takes to conquer this beast not only do you win $250, that’s cash money, but you also get your picture in BobcatFans. Saddle up and let’s see what you’ve got! Pandhandler is going put their money where your mouth is!

BobcatFans’ Madden 11 Back to School Tournament Underground games BobcatFans gave away a free edition of Madden 11 on our Facebook Page. Now we are going to throw a tournament to test your skills the day before classes start. Consider it a college warmup to get your mind right. Where: Underground Games When: August 24 Why: Why the hell not? What: Prizes and bragging rights, That’s what! underground games How: RSVP on our facebook page – Search BobcatFans


Tailgating in H-town The first game of the season takes place in Houston and BobcatFans along with The Bobcat Club and The Perfect Spin DJ’s are gonna throw the mother of all tailgate parties at Robertson Stadium. No doubt this is the place to stop by and get amped up for the game. BBQ, drinks and Bobcat Pride. Must be 21. $10 for dudes, $5 for the ladies. Starts at noon. Show’em State!

BobcatFans BrewFest & Pub Crawl Coming Soon BobcatFans is bringing San Marcos and its residents a festival dedicated to beer. Breweries from all over Lone Star State will be converging on our little town and supplying us with their tasty suds. Look for more info coming soon.


235-B N LBJ DR

HAPPY HOUR FROM 6PM-7PM WITH 1/2 PRICE BOWLS! Movie Night every Sunday BobcatFans Magazine 5

AS SEEN at Halo Reach Giveaway & Release Party

Underground Games in San Marcos is giving away a brand new edition of Halo Reach when BobcatFans’ Facebook page reaches 5000 fans. Halo Reach releases on Sept 14 with a midnight release party hosted by BobcaFans. If you have never been to Underground Games be sure to head over and try out their gnarly game pods.

Show’em State on BF’s FaceBook

Nice tattoo. Bobcat Pride is alive at the river. The summer is not to be wasted indoors. Show’em State!

Pride Demanded!

BobcatFans lead the charge for Grande Communications to take down a billboard on Hopkins that told Bobcat students to get “Hooked” like Colt McCoy. Students, alumni and fans spoke up and Grande removed the sign in less than 24 hours of hearing the outcry. Score one for Bobcat Country.

On the Forum TXST Largest Message Board On 7-on-7 Football versus the UT

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LEckert2  @BobcatFans  @CStephenSimpson They retweeted you Chris! Ur the most popular guy in San Marcos!! TAssociation @BobcatFans  Bobcat Pride alive at the river. The summer is not to be wasted indoors. Show’em State! Allen_Reed @BobcatFans  Yeah, I just can’t get enough txst. Thanks for the compliment and retweet. LizBuchta @BobcatFans  I had the same thought when I saw LBJ was trending! LOL (it was about Lebron James)

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SanMarvelous: Does anyone know where the team is practicing, and if they are holding any form of regular schedule? I would love to go watch some practices. Bobcat.taxman: Spkenney, spill the beans man! I think they are moving the practices to Bobcat stadium to get used to the new turf/field. Don’t know the times yet Spkenney: Steven reports they usually practice at the stadium on Tuesday starting between 6 and 6:30. Last Tuesday they played Texas Lutheran and Incarnate Word. I am not sure if it was a double header or if the other teams combined to make one. Next Tuesday they are supposed to be playing UT at their practice dome. Most likely start time is 7pm. My son will get me more info as it draws closers. I know the men would love it if fans showed up for the game. I only wish I could. SanMarcosWay: Think that’s allowed? If so, that would be a great way to show some support. I couldn’t attend, but maybe a good tailgate session. Spkenney: Ok - Steven just called me. The 7on7 match with UT has moved to Wednesday Night at 7pm in the UT practice bubble. It is open to the public and the guys would love it if Bobcat fans came out to support them. UT usually pull in a reasonable crowd. Steven says the guys WANT A CROWD TO COME OUT and support them.

BobcatFans Magazine 7

Sil v er S c reen Upcoming Movies





The Expendables August 13

The Switch August 20

Going The Distance August 27

The American September 1

Rated R It’s a hard-hitting action movie about a faction of mercenaries hired to infiltrate a South American country and overthrow its ruthless dictator. Every 80’s action star you can think of showed up to kick some ass in this film! Dolph Lundgren is in this for crying out loud (if you don’t know look it up). Tighten up your boot straps; this could be a bumpy ride

PG-13 Jennifer Aniston & Jason Bateman star in this quirky comedy about an intelligent fun-loving single woman who decides it’s time to have a baby even if she has to do it alone. Fast forward seven years later she finds out that the sperm she ordered is not the sperm she got and her son starts to act like someone else she knows.

Rated R It’s a closer look at the trials and tribulations of a long-distance relationship. A couple meets over a summer and then comes time for one of them to move. Despite being on opposite coasts they decide to try to make it work no matter what their friends and family have to say. Get ready for a movie with texting, sexting and phone sex as they try their best to go the distance.

Rated R It’s his last job and George Clooney has to hide out in Italy until he finishes his assignment, all the while surrounded by assassins and thwarting off death at every turn. Sure it’s a Clooney film, but he can handle a good suspense thriller, can’t he? With Clooney there is no inbetween, it’s either good or bad. It’s up to you to decide.

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T e c h K w on - Do Back to School Gadgets

Dennis Meneghini

Insignia 32” LCD HDTV Blu-ray Disc Player Combo I’m sure you’ve seen it: new release DVDs cost $20 and new release Blu-Ray is $25. With such a small price difference, why buy a DVD when Blu-Ray is the future? You don’t have a Blu-Ray player, you say? Don’t have a TV that does 1080p, you say? We have just the thing for you! This 32” TV has a built-in Blu-Ray player, does 1080p, has a two year warranty, and isn’t one of those puny little 19” TVs. Throw in your favorite movie (the Blu-Ray edition of course) and see it like you have never seen it before. ($549)

Livescribe 4GB Echo SmartPen Have you ever returned home from class to find that some of your notes, potentially made hazy from the previous night, are just gibberish? Fear thee not! This pen allows you to simply tap on the gibberish and hear what the professor said at that point in the lecture. It also has an infrared camera that records every stroke of the pen so it converts your notes straight into a text document. This gives us scatter brains and drunkards a chance to remember things we don’t actually remember. ($169)

Monday Special

Buy any large or Larger specialty pizza & get a FREE medium Pokey Stix

Tuesday Special

75 cent Pepperoni Rolls when you buy a drink.

Frigidaire - 3.3 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator I like to have cold water on hand at all times. When I reach in the refrigerator, I want that Brita filter full of that cold, clear, life giving liquid. Living in the Dorm? Don’t think a drinking fountain counts? Neither do I. With this minifridge, you won’t ever be far from whatever liquid it is you enjoy most. Don’t be fooled, this is no crappy little fridge. With 3.3 Cu. Ft. of space, glass shelves, and a canned beverage dispenser, this fridge is capable of handling all but the most rowdy weekend. ($149)

Eat’em Up Cats

Keeps drinks cold

Lenovo IdeaPad Netbook Netbooks have received a bad reputation since being released. Many people think it is a laptop with a 10” screen, which is simply not the case. A netbook, with its Intel® Atom™ Processor and 1GB Memory, is designed to be an internet, email, and social networking machine. It can run Microsoft Office and many other types of software with very little problems. The IdeaPad has an extra trick up its sleeve: a swivel touchscreen that allows the device to be used as a tablet. With the touchscreen comes a shorter battery life, about 4 hours worth. For the price, it is a legitimate substitute for the larger tablet laptops. ($379)

BobcatFans Magazine 9

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A L ook I n s i d e

ASG Vice President Coulter Ray’s Office

By: Tiffany Matthews

7 1


2 3





Captain Planet Photo Last year Chris Covo and Tommy Luna assigned everyone a super hero, printed out a picture of them and had us sign it. I was given Captain Planet because my first piece of legislation in ASG was to make our Senate meetings paperless. . Football Helmet Associate Athletic Director Don Coryell is letting me borrow this for my office. I do have to give it back to him at the end of the year – unless I just happen to “forget.” Glove and Baseball After Mel and I were elected last spring, we were invited to throw out the first pitch at the home game against TCU. I decided to throw what I call “an extreme change up” – a 15 mph pitch right down the middle of the plate. I of course saved the ball and wrote down the game and the date (not the score though haha).




Texas State Football I bought this for my office and realized that it would be a great addition if I could get Coach Wright to autograph it. He obliged and I now have a great Bobcat conversation piece. For your info, he wrote, “Colter, Thanks for Backin’ The Cats! – Brad Wright.” Gavel on desk As student body vice president I chair the Senate meetings. I get my own personalized gavel that I can keep forever so I can relive my glory days for years to come. Box on Desk This was a gift from my parents when Pike became reinstated as a chapter at Texas State and we were all initiated. This box holds my Thank You Notes. This was a habit that was recommended to me by last year’s president Chris Covo



ASG on White Board Freshman Council: This council will meet independently from the Senate and members will be chosen through an application process. The application is available online at www.asg. Bobcat Bricks: The idea is to create a program in which students, faculty, alumni and staff can purchase a brick with their name engraved on it. These bricks would be placed in the ground in the heart of campus. TXST Kickoff Yell: I am trying to get everyone to yell “T-XS-T!” immediately after the kicker kicks off. The New York Jets do it – why can’t we? Light Up Alkek: We are hoping to light up Alkek in our school colors in conjunction with the victory star on top of Jackson hall. We chose Alkek because of its size and its visibility from miles away.

Come and Get Lucky at....

Happy Hour 4-7 twitter @SeanPatricksTX

BobcatFans Magazine 11

w hat it ’ s like . . .

To Own a Pizza Joint Name: Forrest Higdon Age: 28 School: Texas State University – Eat ‘em up Cats!

• San Marcos is a very special place to me. I loved my years here as a student. I also believe in the growth and direction both the university and city are heading in. Gumby’s is a unique kind of pizza place that blends a quality product with off the wall toppings & pizzas like our Stoner Pie. Not to mention Gumby loves this place! You can sometimes see him at the river or on the square. • Entrepreneurship is in my blood. I’ve always known I’d own a business someday. My strong desire to succeed and my entrepreneurial spirit drive me. Mix in a small bit of the fear of failure and that will get you up in the morning. • An entrepreneur has a strong drive to succeed, creativity and a strong work ethic.   • Family was a large factor in getting me where I am today. My family is full of small business entrepreneurs that I have learned a lot from, including the courage to try my hand at pizza. • It was a long road but I dove head first into the world of pizza traveling to other Gumby’s locations, pizza schools and countless hours of research.  Nothing about this place happened fast and it took over a year to get the doors open. It involved multiple roadblocks, but ultimately it has been completely worth it. 

12 | BobcatFans Magazine

• Every day brings about new challenges; it’s just about adapting and finding solutions. Some solutions work out better than others, but that is what makes it fun. It’s really is a balancing act. The trick is finding ways to have more successes than setbacks. Sometimes that is easier said than done. • Dealing with failure is a part of life. Nobody is perfect; it is how you react that often defines you.  You have to pick yourself up and keep your eye on the ball if you want to succeed. • As a proud alumnus I really focus on Texas State students and have really tried to be involved in anything related to Texas State, student life and San Marcos. I also put a high priority on customer service, consistent product and fast delivery. It also helps that Gumby’s is open ‘til at least 3am. At that time of night, they seem to find us. • Running a pizza place like Gumby’s is like being the captain of a ship. You have a lot of working parts. It is about putting people and assets into the right place while keeping your eye on the big picture. It helps when you have a great group of employees like we do.   • Plain & simple: My goal is to be the best pizza place in San Marcos.

� Detoxify and Cleanse your Liver, Gallbladder and Colon† � Enhance Natural Energy and Feeling of Well-Being† � Improve Overall Health and Metabolism† � All Natural Formula†


Locati o and ns Gr ow ing!

Melissa Pittman

2009 Model Universe Champion, mother of 2 and a NUTRISHOP customer.

SAN MARCOS • (512) 667-6268 1504 Aquarena Springs Drive (Next to Subway and Colloquium in the Aquarena Plaza Shopping Center) † These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseas

BobcatFans Magazine



*Not valid on protein powders, sale items, with VIP cards or any other offers.

Follow Chuck Nash Autos on:

October 16 Nicholls State 6pm

iPhone app:

ChuckNash .com

November 20 at Sam Houston 2pm

October 9 at Southeastern La. 2pm

November 13 at McNeese State 7pm

September 25 Southern Utah 6pm

November 6 Central Arkansas 2pm

September 18 Cal Poly 6pm

October 30 at Stephen F. Austin 2pm

September 11 Southern Arkansas 6pm

October 23 Northwestern State 3pm

September 4 at Houston 7pm

by: Chris Lehman

University of Houston

Don’t expect a homer pick from me on this game. I expect our guys to have some jitters in the first quarter like we always do against FBS schools. However, the nerves will calm down and we will play the Cougars close at a sold-out Robertson Stadium. Houston’s QB, Case Keenum, may be able to fire darts down the field, but we will be able to dictate the tempo with our running game. Bobcats lose in a close one.

Southern Arkansas

We will not lose to the Muleriders. While the Bobcats have a habit of playing down to Division II competition, SAU finished 2009 with a record of 3 – 7. I expect the Bobcats to dominate all facets of this game. Hawkins, Hill, McCloud, and Arndt will each get a chance to sling the ball and prove why they should be the starter. In the end, we will have a ‘W’ but still lack a clear starter.

Cal Poly

Cal Poly has a considerable amount of talent returning to the Central Coast. They are returning most of their starters, including quarterback Tony Smith, a deep stable of running backs, and a solid bunch of receivers. Rumor has it they will be implementing some shotgun formations into their offense. I expect a barnburner in San Marcos, with the Cats coming out on top.

Southern Utah

This marks the fifth time we have played the Thunderbirds since 2005. Unfortunately, 2005 was the last time we beat them. On paper, the Bobcats are the better team and should come out the victors. However, SUU has two FBS games before their trip to San Marcos and they will be hungry for a win. As usual, we inexplicably play terrible against them and lose the game.

Southeastern Louisiana

Although the Lions lost their starting QB (Babin),RB (Ducksworth), and two of their three top receivers (Wilson, Lanaux), everyone thinks Southeastern Louisiana is going to be the real deal this year. They return 18 starters, including Simmie Yarborough, who had 1300yards / 18 touchdowns last year. They will be joined by WR Brandon Collins (Longhorn transfer) and QB Tyler Beatty (Baylor transfer). The Bobcats gave up 24 unanswered points in the fourth quarter last year, and lost on a missed extra point. I hope coach makes them watch the game film on the bus trip to Hammond so they get angry and crush Southeastern.

Nicholls State

This season, the Colonials are moving from their signature triple-option offense to a pass happy air raid. New Head Coach Charlie Stubbs comes to NSU with 22 years of collegiate coaching experience. He successfully implemented high-octane offenses in the PAC10, WAC, Big East, and CUSA. This is going to involve rebuilding the team from the ground up. As long as their young receivers do not shred our secondary, we will be fine. The Paddle stays in San Marcos this year.

Northwestern State

The Demons are still in a rebuilding phase. They lost 8 players on defense (including 3 linebackers and 3 starters from the secondary) and 4 from the offense. They have good depth at the offensive skill positions and returning quarterback in Paul Harris. The last three games with the Demons have been settled by a single score. They will win some games this season, just not the one in San Marcos.

Stephen F. Austin

The Lumberjacks have Jeremy Moses back at the quarterback position. Moses was the top ranked QB in FCS last year, and led the Jacks to the playoffs. However, the Jacks go as Moses goes. Last year, the Bobcat defense found a way lock Moses down. Their offense sputtered. Just do it again and get the win.

Central Arkansas

Expectations in Conway are high for the Bears. This is their first year as a playoff eligible team. They have a solid offensive line and depth at the running back position. However, they are losing their top two running backs, top three receivers, and they still sorely miss quarterback Nathan Brown. Coach Conque will have two former Razorback quarterbacks on his roster this season. Cats offense just rolls past them.

McNeese State

The Cowboys have a lot of parts to replace this offseason. Derrick Fourroux and Beau Lasseigne, the only quarterbacks that saw considerable playing time last season, are gone. They lost rushing leader Todd Pendland (1000 yards / 17 td), and 4 of their top-5 receivers (who accounted for 1800 yards of offense and 14 TD). Their defense is solid, and it will keep them in games early on until the offense gels. The Cowboys don’t rebuild, they reload. The new team will be gelled by the time the Bobcats roll into Lake Charles.

Sam Houston State

Sam Houston State will be in turmoil this year as their new coaching staff attempts to get acclimated. Coach Willie Fritz starts his inaugural season as the Bearkat Head Coach while Defensive Coordinator Scott Stoker is preparing for his second year. As with most coaching changes, the program may struggle while a new system is put in place. The Bobcats will prove to be too much for the Bearkats.

Predicted Record: 8-3 (6-1 Southland) and a trip to the NCAA Playoffs 16 | BobcatFans Magazine

BobcatFans Magazine 17

By: Brodie Cornith

Pride & Tradition 1) Show Em State! A simple call to action and a point of pride. Show ‘Em State mimics the shape of the State of Texas and is displayed correctly with your left hand. It is Bobcat Pride displayed outwardly. Send pictures of your Pride to: pride@

2) Boko

He is the #1 Bobcat and has held the title since 1919 when the university chose a bobcat as the mascot. In 1964 a “Name the Bobcat” contest officially gave him his name after a member of the Phi Delta Gamma sorority won the contest. Boko never tires of pictures and being greeted.

3)Texas State Class Ring

Seniors add to the growing numbers of Pride bearers every year by taking part in receiving their class rings. Before putting on the ring for the first time, Bobcats ceremoniously dip their right hand in a fountain of San Marcos River to commemorate their years at Texas State. The Texas State Class Ring is a symbol of excellence achieved.

4) Tailgating

It’s a rapidly growing tradition that during the turn of this century was banned at Texas State. Administration had thought it best to stop consumption of alcohol in the stadium’s parking lot and shut down tailgating in hopes it would assist in shedding the party school image that had been seemingly plaguing the university for years. The university quickly got over it

18 | BobcatFans Magazine

and a few years later invited alumni, students and fans back into the parking lot for what we like to call pre-game warmups. Tailgating hit a fever pitch in 2005 when Bobcat Football hosted 3 straight playoff games. Let’s just say someone made a lot of money off recyclable aluminum after those games.

5)Texas State Chant

During the football playoff run of ’05 is where this tradition found its teeth. Since the university dropped the “southwest” in 2003 fans had been sporadically yelling “Texas” and “State” back and forth at events where more than a handful of Bobcat fans gathered, but it wasn’t until sold-out crowds at Bobcat Stadium started to chant in unison that it caught fire. Reports came in that the chant could be heard at Wal-Mart.

6) Bobcat Build

Being being a part of community and campus connection by providing a day of service to residents in San Marcos and the surrounding communities. Bobcat Build began in 2003 and has since reached numbers of 4000+ students volunteering to help out and thank their surrounding neighbors. It is an amazing display of the quality of student that attends the school on the hill.

7) Tubing, Sun bathing & Sewell Park

Nothing makes Texas State University more special than our own river oasis. You will find students tubing, canoeing, swimming and traveling down

this unique water body that runs through Sewell Park. One green pasture in Sewell Park has been nicknamed “Bikini Hill” for the ever popular number of coeds in need of afternoon sun. Not surprisingly, this attracts many onlookers.

8) Stallions de Rub

Rumor has it if you are getting ready to take a test you must locate the 17 foot high sculpture named “The Fight of the Stallions” in the Quad. Legend has it these stallions apparently have some magical body parts that, if rubbed, will help students receive good luck on their exams. We’ll leave it up to you to do your own investigation to determine if this folklore is reality or fantasy.


9) Trade Up Days

You chose Texas State University, and it chose you. Trade Ups Days allows students to rid their closets of collegiate apparel not of the Maroon & Gold persuasion and trade it for those that are. Easy choice!

10) Its a Great Day to be a Bobcat! “It’s A Great Day to Be A Bobcat!” has become the traditional opening to conversations, speeches and events relating to Texas State University. You can discover the mantra going back as far as 2006 when former ASG VicePresident Chris Jones used it to begin his column in BobcatFans Magazine. Bill Culhane, longtime voice of the Bobcats, can also be credited with his own variation of the slogan that he uses to begin his broadcasts of TXST Athletics.


TE 5



As a student or employee of Texas State University, you are eligible for membership.

Cash aecckikng B Ch

3 4

10¢Back on ALL Debit Card Purchases!



STATE! Join online –

512-833-3300 | 1-800-580-3300 Federally insured by the NCUA

BobcatFans Magazine 19

By: Robert Wood

I t ’ s the p it s

God’s Gift!

Kip’s BBQ

– San Marcos Deli style is how I would categorize Kip’s BBQ approach. Reminds me a little of Kansas City and the way you order a chopped BBQ sandwich over the counter. It’s not fast food in the way it’s prepared, just in the delivery. Now if only we could get Kip’s to realize he is in San Marcos and take down or at least try to tone down the Longhorn memorabilia.

Fuschak’s – San Marcos

BBQ joint has changed ownership three times in the last decade but has now finally settled on a winner. Transformed by its current owners, Woody’s BBQ brings Texas style meat smoking to San Marcos with nice décor to match. Pit smoked for over 20 hours with a combination of three types of wood, their brisket is their passion. Sausage is homemade daily (need I say more), but an unsung hero to their meat repertoire is the smoked chicken: juicy is an understatement. Solid BBQ.

Railroad BBQ – Kyle

Want to see what a BBQ joint is like when it’s run by Aggies? C’mon Fuschak’s, you got to let us have a little fun with you. All joking aside, Fuschak’s did receive an Honorable Mention in Texas Monthly’s latest Top 50 BBQ edition. They have an all you can eat buffet from 11-8 M-F, but what makes them famous with locals is their Barburito. Hard to miss right off of I-35.

Woody’s – San Marcos

Here is your reigning Best of Hays Country BBQ winner for 2009. Located off of Hunter Rd not far from McCarty Lane this

20 | BobcatFans Magazine

There hasn’t been much to say on this place for some time and there wasn’t much business to prove it was any good. Yet Kyle didn’t have many places to eat and so it survived. About a year ago, though, it started to take a turn for the better. Suddenly the BBQ started to improve. Flavors got better and the meat became juicier. It was like the place suddenly woke up and decided to be what is was supposed to be. Keep it going, guys!

Milt’s BBQ

– Kyle Now here’s a hole-in-the-wall joint with a horrible location that proves its worth with its will to survive. An old Californian with a Texas heart decided he wanted to come to God’s Country for BBQ and set up shop. Possessing few skills he found a young pit master and they started a BBQ joint that was baptized by fire (& smoke). The place has improved every time without fail, and high praise has started to sweep the area. I’ve heard locals say, “They have the best ribs I’ve ever eaten”. Milt’s young pitmaster is determined to become a name in Central Texas BBQ and it shows in the meat. However, Milt’s does not serve its own homemade sausage. That’s integral when going up against the big boys.

Kreuz Market – Lockhart

The King! If you believe God bestowed us with the awesome wonder that is BBQ, then this is the Holy Land. Salvation for your BBQ soul can be witnessed here and, once accepted, you are filled with peace & hope for all of the BBQ of the world. Still, Kreuz is not immune to a fall from grace. As it has taken on more roles, like shipping its prized BBQ nationally, it has experienced

more and more what I like to call “off days”. There was once a time when you could walk in and order the world’s best brisket consistently. So good, you forgot how good it was….now that is not the case. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always delicious. It’s just not as consistent as it used to be with it’s “A” game.

Smitty’s Market – Lockhart

If Kreuz is the king, Smitty’s is the queen, or at least the twin brother who was born one minute later. However, Smitty’s did get the castle (if you don’t get the reference, look up the Kreuz-Smitty’s history). This is a different segment of the family competing against each other in the same business, and they are good at it! Smitty’s has been more consistent in the last year with bringing its “A” game. They serve pork ribs that would give Memphis BBQ-ers a run for their money. Their only fault is their BBQ sauce. First off, they should not even carry the atrocious masking agent, but if you are going to defile yourself with it, make it tasty. If you love BBQ and you’ve never been to Smitty’s, get in your car now and finish this article on the way.

Coopers Old Town BBQ

– New Braunfels These guys are on the verge of becoming a chain, but it is more due to factions of the family setting up shop in other markets. Coopers is a cool concept, where you walk up and they let you pick your meat right off the pit. You can choose to have your sections dipped in their hot & runny BBQ sauce if you so desire. While it might have a big price tag if you don’t order a special, it gets a good crowd because people love them and it has a strong name, originally coming from Llano.

City Market

– Luling Once in Texas Monthly’s Top 5, City Market is a who’s-who of top-notch meat smokers. The place is covered in smoke to the point of having to tear down the building to get rid of the smell, but that’s a good thing. Strangely enough the brisket is not the winner here; it’s their other choices of meat that stand out. Served on butcher paper like it’s supposed to be.


(original) – Driftwood So who’s up for spending money? If you want to blow a lot of dough on ambiance and a cooler full of your own beer (BYOB) then drive out to Driftwood. No doubt about it, Saltlick is a cool place to hang out. Most order their BBQ Thanksgiving style, where they bring you plates of meat & sides. It’s all you can eat, but it will cost you. They do have the most flavorful packed sauce around, though. A writer once wrote: “It will make a napkin taste good.”

underground GAmes

Texas BBQ Sauce

Why do most people rate BBQ by the quality of the sauce? Because most people don’t know what good BBQ tastes like. True Texas BBQ is about smoking meat at high or low heats to perfection. Perfection is reached when you can cut off a slice of brisket that’s juicy and flavorful from end to end needing absolutely no sauce for added flavor. Does a good steak need A-1? Sauce should only compliment the meat, not cover it up.

the ultimate destination for gaming enthusiasts video game retail ŏ hourly play ŏ tournaments


The Essentitals for Back to School

XBOX 360 Laptop

The Perfect BSteripske1: tBreaSd an(onedwslicice)h

Step 2: Meat (1 or more) Step 3: Cheese Step 4: Avacado Onions Step 5: Pickles and/or Step 6: Fold (optional) Step 7: Pepper spice


Pencil Case

Underground Games


game. more. now. 316D N. Edward Gary @ University Dr. ł 512.697.9799 Open M-Sat 10-10 ł

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Entrepreneur ’s Wanted!

Entrepreneur. It seems like such a complicated word, though it represents simply an idea. And it’s this idea that drives us forward, sets the world in motion, pushes us to demand more than just the status quo. But setting the standard isn’t easy. It requires hard work, a dedicated community of peers and mentors, and of course cold hard cash. Epsilon Nu Tau was born from a desire and passion to combine these key elements. Fraternities were founded for students to have a place to share ideas and have intellectual debates, this morphed into a brotherhood of men who truly understood, trusted, and supported

each other. We took this foundation of a brotherhood, made it co-ed, and added mentors to the mix. This mix creates a support system that is unique due to the level of creativity amongst our peers and the experience level of our mentors.

Throughout the semester we host a variety of events, some solely for social reasons and others as a means of sculpting business ideas and plans. This gives us the opportunity to build our friendships, have open discussions about our ideas, and help us accomplish our goals as future business owners.

The last piece of the puzzle was and continues to be monetizing opportunities to generate the cash flow needed to invest in students businesses. This process proved to be the longest and most daunting but, ultimately, a benefit well worth the effort. The investment process allows members of Epsilon Nu Tau to submit their business plans, be evaluated by the executive board, and subsequently given money to get their dream off the ground. Epsilon Nu Tau is a fraternity, which offers social and entrepreneurial benefits. To an outsider Epsilon Nu Tau may seem complex but to us... it is simply a way of life.

BobcatFans Magazine 23

F itne s s



to Prevent The

Freshman 15

School will start soon and students will embark on new adventures and challenges as they enter another stage of getting a quality education. What they should be concerned with is fighting the scary trend of gaining 15+ lbs their freshman year in college. They might start calling it the FRESHMAN 50 if someone doesn’t step in NOW and educate these young adults on proper training and sound nutrition. This is extremely important beyond the health benefits. Before I share my top 5 tips to fight this trend, let’s first identify why this is important, beyond the obvious health benefits: 1.) Perception is Reality: Studies show that leaner, more attractive people are more employable and earn higher wages- it’s a fact! 2.) Build a Recession-Proof Body: Whenever the economy is struggling and companies are forced to tighten up their budgets, they’ll “trim the fat” from their employee base (both literally and figuratively)! Enough with the politics, let’s get to the meat of this article. Here it is:

The Top 5 Tips to Fight Back to School Weight Gain TIP#1- Invest in a Whole Body Workout

You can do this by performing a five-exercise circuit that implements body weight-based exercises designed to work your upper body, lower body, and core within the same workout at least three times per week with a day of rest between workouts. Alternate between 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest; performing squats, push-ups, lunges, rows, and planks for up to 4 rounds of each exercise for a killer 20 minute total body workout.

TIP#2- Eat AND Hydrate Early and Often

Eat immediately upon waking and then every two to four hours to starve fat and feed muscle. By

24 | BobcatFans Magazine

fueling your furnace continuously, and eating some animal protein (meat, eggs, cheese, etc.) at every feeding, you’ll also keep your metabolism revved up throughout the day and prevent overeating. Drink 2-4 cups of water immediately upon waking and then 1-2 cups of water every 2 hours, in addition to drinking 1-2 cups of water for every 15 minutes of activity.

TIP#3- Focus on Stabilization Exercise for Flat Abs

Integrated total body training and sound nutrition is key to burning the fat that covers your abdominal muscles so you can “see” themspot reduction doesn’t work! Pillar stabilization, both static and dynamic, is key to developing rock hard abs, preventing injuries, and improving posture- NOT endless crunches and sit-ups! The pillar collectively consists of your shoulders, hips, and core. This is your body’s powerhouse, foundational to all movement. For maximum benefits, you must seek to maintain a tight pillar

position during all movements by actively pulling your navel to your spine, engaging your glutes, and maintaining a straight line from the heels through the shoulders.

TIP#4- Be Flexible with your Eating

Allot yourself 1 or 2 “reward meals” per week where you can enjoy the indulgences of college life in MODERATION as needed! Be sure to plan your reward meals in advance based on your weekly schedule and be sure to earn them with compliance at all other times!

TIP#5- Sleep, Stretch, and Self-Massage

Get at least 6-8 hours of restful sleep per night and take 1-2 hour naps to fill the gaps. Establish a pre-bed routine and avoid caffeine after 2 pm. Ideally conduct Dynamic Stretching to preferentially mobilize joints PRIOR to your exercise routine and perform Static Stretching to lengthen muscles AFTER exercise. Spend at least 30-60

seconds massaging sore and tight areas of the body before and after you exercise to rejuvenate your muscle and connective tissue in order to prevent nagging aches and pains in the joints Heath Herrera runs HH Fitness Boot Camps and offers large group workouts at Diaz Martial Arts and Central Texas Medical Center with 45-60 minute boot camps throughout the day. HH Fitness Boot Camps offers a free, two-week trial to all newcomers. For more information about HH Fitness Boot Camps visit www. or email For an additional 5 tips to avoiding Back to School Weight Gain visit




The new school year is about to start, which means it is just about time for football season to start again. With that in mind we look to the gridiron to find the latest Player of the Month. This month’s Player of the Month is receiver Da’Marcus Griggs. Griggs is a senior who came to Texas State from Bay City High School. Last season he set the school record for receptions in a season with 80. He also finished second in the SLC in both receptions per game and yards per game. Griggs finished last season with 80 receptions for 969 yards and 8 touchdowns. His two biggest games of the season were against Northwestern State, where he recorded 11 receptions for 129 yards and one touchdown. He then proceeded to torch Sam Houston State with 11 receptions for 178 yards and two touchdowns. During the off-season Griggs has been getting recognition nationally. The Sports Network named him one of the Top 10 wide receivers in the FCS. He has been named to the All FCS First Team by Lindy’s, as well as being named Honorable Mention All American by Consensus Draft Service. As the Bobcats look to try and recapture the SLC crown this year, watch for Da’Marcus to continue to be a playmaker who will help them to get there.

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Intrusion alarms available Emergency maintenance Valet trash pick up Hi speed internet and Expanded basic cable included

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1441 leah ave. san marcos, tx 78666

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