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A Word From the Director Thank you for taking the time to read this brochure. This tells me that you are probably a life-long learner and understand the importance of continuing to develop as a servant leader. Perhaps it means that you have reached the point in ministry that your current set of skills need refining or it is simply time to retool. Whatever your reason may be, I believe WBA’s Leadership Development opportunities can make a difference in your life and the life of your church! 918 South IH 35 Georgetown, TX 78628

DESIRED OUTCOMES: • Servant leaders characterized by high integrity, strong work ethic and Christ-like attitude • Skilled leaders and communicators able to lead self, groups and organizations to become dynamic, high energy forces influencing their churches, communities and world • Life-long, authentic leaders committed to continued spiritual, personal, and professional growth • Churches fulfilling their mission as a result of the increased effectiveness and productivity of its leaders

Leadership Development Developing effective servant leaders to impact their churches, communities, and the world!

If I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call me. If you would rather, I will be happy to sit down with you for a personal visit regarding WBA’s Leadership Development opportunities.

Travis Bundrick

Director -

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Trimergent Leadership® System

Spiritual Foundation

This core area is designed to develop people into high performance leaders able to impact their church strategically from a holistic, systems perspective. The Trimergent Leadership® System is a leadership development training process that consists of Leading Self, Leading Teams, and Leading Organizations. Each area consists of ten sessions (9:00am - 4:30pm) which meet one day every other week.

This core area will explore biblical and theological foundations and practices of Christian spiritual formation necessary to become an authentic servant leader in an intimate relationship with God. A day long Sabbath experience off campus will be included at the conclusion of all six sessions. The Spiritual Foundations core area provides an opportunity for each person to focus on “being a Christ follower ” as opposed to just “doing ministry”.

Six Sessions meeting one day a week from 9:00AM - 2:30PM Session 1: Spiritual Formation: a discovery and learning experience designed to lead the learner toward developing a “rule of life” for personal health in servant leadership. Session 2: Spiritual Disciplines (Part I): a learning experience to understand and practice six spiritual disciplines necessary for life-long soul care and obedience. Session 3: Spiritual Disciplines (Part II): a learning experience to understand and practice an additional six spiritual disciplines necessary for life long soul care and obedience. Session 4: Christian Ethics: a learning experience to study and apply the basic principles of the Christ Ethic as seen in the New Testament with emphasis on teachings from the Sermon on the Mount. Session 5: Character Development: a learning experience designed to explore the process of becoming an authentic personal (ethic and integrity issues). Session 6: Understanding the role of a Servant and the Mind of Christ: a learning experience designed to assist the learner to reflect upon the qualities of servant leadership and consider models for spiritual formation in the congregation.

Three Certificates Available

Leading Self: It starts where leadership begins. Our “Leading Self” training course equips people with the leadership skills to take responsibility for their own growth and development based on gaining an accurate understanding of who they are and what they bring to the organization. Leading Teams: The second level of leadership requires the ability to lead a group of people. Our “Leading Teams” leadership training course transitions those who have learned to lead self into leading groups. It develops leaders who can bring a group of people together to achieve group and individual success. Leading Organizations: The third level of leadership requires the ability to lead people who lead others. “Leading Organizations” empowers those who successfully lead self and teams with the leadership skills to exert influence from an organizational perspective. It prepares those who will be determining the future of your company how to lead effectively. Five Leadership Capacities: The Trimergent Leadership® System and its proven principles and practices emerge through the application of the five leadership capacities at each level of our leadership training courses. The five leadership capacities are: Vision • Transformation • Value • Development • Teamwork

Certificate of Spiritual Foundations

Trimergent Leadership Certificate

Trimergent Leadership Certificate

Successful completion of the six sessions from the Spiritual Foundation core area

Successful completion of Leading Self, Leading Teams and Leading Organizations

Successful completion of the two certificates above plus five approved “Intensive Seminars”

Intensive Seminars This core area will provide a variety of relevant and practical seminars, workshops and conferences throughout each year designed to develop the skills and character needed to become an effective leader in a church or ministry setting. Each seminar is a “stand- alone” training event. In addition to the seminars, from time to time, cluster panel groups will be provided for shared learning.

Seminar examples: (most are half day to one day events) • Impacting Your Community • Effective Communication skills • Motivational and Inspirational Speaking • Becoming an Evangelistic Church • Mission, Vision and Core Values • Engage Evangelism Conference • Creating a Culture of Connectivity • Transformational Teaching • Biblical Studies • Conflict Resolution

• Becoming Missional • Discipleship and Assimilation • Counseling and Pastoral Care • Church Administration and Finance • Minister’s Tax Seminar • Marketing your Church • Using Social Ministry in Ministry • Managing Change in the Church • Culture, Context and Change • Developing a Strategic plan • Conservation series with… For more information: 512-289-0103

Wba108 leadership brochure  

WBA provides Leadership Development, Church Planting and Church Solutions for churches in the Williamson County Area. Here, you can find out...

Wba108 leadership brochure  

WBA provides Leadership Development, Church Planting and Church Solutions for churches in the Williamson County Area. Here, you can find out...