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March/April 2010

WBA Welcomes 2010 President

Jim (Kuba) Kubasta United as One

Builder Profile: L&L Construction Big Changes for WBA Insurance Services

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March/April 2010 Volume 27 • Issue 2

2010 WBA President............................................................ 8 Team player Jim (Kuba) Kubasta aims to make Wisconsin Builders Association® “United as One.”

Builder Profile.................................................................... 12 Joe Glaser of L&L Construction starts his own company to build a legacy for his children.

Member Advantage........................................................... 14 Karl Johnson, Vice President, discusses all the exciting changes at WBA Insurance Services that will greatly benefit members.


departments President’s Perspective................................................................................. 3 The Time to Act Is Now. Executive Viewpoint...................................................................................... 4 So Kuba’s the New President? Government Affairs....................................................................................... 5 Election 2010: The Next “Most Important Election of our Lifetime.” Local Happenings.......................................................................................... 7 Photos and details of WBA local association events around the state. News & Events.............................................................................................. 15

12 Mission Statement

A professional trade association, WBA advances the housing industry for members and consumers through government involvement, education and promotion.

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Vision Statement

Affordable, innovative and environmentally conscious homes accessible to all.


“Dedicated to preserving and promoting the American Dream”

Senior Officers 2010 President: Jim Kubasta, Oshkosh (Winnebago)

The Time to Act Is Now

President Elect: Don Esposito, Madison (Madison Area) Treasurer: Gary Roehrig, New Holstein (Mid-Shores) Secretary: Craig Rakowski, Wauwatosa (Metropolitan) Immediate Past President: Doug Scott, Janesville (South Central WI) Associate Vice President: John Anderson, Appleton (Winnebago) Associate Advisor to the Senior Officers: Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis, Chippewa Falls (Chippewa Valley)

Area Vice-Presidents 2010 Southeast Area Mark Benkowski (Metropolitan) Darryl Spang (Racine–Kenosha) Northwest Area Clint Doege (Heart of the North) Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis (Chippewa Valley) Southwest Area Tony Szak (La Crosse Area) Steve Treu (La Crosse Area) Northeast Area Steve Atkins (Brown Co.) Scott Browne (Brown Co.) South Area Brian McKee (Madison Area) Bob Renforth (Madison Area) East Central Area Ed Schmidt (Valley) Stan Martenson (Valley) North Area Pam Jewell (Golden Sands) Mike Richie (Wausau Area) East Shore Area Dan Schneider (Mid-Shores) Sean Kelly (Mid-Shores) State Representative to NAHB Ron Derrick (St. Croix Valley) Area 10 Chairman Wayne Foster (Metropolitan)

President’s by Kuba, WBA President recently read an anonymous quote that I feel is fitting for our industry during this economic time: “There is no better time than now. The time to live is now. The time to dream is now. The time to imagine and forget the past is now. The time to shine is now. The time to bleed, sweat and set yourself for the things you want to come, is now.” I would never suggest that we forget the valuable lessons from the past, but I feel now is the time we must focus forward and begin the recovery. While I have a strong respect for tradition, I have a gut sense that nontraditional action is what will see us through this next year. As business people in a critical industry, we can and should lead the way to this recovery in Wisconsin. Interest rates are lower now than when my mother and father bought our first house in 1963. Now is the time to for us to lead the effort to show the advantages of building and remodeling homes in Wisconsin. Fear and uncertainty have all but stalled our economy for no good reason. We need to understand our customers’ fears and overcome them. If we are “UNITED AS #1” as a membership and as an industry, we can take the first steps in restarting the housing market in Wisconsin. As a member of the builders association, you are part of the select group that has made the Wisconsin Builders Association a driving force in the state. WBA is a major force politically, and our united voice is heard loud and clear at the state and national level. By reading this message, you already know the importance of gathering and sharing information. Your involvement in the association affords you an even greater opportunity to learn and gather even more information from thousands of other members. This year, you will receive numerous marketing pieces via e-mail, fax and mail



from your local, national and state association that inform you of opportunities to learn, network and gain new knowledge about your industry. Each is an incredible resource. Take the time to review and participate in the events that make the most sense for you, your business and your success. Your attendance and participation at the meetings, educational seminars and networking events will provide you the tools to jumpstart your success in 2010. Last year was the year of survival. This year will be the year of rebuilding: rebuilding the WBA Foundation, rebuilding the membership, rebuilding the financial coffers of this association to secure our future to help support us during any future downturns in our economy. It is time to join a committee that you feel passionate about and help develop the strategies for the future. This is a great association. I am proud to be a member for nearly 17 years. We need your help and expertise. Dividends are paid when you get involved. I know firsthand the benefits of getting more involved both personally and for my business. In closing, I urge you to network with each other throughout the state. Please introduce yourself to me at an upcoming event, and I will be happy to help you make any connections I can. Share your problems and successes with each other. Band together to be “UNITED AS #1” and together all of us will move forward in 2010. We can grow and prosper in these challenging times, and you will be shocked how many members will help you if you reach out to them. I know this to be true, and it is truly one of the greatest benefit of membership in the Wisconsin Builders Association. X

Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org


WBA Staff

So Kuba’s the New President?

4868 High Crossing Blvd., Madison, WI 53704 • (608) 242-5151 Executive Vice President Jerry Deschane, CAE, ext. 11 jdeschane@wisbuild.org Director of Political & Government Affairs Brad Boycks, ext. 16 bboycks@wisbuild.org General Counsel Patrick Stevens, ext. 22 pstevens@wisbuild.org Director of Communications Annie Rubens, ext. 19 arubens@wisbuild.org Director of Accounting Services Kathy Johnsen, ext. 12 kjohnsen@wisbuild.org Accounting & Political Affairs Assistant Mark Nelson, ext. 25 mnelson@wisbuild.org Administrative Assistant Kimberly Fay, ext. 10 kfay@wisbuild.org

WBA Foundation Development Director Megan Taylor, ext. 24 mtaylor@wisbuild.org

WBA Insurance Services Vice President Karl Johnson, ext. 23 kjohnson@wisbuild.org

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Executive by Jerry Deschane, CAE, WBA Executive Vice President oes the passing of the leadership baton matter? After all, when we’re dealing with a housing recession, layoffs everywhere you look, and a new governor on the political horizon, does it make any difference that WBA welcomed a new president in February? You bet it does! The annual leadership handoff is the most visible symbol of the Wisconsin Builders Association’s greatest strength: you. WBA has been around a long time. We were chartered in 1947. Our first president was a Milwaukee area builder named Sid Dwyer. Our 2009 president was a Janesville builder named Doug Scott. In between, there have been 61 other presidents from just about every area of the state and from just about every size and shape of a construction company. There were never any duplicates; serving as president is an honor (and a burden) that only comes around once. They were as different in outlook and experience as the housing industry itself. That diversity is one of the key strengths of WBA. WBA is a significant force in Wisconsin politics. It was WBA that pushed for and saw the enactment of a statewide Uniform Dwelling Code. WBA was the earliest business group to get behind Wisconsin’s best-known and longest-serving governor, Tommy Thompson. A WBA past-president, Bryce Styza, was one of Tommy’s closest advisors during his entire tenure. We have worked with every governor before and since Tommy Thompson, and our members are positioned to work closely with the next governor as well. Our newest past president, Doug Scott, has been appointed by state political leaders to a task force on job creation. Doug is a friend of the Democratic Speaker of the Assembly, Mike Sheridan of Janesville.


Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org


Everywhere you look, from building codes to tax policy, to wetland permits, WBA has made a difference in Wisconsin.

Doug is bringing his experience running Amwood Homes and this association to make essential contributions as a member of the Partnership for a Stronger Economy. This task force is focused on shaping a package of job-creating, red-tape-clearing incentives to get Wisconsin’s economy moving in 2010. Everywhere you look, from building codes to tax policy, to wetland permits, WBA has made a difference in Wisconsin. And WBA’s presidents have usually been among the leaders in those causes. Like the 62 presidents before him, Doug Scott has made his mark in a year of tumultuous change in WBA. Now it’s Kuba’s turn. You can get a good idea of who Jim “Kuba” Kubasta is elsewhere in this magazine. The cover story talks about his business, his personal philosophy, and some of the trials and challenges he’s faced while building a successful business in the Oshkosh area. I’d like to share a few observations about the kind of leader he’ll be for WBA. From what I’ve seen so far, 2010 will be a fascinating and productive ride, but you’d better hang on tight. Continued on page 6

Election 2010: The Next “Most Important Election of our Lifetime” by Brad Boycks, WBA Director of Government & Political Affairs he phrase, “the most important election of our lifetime” is one that certainly has been worn out over the years. My guess is if you did a Google search with that term and the last 10 election years, you would find a number of quotes from candidates and political pundits who have overused that term to describe the election that year. As far as Wisconsin politics go, 2010 will be a very important year. Now please note, I didn’t use the term “most important election of our lifetime,” but I will not promise I will not use that as a term of motivation to members this fall! As we turn the page on 2009, it is natural for members of both political parties to start paying more attention to the many important races that will be decided on Nov. 2, 2010. First and foremost is an open seat for Wisconsin governor. Governor Doyle’s announcement in July created an open seat for our state’s highest elected official since 1982. Wisconsin Democrats are looking to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to hold the governor’s office this fall while Republicans have two leading choices for the September primary: former U.S. Congressman Mark Neumann and Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker. If you thought that the 2006 race between Governor Doyle and Congressman Mark Green was intense, my guess is you have not seen anything yet. Republicans feel that they have a golden opportunity to pick up the governor’s seat in the Badger State this year, because unlike 2006 and 2008, it appears the political winds are blowing in their favor. Look for a very, very expensive race for governor featuring millions of dollars spent by the candidates and possibly an even larger sum spent by outside groups. The Republican and Democrat Governor’s Associations have this race in their top three and will likely be major players in independent advertising. While of course the governor’s office holds great power over the citizenship in general, our members should take note that this office controls both of the state agencies who act as your regulators, most notably the Department of Commerce and the Department of Natural Resources. Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, one of the only Republican candidates to win a statewide election in the entire country in 2006, faces his first re-election challenge this fall. Former Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources Scott Hassett will very likely be the Democrat facing Van Hollen this fall. While Van Hollen has not officially announced his re-election intentions, it is generally accepted that he will be officially announcing his intention to seek a second term very soon. Lastly, and also equally as important to the work your Government Affairs staff does on your behalf, are the elections of members for the state Legislature. All 99 seats in the state Assembly and half of the seats in the state Senate (those with even district numbers face re-election this fall) will be up for re-election in November.




With very close margins in both houses (Democrats control the upper house with an 18-15 majority and the lower house with a 52-46-1 majority) both houses are considered to be “in play” for both parties seeking majority control of each chamber. We will be checking back with readers in the future on the entire slate of candidates in both chambers of the legislature as they prepare for their races after the July candidate filing deadline. What can members do to make sure candidates who share our views on construction and business related issues are elected next fall? Quite simply, members should be active givers by making contributions to the WBA Political Action Committee (PAC), Building a Better Wisconsin PAC or the WBA conduit, Builders Direct Fund. Giving to the WBA PAC or conduit will assure you, your local association and WBA will have a powerful political voice this fall. WBA has made it even easier for you to make financial contributions to the WBA PAC with an option for online contributions! Continued on page 6

Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org


executive viewpoint

Continued from page 4 Like the stock car racing he loves to watch, ideas come fast and furiously with Kuba. More than once, I’ve been reduced to saying, “but, uh huh, but, uh huh, but…” as new ideas seem to bubble up from his mind without limit. When I was hired, I promised to take a new look at everything WBA does for its members; Kuba’s going to hold me to that, and more. But the drive to reinvent WBA will be tempered by Kuba’s honest and open “team” approach. It’s how he runs his business (his business Web site is “teamkuba.com”), and it is the way he will lead WBA. That is exactly what WBA expects from its new leader. Since the pioneering days of Sid Dwyer, that is how WBA remains a valuable part of your business; every year we bring on board new leaders, with new ideas. Is it a big deal that you have a new state association president? You’d better believe it, so get ready for a great ride toward shaping a new WBA. X


Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org

government affairs

Continued from page 5 Just go to www.wisbuild.org and click on the “Donate” icon to make a personal contribution to BBW-PAC. Any member giving to the BBW-PAC online will also be helping your local association achieve their 2010 fundraising goal! In addition to your hard-earned dollars, political campaigns cannot be won without active and energized grassroots volunteers. Make some time in your calendar to volunteer on campaigns of candidates you support, and let them know you are a WBA member as well. WBA is still one of Wisconsin’s largest associations, and we need each and every one of you to get involved and contribute either time or money to continue to build a strong, united front to win the critical election battles that will make a difference in the building industry and your livelihood. We are working the halls of the capitol hard every day for you, and you can trust we will do our part to support our political friends of housing. Stay tuned for more to come on Campaign 2010! X

Local Happenings Racine-Kenosha Builders Association Harpe Development and Southport Heating and Cooling received 2009 Rising Star Awards.

Central Wisconsin HBA Gordy Wipperfurth, Adlee Constructions, is awarded his 200d Spike from Jack Skibba, Skibba Builders.

Northland Area Builders Association Jack Sjostrom, Jennifer Johnson (EO) and Jon Jaderborg (past president) present Jack Sjostrom, the first Annual NABA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Winnebago HBA WHBA celebrates 20 years.

Madison Area Builders Association The Madison Area Builders Association celebrated the New Year by welcoming new leaders including President Abe Degnan, Degnan Design Builders Inc.

Wolf River Builders Association Wolf River Builders Association donated $1,000 donation to the Christmas Crusade for Children through the local police and sheriff’s department.

St. Croix HBA 2009 Builder of the Year Scott McCormack, McCormack Classic Construction, Jim Mikla, outgoing president, and 2009 Associate of the Year Casey Weiss, Black Hawk Garage Door.

Valley Home Builders Association Since 2006, VHBA has been the official local coordinating organization for the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. VHBA coordinated more than 250 toy drop off locations which collected 15,132 toys for 2,886 children. Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org


2010 WBA President

Jim (Kuba) K


Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org


Team player aims to make Wisconsin Builders Association® “United as One”

by Jennifer McDermitt 010 WBA President Jim (Kuba) Kubasta isn’t going to sugarcoat the challenges the association and its members will face over the next year as the industry struggles for recovery; however, he has a positive attitude, a strong set of goals, a great motto and a mission to bring to its members. “I think we’ve all heard enough negativity — I’m not someone who focuses on the negative,” said Kuba. “I believe in always looking forward, and as business owners, we’ve all had to learn to do more with less. It’s been tough, but together, we can get through this and come out stronger on the other end.” His Web site, www.teamkuba.com, shows how strongly Kuba believes in team spirit. He jokes that outgoing president Doug Scott stole his motto last year for his “Team WBA” hats. Kuba is quick, however, to credit his predecessor for leading the association through a challenging year. “We lost a EVP, had to conduct a search for a new EVP, many members lost their businesses — it was rough. I only hope I can do half the job he did and continue his work to bring the association together as a team,” he said.


Creativity at the Heart of the Man While many builders claim they were “drawn” to the building industry because of their desire to work with their hands, Kuba says he was drawn because of his love of “drawing.” In the seventh grade, Kuba’s teacher, Mr. Beaster, introduced him to architectural drawing, something that he took to immediately. Once Kuba became a junior in high school, he enrolled in the local tech college’s residential design program. When he graduated from that program in 1982, however, the building industry was in a slump, and out of the 60 students Kuba graduated with, only four found employment. Kuba, however, was one of first ones hired. “I was hired by a company called United Building Center for $4.15 an hour, which seemed like really good money to me at the time,” said Kuba. “I was immediately put in their management training program, and after about a year, they asked me to move to manage a store. I was from Oshkosh, and my father had been diagnosed with brain cancer, so I didn’t want to move any further away. Eventually, I was offered a job running the hardware store at a lumber yard in my hometown, and I was able to move home and be closer to my family. He passed away two weeks later.” Kuba spent the next several years working in as many aspects of the industry as he could, learning the business trade by trade. From running a kitchen distributorship to working for a builder as an expeditor to drawing house plans on the side for builders, Kuba spent those years “interning,” keeping his main goal in mind at all times. “I knew I eventually wanted to run my own building company, but I wanted to learn as much as I could before I did,” said Kuba. “I think it is no different than doctors spending eight to 10 years interning before going out on their own. Continued on page 10

Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org


2010 WBA President

Continued from page 9 Finally, I went to the builder I was working for and told him I was going out on my own. He wished me good luck. That was 10 years ago, and I am still going strong.” Kuba’s creative mind is also one of the main reasons behind his company’s success. Classic Homes by Kuba is well-known for one of its unique building concepts: the “Home Plate Plan.” After coaching his son’s game of baseball, Kuba felt the spark of inspiration and retreated to the drawing board, eagerly drawing up an innovative affordable home plan that resembled home plate, with angular walls and unique finishing touches. “When I started getting into the affordable housing market, I hated the fact that all the homes were so similar and not unique. When I came up with the ‘Home Plate Plan’ and put one of those homes in a Parade of Homes, I found that people were much more drawn to that home design than your average threebedroom ranch,” said Kuba.

Honesty Is More than Just a Policy When Kuba started his business in May of 1994, he decided upfront that he wanted to run a different kind of building company. Using the motto “Putting the Fun Back Into Building,” Kuba wanted to make the building process less stressful for his employees, as well as for his customers. Facing the challenges of the current economy, Kuba decided to take an honest approach with his customers. He created a “Commitment Statement” that acknowledges customers’ fears about buying during these times but assures them their investment will be well spent. It reads: The Building Industry is in a slight housing slump. The good news is that our homes are priced accordingly. The better news is that nothing about our homes is diminished but the price. In a market where other builders are reducing standards to achieve lower prices, we are not taking that route. We have reduced prices but it’s because of reduced margins all the way down our well established supply chain along with our subcontractors & suppliers. Homes are purchased for the long haul; five years from today your new Classic Home by Kuba will be more valuable because of our determination to retain our high standards. From your vantage point as a homeowner, you will endorse our decision to diminish only the price. In the 18 plus years I have been in this business, I can’t think of a time when the market was more favorable to buyers. This market comes as close to guaranteeing good appreciation on your home as I have ever seen. This COMMITMENT is on everything we build. Come in, get a quote and enjoy your new Classic Homes by Kuba. Kuba takes the same honest approach to leading the association. He recognizes it’s been a tough couple of years for WBA’s members, but he feels that the key to recovery is to bring the association back together. He has chosen the motto, “United as One” to get members inspired to join him in his mission to bring unity back to the association. “One of the things we’ve been missing as an association is unity,” said Kuba. “Our new EVP, myself and all of the senior officers are committed to ensure the state and locals are working together as one.” 10

Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org

Team Kuba Unites Kuba is all about team spirit, which extends not only to his business and the association, but also to his family. Kuba and his wife, Brenda, have four children who have all found their own path and made their parents very proud. Their daughter Jaimee just graduated from Cosmetology College and was hired right away. Keila is earning her master’s degree in business while working full time, son Kyle is currently doing his Emergency Medicine Residency in Phoenix and son Justin works for Kuba at Classic Homes by Kuba as well as holding a Realtor’s license. “Justin graduated from the same school I did in 2008 and has been taking our drawings and transferring them to the computer,” said Kuba. “It’s exciting to see the next generation take our business to a new level.” When asked how he wants to be remembered as president, Kuba hesitates, because he doesn’t want his legacy to be “all about him.” However, he does hope that 2010 is the year the WBA came together to become “United as One” — a legacy of which anyone would be proud. X

Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org


Builder profile

Joe Glaser of L & L Construction Self-proclaimed perfectionist hopes to build a legacy for his children

by Stacey Tetloff oe Glaser loves to build. “It’s the actual building that I love most,” Glaser said. “I’m more comfortable at work than I am anywhere else.” Glaser also enjoys forming relationships with his customers and the tradesmen working with him on projects. Being an owner also gives Glaser a chance to be a perfectionist about his work. “I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to making sure everything is perfect,” Glaser said. “I work a lot of Sundays by myself, making sure that everything is up to my expectations.” That’s something Glaser didn’t have the opportunity to do until starting his own business four years ago in northern Wisconsin. Before that, Glaser worked for 20 years as a union worker and never communicated directly with homeowners or the workers from other trades. “I was used to dealing with superintendents and inspectors,” Glaser said. “But owning a business gives me the chance to get to know the homeowners and understand what they want.”


Taking Care of Business Although Glaser enjoys the opportunity to build relationships with his customers, he also noted that this process presents him with challenges. “You’re definitely more involved as an owner. As a union worker, you’d get instructions for a change and you would do it. As an

Business Quick Facts • Years in Business: 4 • Local Association: Heart of the North Builders Association • Primary Focus: Custom, energy-efficient homes • Fun Fact – Top Two Must-Have Tools: The love of building and hammer • Volunteer Work: Hunter’s Memorial, Missionary work in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, Donating time to elderly homeowners in need of repairs • Web Site: www.landlhome.com 12

Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org

owner, you’re walking through the changes with the customer, and worrying about money and upgrade costs.” Glaser’s biggest challenge as a business owner is talking about money. “I wish I could build for free because I love what I do,” Glaser said. “The most difficult aspect of being a business owner is negotiating the cost with homeowners.” Luckily for Glaser, he has a vice president to handle that part of the business. Donna, Glaser’s wife, is the brain behind the handling of business affairs for L & L Construction. She takes care of financial negotiations, contracts, estimates and all of the paperwork for the office. “It saves me a lot of time and makes it so I don’t have to leave the jobsite,” Glaser said. “My wife is such a benefit and so important to the business that I wouldn’t be able to do it without her.” Glaser’s wife also makes sure he has met all of the necessary education requirements. Continuing education is one reason Glaser is proud to be involved with the state and local builders associations. “I’m really glad that Wisconsin is increasing its standards and code enforcement, because it protects both me and the homeowner,” Glaser said. He feels the builders association is a great way to learn about changes to continuing education and receive the education needed to meet the requirements.

All in the Family Glaser has always known the importance of continuing education. His education started with a union apprenticeship 20 years ago in the Chicago area where he met his wife and worked at the same company as his brother-in-law and father-in-law, who are both carpenters. “My father-in-law also played a tremendous role in educating me, and he was a blast,” Glaser said. Building is definitely a family affair. The Glasers built their business for their children — son, Levi, and daughter, Leah — and named it after them. Levi often asks his dad, “Hey, can I come to work with you?” Glaser said, “Whether they want to end up in the building industry or not, I want to give them a legacy. I want them to be able to drive through a neighborhood and say, ‘Hey, my dad built that!’” X

Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org


Change is in the Air Member


by Karl Johnson, Vice President, WBA Insurance Services hange” is a word we have all heard over and over again for the last year. In these tough economic beginning. We are currently looking at other times, everyone is changing the way they do companies to partner with in the near future. Today, we have things both at home and at the workplace to With these new options available through our survive. WBA Insurance Services is no different, we have more options to save you over 65 companies agency, and we have been changing non-stop over the money on your health insurance. last year. If you think you’ve seen what WBA Why is this important to you? In this econon one of our Insurance is all about in the past, you haven’t omy, we all are looking to save money, and member-only seen anything yet! The all-new-and-improved that is our job here at WBA Insurance Services. WBA Insurance Services has arrived! only do we provide you with quality health plans and our plans Not In the past, WBA Insurance Services, formally insurance options, we also look to save you known as Build Wisconsin, has always provided money on your health insurance and health care insure over 150 the members of the WBA an association health cost as a whole. This year alone, we saved the individuals and plan through WPS Health Insurance. For years, WBA staff over $44,000 on their health insurthis plan has served as an important benefit for ance premiums! their families. hundreds of members, their employees and their My goal here at WBA Insurance Services is families. To this day, the WBA Health Plan is to become your first resource for your insurance still an important benefit for members. needs. That may mean working with us directly Two years ago, I was honored to take over or it may mean working with one of our partner as vice president of WBA Insurance Services. My first goal in agencies around the state, but the bottom line is, next time you think this position was to make my way around the state and attend as insurance, we want your first call to be to WBA Insurance Services! many local association meetings as possible. The purpose of this To find out more about the changes happening at was to get a better idea of what members of the WBA needed WBA Insurance Services, please visit our Web site at and wanted from their insurance agency. The most common www.wbainsurance.org or contact me, Karl O. Johnson, vice comment I heard was, “Karl, we tried the WBA Plan, but it just president of WBA Insurance Services, at (888) 678-3015 ext.23 didn’t fit our situation.” It was clear to me what needed to be or by e-mail at kjohnson@wisbuild.org done. Change had to happen, and that change has finally arrived. WBA Insurance Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the In January 2008, we introduced a new association plan Wisconsin Builders Association® created more than 15 years through Arise Health Plan. Arise Health Plan is a subsidiary of ago. Our goal is to provide members with quality insurance WPS and provides competitive managed care products (POS programs at an affordable price. We are also the largest form of and HMO) for small group and sole proprietors in northeast non-dues revenue for the WBA. We were created by members and Wisconsin and the Wausau area. Arise offers competitive rates, are overseen by a Board of Directors, also made up of members. We truly are YOUR insurance agency. X local responsive member services, strong wellness benefits, flexible plan designs and exclusive plans for the members of WBA. Today, we have over 65 companies on one of our memberonly plans and our plans insure over 150 individuals and their families. That is a great start to a new plan and it continues to grow. With the help of our premier partner agency in the Green Bay area, Gordon H. Lenz and Associates, this plan will continue to grow and keep health insurance costs for members down. Because we recognize that Arise and WPS cannot cover every member’s needs throughout the state, we felt we needed to take the next big step. Beginning in July of 2009, WBA Insurance Call Jeff Pinwar: Services began offering health insurance through several (800) 935-1592, x118 other highly rated insurance companies. Those companies are: Anthem, Dean Health Plan, Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC), Humana, HumanaOne, United Health Care (UHC), Unity Health Insurance, AlwaysCare, Network Health Plan, and Principal Financial Group. This is just the


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Heart of the North

Continuing Ed offered during some GMM’s

La Crosse Area

Home Show: March 12-14, 2010


July 31-Aug 1, & Aug 7-8, 2010 • Home Show: March 27-28, 2010 Grand Geneva Resort

Madison Area

April 24-May 2, 2010 Parade of Condos, June 12-27, 2010 Parade of Homes • Home Products Show: March 5-7, 2010 Alliant Energy Center, Madison

Manitowoc County

June 24-27, 2010 • Home Show: April 1618, 2010 Manitowoc County Ice Center


April 18-May 3, 2010 Spring Tour of Homes & Condos • Aug 21-Sept. 12, 2010 Parade of Homes • Home Builders Expo: Jan 7-10, 2010


Oct. 1-3, 2010 • Home Show: Feb. 19-21, 2010 Home & Garden Expo


Home Show: Feb. 19-21, 2010 Glacier Canyon at the Wilderness

June 3, 2010

June 14, 2010 Ironwood Golf Course, Sussex

See calendar at www.lakelandba.com March 24, 2010 Casino Night, West Side Club

See calendar at www.maba.org

March 18, 2010 Building Science & Design Conference County Springs Hotel, Pewaukee

Commerce Approved 12-Hour Course DVD available. $130 for HBA members, $225 for non-members at www. MBAonline.org.

May 11, 2010 Cookout & Casino Night

Networking Nights First Tuesday of the month Contact NABA office for location 5:30 pm Social Hour 6:30 pm Dinner with guest speaker to follow

Northland Area

Home & Garden Expo: March 20-21, 2010 LCO Casino & Convention Center, Hayward


Sept. 11,12,15,18 & 19, 2010

June 10, 2010

Sheboygan County

Sept. 10-12 & Sept. 17-19, 2010 • Home Expo: March 26-28, 2010

June 16, 2010


St. Croix Valley

March 6-7, 13-14, 20-21 & 27-28, 2010 Spring Tour of Homes • September 11-12, 18-19, 25-26 & October 2-3, 2010 Fall Tour of Homes • Home Show: March 1314, 2010 Hudson Sports & Civic Center

July 19, 2010 New Richmond Golf Course • BBW: Silent Auction TBD, 2010

Education classes posted on www.scvhba.com


Feb. 20-28, 2010 Winter Wonderland of Homes • Aug. 14-22, 2010 Parade of Homes • Home Show: April 15-18, 2010

July 15, 2010 • BBW: April 6, 2010

Wausau Area

June 1-6, 2010


April 16-18 & April 22-25, 2010 • Home Show: March 12-14, 2010

Wolf River

Home & Cottage Show: April 9-11, 2010 Shawano

Dec. 2, 2010 Installation


South Central Wisconsin South Western Wisconsin

June 8 Lake Breeze Golf Club

June 18, 2010 Fishing Outing. • July 29, 2010 Motorcycle Ride

Various — visit www.vhba.com for schedule

See calendar at www.whba.net See www.wolfriverbuilders.com

rev. 1/4/10 Wisconsin Badger Builder • March/April 2010 • www.wisbuild.org


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