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Winter 2012 Volume 29 • Issue 1

Build Your Brain................................................................... 8 Full education schedule with DCQ continuing education credits and professional development at the 2012 Wisconsin Builders Conference.

2012 Wisconsin Builders Conference............................... 12 Plan to attend the most important event of the year for the home building and remodeling industry Feb. 22-23, 2012, at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

Winning the LinkedIn Game............................................. 14 Wayne Breitbarth, author of “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success,” shares tips on how to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

departments President’s Perspective................................................................................. 4 Executive Viewpoint...................................................................................... 6


Capitol Corner................................................................................................ 7 Mission Statement A professional trade association, WBA advances the housing industry for members and consumers through government involvement, education and promotion.

Wisconsin Badger Builder is the official publication of the Wisconsin Builders Association® (WBA) and is published by WBA, 4868 High Crossing Blvd., Madison, WI 53704. Periodicals postage paid at Madison, WI 53701 and additional mailing offices. All advertising is subject to acceptance by the Wisconsin Badger Builder editorial review committee. The publication of any advertisement is not to be construed as an endorsement of the product or service offered. The contents of all material available in this publication are copyrighted by WBA unless otherwise indicated. All rights are reserved by WBA, and content may not be reproduced, disseminated, published or transferred in any form or by any means except with the prior written permission of the Wisconsin Builders Association®. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Wisconsin Badger Builder, 4868 High Crossing Blvd., Madison, WI 53704. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscriptions available through membership in the Wisconsin Builders Association®.

Vision Statement Affordable, innovative and environmentally conscious homes accessible to all.

Motto “Dedicated to preserving and promoting the American Dream”

Wisconsin Badger Builder • Winter 2012 •


2011-12 SENIOR OFFICERS President Don Esposito, Madison, (Madison Area BA) President-elect Gary Roehrig, New Holstein, (Mid-Shores HBA) Treasurer Craig Rakowski, Wauwatosa, (Metropolitan BA) Secretary Brandon Bartow, Manitowoc, (Manitowoc County HBA) Immediate Past President Jim Kubasta, Oshkosh, (Winnebago) Associate Vice President Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis, Chippewa Falls, (Chippewa Valley) Associate Advisor to the Senior Officers Sean Kelly, East Troy, (Mid-Shores HBA)

Area Vice-Presidents Southeast Area Wolf Korndoerfer (Metropolitan) Darryl Spang (Racine-Kenosha) Northwest Area Clint Doege (Heart of the North) Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis (Chippewa Valley) Southwest Area Tony Szak (La Crosse Area) Brett Werner (La Crosse Area) Northeast Area Steve Atkins (Brown Co.) Scott Browne (Brown Co.) South Area Brian McKee (Madison Area) Bob Renforth (Madison Area) East Central Area Ed Schmidt (Valley) Stan Martenson (Valley) North Area Pam Jewell (Golden Sands) Mike Richie (Wausau Area) East Shore Area Brad TenPas (Sheboygan) Sean Kelly (Mid-Shores) State Representative to NAHB Ron Derrick (St. Croix Valley) Area 10 Chairman Wayne Foster 4

Change Is in the Air President’s by Don Esposito, WBA 2011 President ere we are, past the holidays of 2011 and into the new year of 2012. Rather than reflect back upon 2011 (which I will do in my upcoming Annual Report), I instead choose to look forward to the new year. Well, as the old adage says, “The only thing we can be sure of is: there is nothing to be sure of.” Change is an over-used word of late, but the State of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin shelter industry and the Wisconsin Builders Association will certainly face change in 2012. In the political world, “nothing to be sure of” is a vast understatement. As of the turn of the year, the governor, the lieutenant governor and at least four state senators seem destined for recall elections. Conventional wisdom predicts that these recall elections will be held in the spring or early summer of 2012, and more than $100 million is expected to be spent on these races. We need to maintain a governor’s office and legislature that is responsive to shelter industry’s needs and initiatives so we will again be asked to weigh in with our time, talent and money. Then we have the fall national election, where Wisconsin will elect a new U.S. Senator, a new Congressional Representative or two and finally weigh in on the increasingly important presidential race. Anticipated price tag of the national elections: over $1 billion. Yes, 2012 promises to be a brutal election year for us in Wisconsin. Our state association will change as well. With the constraints of the 2012 budget passed at the October Board of Directors meeting, our state staff will be reduced to four full-time and one-half time professionals after the February conference. WBA’s main focus will revert back to its core competency: state government affairs. In February, our board of directors will be asked to vote on sweeping governance changes that


Wisconsin Badger Builder • Winter 2012 •


will potentially shape our association for decades to come. Work on the 2013 budget will commence immediately after the February board meeting in response to those governance changes approved by the board of directors. Speaking of the conference, the Wisconsin Builders Conference is changing in 2012 as well. The conference is scheduled for Feb. 22 & 23 in Chula Vista, which is a Wednesday and Thursday. The installation dinner will be held Thursday evening, and the Annual Members and Board of Directors meeting will be held on Friday, Feb. 24. While the focus of the conference switches back to education & business, hospitality suites will remain part of the networking opportunities! New to the conference will be the vendor showcase in the enormous Wisconsin Dells center dome. I encourage all members who have not yet registered to do so immediately. In 2013 and beyond, the conference will be run by the WBA Foundation — yet another upcoming change. Lastly, on a personal note, change is in the cards for me as well. For those of you who have not heard, I have left employment with Veridian Homes in mid-December. I anticipate that, by the time you read this President’s Perspective article, I will be well on my way to transferring my membership to a new company. I sincerely thank all of you who have checked in with me to offer assistance and moral support. If there is one thing that did not change this year, it is how our members look out for other members. That is what our association is about — we look out for one another — and it is our greatest strength! It keeps our association moving forward together: united as one. X

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In 2012, Let’s Resolve to Hang Together

WBA Professionals 4868 High Crossing Blvd., Madison, WI 53704 • (608) 242-5151 Legal & Building Code Hotline (888) 947-2458 wisconsinbuildersassociation LinkedIn: search Wisconsin Builders Association Executive Vice President Jerry Deschane, CAE, ext. 11 Director of Political & Government Affairs Brad Boycks, ext. 16 Director of Communications Annie Rubens, ext. 19 Director of Accounting Services Kathy Johnsen, ext. 12 Accounting & Political Affairs Assistant Mark Nelson, ext. 25 Event Coordinator Kimberly Fay, ext. 13

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Executive by Jerry Deschane, CAE, WBA Executive Vice President ne of my favorite founding fathers is Ben Franklin. He’s the prototypical blue-collar statesman. He had the most humble of beginnings, plenty of dirt (or, in Ben’s case, ink) under his fingernails, and an incredible depth of wisdom. I picture him hanging around the hallways at the Constitutional Convention, subtly offering ideas to George Washington, bolstering John Adams’ fragile ego, and quietly reassuring the shy Tom Jefferson. Franklin was a great author, and most of his sayings ring as true today as they did 235 years ago. A penny saved is still a penny earned, early to bed and early to rise still makes you healthy, wealthy and wise, and putting something off ‘til tomorrow that can be done today is still a bad idea. As the housing industry rolls into another uncertain year, however, a different Franklin quote comes to mind. As he was signing his name to the Declaration of Independence, Franklin voiced the caution that he and his fellow patriots (or traitors, depending upon which side of the Atlantic you were on) had better stick together. “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.” They did indeed hang together through some very harrowing times, which saw most of the 56 signers lose their homes, lands, and in some cases their lives in the war that followed. During hard times, it is an American axiom that working together in common cause is the best way to survive. When it comes to dealing with government, “hanging together” is still the best defense against new laws and regulations that seem to keep coming every day. “Hanging together” is the only way an association can even exist. Your local association, WBA, and NAHB are nothing more, and nothing less, than a


Publication Sales Manager........ Brenda Poe (800) 935-1592, ext. 115 •


Wisconsin Badger Builder • Winter 2012 •


group of businesspeople hanging together to learn from one another and to speak with one voice. Ben Franklin’s 235-year old warning to hang together is the thread that holds the federation together today. If you’re reading this, you are a survivor or you are an entrepreneur, or both. You and your business have either made it through the worst recession of your lifetime, or you have chosen to grow or start a new business during that recession. Either way, you’re a seriously tough bird. As a member of the association, somewhere along the way, you’ve learned the value of hanging together. In 2012, WBA will focus all of its energy on your success. Starting with the Wisconsin Builders Conference at Chula Vista resort next month, we will provide you with opportunities to learn from Wisconsin’s best experts in construction, business, and marketing. We’re restructuring our governance system to make it easier to deliver lobbying, political advocacy, and information resources to you with a leaner, smaller staff. We will be in constant contact with the 25 local HBAs throughout Wisconsin — learning from them, sharing ideas, and working with them to get you the tools you need to get the most bang out of your membership buck. And, of course, we will take your ideas and concerns to the hill in Madison as advocates for home construction. Although WBA is a nonprofit trade association, we are still a business. And while you are our members and our leaders, you are also our customers. We thank you for your membership in 2011, and we pledge to give it all we’ve got to help with your business in 2012. All we ask is that we “hang together.”X

Looking Back on a Productive Year Capitol


by Governor Scott Walker fter our first year in office, I believe we have accomplished a lot, while a lot of work remains to be done. Starting on our first day in office, when I called a special session, we went immediately to work focusing on jobs. We passed major legislation, often with bipartisan support, to open Wisconsin for business and encourage job creation. We reformed our state’s regulatory climate and created the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, an agency that focuses solely on creating jobs. We made changes to tax laws to encourage businesses to grow and expand in our state. We also lowered health care costs for employees and employers by eliminating the state tax on health savings accounts. In addition, we improved our state’s legal environment and we reformed the administrative rule process. Under our reforms the governor’s office is now part of the review process for agency rules. The new process will create another check to ensure that regulations do not create an undue burden on job creation. We’ve also taken an important step to have the Wisconsin Housing Economic Development Authority focus on economic development. They will make it easier for job creators to access capital for projects that will put thousands of Wisconsinites to work. This year, for the first time in a long time, we passed an honestly balanced budget that closed a $3.6 billion deficit without raising taxes. We even eliminated the structural deficit for the first time in recent history. And we did it without resorting to the accounting gimmicks and fund raids of past administrations. We balanced the budget honestly. Balancing the budget honestly is important because it gives families and businesses certainty for the future. They can plan for the future confidently, knowing that tax increases won’t occur and that


Advertise Your Business in Wisconsin Badger Builder Call Marsha Suwienski: (800) 935-1592, x106


The new process will create another check to ensure that regulations do not create an undue burden on job creation. unnecessary cuts because of fund raids or other budget gimmicks won’t happen either. By balancing the budget honestly, we’ve built a better platform for future budgets on which Wisconsinites can rely. Our reforms have also allowed the average K-12 property tax bill to decrease for the first time in six years. A total of 269 school districts have a property tax levy that’s the same or lower than last year. The average homeowner will save hundreds of dollars, while our reforms allow our schools to remain strong. Recently, we’ve taken steps to lower the costs of moving goods for Wisconsin businesses. We also passed legislation to make it easier for businesses to access capital so they can grow. And we reformed the Department of Revenue to make it friendlier to taxpayers. All of these reforms and more are laying the foundation for economic growth in Wisconsin. The good news is that job creators in Wisconsin and across the nation are taking notice. In one national magazine, our ranking went up 17 places in one year. It was the biggest jump in the nation and in the history of the magazine. Here, in Wisconsin, 88 percent of job creators say we are heading in the right direction. Last year, only 10 percent thought our state was headed in the right direction. A recent survey of local chambers of commerce found similar reactions to our positive reforms. Throughout the fall, my administration joined me in traveling across the state to listen to job creators. Key cabinet secretaries and I went to nearly every part of the state to listen to people like you talk about what else we can do to encourage job growth. In addition, we also held the first-ever Small Business Summit, giving these key job creators direct access to decision-makers in state government. In the coming months, we’re going to continue to focus on jobs. I want every Wisconsin family to have access to a good-paying job, and I want our children to grow up in a state full of opportunity.X Capitol Corner is a regular feature for Badger Builder. In this space, a Wisconsin legislator will provide perspective on an issue. Each guest columnist is offered the opportunity to select their primary issue of concern and present their views independent from any guidelines imposed by the Wisconsin Builders Association®. The views expressed by the columnist are solely their opinion and do not necessarily reflect the views of the WBA, NAHB, the locals, or the members. The Badger Builder editorial department welcomes reader feedback to the issues featured in this section in the spirit of promoting continued discussion on the important issues affecting our daily lives. To submit comments, please send them to Badger Builder Editor Annie Rubens, arubens@ Only comments in writing will be considered for reprint.

Wisconsin Badger Builder • Winter 2012 •




i ngg | | RReeccooggnni ti ti oi onn EEdduuccaat ti ioonn | | NNeet twwoor rkki n February 22-23, 2012 Chula Vista, WI Dells

Build your Brain at the Wisconsin Builders Conference by Kim Fay, WBA event coordinator he most important event of the year for the home building and remodeling industry takes place Feb. 22-23, 2012, at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells. As the signature event of the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA), the Wisconsin Builders Conference has expanded yet again to benefit your business and continuing education needs. “We answered the member’s call for more quality, relevant, education


and are offering 23 different classes of interest to both builders and associates. We’ve also increased the value of your day by adding an entirely new Vendor Showcase to introduce you to the latest in home building products and the chance to meet with industry experts,” said Mark Brehmer of Sterling Premium Building Systems and committee chair of the conference. This major industry event will be held Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 22-23, 2012, at the beautiful and family-­friendly Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells and its nearby Wisconsin Dells Center dome. Complete and up-to-date conference information, including the education courses, lodging and online registration can all be found at

Additions and Traditions

WBA 2012 President Gary Roehrig and his family invite you to attend. 8

Wisconsin Badger Builder • Winter 2012 •

With the strong support of premier sponsors Menards, Axley Brynelson, LLC and ProBuild, the Conference retains all the traditional elements of the President’s Installation Banquet, the major member awards and the famous hospitality suites. Menards has been a top sponsor of the WBA’s annual convention for many years and is excited to be a part of this evolving event. “We are proud to continue our strong relationship with the WBA and truly appreciate all the partnerships we’ve developed with contractors and builders throughout Wisconsin,” said Chris Roberts, commercial contractor sales manager at Menards. “The event and the new Vendor Showcase provide some valuable learning experiences for us plus an opportunity to further interact with our customers.” The ongoing need to earn Wisconsin Department of Safety and Buildings (DSPS) Dwelling Contractor Qualifier (DCQ) continuing education credits was an additional catalyst to dramatically increase the strong educational component to the Conference. Opportunities will be available to attend courses Wednesday and Thursday and include topics of interest to both builders and associates. David Belman of Belman Homes Inc. and committee vice chair for the event said, “The educational portion of the conference is truly an amazing value for both builders and associates. Attendees can earn all the credits they need at one event while still taking advantage of everything else the conference has to offer.”

Wisconsin Dells Center

Full Slate of Expert Speakers for DCQ Credits The education seminars will offer an array of business and building science classes that have been approved for DCQ continuing education credits. The line-up includes “Contracts, Customers and Change Orders: The Business of Building Before and during the Construction Process” with attorney Robert Procter from Axley Brynelson. Robert’s class will cover new home construction and remodeling issues and focus on the contents and advantages of utilizing the WBA Home Construction and Remodeling contracts which are a benefit of membership. “These contracts set the professional standard for builders in Wisconsin,” said Procter. “The forms are userfriendly and incorporate issues specific to the needs of both builders and remodelers doing business in Wisconsin.” Joe Nagan of Home Building Technology Services will teach two courses, his popular “Dew Point for Dummies” and a topic he has been often requested to address: “Brick and Stone Veneer Issues.” Another presenter known for his quality content is Leroy Stublaski, who will review “UDC Basics & Beyond” Leroy will review Code updates and address common mistakes, new federal energy standards and proposed changes for 2012. Leroy will also reveal “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Home Construction,” where he will show examples of homes that have created problems for builders and inspectors alike. New instructors and topics include Gary Miley of Midwest Manufacturing teaching “Energy Star & Impact Resistant Steel Roofing” and Robin Pharo from Healthy Homes teaming up with builder member Chad Wuebben of Encore Construction to share the wealth of knowledge they gained from building the “Future Home,” which features the latest in new technologies and automated systems to maximize energy efficiency and sustainable green living in a home environment. Of interest to builders starting a new business will be the strong foundational course taught by long-time member and successful builder Mark Etrheim, owner of Mastercraft Homes. Mark’s course “How to Run a Home Building Business” will truly provide you with the nuts and bolts details any business owner should know to short-circuit the trial and error process of starting a business. From legal considerations to accounting, estimating, getting paid and marketing, this class is sure to provide solid applicable content to attendees. On Thursday, ProBuild will offer their full-day ProEarth building curriculum billed as “Building Sciences 101.” Sessions include housing performance, how housing has changed, the home building environment, fundamentals of building science, best practices for high-performance building, moisture management, thermal enclosure, foundations, a summary of

building enclosure mechanical systems, indoor air quality strategies and a LEED program overview. This course has been approved for 6.5 DSPS DCQ credits. “Serving as a premier sponsor gives us the opportunity to share our green building science resources and tools with members of the association as part of ProBuild’s ProEarth platform,” said Andy Kacyon, ProBuild’s Eastern Wisconsin area vice president. “With ProEarth, we help our customers understand how building science has an impact on the performance of a home and how they can incorporate green products and sustainable building science solutions into their own business in the most cost-effective manner. We’re proud to bring that program to more Wisconsin builders through this sponsorship.” These are just a few of the 16 courses offered for DCQ credit. Go to for more information about these and the other outstanding speakers and courses offered on Wednesday and Thursday.

New Classes for Associates The expansion to the colossal Wisconsin Dells Center dome allowed the Conference Committee to answer a long-time request, offering classes of interest to our valued associate members. With the explosion of social media as a business marketing tool, we have lined up speakers to give both basic and intermediate sessions on utilizing these avenues specifically for the building industry. Experts include Wayne Breitbarth of M&M Interiors on LinkedIn and Jeanette Pham and Michelle D’Attillio from sõsh, presenting a primer on Twitter and Facebook. Another topic of interest to anyone who owns a website is learning the tricks to “Getting to the Top in Google,” a class on search engine optimization by Tom Snyder of Trivera Interactive. Other topics include “Building Better Homes from the Outside with Sustainable Landscaping” by Tom Girolamo and “Delivering the Customer Service Experience” with the inside scoop straight from Jay Schuette on the buying process management system utilized by Wausau Homes. Rounding out your choices are learning more about the value of earning an NAHB Designation from Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis of Archer Lion, or find out “What Ever Happened to Happily Ever After” in a seminar on business and personal planning by Paul Woita of Woita and Associates.

Vendor Showcase While a tradeshow concept is by no means new, this is the first time WBA is offering one in conjunction with the annual conference. Open bright and early at 7 a.m. on Wednesday until the Welcome Reception and again the full day Thursday until Continued on page 10 Wisconsin Badger Builder • Winter 2012 •


Wisconsin Builders Conference Continued from page 9 4 p.m., the Vendor Showcase will bring experts and innovative products ready for your questions and review. Pam Jewell of Blenker Building Systems is excited about bringing “not one, not two but four booths this year. You will see vendors there who want to do business with you and give you new ideas as well as introduce you to new products.” Check out the fantastic list of participating vendors on the WBA website.

Networking Fun After a full day of brainwork, we know you need to unwind, so we have multiple opportunities to relax, network, and make some new connections. On Wednesday after the conclusion of classes, all attendees are invited to gather at the Welcome Reception in the center of the dome from 5 -7 p.m. for light appetizers, a beverage and some door prizes. From there the night is just beginning, as the hospitality suites will open up at the Chula Vista condos where you can roam

the halls and meet our sponsors and other building industry professionals in a relaxed social setting. The highlight of Thursday evening is the President’s Recognition banquet. 2012 WBA President Gary Roehrig of Roehrig & Savola (Mid-Shores HBA) will be installed, and the winners of the major WBA member awards — including Builder & Associate of the Year, Rising Star, Above, Beyond and Then Some and the newest inductees to the WBA Hall of Fame — will be revealed. Of course it would be far too early if your evening ended then, so everyone is welcome to venture back to the condos for more of the hospitality suites! “As a builder member, the networking opportunities at the conference are extremely valuable,” said Evan Thomas of Habitat for Humanity. “One year in a suite I met the head of a company who didn't hesitate to give me his contact information and offered his help any time. You just don’t make those kinds of contacts and lasting business relationships if you don’t attend this conference.”

Bring the Family The location of the Wisconsin Builders Conference also lends itself to a family getaway, with tons of fun available without stepping one toe out into the cold February air! If you stay overnight at Chula, passes to their huge indoor water park will be available for a fantastic 60 percent discount of only $12.50 per person per day. A full-service spa, magic show and Kaminski Bros. Chophouse right on site at Chula Vista give options for everyone to enjoy. Special conference room rates make it especially affordable and a great opportunity to include the whole family. “Even with expanding the available classes and a bigger venue, we set our prices to be extremely affordable this year,” said Brehmer. “With the networking opportunities, product information, outstanding speakers and family-friendly venue, we are excited about bringing tremendous value to our members and introducing the value of the association to other building industry professionals statewide.” For more information about courses, lodging, attending vendors and registration, visit

Sponsorship Opportunities Available Contact WBA Event Coordinator Kim Fay at (608) 242-5151 x 13 or to get your business in front of the largest gathering of builders and associates in the state. Options are available to fit every budget. Show your support of the industry and meet one-on-one with your current and prospective customers. X 10

Wisconsin Badger Builder • Winter 2012 •

Your source for quality, relevant education. Go to to register and view an up-to-date schedule. Brick & Stone Veneer Issues —Instructor: Joe Nagan, owner of Home Building Technology Services. Joe will break down common errors and show trouble-shooting techniques. DCQ credits applied for. Window & Door Installation: Replacement and Full Frame — Instructor: Emory Budzinski, Crestline Windows. Proper flashing, measurement & shims, masonry installation & pocket replacement. Getting to the Top in Google — Your Blueprint for Search Engine Success — Instructor: Tom Snyder, Trivera Interactive. Tips and techniques to build your website for search engine optimization to drive traffic to your website. Building Better Homes from the Outside with Sustainable Landscaping — Instructor: Tom Girolamo, Eco Building & Forestry. This program will show the benefits of sustainable landscapes to both the owner and contractor as they improve livability and profitability. UDC Basics & Beyond: Code updates & Common mistakes — Instructor: Leroy Stublaski. Review UDC basics, wall bracing, energy ideas outside the basics, new federal energy standards, ResCheck and proposed changes for 2012. DCQ credits applied for. Proper Placing, Finishing, Curing & Sealing Concrete — Instructor: Dan Large, Fiber Reinforcing & Consulting. Requirements for weather conditions, timing & finishing. Everything you wanted to know about curing & types of compounds. Delivering the Customer Experience — Understanding How and Why People Buy — Instructor: Jay Schuette, Wausau Homes. Provides you with the framework necessary to transform your sales activities into a collaborative process with the prospective buyer using this system. 12

Energy Star & Impact Resistant Steel Roofing — Instructor: Gary Miley, Midwest Manufacturing. Benefits and energy savings of metal roofing will be explored. Instructions on installation, re-roofing using steel on tear-off and existing, using proper trims and fasteners. Contracts, Customers & Change Orders: The Business of Building Before and during the Construction Process — Instructor: Robert Procter, J.D., Axley Brynelson, LLC. WBA Home Construction and Remodeling contracts, scope of work, schedules, dispute resolution, change orders & more. Future Home — Instructors: Robin Pharo, Healthy Homes & Chad Wuebben, Encore Construction. A home that runs on an iPad? Learn about the Future Home 2011 including new technologies and automated systems, design and overcoming difficulties. Durable, Forgiving Wall Systems — Instructor: Linda Heipp, Hallmark Building Supplies. Learn the essential building science principles for air and moisture and how it affects your walls, how to select materials, tools and identify the key details for sealing the building envelope. Social Media: LinkedIn for Power Users — Instructor: Wayne Breitbarth, M&M Office Interiors, author of “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success." Learn how to build a network of building professionals, write a compelling profile, establish and join groups and learn about events. Welcome Reception — Open to all attendees, light reception to help you unwind after a full day!

Wisconsin Badger Builder • Winter 2012 •

Basics & Installation of Vinyl Siding — Instructor: David Verbofsky, PlyGem. Covers the basics of installation of vinyl siding, vinyl soffit and aluminum fascia. Guidelines developed by the Vinyl Siding Institute with guidance from 8 manufacturers. ***Note: To receive certification, an additional $165 fee, and three years of installation experience is required. Anyone may audit class and earn the 6 DSPS credits w/o additional fee. ProEarth Building Sciences 101 — A full-day workshop addressing the fundamentals of building science, framing, air sealing, moisture control strategies, mechanical systems, indoor air quality strategies, changing your process and marketing the difference. Presented by ProBuild. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Home Construction — Instructor: Leroy Stublaski. View real photos of homes that have created problems for builders and building inspectors alike. How to effectively work with inspectors & the obligations of builders. DCQ credits applied for. How to Run a Home Building Business — Instructor: Mark Etrheim, Mastercraft Homes. Eliminate the trial and error of starting a business and learn info on legal considerations, accounting, estimating, contracts, change orders, getting paid & marketing. DCQ credits applied for. Professional Designations Set You Apart — Instructor: Monica Sommerfeldt Lewis, Archer Lion. Introduction to NAHB professional designation programs for builders, associates, property managers and sales personnel. Dew Point for Dummies — Instructor: Joe Nagan, owner of Home Building Technology Services. Brought back by popular demand and updated for 2012, this course addresses the many ways moisture can be transported through a building assembly.

Building your Business Based on Building Science & Strategic Partnerships — Instructors: Andy Kuc & Kevin Hogan, Focus on Energy. Learn how building science is applied to the “real world” residential construction and how partnering with Focus on Energy will separate you from your competition.

Photos by Annie Rubens

Social Media for the Building Industry Instructors: Jeanette Pham & Michelle D’Attilio, sõsh. Primer focusing on incorporating Facebook and Twitter into your marketing and business plan to leverage the power of social media. Geothermal Heating — Instructors: Eric Legreid & Walter Heumann, Terra Therm & Air Quality Systems Inc. Basics of forced air and hydronic systems, loop design and energy savings that can be incorporated into residential and commercial design. OSHA: Top Mistakes Most Companies Make and how to Remedy Them — Instructor: Kelly Bubolz, Compliance Assistance Specialist, OSHA. Course updated for 2012, residential fall protection, new regulatory agenda, proposed rules & resources. What Happened to Happily Ever After? — Instructor: Paul Woita & David Hopkins, Woita and Associates. This course focuses on the challenges that individuals and business owners face in their planning and how to achieve what is important to them. X

Wisconsin Badger Builder • Winter 2012 •


Don’t Just Play the LinkedIn Game — Win It! by Wayne Breitbarth ou have a LinkedIn account. Your network is a respectable size. You’ve outlined your education and work history in your LinkedIn profile. Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for the phone to ring, right? Not! When prospective customers and clients view your profile, they assume that what they see is what they get. To win at the LinkedIn game (i.e., connect with the right people and ultimately generate revenue), you will need to take the following strategic steps to create a winning profile. • Experience: Include all jobs you have held. Describe them in detail, including what you accomplished, experience you gained, awards you won, etc. • Recommendations: Seek out two or three recommendations for every position you have held. People assume the more recommendations you have, the better you are at what you do. • Websites: Include three websites on your profile. These are hyperlinks, and you can direct viewers of your profile to your company website, mailing list signup, videos, your other social media sites, etc. • Summary: This is akin to a cover letter. Use it to sell yourself. If you had 30 seconds in an elevator with your target customer, what would you say? That’s what you should include here.



Wisconsin Badger Builder • Winter 2012 •

• Applications: Take full advantage of the available applications. Use Files to post PDF, Excel, or Word files. This is the perfect place to post white papers, articles, company brochures, pictures of your projects or products, customer testimonials, etc. Use Google Presentation/SlideShare to showcase your personal expertise, Power Point presentations about your company, and/or pictures of projects you’ve done. • Keywords: In every area of your profile, it is important to include your most important keywords. Include words people might use when searching for you, your company, your products, etc. Creating a dynamic, comprehensive profile is the first step to LinkedIn success — it allows people to find you. Next you will want to focus on the second strategic use of LinkedIn: finding people who will be able to help you accomplish your goals. One of the most powerful aspects of LinkedIn is the ability to see who your friends know and who their friends know. LinkedIn can help you discover who in your network knows the person you have been dying to meet. Use these exceptional LinkedIn features to find your next customer, employee, job, or anyone you would like to meet or contact: • Advanced People Search: Search for people by name, location, title, company, industry, etc. Use specific keywords to narrow your search. When the search locates an individual, you can see how you are connected to that person — either directly or through a friend. • Groups: You can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn, and you can directly contact anyone in these groups. If you are looking for a new job, check out the jobs tab for that group. Join discussions to show your expertise and raise your visibility. You can also find events, and help promote them when you share with your network your plans to attend. • Status Update Box: Use the Status Update function to ask your network if they know any qualified candidates for a job opening at your company. If you are a job seeker, announce you are looking for a job. Stay top of mind with your network by posting periodic status updates. Help them by sharing links to interesting articles, websites, etc. If you help them, they will be more likely to help you when you seek their assistance. With your world-class profile and your effective use of LinkedIn’s people searching features, you will no longer be simply playing the game — you’ll be winning it! Wayne Breitbarth is an owner of M&M Office Interiors in Pewaukee and member of the Metropolitan Builders Association. He is an experienced businessman, speaker, and author of “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success” (available on who has shared his passion for social media with thousands of business professionals through private business consulting and dynamic presentations to local and national audiences. Visit for more information and free LinkedIn resources. Breitbarth will be sharing his LinkedIn knowledge as a presenter at the Wisconsin Builders Conference, Feb. 22-23, 2012. X

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