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Minnesota is known as the� land of thousand lakes� and the state name came from a Dakota word for clear water. It is the 12th most extensive and 21st most populous state in the U.S. One can enjoy many places across the state. Here is a list of four places you should visit in Minnesota.

Itasca State Park It is the oldest park in Minnesota that encompasses 32,000 acres. There are around 100 lakes, 100 electric campsites and 200 drives - in campsites within this park. Here, one can enjoy camping, fishing and hiking. There are many historic sites to see in this Page  park. 2

Lake Minnetonka It is a 14,528 acre lake which is located in the west suburbs of the twin cities. It is considered to be destination for both young as well as old. This lake is divided into two sections-The Upper Lake and the lower lake.

One can find many lavish boats throughout the lake and can take a luxurious cruise on Lake Minnetonka with Wayzata Bay Charters. Wayzata Bay Charters serves the entire Minneapolis area and provides transport facilities to and from Lake Minnetonka. Page  3

Boundary Waters It is located in the arrow head region of Minnesota that borders Canada. Here, one can enjoy camping, canoeing and fishing. This is the place where one can canoe down the river at the day time and can camp on the shore at night. One can experience the beautiful scenery.

Gooseberry Falls State Park This is located at two harbours along the shore of Lake Superior. This park consists of 20 miles of hiking trails and 8 miles of mountain biking. One can find many beautiful sites that attract a large number of people. This park consists of historic structures, scenic waterfall and visitor’s centre. Page  4

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Explore the state of minnesota and enjoy the cruising at the lake minnetonka  

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