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Choose an Authentic Online Store to Buy Double Edge Razors The convenience of online shopping has extended to personal grooming products. Where earlier, choosing after checking the products over the counter of a shop after examining all the different razors on display gave the customer satisfaction, now he is content to order after viewing them on his laptop screen. Add to favorites, add to shopping cart and check out! Good discounts and cash on delivery options are available for small ticket items too. So how does one choose an authentic Online Store to buy double edge razors? . 1. SSL encryption protects your credit card details from hackers. An indication that it is in place is that the site you are visiting will change from http://...... To https://.... A closed padlock icon or an unbroken key at the left end of your address bar indicates that it is SSL protected. 2. An authentic online store has a registered address and telephone number displayed on their website 3. All major retailers have a legal privacy statement on their site which protects their interests as well as yours 4. Good reviews on the site, as well as on independent sites 5. Trusted payment gateway like PayPal or WorldPay There are a number of authentic online stores where you can purchase double edged razor blades From Amazon and eBay to lesser known sites, all you have to do is search online for double edge razor or double edge safety razor, also known as a single blade razor. You can check all those sites that come up in the search for the above features and choose your online store. Of course, deals and variety of shaving products, from the highly recommended Merkur 34C or Parker 99Rdouble edge razor to the disposable ones, the more the better. On line retail stores like Amazon and Alibaba give details of suppliers registered with them who are supplying the same product and their terms of service. Alibaba has classified their suppliers on three parameters 

Trade assurance – these suppliers promise on time shipment and preshipment product quality  Gold supplier-are prequalified suppliers  Assessed supplier- these suppliers are assessed by a third party inspection company and their assessment report is available as a download. Alibaba has a minimum order value that can go up to thousands for small items. There are options to contact the suppliers directly and also chat with them to clarify any doubts if required. The bigger sites typically serve international clients. They provide suggestions of related searches and also an account of ‘those who bought this also had a look at these…..’

There are authentic sites that offer only shaving products for sale. So one can imagine the wide range of razors available if a website that specializes only on shaving is thriving. Information Shared By -

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