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Southwold Literature Festival 8 – 12 November 2012

Ways With Words

Ways With Words

Come to Southwold and enjoy the following . . .

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Adnams’ Cellar & Kitchen Store On Friday 9 November from 6.30pm - 8pm Adnams invites all festival-goers to call in to the Cellar & Kitchen Store on Victoria Street for a drinks reception and a chance to browse round the store. Perfect for Christmas.

Pat Barker

Gang of One 1a) 2.30pm

St Edmund’s Hall


Gary Mulgrew was one of the British bankers dubbed ‘the NatWest Three’ who ended up in a US jail after losing a high profile extradition case. Today he will discuss his raw and shocking account of survival in one of Texas’s most notorious, gang-infested prisons. With insight and dark humour, Mulgrew portrays the moral and physical challenges of prison life, the search and yearning for his children, and the deal that cost him everything.

Ronald Blythe (1)

Fiction Regenerated

People and places

1) 4pm

2) 5.45pm St Edmunds’s Hall

St Edmund’s Hall


Booker prize winner, Pat Barker, returns with her new WW1 novel ‘Toby’s Room’; a dark, quietly compelling, wartime tale of intrigue, secrecy, identity and betrayal. Pat Barker talks about her fascination with WW1 and divulges unrevealed insight into her most powerful novel to date.


Old houses will always have their say. For Ronald Blythe it is in the form of a meditation on the past and the present. The recent past of his farmhouse, Bottengoms Farm, includes the lives of the artists John and Christine Nash with whom he lived until their deaths. Behind them are generations of farmers and shepherds. For all his life the poet, historian and writer, Ronald Blythe, has listened to the stories of the buildings and the people of Suffolk.


Gary Mulgrew


Ronald Blythe (2)

Frances Spalding

Ben Elton

the time by the sea; time with britten

Journeying to and from Southwold: Prunella Clough’s art and vision


3) 10am

St Edmund’s Hall


The sea of the title is the North Sea at Aldeburgh – a stormy, cultural sea, as Ronald Blythe describes it. To be published next Spring to coincide with the centenary of Benjamin Britten’s birth, Ronald Blythe has written a memoir of music, painting and bike rides. He gathers up many early experiences, sights and sounds and tells of how he found himself drawn into Britten’s circle and began working for the Aldeburgh Festival.

4) 11.30am

St. Edmund’s Hall


Prunella Clough (1919-1999) was one of the best and most original artists to emerge in the second half of the twentieth century. This event celebrates her outstanding contribution to British art. Frances Spalding, art historian and eminent biographer of Myfanwy and John Piper, Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and Whistler amongst others, explores the key themes and inspirations that informed Clough’s work.

5) 1pm

St Edmund’s Hall


Ben Elton has established a reputation as a leading figure in the world of comedy: stand-up, TV appearances, script-writing and directing. He is also a best-selling novelist. In his latest, ‘Two Brothers’, he tells the story of twins born in 1920s Berlin. As Nazi Germany envelops Europe the twins are faced with an unimaginable choice. It is a reflection on his own history; his uncles fought in opposing armies in WW2.

Cabinet of Curiosities 6) 2.30pm St Edmund’s Hall


Britain’s foremost nature writer and expert in all things biotic, Richard Mabey, describes the sensual pleasures of nature’s objects through an innovative display. Come and be introduced to his cabinet of curiosities from the natural world.

Simon Hoggart

Deborah Bull

House Of Fun – Twenty Glorious Years In Parliament

The Rigour behind the Glamour

7) 4.15pm St Edmund’s Hall

8) 5.45pm St Edmund’s Hall



It is not surprising that Simon Hoggart calls the House of Commons, the House of Fun. For 20 years he has been the parliamentary sketch writer for The Guardian and regular readers of his column will know that he extracts much humour from his view of daily life at Westminster. He has been making us laugh for many years.

Deborah Bull, a former principle dancer with The Royal Ballet, takes us behind the velvet curtain to expose the everyday realities of the world of dance. She artfully paints a portrait of the arc of a professional dancer’s life, from the very first ballet class, the vigorous training, up through the competition ranks and finally to retirement.


Richard Mabey


James Long

Jessica Fellowes

The Return of Ferney 9) 10am

St Edmund’s Hall


the World of Downton Abbey 10) 11.45am St Edmund’s Hall

Much loved author James Long will talk about the long-awaited second instalment of his popular work of fiction, ‘Ferney’. ‘The Lives She Left Behind’ is a powerful and intriguing love story centred on the happenings in a small, Somerset village. He discusses the complications of writing a sequel and leads the audience on an enticing journey through his fictional creations.


Enter a world of pure elegance and decadence, romance and rivalry with Jessica Fellowes, writer of a second companion book to the acclaimed British drama ‘Downton Abbey’. She steps back in time to reveal the true history behind the famous screen set. Bursting with rich historical detail and behind-the-scenes insights, her commentary will take fans further into the Edwardian period than ever before.

Will Gompertz

Jeremy Vine

From Talking Books, To Writing Books

What are you looking at?

News: New and Old

11) 2.30pm St Edmund’s Hall

12) 4pm


Eminent TV presenter, journalist and book club champion, Judy Finnigan now has written a novel of her own. She discusses her haunting and compelling new work of fiction, ‘Eloise’, and reveals how she made the transition from broadcaster to writer.

St Edmund’s Hall

13) 5.45pm St Edmund’s Hall



BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz takes a refreshing, straight talking and entertaining look at the past 150 years of modern art. From impressionism to the present day, through the art movements, masterpieces, and influential artists, Gompertz tackles the questions we all wish to ask: What is modern art? Why is it worth so much money? What are we looking at?

Jeremy Vine takes a look back at his work at the BBC, spanning over a quarter of a century. From his first day which coincided with Black Monday; to being shot at in Bosnia; then to the corridors of Westminster as a political correspondent; Jeremy Vine has been a front-row spectator at some of the major events of recent history.


Judy Finnigan


Paul Mason

Tom Watson

Charlie Connelly

Telling China’s Story

Dial M for Murdoch

Bring Me Sunshine

14) 10am St Edmund’s Hall

15) 11.45am St Edmund’s Hall

16) 1.15pm


When BBC Newsnight Economics Editor, Paul Mason, travelled to China in 2009 he concluded that modern China’s story was easier to tell as fiction. Today he will speak about his zeitgeist novel, ‘Rare Earth’, which explores the rise of the Chinese economy and the West’s failure to understand the East.


Tom Watson MP tells the full behind-thescenes story of the phone-hacking scandal. He led the questioning of Rupert and James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks when they appeared before the Select Committee in July 2011 and continues to be at the forefront of the investigation.

St Edmund’s Hall £10

We talk about the weather a lot. It exasperates, confounds and on occasion delights us, but how much do we really know about it? In his book, ‘Bring Me Sunshine’, Charlie Connelly sets off on the trail of our island obsession and brings vividly to life great weather events from history. Charlie Connelly has presented the BBC1 Holiday programme and has co-hosted BBC Radio 4’s Traveller’s Tree with Fi Glover.

Rachel Johnson

humanism 17) 2.45pm St Edmund’s Hall


Writing, Editing and Life at The Lady 18) 4.30pm

A.C. Grayling was Professor of Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London until 2011. Now he is Master of the New College of the Humanities. Recently he published ‘The Good Book’, a non-religious Bible, which draws from the wealth of secular literature and philosophy in both Western and Eastern traditions. Today he talks about humanism and offers inspiration, encouragement, and consolation for the non-religious.

St Edmund’s Hall


Rachel Johnson was appointed editor of The Lady magazine in 2009. Her latest book, ‘Winter Games’, is a tale of secrets and betrayal that focuses on young women’s lives in Germany before WW2 and then switches to London 70 years later and a young girl’s quest to discover the life of her grandmother. Rachel Johnson talks about her writing and editing life.

Hannah Rothschild Literary Dinner

A Journey from Jewels to Jazz 19) 7 for 7.30pm Swan Hotel, Southwold £55 (to include a copy of Rothschild’s book) Part musical odyssey, part dazzling love story, Hannah Rothschild tells of her quest to solve the mystery of her rebellious great aunt: the spirited Nica. She reveals a Baroness who takes a thrilling journey from England’s stately homes to pursue her passion for the New York jazz scene and her love for music legend, Thelonious Monk.


A.C. Grayling


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Paddy Ashdown

By Strength and Guile: The Greatest Raid of WW2

Piers Brendon

Eminent Elizabethans 20) 10.30am St Edmund’s Hall


In the year of the Diamond Jubilee, Piers Brendon turns his sharp and witty eye to four characters who have illuminated the age of Elizabeth 11: Rupert Murdoch, Prince Charles, Margaret Thatcher and Mick Jagger. He explains how each, in very different ways, has shaped our contemporary world.

21) 12 noon St Edmund’s Hall


Former political leader, Paddy Ashdown, turns his attention to WW2 and the remarkable canoe raid on German ships in Bordeaux Harbour. This classic story is told by a man who himself served in The Special Boat Squadron, and who has dedicated his efforts to researching previously unseen archives and tracing surviving witnesses to convey a definitive account of the greatest raid of WW2.

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Paddy Ashdown Pat Barker Ronald Blythe Deborah Bull Ben Elton Judy Finnigan A.C. Grayling Simon Hoggart Rachel Johnson Paul Mason Richard Mabey Jeremy Vine – and more

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Ways With Words Southwold Literature Festival  

Ways With Words Southwold Literature Festival takes place in Southwold, Suffolk from 8 – 12 November 2012.

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