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April 2014

Our Collection  of   Kindness  Stories

We thank  you  for  sharing  your   kindness  stories.

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Kindness Stories Family

It is  with  the  greatest  of   pleasure  that  I   was  able  to   support   Megan   Donnell  with   her  Sanfilippo  Children’s   Founda;on   in   April  2014.   I  was  so  touched   by  Megan  and   Allan’s  story  as   I’m  sure  we  are  all,  and  I  truly  hope  that   they  receive  all  the   funding   they   need   to   save   their   beau;ful   children   Isla  and   Jude. A   big   thank   you  to  you  all  for  sharing  your  kindness  stories  on   the   website.   We   received   124   stories   which   is   a   record   month.   I   was   able   to   donate   $314   and   RedBalloon   our   amazing  partner  donated  $1,000  worth  of  experiences.

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Thank you   again   for   inspiring   kindness   in   others.   If   we   all   perform  kindness  every  day,  imagine  what  a  beQer  world  we   would  live  in. With  kind  wishes  

Rebecca Richardson Kindness  Advocate  


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Colleagues and  Clients All  stories  published  in  this  magazine  were  submiQed  by   visitors  to  Ways  to  Amaze.  The  publisher,  authors  and   contributors  reserve  their  rights  in  regards  to  copyright  of   their  work.  No  part  of  this  work  covered  by  the  copyright   may  be  reproduced  or  copied  in  any  form  or  by  any  

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Family Kindness  Stories

Amazing Aunty                

                     Catherine  from  Australia

My story  has   to   do  with  a  par;cular   person  involved  in  the   Sanfilippo   Founda;on,  Ingrid   Maack. Ingrid  is  the  amazing  Aunt  to  Isla  &  Jude  who  have  the  rare  disease.   She  has  recently  given   up  her  job  to   help  focus  more  on  raising  funds  for  her  sister's  beau;ful  family  and  to  raise   awareness  of  the  fatal  disease. Some  may  say  that  this   is  an  easy  doing...  but   puWng  someone  else's  family  before  your   own  (family  or  not)  is  a  huge  act  of  kindness  and  I  think  you  are  an  amazing  sister  to   Megan,  an  amazing  Aunt  to  your   niece  and  nephew  and  most  of   all  an  amazing  mother  to  your  gorgeous  boys!  They  will  be  so   proud  of  their  mumma!   GO  INGRID!



                                           Katherine  from  Philippines  

Once there  was   a  girl  who   was  lost  in   her   world.  She   was  always  angry   because  of   the  disappointment   she   is  to   herself   and  the  people  around  her.   One  day  when  she   had  no   one,   not   even   her   friends   nor   her   family,   she  was   thrown  out  of  her  house.  She  was  only  eleven  by  the  way.  Unfortunately,   she  couldn't  get  away.  The  gate  was  locked   and   she  was  also  locked   out  of  her  home.  She  cried  and  cried  for  hours  but  nobody  heard  her.  Un;l  someone  saved   her.  Another   liQle  girl  who   had  always  teased  her,   always  fought  against   her,  somebody  who  had   always  hurt  her.   Somebody,  she  thought  who  didn't  love  her  or  didn't  care  for  her. This  was  not  only  a  story  or  an  act  of  kindness  but  one  of  hope.

The Woman  Who  Never  Stops  Giving        


                         Danielle  from  Belgium

My mom  has  the  biggest  heart.   She  helps  so  many  people  but  she  never  talks  about  it.  She  helps  because  she  wants   to,  not  because  she  expects  anything  back.  She  has  been  a  shoulder  to  cry   on  (for  many   people),  helps  even  random   strangers  financially,  and   has   sent   other  children  to   school.  Oh,   and  she   rarely  splurges  or   does  anything   nice  for   herself. When   I   was  trying   to   get   pregnant,   she  was  a   pillar   of   support   and   source  of   encouragement   for   me.   Through   horrendous  traffic  she  would  drive  with  me  to   specialist   a_er  specialist,  be  there  while  I  was  geWng  treatment,  and   make  sure  that  I'd  never  give  up. I  was  supposed  to  give  birth  on  9  September  but   the  girl   was  too  anxious  to  come  out.   My  husband  wasn't   with  me   at   the  ;me  so  at  3  AM,  my  mom  drove   me  to  the  hospital  (very  nervously   at  15km/hr)   and  stayed  with   me  un;l  my   Layla  was  born.  I  am  so  grateful  that  she  was  there  with  me.  I  wouldn’t  have  it  any  other  way.  

Mandy Makes  Sure  i’m  Okay  


                                                 Nichole  from  Australia

Mandy is   amazing.   She's   my   sister   and   she's   always   looked   out   for   me.   She   inspires   me   to   try   new   things   and   supports  me!  I  love  her  heaps!

Family Kindness  Stories My  First  Wig    

         Jane  from  Australia

Family Kindness  Stories

I have  alopecia.  I  have  no   eyebrows,  eyelashes  and  have  lost  most  of  the  hair   on  my  head.  I  made  a  decision  to  get  a   wig  made.  It  was  a  really  tough  ;me  for  me  when  I  had  to  shave  my   head  the  first  ;me  to  have  a  mould  made  (now  I   shave  it  every  few  days)   and   I  went  several   weeks  without  hair  before  my  first   wig   (the  first   of   many)   was   ready.   Many   people   avoided  me  on   the   street,   assuming   I   had   cancer  and   was  undergoing   chemo.  During   this  ;me  my   lovely  son  wrote  me  a  leQer  telling  me  how   proud  he  was  of   me  and  how  well  I  was  handling  this  challenge  and  the   night  before  I  shaved  my  head,  my  best  friend  came  over  for  a  surprise  visit  with  a  boQle  of  wine!!

The Greatest  Dad  of  all    



                               Neima  from  Belgium  

My Dad   is  the  most   charitable  person  and   the  most   pa;ent   person   I   have  ever   met   in   my   en;re  life. When  I   visit  him   in  Africa  (Djibou;),  I   always  see  strangers  in  front   of   his  house.  They  come   and   ask   my  father   for  support,   money,  scholarships,  work,  etc  and  he  gives.  I   always  thought   that  a_er  work  he  is  so  ;red  he  should  not  be  talking  to   people,  they  should   not  bother   him   with  problems.  Then  one  day   they  all  arrived  when  I  was  there  and  I  explained  that  father  has   long   days  at  work  and  that  perhaps  they  could  come  back,  so  that  today   he  can  rest.  He  called   me  inside  and  told   me  not  to   talk  to  them  like  that.  He  then  went  out  himself  and  talked  to   each  and   every  one  of   them.  When  he  came  back  in   he  told   me  that  some  of  these  people  walked  all  the  way  from   another  village. He  taught  me  how  to  put  myself  in  their  shoes,  he  then  explained  how  wealth  comes  and  goes  but  those  who  have   it,  should  help  others  who  don't.  He  is  my  Hero,  the  bravest,  and  i'm  so  glad  I  have  him  to  learn  from.

My Wonderful  Mum    

                           Michelle  from  New  Zealand

My mum  is  awesome!  She's   always  doing   lovely  things  for  me   and  my  family.  Last  week  she  called  into  my   house   and  got  the  washing  in  when  it  was  raining.  Today  she  just  listened  -­‐  she  is  an  amazing  support.  You  rock  Mum!

Hanging Out  my  Dirty  Laundry  

                                                       Ingrid  from  Australia

When I   was   footloose  and  fancy-­‐free  and  backpacking  around  Europe.   I  arrived  at  some  distant   rela;ves  home  in   Madrid  in   Spain  (my  late  fathers'  cousin  Eddy  and  his  wife   Mary-­‐Lou).  Mary-­‐Lou  had  recently  undergone  Chemo  for   Kindness? breast   cancer.  I  asked  if  I   could  use  her  washing   machine,  as  I  had  an  enormous  backpack  full  of  dirty  clothes.  Mary-­‐ Lou  said  she  would  do  a  load  for  me  so  I  could  go   out  for   the  day  to  the  Prado  Museum,   quite  possibly  my  favourite   gallery   ever   with   Eddy.  When   we   got  back   a_er   a   fantas;c  day,   I   discovered   Mary-­‐Lou   had   done   all  of   my   dirty   laundry:  nine  loads!!  I'll  never  forget  this   act  of   kindness.   What  a  beau;ful  and  brave  woman.   Mary-­‐Lou  has  since   lost  her  fight  to  breast  cancer  :(

It’s the  liRle  bits  of  Kindness    

                 Elizabeth  from  Australia

My youngest  son  was  trying  to  race  his  older  brother,  when   he  realised  he  couldn't  win  the  race  he  sat  down  in  the   middle  of   the  path  and   cried.  My  older  son  got  to  the  end   and  saw   his  brother  and  immediately  ran  back  and  gave   him  a  cuddle,  said  something  I  couldn't  hear  and  they  both  stood  up  holding  hands  and  ran  to  the  finish  together!  


Family Kindness  Stories

My Mum’s  Beloved  Cassie  Dog      

                                 Sarah  from  Australia

My mum  has  never  been  a  real  pet   lover  un;l  she  reluctantly  took  home  an  American  cocker  spaniel  from  a  friend.   Cassie,   the  dog,   then  became  an  important  fixture  in  the  house  especially   as  my   brother  and  I  grew  up  and  moved   out.   When  Cassie  became  old  and   finally  passed,   my  mum   was  distraught.  She  had  lost  the  liQle   dog   that   was   so   deathly  quiet   but  everywhere  mum  was.  I  secretly  took  some  photos  from  mums  house  of   Cassie  and  got  a  portrait   painted  of  her  liQle  dog.  When  mum  opened  the  gi_,  she  just  cried  and  cried.  It  was  a  great  moment  and  the  best  gi_   I  have  ever  given.  The  pain;ng   takes  pride   of  place  in  her   house  now,  even   a_er   the   house  was  repainted  and  she   always  says  'it  is  just  like  Cassie  is  watching  over  us'.  

Cousin Kindness    

                       Sonia  from  Spain

A year  a_er  moving   to  Australia  from  Europe,  with  no  family  here,  we  had  a  full-­‐term   s;llborn  baby  girl,  our  angel  Maria.  Very  sad  and  heartbreaking.   Shortly  a_erwards,  my  cousin  (who  is  also  one  of  my  best  friends)  was  geWng  married   in  Spain.    Since  we   would   have  been   with  a  newborn  at  the  ;me  of   the  wedding,  we   had   not   booked   to   aQend   the   ceremony   and   last   minute   plane   ;ckets   were   really   expensive.  Also  my  parents  had   just  come  to   be  with  us   when  the  baby   was  born,  so   we  thought  it  best  to  wait  a  while  before  going  to  Europe. Instead,  I  asked  my  cousin  to   come   to  Australia  with  her  husband  for  their  honeymoon  and  visit  us  in  Sydney.  She   kindly  replied:   “if  we  have  the  money  to  go  to  Australia,  I  would   rather  pay  for  you  to   come  to  Spain,  since   I’d  love   to  have   you   with   us  on  our  special   day;   and  most   importantly   the  trip   will  do  you   so   much   good,   as  it  will   be   a   change  for  you.  Being  surrounded  by  all  your  family  and  good  friends  will  be  so  good  for  you”…..     and  so  we  did  and   had  a  wonderful  ;me  which  helped  us  a  lot  in  our  grieving.     Thanks  a  lot  again  lovely  Jimena.  

Sisters -­‐  Who  Can  Live  Without  Them?      

                   Kimbalee  from  Australia

For the  past  six  years,  it's  just  been  my   daughter  and  me,  a_er  my  husband  passed  away.  I  can   honestly  say  I  would   never  have  been  able  to  survive  without  my  sisters!  My  younger  sister  upli_ed  her  life  and  moved  back   from  the  UK   soon  a_er.  My  older  sister  was  my  constant.     I'm  a  working  mum  and  the  hardest  thing  to  juggle  can  some;mes  be  the  simplest,  such  as  a_er   school  pick  up  and   care  during  school   holidays.  I  would  be  lost  without  the  help  of  both  of  my  sisters  who   share  the  responsibility  with   me  of  picking  up  my  liQle  girl  and  helping  out  with  having  her  in  the  holidays  whenever  I  have  to  work. My  liQle  girl  is  happy,  seQled   and  loves  life  -­‐  all  as  a  result  of   how  my   sisters  help  me  to  give  her  the  stability  that  is   needed  to   create  this  in  a  child's  life.   Whoever   said  it  takes  a  village  to   raise  a  child  never  spoke  truer  words.    Thank   God  for  my  sisters  -­‐  I  love  them  dearly.

The Things  you  do  for  Love    

I have  lived  next  door  to  my  mother-­‐in-­‐law  for  9  years.    Nothing  else  needs  to  be  said  :-­‐)

         Louise  from  Australia  

Family Kindness  Stories Going  Underground    

           BreR  from  Australia

I've recently  been  talking   about  home   (England)   and  so   my  gorgeous  wife  bought  me  a  canvas  with  a  map  of   the   London   Underground.  Those  that  love   London  and   the  Tube   will  get  why  this  is   a  great  gi_,  and   no   occasion   -­‐   just   kindness  :) I  be  like  -­‐  sorted.  

AYer Surgery  Care      

Your  Danielle  from  Belgium

In 2006,  I  had  some  major  surgery.  I  couldn't  take  care  of  myself  for  days.  My  husband  and  I  were  married  for  a  liQle   over  a  year  and  I  was  just  amazed  at  how  much  love,  care  and  concern  he  showed  me. Pa;ently,  he  would  help  me  stand  and  walk  (everywhere  -­‐-­‐  the  bathroom,  to  bed,  kitchen...).  He  would  make  sure   I'd  eat  right,  change  my  bandages,  even  bathe  me.   I  am  grateful  for  all  that  up  to  this  day.

An I[nerary  With  A  Difference      

     Ingrid  from  Australia

When my   beau;ful   sister  was  living  and  working   in   the  UK   (long   before  we'd  ever   heard   the  words  Sanfilippo  or   Muchopolysaccharidosis).   My   then   boyfriend   and   I   decided   to   visit.   Megan   wanted   to   help   with   my   travel   arrangements   and   because   she   is   super-­‐organised   ended   up   booking/planning   most   of   our   i;nerary.   She   even   shouted  us  a  ski  trip  to  Switzerland  (but  what  transpired  there  is  another  story)  and  booked  us  a  train  ;cket  to  Paris.   While  we  were  in  Paris,  BreQ  finally  popped  the  ques;on!!  

How My  Grandma  Made  Me  Eat      

Noe  from  Philippines

For some  reason,  I  was  a  very  picky   eater  when  I  was  a  child.  My  parents  had  a  rather  rigid  approach  to  dealing  with   it  -­‐-­‐   if  I   didn't  finish  everything  that  was  put   on  my  plate,  I   wasn't  allowed  to  leave  the  table  or   to  eat  anything  else   for  the  rest  of  the  day.  Needless  to  say,   it  didn't  really  work.  I'd  be  stuck  at   the  dining   table  for   hours,  hungry  but   not  ea;ng.  I  was  miserable  and  dreaded  meal  ;mes  and  so,  probably,  did  they. Then  my   grandparents  came  to  visit.  Imagine  their  surprise  to  see  me  s;ll  "ea;ng"  breakfast   when  everyone  else   was  already   geWng  ready  to  have  lunch.  My  grandmother,   who  is  the  cleverest,  kindest  person,  didn't  make  a  big   Kindness? fuss  over  my  stubbornness   and  uneaten  food  as  every  other   grown-­‐up  in  the  family  had  been  doing.  Instead,  she   directed   aQen;on  away  from  what  I  think   must  have  been  my   six-­‐year-­‐old  self   by  telling  a  funny  story  about   her   childhood.  It  was  the  first  ;me  in  what  felt  like  forever  that  I  actually  enjoyed  being  at  the  dining  table  with  family. A_er  that,  she  would  make  it  a  point  not  to  leave  me  alone  at  the  table  even  a_er  everyone  had  le_.  She  never  told   me  to  eat  my  food  or  lecture  me  about  how  I  should  be  thankful  that  I  actually  had  food  to  eat.  Instead,   she  would   tell  stories.   Wonderful,   interes;ng,  o_en  funny  tales  that  she  would   spin  and  spin,  distrac;ng   me  from  obsessing   over  every  bite  and  swallow  un;l  I'd   be  surprised  to  see  that  I'd  actually  finished  my  meal.  I  started  looking  forward   to  meal  ;mes  again  and  the  dining  table  ceased  being  a  dreaded  baQlefield  and  became  a  place  of  welcome. To  this  day,  food  tastes  infinitely  beQer  when  accompanied  by  a  good  dose  of  my  grandma's  storytelling.


Family Kindness  Stories

A Cup  of  Tea  Makes  Everything  BeRer      

                                   Sirlina  from  Australia  

Whilst 'taking   5'   to  find   some  tolerance  and  composure  from  the  madness  of  the  newborn,  4  year  old  and  5  year   old   life  we  currently  lead,  I  hear  a  bit  of  noise  in  the  kitchen  followed  by  a  liQle  rat  a  tat  tat  on  the  door.   My  5  year  old  appears  with   a  mug  and  biscuit  -­‐   'Here  mumma  I  made  you  a  cup  of   tea  to  make  you  feel  beQer'.  I  was   delighted  by  the  thought  but  some  what  unenthusias;c  (on  the  inside)  about  drinking  a  mug  of  cold  water  with  a  tea   bag  dipped  in  a  couple  of   ;mes!  She  then   con;nued  to  let  me  know  that  she  had  made  it  in  the  microwave!  A  liQle   panicked  about  the  burn  risk  I  take  the  mug  eagerly.   My   o_en  strong  spirited  and  needy  but  gorgeous  baby  girl  had  pulled  off   a  completely   drinkable,  sweetened,  not  too   hot  to   scold   young  skin,   cup  of  tea.  Thoughtul,  thought  out  and   preQy  impressive  seeing  this  is  not  something  that   she  has  helped  or  even  observed  anyone  do  before.    Made  my  day  anyway  xxx

Renovated my  House  for  Nothing  but  a  Smile      

                                                         Helen  from  Belgium

Nearly 2  years   ago   now,  a   father   and  son  helped   me  renovate  my  house  for  FREE.  During  5  months,   from  freezing   temperatures  to  summer  days,  they   worked   whenever   the   could,   during   their   free   ;me.   Today   I  have   a   beau;ful   house,  thanks  to  them.  :-­‐)

Super Sister  in  Law      

     Michelle  from  New  Zealand

Last night  a_er  netball   I   came  home  to  find  my  house  sparkling  clean.   Most  mums  know  what  a   great  relief   this  is.   My   husband  is  in  grape  harvest   so  working   12  hour   shi_s,  so  I   knew  it   wasn't  him.  My  wonderful  sister-­‐in-­‐law  had   done  it!  She  has  been  giving   up   her  ;me  to  spend  ;me  with  my  kids  a_er  school  while  I  work.  She   never   expects   anything   in  return.  The  best  part   came  when  I  walked   down   the  hall.   She  completely   transformed   the  2  dumping   grounds  back  into  2  beau;fully  clean   &  ;dy  bedrooms!    Our   kids  just  love  being  with  her  (and  not  because  she  ;dies   their  rooms  -­‐  that's  why  I  love  her!)  She  is  a  legend!

Mum to  the  Rescue    

             Sarah  from  Australia

Those first   few  months   of   a  newborn   baby  are  a  real  shock  to   the  system.  Once  a  week  I  would  travel   an   hour  to   spend  the  day   with  my  mum  so  my  new  baby   got  to  spend  ;me  with  the  grandparents.  As  soon  as  I  would   walk  in  the   door,  I   would  fall  in  a  heap  but....mum  to   the  rescue.  The  keQle  would   be  straight  on,  baby   taken  care  of,   I  would   catch   up  on  sleep  or  just  sit  in  silence  and  mum  wouldn't   care.  Before  I  le_  each  ;me,  my  basket  or   ironing  would  be   done,  that  nights  dinners  would  be  in  a  cooler  bag,  another  bag  of  groceries  would   be  put  in  my  car  and  as  hopped  in   the  car,  a  sneaky   couple  of  chocolate  bars  would   slip  into  my  handbag.  At  ;mes  when  you  are  a  walking  zombie  with   a  newborn,  those  small  things  really  count.  

Making Laundry  Fun  -­‐  Sock  Bingo!    


                                     Ingrid  from  Australia

Some;mes when   my   mum   visits,   she   takes   a  basket   of   dirty   washing   home  with  her.  She   knows   how   busy   I   am   juggling  children   and  work   and  how   hard  I  find  it  stay  on  top  of  the  seemingly   endless  stream  of   dirty  clothes.  When   she  can  she  brings   it  back  washed,  cleaned  and  neatly  folded.  She  even  sorts  our  family's  growing   pile  of  odd   socks   and  has  turned  it  into  a  game  that  she  plays  with  my  boys  called  'Sock  Bingo'.  To  me,  this  is  true  kindness!!

Family Kindness  Stories Brotherly  Love    

                 Kimbalee  from  Australia

My first  husband  tragically  died  almost  seven  years   ago.     I  have  remained   close  with  his  brothers  who  have  been   very  good  to  me  and  my  liQle  girl  since  my  husband  died.     I   have  been   lucky   enough   to   meet  a   wonderful   man   and   we  were  recently   married.     Two   of   my   first   husbands   brothers  came  to  the  wedding  and  it  was  lovely  to  have  their  support.    What  I  didn't  expect  was  for  them  both  to  get   up  and  speak   at  the  wedding.    Neither   of  them   are  overly   confident  in   speaking   in  public,   so  it   was  a  big  deal  for   them  to   get  and   talk  in  front  of   all  our  guests.    But  what  was  so   special  to  me  is  that  they  both  did  it  with  out  being   asked,  in  what  would  have  been  a  situa;on  of  mixed  feelings  for  them  given  how  much  they   love  their   brother.  They   Your   spoke  of  how  all  they  ever  wanted  for  me  was  happiness.    They  welcomed  my   new  husband  into  the  family  and  they   wished  us  the  very  best  the  future  holds.     I  can't  express  how  much  it  meant  to  me  that  my  brothers  did  this  for   me.  

How do  you  Replace  a  Wedding  Ring      



         Sara  from  Australia

We married   young   and   had   liQle  money...  and   a   so   when   a  year   into  the  marriage   I  lost   both   my   wedding   and   engagement  ring,  we  knew  that  it  would  not  be  possible   to  'replace'  them.    So  we  accepted  the  loss  with  sadness,   and  con;nued  with  out  lives.     Months  later,   my  sister-­‐in-­‐law   surprised  my  husband   with  a  diamond  from  one  of   her   own  rings  so  that  he  could  have  another   'engagement/wedding  ring'  made  for  me  -­‐   which  he  gave  me  on  our   2nd   wedding   anniversary.    Her  kindness  and  generosity  s;ll  touches  me  to  this  day,  10  years  later  and  whenever  I  look  at   my  le_  ring  finger.    :)

No more  Loose  Ends    

                           Danielle  from  Belgium

I am  never  comfortable  talking  about  how  I  help  others.  It  is  something  that  I  prefer  to  keep  to  myself  because  I  feel   that  it  is  something   that  I  do  from  my   heart,  not  because  I  want  to   be  recognised.  But  there  is  one  thing  that  I  would   like  to  share.  My  father  was  sick   and  dying  of   cancer.  And  one  thing   that  he   wanted  to  accomplish  before  he  died   was  exhuming  his   father  and  sister   so  that   they  could   be  cremated  and  their  ashes  be  together  with  his  mother's.   He  couldn't  do  it  himself  and   no  one  else  seemed  to  know  where  to  begin  (with  all  the  bureaucracy  and   red  tape  in   the  Philippines).  So  I  went  to  the  province  (my   first  ;me  as  an  adult),  to  try  and  find  where  they  were  buried  and  see   how  to  bring  them   "home."  And  I  did  just  that.  I  feel  blessed  to  have  had   a  part  in  making   sure  that  there  were  no   loose  ends  for  my  father.

Luckiest Mum  in  the  World    

                 Kimbalee  from  Australia

Being a   busy  working   mum,  a_er  picking   up   my  9   year  old  daughter   -­‐   Cleo,  from   school,  we  some;mes  have  to   Kindness? come  back  to  the  office  so  I   can  finish  of  the  tasks  for  the  day.    Cleo  likes  coming   to  office  and  saying  hi  to  everyone,   with  many  of  my  co-­‐workers  knowing  her  from  when  she  was  a  baby.     Recently,  we  had   to  quickly  come  into  the  office  so  I  could  make  an  important  phone  call  to   the  CEO   and  discuss  an   issue  that   I  was   nervous   about.   A_er   the  call,   I  packed  up   and   le_  without  no;cing   the  liQle  note   Cleo  had   le_   behind. On   my  return  to   work  the  next  morning,  I  got  to   my  office  door  to  find  a  few  friends  reading  the  post-­‐it  note  on  my   door,  oohing  and   arrhing.    Unbeknown  to   me,  Cleo  had  le_  the  note  on  my  door   that  read:  "My  mummy  is  the  best   mummy  in  the  whole  wide  world.  Please  be  nice  to  her.    I  love  her  to  the  stars  and  back." Well  a  prouder  mum  you  could  not  find!!!  Not  only  for  the  beau;ful  message  she  wrote  but   also  because  she  could   see  I  was  stressed  and  she  was  making  sure  I  was  OK  for  the  next  day.    I  so  love  her  kind  liQle  soul.


Community Kindness  Stories

Celebra[ng Life  and  Happiness      


                             Nadine  from  Australia

When I   was  18   years   old,  living   in  Asia  and  in  Uni,  my  roommate  who  was  studying  to  be  an   Occupa;onal  Therapist   came  home  from  her  shi_  as  an  intern  in  the  mental  rehab  ins;tu;on   and  told  me  how  terrible  she  felt  for  those  poor   people  whose  families  abandoned  them  a_er  they  were  checked-­‐in  the  facility. They  were  all  good  to  go  home  but  no  one  came  to  pick  them  up  and  so  they   ended   up  staying  at  the  facility  for  years   as  they  were  so  scared  to  live  in  the  real  world  again.  This  really   made  me  think  of  what  I  can  do  to  make  these  people   feel  like  they  have  someone  that  cares  for  them. So  I  decided  to  have  my  18th  birthday   party  with  them  in  the  facility.   My  best  friend  and  I  brought  food  and  cake  and   made  everyone  feel  like  they   were  family.  I  listened  to  all  their  stories  and  gave  them  the  ;me  and  aQen;on  I  would   any  friend  or  family.  They  all  sang  Happy  Birthday  to   me  and  it   was  the  most  amazing   birthday  celebra;on  I've  ever   had.

Rescued by  a  Nurse    

                   Carlos  from  Spain

I was  17  years  old  by  this  ;me.  I  was  coming  back  home  riding  in  my  bicycle  and  I  had  to  cross  over  a  low  illuminated   and  narrow  road  inside  the  forest.  Suddenly,  a  car   appeared  very  fast  with  the  high  beam   that  blinded  me.  I  fell  into   the  ditch  and  my  the  glasses  scratched  over  my  face.  My  T-­‐shirt  was  full  of   blood.  I  tried  to  stop  some  of   the   cars   that  passed  over,   but  it  was  dark  and  late  and  the  situa;on  must  have  seemed   weird  for  the  cars  that  were   passing   by,  because  nobody  wanted  to  stop  there.  Suddenly,  one  did  stop.  It  was  a  couple  with  two  young  kids.  The  man  was   a  doctor  and  the  woman,  a  nurse.  They   took  me  to  their  home  and  a_er  cleaning  me  up,   they  then  drove  me  to  the   hospital.

Everybody Goes    

                     Patricia  from  USA

I was  on  a  mission  trip  in  Cuba.   We  were  trea;ng  the  congrega;on  of   a  small  church  to  an   a_ernoon  at  the  beach.  It   made  sense  to  me  that  the  wheelchair-­‐bound  gentleman   was  helped  into   the   bus.  The  surprising   act  of   kindness   came  when  4  friends  picked   up  his  chair  with   him  in  it  and  carried  it   across  the  sand  to  the  water's  edge  so  that  he   might  experience  the  ocean.

Great People  ARract  Great  People        

   Nicholas  from  Belgium

My son  Hugo  has  some  motor  disability.   Since  he  could  not  walk  the  world  and  discover   it  by  himself,  he   developed   some  extraordinary  skills  to  connect  with  people  and  see  the  world  through  them  or  thanks  to  them. What  amazes   me  is   the  vast   response  he   gets   everywhere  he  goes.  At  school,  in  public  transports,  our  friends,  our   family,  everywhere  he  gets  kindness  and  acts  of  kindness  back. Most   of   the  ;mes,  it  starts   with  his  smile   and  most   of   the  ;mes  he  receives  a  smile   or  an   act  of   kindness  back.   A   hands,  an  offer  to  do  something,  care,  support,  funding,  charity  and  smiles  smiles  smiles. Hugo  is  a  demonstra;on  that  kindness  is  everywhere,  at  hand...most  of  the  ;mes,  it  comes  as  a  reac;on  from  a  smile. Keep  smiling.

Community Kindness  Stories No  to  Degrading    

                 Andrea  from  Philippines

When I  was  a  young  girl,  people  would  always  point  out  to   me  those  who   live  in  the  streets  or   those  who   work  with   such  low  pay  and  these  people  would  tell  me  that  I  had   a  future  unlike  those  who  they  pointed  out.   They  would  tell   me  to  work  hard  and   do  my   best   in  everything  I  do  so  I  would  end  up   as  successful,  unlike  those  who  they   think  are   failures  to  why  they  end  up  in  the  streets. Their   inten;ons  I  believe,   would  have  been  great  because  they  wanted  me  to  be  mo;vated   to   think  high  and   be   mo;vated   but   the   kind   of   example   they   have   made   me   understand   is  no   doubt   terrible.   They   somehow   have   Your   I,   then   realised   that   implanted   on   my   mind   that   these   people   did   not   work   as  hard   so   as  to   why   they   suffer.   some;mes  people  were  just  unfortunate  so   as  to  why  they   are   having   a   hard  ;me  to  where  they   are   now.   I  also   realised  that  these  people  aren't  the  kind  of  people  who  we  should  judge. Each   of   them  may   have  different   stories  on   their   way  of   life  but  we  should   not   just   degrade  them   and  see  them   lowly.  So  because  of  it,  I  started  geWng   closer  to  the  maids  who  live  in  the  same  house  as  to  where  I  was.  From  then,   I  learned   that  they  felt  more  blessed   to  have   been  in  such  a  situa;on  as  long   as  their  families  would  have  the  basic   needs.  I   then  became   more  observant  and   understanding   with   the   things  happening   around   me.   I,  again   learned   something  new  that  some;mes  it  isn't  us  who  affect  our  own  development  but  the  external  factors  as  well. These  external  factors  have  had  a  great  contribu;on  to  how  people  are  living  and  how   they  work   to  provide  food  in   the  table  for  their  families  and  so  on.  For  those  living  in  the  streets,  I  find  it  so  sad  when  people  would   simply  ignore   or  look   down  upon  people  because  they  think   they're  just  adding  problems  to   society   but  I   think   not.  So  with   it,  I   started  to  help.  I  may  not  have  done  it  daily  but  I  try  as  hard  to  do  it  at  least  a  couple  of  ;mes  a  week. When  I  go  to  school,  I  walk  past  these  people  who  need  help  not  in  terms  of  money   but  just  help.  I  bring  at  least  one   piece  of  bread  with  me  to  give  to  them  and  I  then  con;nue   my  journey  to   school.  It  may  have  been  just  a  random   act  of  kindness  but  who  knows?  Maybe  someday  that  piece   of  bread  might  be  their  symbol  of  mo;va;on  because   there  is  always  hope  in  everyone  no  maQer  how  small  or  big.

Hope To  Find  A  Cure  



I was  diagnosed  with  breast  cancer  at  the  age  of  33  years  (7  years  ago).  I  have  since  raised   $100,000  for  the  NSW  Cancer  Council,  with  the  help  of  family,  friends  and  the  Bathurst   Community. I  believe  that  'DREAMS  DO  COME  TRUE  EVEN  WHEN  HOPE  IS  SOMETIMES  LOST". Kindness?

Helping Hand      


                                   Sonia  from  Australia

We have  been  struggling  with  money  so,  I  have  been  busy  selling  items.  When  a  gentleman  asked   if  I  was  s;ll  selling   a  'hand   held  massager'   and  when  he  said   he   needed  it  for  his  sick   father   who  has  just  woken  from   being   in  a  4   month   coma...  I  sent   it  to  him   for   free...  I  don't  need  money  that  much.  I  just  know  that  cheered  him  up  a  bit...  he   was  so  grateful!!


Community Kindness  Stories

A Seat  on  the  Bus      

                               Danielle  from  Belgium  

Some;mes it's  the  simple  things  that   make  a  difference.   The   acts  of   kindness  from  random  strangers  on  the   bus  is   something  I'm  grateful  for.  When  you   are  carrying  a  15-­‐kilo  child  and  a  bag   of  groceries,  and  someone   offers   you  a   seat  on  the  bus,  that  makes  a  difference!

Neighbourly Kindness    

Suzanne  from  Australia

My husband  is  out  of   town  for   the  week   and  we  just  moved  in  a  week   ago,  so  amongst  unpacking   I  haven't  even   looked  at  the  grass.     Well  my  71  year  old  neighbor  just  mowed  it  yesterday.    I  guess  it  was  geWng  long!     I  think  we   have  found  the  right  neighborhood!

Kindness in  a  Foreign  Land    

                       Suzanne  from  Australia

My husband,  son  and  I  moved  to  Australia  in  January.  Many  people  offered  all  kinds  of  advice  and  informa;on,  but  a   friend  of  a  friend,  who   was  a  stranger  except  for  shared  info  on  Facebook,  met  us  at  the  airport.  Because  she  met  us   with  her  husband,  we  could  get  all  our  luggage  in  our  rental  and  their  car  and  get  safely  to  our  hotel  in  one  trip.

Holiday Photos    

                               MC  from  France

I was  recently   on  holiday   in  Turin,  Italy   with   my  husband.  Neither   of  us  can  speak  barely   a  word   of  Italian.  We  had   climbed  up  to  a  church  on  a  hill  for  a  view  over  the  city  and  the  Alps,  and  we  tried  to  take  a  photo  of   ourselves  with   our  camera,   with   the  view  in  the  background.  A   local  Italian  man  intervened  right  away  and  indicated  that  he  could   take  it  for  us,  and  then  spent  ages   making   sure  the  views  were  perfect  and  even  scolded  a  man  looking   at  the  view   next  to  us  to  get  out  of  the  way  in  a  very  Italian  manner  so  he  wouldn't  ruin  the  photo   of  us!  We  were  so  grateful  but   frustrated  we  didn't  know  how  to  show  our  apprecia;on!

Fairview Jr.  High  Staff  Organise  Garage  Sale  


                         Shiloh  from  USA

The staff  of  Fairview  Jr.  High  organized  a  huge   Garage  sale  this  weekend  to  raise  money  for  Team   Sanfilippo   to   specifically   fund   gene   therapy   clinical   trials   in   honor   of   one   of   their   employee's   granddaughters.   They  worked  ;relessly  for  the  past  week  and  made  over  $5,000  for  Team  Sanfilippo!

A Simple  Introduc[on    

         Sirlina  from  Australia

Very nearly  10   years   ago  to  this  day  my  partner   and   I  met   a  very  special  friend  completely   out  of  the  blue!  He  went   out   of   his  way   to   make  himself   known   to   us   -­‐   he   was   a  complete   stranger   to   us,   as   we   were   to   him.   A   simple   introduc;on  at  an  English  local  where  our  faces  were  clearly  new  to  the  scene,  led  to   5  years  of  crazy  fun,  laughter   and  friendship  across  the  UK  and  Europe.    He  is  a  true  and  loyal  friend  that  I  miss  dearly  and  think  about  all  the  ;me.  

Community Kindness  Stories Late  Night  Ride    

Karmen from  Belgium

I was   18   and   was   returning   from   the   gradua;on   holiday   with   my   classmates   with   the   last   train.   My   dad   was   supposed  to  pick  me  up  at  the  sta;on,  but  he  was  very  running  late,  so  I  thought  he  forgot  about  it.   I  started   walking  from   Celje,  which   is  about   10km  away  from  where  I   lived  at  the  ;me.   It  was  dark,  there  was  no   pedestrian  path  for  half  of  the  way  and  I  was  carrying  a  big  rucksack  and  a  guitar. Parts  of  the  road  were  had  almost  no  light,  I  was  exhausted  and  too  scared  to   hitchhike  back.   Your  It  was  Friday  night  and   most  of  the  people  out  were  drunk. As  I  was  walking  slowly,   s;ll  8   km  to  go,  a  car  pulled   by  and  my  first  reac;on  was  fear  -­‐   having  all  this  load  on   me  I   was  an   easy  target.   It   was  a  guy,   few  years  older  than   me  who  offered   me  a  ride.  Ini;ally  I   would  have  declined,   thinking  there  are  other  mo;ves  to  his  kindness,  but  there  was  something  honest  about  him  so  I  accepted  his  offer. He  explained   he   hitchhiked   many  ;mes  without  catching   a   ride  and  he  said  to   himself   he   would  always  pick   up   people  who  need  a  ride.   He  drove  me  all  the  way  to  my  parents  place,  even  though  he  lived  a  few  towns  before. I  never  saw  him  again,  but  will  always  remember  his  kindness.

A Three  Year  Old’s  Empathy    


                       Danielle  from  Belgium

It's amazing   how   children   can   teach   us   so   much   about   life   and   the   world.   A_er   a   devasta;ng   typhoon   in   the   Philippines,  I   was  surprised   by   my   three-­‐year-­‐old   daughter.  She  wanted  to  give   what   she  had   to  those  affected  by   typhoon   Haiyan.  I  had  talked  to  her  about  it  and  to  my  husband.   And  bless  her   heart,   instead  of  geWng   Christmas   presents  she   said   "Mama,  I   want  to   help  make   the   world  a  beQer   place  in   the  Philippines.   We   have  to   help   the   children  build  there  homes  and  find  their  Mamas  and  Papas."  It  broke  my  heart.  That  Christmas  we   gave  to  charity  


         BreR  from  Australia

When I  took  my   son  to  the  football  recently,  there  were  two  liQle  boys   siWng   in  front  of   us  who  joined  us  at  the   Canteen   at   half   ;me.   They   didn't   have  enough   money   and   I   watched   them   count  out   their   coins   diligently   and   nego;ate  who  should  get  what.  In  the  end,  I  paid  the  last  two  dollars  which  put  a  smile  on  their  liQle  faces! Kindness?

Neighbour Keeps  Giving    

                       Suzanne  from  Australia  

I don't   know   the   whole   back   story,   but   one   neighbour   has   cancer   and   is   in   good   health,   but   at   some   point   in   treatment,  the  other   neighbour  started   mowing  his  lawn  and   several  months  later,  s;ll  mows  the  lawn.     It   is  the   liQle  things  in  life.      


Community Kindness  Stories

Simple Act  of  Kindness    

                                   Esther  from  Australia

One of   the  richest   acts  of  kindness  some;mes  can  be  just  to  talk  to  someone…I  was  at  a  ;me   in  my  life   where  I  had   hit  a  big   low   about   10  yrs  ago..I   was  in  a  room  all  alone  and  didn't   know  anyone..I  just  sat  at  the  back,  not  wan;ng  to   engage  in  conversa;on  with  anyone  when  this  beau;ful  lady  called  Claire  walked  over  to  me  and  took  my  hand  and   just  simply   told  me  who  she  was  and  said   "come   sit   with  me"..I  almost  cried  on  the  spot  but  in  that  moment  she   made  me  feel  so  loved  and  welcomed,  in  such  a  simple  way.   Half  the   ;me   we  are  so  caught  up  in  what  we  have   going   on  we   don't  just  look  around  a   room  to  see  if   there  is  a   need.  Some;mes  it's  just  a  simple  word,  smile,  hello,  how  are  you..that  can  make  all  the  difference.

Would you  like  Cream  and  Jam  with  that?    

                                     Ingrid  from  Australia  

My friend's  sister   has  organised  a  scone-­‐a-­‐thon   morning   tea  this   week  to  raise  money   for  the  Sanfilippo   Children's   Founda;on.  This  friend  and  her  sister   have  been  so  suppor;ve  since  we  got  Isla  and  Jude's  diagnosis.  They  have  gone   above  and  beyond  and  shown  kindness  in  so  many  ways.    You  two  know  who  you  are!!  THANK  YOU!!

Happy Easter  Bunnies  and  Eggs      

               Bec  from  Australia

I was  walking   towards  a  restaurant   with  my  family  when  there   were  two  teenage  girls  and  their  parents  who  had   stopped  in  the  middle  of  the  shopping   plaza.  They   had  two  pet  bunnies  with   them  and   were  asking  whether  children   would  like  to  stop   and  pat  them.  My  son   was   so   excited   to   join  in.   Whilst   we  stood   there  the  girls  had  baskets   of   chocolate  easter  eggs  and  were  offering  them  to  us  and  everyone  who  walked  past.  Talk  about  kindness.   We  stopped  for  a  couple  of  minutes,  went  into  the  restaurant  for  a  quick   dinner  and  astonishingly  when  we  came  out   the  family  were  s;ll  there  with   a  bunch   of  kids  surrounding  them   paWng   their  pet   bunnies.   Unbelievable  -­‐   what  a   kind  and  special  family.  Thank  you  -­‐  whoever  you  are.

Damsel in  Distress      


                                       Kirsty  from  Australia

Several years   ago,   I  found  myself   stranded  on  the  side   of   the  road   with  a  flat   tyre.  My  roadside   membership  had   expired,  I  soon  discovered  and  as  cars  whizzed  past  me  I  realised   I  would  have   to  change  the  tyre  myself.  Luckily,  I   was  born  and  bred  in  the  country  and  knew  what  to  do  but  I  s;ll  didn't  look  forward  to  the  task!   As  I  go  out  the  jack,  I  no;ce  a  bloke  riding  up   the  hill  on  a  bike.  He  stopped  and  asked  if  he  could  help.  I  no;ced  as  he   got  off   his  bike  that  he   only   had  one  arm.  Of  all  the  people  who  drove  past  me  that  day  this  kind  soul   (a  one-­‐armed   cyclist)  was  the  only  person  to  offer  any   assistance.  Sadly,  he  chaQed  to  me  while  I  changed  my  tyre  and  sent  me  on   my  way  with  a  smile  ;)  What  a  legend!!

Community Kindness  Stories Hearbelt  Story    

                                         Nina  from  Australia

My daughter  was  born  with  congenital  heart  disease  and  had  open  heart  surgery  at  just  16  weeks  old. My  neighbour,  who  didn't  know  me  very  well,  brought  me  groceries,  food  and  clothes  numerous   ;mes  to  comfort  me.  What  a  lovely  lady  she  is!


Sleeping Rough    

                                   Ingrid  from  Australia

When I  was  backpacking  in  Europe  as  a  young  woman,   my  friend  and  I  found  ourselves  in  Dublin,  Ireland  with  no   accommoda;on.  There  was  not  even  a  bunk  bed  in  a  hostel  available  to  us,  as  there  was  a  Robbie  Williams  concert   on  that  night,  and  literally  everything  was  booked  out!!   We   hung   out   in   a   pub   (as  you  do)   and  then   sat   on  our  sorry  selves  on  the  steps  of   the  Dublin  police  sta;on  (we   figured  this  was  the  safest  place  to  be).  We  were  not  alone.  Several  other  sorry  souls  had  the  same  idea.  And  a  very   interes;ng  night  and  much  hilarity  ensued  as  we  watched  a  parade  of   people  leave  and  enter  the  premises.  In  an  act   of  kindness,  one  nice  Irish  lad  (himself  without  accommoda;on,  leant  us  his  jacket  as  a  pillow!  

Helping Translate  Web  Texts    

             Alba  from  Belgium

From ;me  to  ;me,  I   volunteer   to   do  some  transla;on  work  for   a   non-­‐profit  Founda;on,   which  mission   is  to  help   needy  children  have  a  healthy  life,  away  from  infected  diseases  caused  by  polluted  water  in  countries  where  the  lack   of   drinkable  water  is  a  reality.  My   act   of  kindness   is  offering  this  liQle  help  in  doing   transla;ons  from  Spanish  into   English  so  that  more  people   can  read  what   the   Founda;on   is  doing.   By   doing  kind  gestures,   society   gives  you   so   much  in  return.  Giving  is  taking.

Baked with  Kindness    

   Ingrid  from  Australia

When Mary  Miles,  the  school  captain  at  Mackellar  Girls  Highs  heard  about  Isla  and  Jude's  tragic  diagnosis,  she  knew   Kindness? help.   So   together   with   her   fellow   students  she   set   about  baking,   arranging   a  cake   stall  which   raised   she  had  to   almost  $900  for  the  Sanfilippo   Children's   Founda;on.   What  an  amazing   young   woman.   She  also   recently  took   a   break  from  her  Year  12  study  schedule  to  volunteer  at  our  Bunning  BBQ.   She  says  she  loves  to   bake  as  a  break  from  her  studies  and  calls  it  'procrasta-­‐baking'.   We  think   Mary   has  many   a   recipe  in  kindness!  THANK  YOU  MARY!


Community Kindness  Stories

A Small  Contribu[on    

                               Mitchell  from  Australia

When my  employer,  Become  Recruitment,  found  out  about  Sanfilippo  and  how  a  family  friend  had  been  devastated  to   have  both  their  children  diagnosed,  they   didn't  hesitate   in   seWng  up  a  fund  raising  drive.  We  donated  $1  for  every   hour  our  contractors  worked  to  raise  $5,000.  It's  not  a  huge  amount  but  we  hope  to  do  more  for  the  founda;on  in  the   future,  hopefully  every  liQle  bit  counts.  

A Pint  Sized  Philanthopist      

                                   Ingrid  from  Australia

Shannae Ku   is   a   pint-­‐sized   philanthropist!   7-­‐year-­‐old   Shannae   Ku,   together   with   her   big   sister,   Talia,   recently   completed  a  10km  bike  ride  to  raise  $2,645   for  Sanfilippo  Children's   Founda;on.   Shannae  has  (MPSI)   Hurler  Scheie   Syndrome,   which  is  a  form  or  MPS.  Such  an   important  lesson  in  kindness  and  great  to  see  charity  and  compassion  in   someone  so  young  and  facing  their  own  set  of  challenges! Shannae  wrote  the  following  prior  to  her  bike  ride: My  name  is  Shannae.  I  am  7  years  old  and  I  have  Hurler  Scheie  Syndrome,  or  MPS  I.   It  is  a  big,  complicated  disease,   but  basically  it  means  that  my  organs  and  body  don't   work   and  grow  the  way  they   should.  But  I  am  doing  OK,  because  I  am  able  to  get  an  enzyme  infusion  in  hospital  each  week.  It  doesn't  make  all  my   problems  go  away,  but  it  does  make  life  a  liQle  easier! I  know  lots  of  kids  with  another  type  of   MPS,  called  Sanfilippo.  Unlike  me,  these  kids  don't  have  a  treatment  to  help   them.  Their  bodies  just  get  sicker  and  sicker  and  they  forget  how  to  walk  and  talk  and  eat.   Talia  and   I  want  to   do   what  we  can   to  help.  We   want   to   raise  some  money   to  help  the   kids   with  Sanfilippo   find  a   treatment  too.   Exercise  isn't  easy  for  me.  I  can't  run   much,  but  I   can  ride  a  bike.  We  are  going  to  ride  our   bikes  for   10km  on  April  5th.  It's  going  to  be  tough,  and  it  might  take  us  all  day,  but  I  am  quite  sure  we  can  do  it!  

An Eye  Opening  Experience      

                 Anh  from  Australia

As we   diligently  pack   up,  puWng   away   boxes  and   boxes   of   donated   medical   equipment   and  supplies   into   the  truck,  I  wipe  my  dirty  hands  across  my  brow   and  pull  at   my   sweat-­‐ soaked   tshirt,   the   one   of   two   shirts  I've   been   interchanging   for   the  last   2   weeks.   The   electricity   had   cut   out   again   and   the   dusty   fan   in   the   corner   was   the   only   electrical   equipment  le_   in  this  make-­‐shi_   consul;ng  clinic  we  called  an  office  for   12  hours  a  day,   for   the  last   week.  I  should  have  been   exhausted   and  ravenous,   having   only   had  ;me  to   inhale  a  piece  of  bread  and  ham,  but  at  that  moment,  I  couldn't  have  been  more  ecsta;c.   Because   the   grinning,   mostly   toothless  and  blackened   teeth   from   a  life;me  of   chewing   beQel   nut,   grandmother   who   had  never   in   her  life;me  received  any   medical   treatment,   had  finally  come  out  of   theatre   and  was  awake.  The  anesthe;c   had  not   worn  off  yet  so  she  was  in  no  pain,  grinning   from  ear  to  ear.  A   sight  she  was.  Her   sterile  eye  pad  covering   her  le_   eye  a  stark   contrast  to  her   deeply  bronzed,   wrinkled   skin.   She  held   my  hand   and   wept  tears  of   happiness  when   we  removed  the  pad   and   she  could   see   her   granddaughter  for  the  very  first  ;me.   The  tears  and  sweat   rolled  down  my   cheeks  as  I  soaked   in   the  moment,  cherishing   the  ela;on  of   charity   work,   a   charity  to  my  soul,  thanking  this  lady   for   the   eye  opening  experience  she   had  given  me,  knowing  that   I  would  never   ever  see  her  again.  

Community Kindness  Stories Happy  Mother’s  Day  

                                         Sally  from  Australia

My son   has  cerebral  palsy  and  is  severely  disabled.  Several  years  ago   when  he  was  perhaps  10   years  old,  Paddy  and  I   went  out  for  brekky  on  Mother's  Day  (he  was  my  only  child  back  then!).   While  I  was  enjoying  my  cooked  brekky  I   did   no;ce  a   gentleman  look   at  us  and   smile  -­‐  not  unusual  we're  a  cute  and   dis;nc;ve   pair!  As  he   was  leaving   the  man   came  over  to  me  and  wished  me  a  happy  day.  The  real  surprise  came  when  I  went  to  pay  the  bill  -­‐  he'd  paid  for  my   breakfast  and  le_  a  note  saying  simply  "Thanks  Mum!" Your  

Black Saturday    

         Clare  from  Australia

On Black  Saturday  our  property  was  unfortunately   in  the  path  of  one  of  the  fires  that  day  in  Victoria  and  though  we   managed,  just,  to  save  our  house,  everything  else  on  the  property  burned.  But  the  response  of   the  community  was   quite  extraordinary.   We  were   given   so  many   things  that  we   had  to  put  up  a  couple  of   tents  to  house  the  dona;ons   (as  we  no  longer  had   any   sheds).  One  tent  was  devoted   to  horse  things  and  the  other   to  tools.  Opening   the  flaps  of   the  shabby  old  tents  was  like  entering  an  Aladdin's  cave  of   gliQering  wrapped  goods  and  sharp  clean  new  tools!  A   huge  tribute  to  the  generosity  of  people,  some  of  whom  did  not  even  know  us  personally.

What Goes  Around  Comes  Around    

                     Mariam  from  Australia

This is  really  my  husband's  story.  He  won't  mind  it  being  shared.   My  husband,  Trevor,  frequently  gives  offerings  to  homeless  folks  -­‐   a  sandwich   or  an  apple,  a  smoke  or  a  few  dollars.   He  likes  to  stop  and  have  a  chat  if   it  is  offered  in  return.  Trev  o_en  remarks  that  everyone  has  a  story  if  you  take  the   ;me  to  listen.   On  this  par;cular  occasion,  many  years  ago  now,  Trev  saw  an  old  bloke  siWng  on  the  street  looking  preQy  worse  for   wear.  He'd  just  bought  his  smoko  and,  although  Trev  was  an  appren;ce   at   the  ;me  and  didn't  have  much  money,   he  went  over  to  the  bloke  and  asked  how  he  was  going  and  offered  him  the  sandwich  he'd  just  bought.   The  man  smiled  and   said  no  thank  you,   he  was  fine.   "Would  you  like  a  smoke  then?",   he  asked.  "Sure,"   the  man   replied,   so   Trev   passed  him  his  pouch   and  sat   down   next  to   the   old   man  to   eat  as  he   rolled   and  smoked.  They   chaQed  for  a  while   about   this  and  that.   As  he  got  up  to   go,  Trev  reiterated   his  offer  to  buy  the  man  some  food,   which  he  once  again  declined.  Instead,  the  man  pulled  a  wallet  out  of  his  pocket  and  withdrew  $50.  He  handed  it  to   Trevor   and  said,  "I'm  doing   ok,  mate.  This  is  a  lifestyle  choice  -­‐   I've  got  money.  Thanks,  though.  Here  -­‐   take  your   girlfriend  out  to  dinner!"    Trevor  was  dumbfounded  and  tried  to  refuse  the  money  but  the  man  insisted.   Eventually,   feeling   sa;sfied  that  the   Law  of  the  Universe  that  says  "what  goes  around,  comes  around"  had  just  been   enacted   Kindness? more  quickly  than  usual,  he  accepted  the  gi_,  thanked  the  man,  and  departed.  

My Generous  Husband    

Donna  from  Australia

I have   known  my   husband  for   9  years,  we  have  been  married   for  5.  For  as   long   as  I  can  remember  he  has  always   given   money   to   those  in   need   on  the   street.   We've   lived   around   the   world   and   travelled   quite  extensively,   no   maQer  where  we  are  if  someone  asks  Simeon  gives.    I've  asked  him  why  and   he  gives  two  reasons,  firstly  he  likes  to   think  that   one   day  if  he  needed  it  someone  will   help  him  similarly  in  return.    He  also  believes  that  it  is  good  to   give   since  no  maQer  what  their  story  maybe  they  are  likely  to  need  it  more  than  him. 17

Community Kindness  Stories

Another Cyclone    

           Emily  from  Australia

My husband  was  ill,  we  were  new  to  town  and  North  Queensland   turned  on  one  of  its  cyclones.     It  wasn't  one  of  the   big   ones  that  live   in  the  memories  of   many   Australians,   but  enough   to   knock   down  some   small  trees,   damage   a   veranda  roof  and  wreck  the  fence  that  kept  small  kids  off  the  main  road. Neighbours  arrived  very  quickly  and  rigged   up  a  temporary   fence  to   keep  the  kids  safe  while  I  got  into  caring  for  the   pa;ent   and  we  were  ready  for  serious  work  when  the  emergency  teams  arrived  to  assess  our  needs.    It  was  the  first   ;me  I  had  met  those  neighbours.

So Much  More  Than  Sausages    

         Ingrid  from  Australia

My husband  is  an  absolute  trooper,   cooking   sausages  at  last   weekend's  Bunnings  BBQ   and   standing   all  day  with   a   fractured  foot.   BreQ   charmed   customers,   cooked   up  a   storm   and   served   sausages   at   our   fundraiser   all  with   a  smile.   Two   weeks   earlier   he  fell   down   the   stairs  badly   bruising   his  foot   and  sustaining   a  hairline  fracture.   THANKS   'Uncle  Bert'.  The   Sanfilippo  Children's  Founda;on  thanks  you!

The Joys  of  Lawn  Mowers      

Simone  from  Australia

As a  single   mum   in  a  small   town,  people  tend  to  know  who  you  are  preQy  fast.  I  was  in   desperate  need  of   a  lawn   mower  as  paying  the  local  guys  to  do  is  was  so  expensive.  A  girlfriend  of  mine  recommended  a  older  man  who  did  up   old  mowers  and  it  was  cheap  too.  I  went  round  there  with  my  son  and  he  hooked  me  up  with  a  great  mower.   He  li_ed  it  into  the  car  and  said  "  You  are  Simone  from  my  daughter's  mothers  group  aren't  you?"    "Ah  yep   that's   me!"   he  offered   to   follow  me  in  his   car  to  help  unload   the  mower  at   my  house!  A_er  I   have  had  a  few  problems,   each   ;me  he  is  around  that   day  or  the  next  and  once  he  came  round   when  I  was  at   work,   fixed  the  mower  and  even   mowed  the  front  lawn  for  me.  All  at  no  charge.  What  a  lovely  kind  hearted  person  :)

Damsel in  Distress      

                         Melanie  from  Australia

On Friday   I   went  for  a  bike   ride  from   Freshwater  down  to   Manly  with  my   2  year   old  in   the  back   in  the   bike  seat.   Something   I   have   been   meaning   to   do   all   year!   We   had   a   lovely   ride   (pumping   up   the   tyres   first   may   have   helped)...but  added   to  the  workout.  On  the  way  back,  my  bike  chain  slipped  off   (OK,  trying  to  change  gears  half   way   up  a  big  hill  didn't  help).  I  tried  to  put  the  chain  back  on  but  only  made  it  jam  up  more,  so  decided   I  was  going  to  have   to  walk  home.   Whilst  I  was  walking  pushing   my  bike,  I  walked  past  a   young  man,  who  I  asked  if   he  was  able  to  fix  a  bike  chain?   He   happily  fixed   the   chain  in  a  couple  of   minutes.   His  French  accent  and  my  fixed  bike  chain...meant  a  happy   ending  to   my  bike  ride!

Community Kindness  Stories A  LiRle  Pick  Me  Up      

               Sirlina  from  Australia

My partner  and  my  first  trip  to   Holland  coincided   with  New  Years  Eve.   Coordina;on  and  I  are  not  the  best  of  friends  so   cycling  being  the  main  form  of   transport  was   some  what  of   a  challenge  for  me  at  any   point,  let  alone  combined  with   New  Years  Eve  celebra;ons! We  started  the  evening   with  a  gorgeous  dinner   party   hosted  by  friends  rela;ves,  fireworks   on   the  street  (quite   scary   really)  and  then  off  to  a  warehouse  dance  party,  as  you  do.  A_er  a  fantas;c  night  and  everything   was  winding   down  we   all  made  our  way   to  collect  our  bikes.  Seeing  I  had   already  fallen  off  3  ;mes  earlier  on   NYE  I   decided  to  get  a  head  start   Your   up  the  steep,  windy  hill  out  of  the  parking  lot. At   the  top  of  the  hill  I  fell  off  into   a  ditch  of  shrubs  and  who   knows  what!  Through   the  blur  of  darkness,  shrubbery  and   people  milling  out  everywhere   a  hand  helped  me  out  and  got   me  back  on  my  bike.  A_er  I  thanked  her  over   and   over   this  kind  hearted  senior  drag  queen  got  back  to  work,  returning  to  her  corner  of  the  lot.

Zumba for  a  Good  Cause      

                   Ingrid  from  Australia

For months   and   months   while  ordering   coffee   and   later   lunch   as  she  came   around   to   our   office   with   a  trolley   of   lunch;me  goodies,  I  slowly   got  to  know  Taylor.  Taylor  is  a  nanny  to  the  café  owners  children  and  waitress  and  Jill-­‐of-­‐all-­‐ trades  and  she  is  and   always  up  for  a  chat.  When  I  told   her   about  my  niece  and  nephew  Isla  and   Jude,  she  told  me  she   was  also  a  part-­‐;me  zumba  instructor  and  a  seasoned  fundraiser  having  raised  funds  for  all  sorts  of  other  causes.   Last   week   on   Easter   Monday   she   hosted   a   Zumba   class   and   donated   all   proceeds   to   the   Sanfilippo   Children's   Founda;on.  She  helped   raise  $220  ...  it  all  adds  up.  And   all  this  a_er   a  chance  chat  while  buying  a   coffee   and  toasted   focaccia  while  standing  by  the  office  li_s.  THANKS  TAYLOR  for  your  KINDNESS    and  interest  in  our  cause!

Country Kindness      

               Ka[  from  Australia

It's some;mes  the   things  that   can   make  your  day.  The  taxi  drivers  in  Taree  that  bring   your  shopping  to   your  front   door  and  have  a  nice  chat,  this  can  brighten  your   day   or  and  the  lovely  lady  that  works  at  Coles  Taree  that  loves  my   daughter  and  went  out  of  her  way  to  find  a  lost  elephant.  People  do  some  amazing   things  in  the  world  but  some;mes   you  just  need  a  liQle  country  kindness  to  make  your  day  a  liQle  beQer.  :-­‐) Kindness?

Small Gesture  Saved  Me      

       Hayley  from  Australia

My toddler  was  having   a  meltdown   at  the  park  and  wouldn't   leave.  But  I  was  carrying   my  newborn,  so  couldn't  just   pick  him  up.  I  was  stuck  ...  And  close  to  tears,  un;l  a  lovely  lady  came  over  and  asked  if  she  could  help  .  She  offered  to   carry  my  toddler,  but  he  was  kicking  and  screaming  so  badly  that  I  asked  if   she  could  carry  my  newborn  with  me  to   my  car   on  the  other   side  of  the  park.  She  made  small  talk  which  calmed   my  boy  and  me  down.  A  liQle  gesture  of  help   saved  me  mel;ng  down  along  with  my  toddler.


✍ My Street    

Community Kindness  Stories  

                                 Sharon  from  Australia

When we  moved  to  my  street,  Niki  was   8  years  old  and  very   ac;ve  and  mischievous,  mostly   due   to   her   Sanfilippo   Syndrome,   partly   because   she   was   just   a   ratbag.   A_er   a   day   of   unpacking   I   rested  my  head  and  closed  my  eyes  for  just  a   minute  and  she   escaped,  opening   the   big   driveway   gate  and   off   to   explore  her  new  surroundings   -­‐   no   doubt  looking   for   the   nearest   playground.   When   I   realised   she   was   missing,   I   ran   down   the   street   calling   and   immediately   a  new   neighbour   appeared   with   his  dog   and   said  he   would   search   the  creek   (aarggh)  and  I  should  go  in  the  opposite  direc;on.   A   few   blocks   away   she   was   found,   happily   walking   in   circles,   and   we   returned   home   very   relieved.  Soon   my  neighbour  knocked  on  the  door  with   a  map  of  the  street  -­‐   names,  phone  numbers  and  in  which   house  the  doctor,   the   policeman   etc   lived.   I   s;ll  have   that  list   17   years  later.   Niki   was   included   in  all   our  street   func;ons  -­‐   birthday   par;es,  Christmas   carols,   cricket  matches.   In  the  years  that   followed   strong   neighbours  were   always  around  to  li_  her  in  her  wheelchair  up  to  the  deck  where  she  sang  and  laughed  with  her  extended  family.

Elderly Error      

             Kimberlee  from  Australia

I was  on  my  way  to   swap  kids  shoes  I  had  bought  in  the  wrong   size  at  a  Big  W   store  about  a  year  ago,  there  was  a   line  up  at  the  customer  service  counter  so  I  was  people  watching  while  I  waited.   There  was  an  elderly  man  who  had  just  come  through  the  checkouts  who  was  looking  distressed,   turns  out  he  had   accidentally  bought  an  $50  iTunes  voucher  instead  of  a  $50  Big  W  voucher.  He  was  begging  the  assistant  to  help  him   get  the  right  one  and  she  explained  to   him  that  vouchers  could  not  be  returned  or  exchanged.  He  looked  guQed  and   my   heart   broke   for  him  as   he  tried  again  to  understand  why  he  couldn't  swap  it,  he   s;ll  didn't  understand  what  he   had  bought.   As  he  was  leaving  I   abandoned  my  place  in  the  line  and  approached  the  man  (who  would  have  been  in  his  70's)  and   offered   to  buy  it  off  of   him   so  he  could  get  the  voucher  he  intended  to  buy.  He  had  a  twinkle   in  his  eye   (I'm  sure  it   was  a  tear  forming)   as  I  gave  him  the  $50  for   an   iTunes  voucher  I  didn't  really   need.  Safe  to   say  we   both   felt   preQy   good   about  our  encounter   that  day.   I   o_en  think  of   the  man,   and  to   remind  me  to   do  random  acts  of   kindness  as   o_en  as  possible  I  keep  the  iTunes  card  on  my  pin  up  board.  It's  not   hard  to  improve  someone's  day,  and  it  gives  to   you  just  as  much  as  it  gives  to  the  receiver!

Say it  with  a  Card      

       Ingrid  from  Australia

When my  father  died  of  a  heart  aQack,  I  was  10.  A  lot  of  that  ;me  is  blurry   but  I  s;ll  vividly   remember  a  knock  at  the   door   one  day  soon  a_er  his  death.  Standing  on  the  doorstep  was  my  friend  Leah.  I  caught  sight  of   her  mum  Sheila  in   the  car  out  front.  Leah  was  in  my  class  at  school  and  was  there  to  deliver  a  special  package.  All  of  my  classmates  had   each  made  me  a  sympathy   card  full  of  pictures   and   10-­‐year-­‐old  sen;ment.  My   mother  s;ll  has   that  package  of   30   cards  packed  away   somewhere.  I'm  saving  it  for  a  rainy  day,  when  I  will  dig  them  out  and  sit  and  have  a  read  and  a   cry. My   mother  recently  reminded  me  that  there  were  two  further  parent  deaths  in  that  class  that  year.  (These  things   happen  in  threes,  it  seems)   and  I  am  s;ll  in  touch  with  that  friend  many  years  later  whose  family,  now  in  the  prin;ng   game,  recently   extended  the  hand  of  kindness  once  again  in  our  of  need.  They   have  done  several  batches  of  prin;ng   free-­‐of-­‐charge  for  the  Sanfilippo  Children's  Founda;on.

Community Kindness  Stories Kindness    

                                         Evvie  from  Australia

I have  been  reading    other  peoples’  delightul  and  heartwarming    stories.     And   thinking.    Of  course  I  know  plenty   of   kindness  stories.    But  as  usual  I  am  thinking  too  much  and  here  I  am  wri;ng  a  mini-­‐essay  when  I  should  just  be  wri;ng   a  simple  recount. What  is  kindness?    It  seems  to  be  close  to  generosity  which  is  one  of  seven  cardinal  virtues  that  can  be  listed  to  mirror   the  beQer-­‐known    (and  probably  more  exci;ng)  Seven  Deadly  Sins.    Bet  you  can  list  most  of  the  sins. Your   then   get   to   examine     The   virtues?   Theologians  start   with   faith,   hope   and   love   (charity).   They   and   other   ethicists   prudence,  jus;ce,  for;tude  and   temperance  (modera;on).  And  then  there  are  gra;tude,  humility,  truth,   affec;on,   competence,  wisdom,  generosity.   That  is  rather  a  lot     and    “kindness”  ain’t  there.  Generosity  is  the  closest  although  I  always  considered   it  “bigger”  than   kindness  and  perhaps  a  bit  more  to  do  with  money  and  material  goods.    Never  mind.  There  is  the  old  “golden  rule  ‘  -­‐   “do   unto  others  as  you   would  have   them   do  unto   you”   which  can   easily   get   its  language   updated.  Then   there  is     “what  goes  around  comes  around”. In  the  last  decade  or  so  there  has  been  talk  of  “random  acts  of   kindness”  and  I  get  the  impression  that  that  is  the  sort   of   kindness  most   of   the  writers  are  meaning   in  their  stories  here.   So  I   have  seen   a  lot  of   kindness   over   my   nearly   seventy  years.    I  have  certainly  received  lots,  but  I  am  confused  about  what  I  may  have  given.    Oh  dear.

Helping the  Puppies    


                 Ka[  from  Australia

Taree Coles  has  one   of  those  Labradors  to  collect  dona;ons  and  every  ;me  I  get  to  the  checkout   Josefine  asks  "can  I   have  coins  to  help  the  puppies"  she  doesn’t  know   they  are  trained  for  the  blind  she  just  knows  she  is  helping.   Josefine   has  a  good   heart  and  is   caring   and   sensi;ve  beyond   her   years,  she  makes  strangers  smile  with   her   happy   hellos.  I   couldn’t  be  more  proud  as  a  mother.

When you  need  to,  just  let  go    

                         Catherine  from  Australia

This seems  the  smallest   of.kindness  acts,  but,  I  have   been   holding   onto  my   first  child's  clothes  for  the  last  5  years,   telling   myself  that  my   next  child  will  use  them.  5   years   down  the  track  we  have  another   beau;ful  boy   and   of  course   born  in  opposite  seasons  to  his  older  brother!    Saying  to  myself,  that's  ok,  I'll  keep  them  for  the  next  child!     I  Kindness? was   going   through   these   beau;ful,   small,   cute   clothes   remembering   certain   things   about   certain   outits.   First   Christmas  outit,  first   flanneleQe  pjs   and  thought  to  myself,  why   hold  onto   them   when  someone  else  in  more  need   will  get  so  much  more  use  out  of  them!     So  I  donated  all  of  his  clothes  and  toys  to  charity. I  am  so   blessed  to  be  in  the  posi;on  I   am,  and   hope  that  these  clothes  can   give  a  child  comfortably  and   a  mother   some  wonderful  'first'  memories!  


Partner &  Friends  Kindness  Stories

Real Friends  Warm  my  Heart      

     Jaxxon  from  Australia

Partner &  Friends   Kindness   Stories I've   recently   hurt   my   back   which   has   le_   me   unable  to   move.   I'm   a  student   and   don't   get   enough   money   from   Centrelink  to  even  cover  rent,  with  my  back   injury   I  can't  even  do  the  one  day  a  week  work  I  do  to  help  out  an  old  guy   around  his  home.   I'm  owed  money,  and   put  up  a  Facebook  post  sta;ng  it  would   be  nice  if   I   was  paid  back  the   money  I  was  owed  as   Doctors  and  specialists  are  cos;ng  me.  I   had  many  people  from  my  community  come  forward  and  offer  me  money  or   food  packages.  I  was  overwhelmed  my  everyone's  kindness  but  declined,  as  I'm  sure  there  are  far  more  needy  people   Your   out  there,  plus  I  always  get  by  some  how.  But  one  friend  didn't  listen   and  turned  up  at  my  door  with  a   care  package   of  bread  and  ham,  tomatoes  etc.  To  make  sandwiches,  fruit,  a  boQle  of   wine,  and  a  beau;ful  leQer  with  $50  included.   I  feel  blessed  to  know  such  beau;ful  people.

Helping a  Friend  in  the  Playground    


                               Sarah  from  Australia

My son  started  kindergarten  this  year  in  a  school  where  he  did   not  know  anyone.  In  class  he   was  seated   next  to  a  korean  boy  who  has  liQle  English,  very  shy  and  also  did  not  know  anyone.   My  son  has  quite  a  social  personality  and  a_er  a  few  weeks,  I  observed  my   son  no;ce  his  new   friend   standing   alone  in   the   playground.   Straight   away   my   son  went  over   to   his  friend   and   made  sure   he  was  included  in  the  playground.  My  son  was  also   the   first  to  reassure  his  friend   that  he  looked  'really  cool'  when  he  came  to  school  in  tradi;onal  korean  dress  for  harmony  day   recently  and   was  very  upset  by   being  the  only  child  dressed  up  in  a  school  with  minimal  mul;-­‐ culturalism.  I  am  very  proud  of  my  son   showing  such  kindness  to  his  new  friend  and  showed  no   boundaries  between  cultures.

Kindness all  Around    


 Annie  from  Philippines

It just  came  to  a  realisa;on  that  in  all  my   30  years  of  life,  I've  been  surrounded  with  such  amazing,  selfless  people.  My   family   and   friends  have  the   kindest,   most  generous   hearts.   Take   my  father,  who  every   year  on   his  birthday,  gives   away  burgers  or  lunch  packs  to  street  kids.   Or   two  of  my  closest  friends,  who  for  countless  years,  have  helped   raised   the  daughter  of   a  teen   mom,  devo;ng   hours  and   personal  funds   for  her  educa;on  and  welfare.  Or  another  friend   who  chose  to  celebrate  her  birthday  in  animal  shelter  to  share  her  ;me  and  love  with  abandoned  animals. Stories  like  these  make  me  realise  that  my  life  has  been  so  blessed  with  such  amazing  people.  To  be  in  their   company   is  inspiring  and  moving,  to  say  the  least.


A Ride  to  the  Airport    

         Ingrid  from  Australia  

When I  was  at  university  I  did   a  six   week  language  school  and   an  internship  at  the  Jakarta  Post  newspaper.  A  family   friend  who  was  working  in   Indonesia  at  the  ;me  organised  for   me  to  stay  in  a  share  house  of  Indonesian  students   and  young   professionals.  These   people   were   lovely  and  went  out  of   their  way   to  make  me  feel  welcome  and  show   me  around.  On   my  last  day/night  there  I   misread  my  airline  ;cket.  I  had   planned  to  catch  a  local  becak  or  taxi  to  the   airport  and  thought   I  had  hours  un;l  my   departure,  when  I  realised  my  mistake   my  flatmates   of  only  a  few   weeks   borrowed   a  friend's  car  and   in  a  mad  dash  drove  me  to   the  airport.  I  only   just  made  my   flight.   I  tried   to  pay  them   petrol  money,  as  very   few  people  in  Indonesia  own   cars  and  the  average  wage  is  so  low.  As  is  the  Indonesian  way,   they  would   not  let  me.  What   an  amazing  group  of  young   people  they  were.  I  wonder  where  they  are  now  and  how   life  has  treated  them.  They  certainly  taught  me  a  lesson  or  two  in  kindness! 3

Partner &  Friends  Kindness  Stories A  LiRle  Help  from  my  Friends    

       Djong  from  Philippines

I gave  birth  to  my  son  last  October,  and   what  was  supposed  to   be  a  happy   event  almost  turned   into  a  nightmare  for  me   and  my  family.   I  wouldn't  stop   bleeding  a_er  I  gave  birth,  and  they  had   to  perform  an  emergency  hysterectomy  to  save   me.   While  I  was  going  through  the  procedure,  my  husband  and  family  used  social  media  to  ask  for  blood  donors.  Since   the  platelets  had  to  be   extracted   from  the  blood,  they  had  to  ask  for  live  donors,  as  we  could  not   simply  use  bags   of   blood  from  the  blood  bank. My   family   and  I  were  overwhelmed   from   the  response  we  received.   One  of   my  best  friends,  Sarah,   got  there  quickly   and  I  am  alive  today  because  of  her.  I  was  also  amazed   to  find  that  so  many  people,  even  people  I  didn't  know,  were  so   willing  to  lend   a  hand  to  a  stranger  in  need.  My  friend  Owee,  who's  in   New   Zealand,  asked  her  friends  to  help,  and  they   reached  out  to  my  husband  as  well.  It  was  a  trying,  difficult  ;me  in  my  life  that  became  one  of  the  most  heartwarming   experiences   I've   had.   I  hope  to  one  day   pay  all  of  that  kindness  forward,  and  hopefully,   sharing   this  story  will  be   one   way  to  do  that.

Awesome Friend  who  listens    

         Nichole  from  Australia

My friend  Nikki  is  always  there  to  listen  to  me  and  my  many  issues!  She  always  offers  great  advice   and   no  judgement.   It's  great  to  have  someone  to  talk  to  stuff!  Thanks  heaps  Nikki!

Sonia’s Awesome Sonia  always  thinks  of  others.   If  you  say   you  like  something   -­‐   she'll  think  of   a  way  to  get  it  for  you!  Even  if   it   means  she   can't  have  something  herself.  Sonia  is  awesome!

Wedding Helper        

           Helen  from  Australia

When my  partner  asked  me  to  marry  him,  we  had  been   together  for  a   while  and  had  two  children  together,  so  the   marriage  was  simply  a  confirma;on  of  our  rela;onship.  We  didn't  want  a  big  wedding  but  we  wanted  it  to  be  special.   As  we   were  having   a  party   for  my  husband's  50th  birthday,  we   decided   to  do   a  surprise   wedding   at  the  party.  The   only  people  who  knew  were  our  two  witnesses,  my  friend  Cathy,  and  Colin's  best  mate.   I  arranged  the  party  and  planned  all  the  food,  and  I  expected  to   be  busy   and  exhausted   and  slightly  stressed  the  day   before  the  party  as  I   put  all  my  plans  into  ac;on.  The  week  before   the   party,  Cathy   rang  me  and  said  'I'm  coming  to   your  place  on  Friday.  The  kids  are  being  looked  a_er,  I'm  yours  for  the  day  and  I'll  stay  overnight  so  I   can  carry  on  in   the   morning  before  everyone  gets  there.'  I  would  never  have  asked  her  to  give  up  this  ;me  for  me,  and  if   she'd  said,   'Would  you  like  me  to  help?',  I'd  have   felt   I  was  imposing  too   much.  But   she  told  me  what  she  was  doing,  and  it  was   exactly   what  I  needed.     Not  only  was  all  the  cooking,  cleaning  and  decora;ng  done  with  ;me  to  spare,  but  we  had  fun   doing  it.  It  was  fantas;c  to   have  a  friend  share  our   special  ;me  and  give  us  so   much  of  her  ;me.  Cathy's  husband  and   kids  joined  us  for   the   party   and   ended   up   staying  over  and  helping   with  the  cleaning   up   as  well  Fantas;c  friends.   Thank  you  Cathy  and  Wolfie!

What a  Legend!    

                 Simon  from  Australia

My friends  and  family  donated  to  a  charity  ride  a  couple  of  weeks  ago.  Their  generosity  helped  the  Children's  Sanfilippo   Founda;on  raise  much  needed  funds  in  their  quest  to  find  a  cure  for  Sanfilippo  syndrome.     One  friend  in   par;cular  is  baQling  her   own  rare  disease  and   despite  having   to  manage  with  very  liQle  income  due  to   her   illness  and  severe  ongoing  pain,  she  donated  extremely  generously  to  the  cause.  A  real  legend!!!   23

Partner &  Friends  Kindness  Stories

All the  Way  from  Roma    

             Sarah  from  Australia

One of   my  very  best  friends  for   almost  20   years  is   my  inspira;on   as  a  parent.  She  works   full  ;me,  has  4   beau;ful   children  who  all  do  a_er   school  ac;vi;es  and  she  s;ll  manages  to   see  the  posi;ve  in  everything.  She  is  the  ul;mate   mother   and   has   been   my   life   line  to   paren;ng   advice   for   a   few   years   now.   This   is  why   we   chose   her   to   be   the   godmother  to  our  boys.  Yet  at  the  ;me,   we  were  separated  by  1060km.  Obviously  I  did   not  expect  her  to  make  the   trip   but  most   definitely   wanted   her   part  of   our   boys  lives.   Yet,   comes   to   christening   day   and   my   best   friend   has   packed  up  the  4  children,  driven  over  1000km  and  stood  beside  us  in  the  church  to  become  a  life  mentor  for  my  boys.   A  great  example  of  a  very  good  person  and  the  type  of  person  I  love  having  in  my  life.  

Blood Sisters    

   Danielle  from  Belgium

GeWng pregnant  was  no  easy  feat.  Sure,  for  most  people  it  is  but  not  for  me  and   Luke.  I  was  ready  to  give  up,  a_er  5   years  of   trying,  miscarriages...   We  were  always  open  to  adop;on  from  the  very  beginning.  But  we  decided  to  give  it   another  shot,   one  last   aQempt.   I  need  white   blood  cells.  I  have   an  immune  problem  you  see,  one  where  my   body   thinks  that  every  ;me  I  get  pregnant  the  baby  is  an  infec;on.  So  it  decides  to  aQack  it  and  terminates  the  pregnancy.   I  needed  donors  for   white  blood  cells  to   up  my   "acceptance"   of   foreign   bodies.   My   friends   happily  donated   their   blood.  Nikki,  who  I've  known  since  we  were  three  years  old  donated  twice  (even  if  she  was  so  afraid  of  needles  and   nearly  fainted)  and  so  did  Annie.  If  it  weren't  for  their  kindness,  my  Layla  wouldn't  be  here  with  me  today.  

Baked with  Love  not  Anchovies      

                                 Ingrid  from  Australia  

Many moons  ago,  I  shared  a  flat  with  an  English   Backpacker,  named   Linda.  Now,  I   am  not  known  for   my  finesse  in  the   kitchen.  In  fact  quite  the  opposite.  I  have  had  many  a  baking  disaster.  Whilst  she  was  living  with  me  Linda  celebrated   her  30th  birthday   so  I  baked  her  a  chocolate  cake.  That  was  my  act  of  kindness.  We  ate  several  slices  and  then  put  the   remainder  back  in  the  fridge.  We  didn't  no;ce  the  small  jar  of  salty  anchovies  that  had  fallen  over  and  proceeded  to   drip  anchovy  oil  into  the  chocolate  cake,  un;l  of  course  poor  Linda  helped  herself  to  another  slice  the  following   day....   Oh  dear!  

The Best  Friend  Ever    

 Diana  from  Philippines

A week  a_er  giving   birth,   I   was   physically   and  emo;onally   ;red.  On   top  of   that,   I  was  sleep  deprived  and   was  not   ea;ng  well  nor  on  ;me.  It  was  always   friend  canned  food   or   fast  food  delivery.  Not  good  for   a  breasteeding   new   mom.   I   was  stressed  with   in  laws  visi;ng   in  and   out  for  that  week   with  no  considera;on  of  how  sleepy  and  ;red  I   was.  I  was  weak,   ;red  and  depressed.  Then,  one  day,  I   received  a  text  message   from  one  of  my  college  friends  who   wanted  to  visit  me  because  she  was   on   vaca;on  and  about   to  leave   soon.  Excited  to  see  her,   I  said  ok  but  I  would   have  nothing  to  offer.  When  she  came  to  visit,  she  brought  along   14  boxes  of   ready  to   heat  frozen  viands.  She  told   me  that   she  understood  my  situa;on  and  wanted  to  help.  My  heart  filled  with   joy.  In   addi;on  to  the  food,  she  also   gave  me  words  of  encouragement  and  posi;vity.  Although  we  are  now  an  ocean  apart,  her  kindness  shines  across.  :)


                         Debbie  from  Australia

Friends are  a  gi_   of  love  to  enjoy   fun  ;mes  and  support  us  in   ;mes  of  need.  Thank  you  to  them   all  for  their  love  and   support  xx

Partner &  Friends  Kindness  Stories Amazing  Act  of  Kindness          


                             Belinda  from  Australia  

In May   of   last  year,   I  was   diagnosed  with   Breast  cancer.   37   yrs  old   with  2   kiddies,   it   wasn’t  going   to   be  an   easy   journey.   When  my  news  broke,   I  was  inundated  with  beau;ful  messages,  flowers,  gi_s,  phone  calls,  i  had  a  surprise   visit   from  a  close  girlfriend   from  London   when   I  just  i   got  out  of   hospital,   I  couldn’t   believe   how  many   beau;ful   people   there  are   in  the  world.   I  was  overwhelmed  by   great  acts  of   kindness  and  was  amazed  at  what  some  people   do,  even  people  i  didn't  know... The  support  I  got  from   family   and   friends  were  amazing,  my   mum   came  to  live  with  us  for  6  months  to   help  take   care  of   me  and  my  kids,   as   well  as  run  the  household,   my  hubby  was  amazing   and  really  stepped   up  to  what  was   Your   needed.  A  wonderful  friend  organised  a  meal   roster   to  support  my  5  months  of   chemo,  I   felt  so  grateful  and  loved   with  all  the  amazing  support.  How  lucky  am  I. Another  huge   act  of  kindness  was  when  my  parents  had  surprised  me  to  put  my  horse  in  foal..  its  was  a  dream  i’ve   always  wanted..  it  was  meant  so  that  I  have  something  to  focus  on  other  then  cancer   and  to  enjoy  in  the  many  years   to  come  for  a  happy  life.  

A Text  Message  Can  Say  a  Lot    


                                     Sarah  from  Australia

I have  a  good   friend  who  lives  around  1000km  away.   We   also  work  together  on  some  work  related  projects.   She   would  have  to   be  one  of   the   most   kind-­‐hearted  people  I  know.  One  day  I   covered  for  her   at  an  event  for   work.  It   meant   I   had   to   travel   away   for   a   couple   for   days   and   actually   ended   up   being   a   terrible  job.   When   I   got   home   though,  here  was  a  bunch  of  flowers  on  my   doorstep  and  a  liQle  card  thanking  me  for  doing   the  job.  Made  things  so   much  beQer.  I  o_en   get   small  notes  in   the  mail  or  text  messages     with  some  'pep  up'  words  or  leWng  me  know  I   am   doing  a  good  job  or  just  thanking  me  for  what  I  do.  And  whilst  it  might  only  be  a  text  message  or  a  note  in  the  mail,  it   means  a  lot.  

New Friends      

                             Megan  from  Australia

Today we  met  a  lovely   lady  and  her  gorgeous  blond  son  for  the  first  ;me,   we  had  spoken  online  and   on  the  phone   previously  but  this  was  the  first  ;me  face-­‐to-­‐face. This  lovely  lady  knew  my  kids   recently  had  birthdays  and  she   very  thoughtul  brought  them  each  a  gi_.     It  was  the   highlight  of  their  day  and  kept  them  quiet  the  whole  car  trip  home.  :-­‐)    xxx

Welcome Cheese       Kindness?

                               Clare  from  Australia

We lived   in   Port   Moresby   when   my   daughter,   our   second   child,   was   born.   Unfortunately   she   was   not   a  happy   camper  and  cried   around  the  clock   almost  whatever  I  did  for   her.  I  used   to  place  her  high  up  on  my  shoulder  and   walk  up  and   down   vigorously.   That   used  to   help,   but  it  was  exhaus;ng  for  me  as  she  would   start  crying   again  as   soon  as  she  slipped   down   off   the  edge  of  my  shoulder  or  if  my  walk  became  less  than  an  ac;ve  march.  And   I  had   an   older  child   to   care  for  and   the  weather  was  horribly   hot   and  s;cky.  There   was   nothing   much   anyone  could  do  to   help  because  Eve  hated  going  to  other  people. One  day  my  friend  Evelyn  came  to  visit  and  said,  “I  know  I   can’t  help  you  with  the  baby,  but  I  have  brought  you  this”   and  gave  me  a  camembert  cheese.  Now,  as   you  may  imagine,  back  in  the  70’s  in  Port  Moresby,  a  camembert  was   nothing  like  the  cheese  one  would  get  in  a  French  village,  but  it  meant  an  enormous  amount  to  me  -­‐   so  much  so  that   my  daughter  is  now  37  (and  doesn’t  cry  all  the  ;me  any  more!)  I  s;ll  remember  the  kindness. 25

Partner &  Friends  Kindness  Stories

Infinity Love      

               Kara  from  Australia

I see  acts  of   kindness  here  and  there  which   are  all  very   special,  but  the  biggest  act   of  kindness   I've  ever  witnessed  is  from  my  partner,  Jarrod. When  we  started  da;ng  I  was  collapsing  frequently  with  no  known  reason.    Not  long  a_er  I  was   diagnosed   with   Intractable   Epilepsy.     I   went   from   working   almost   everyday   to   not   having   a   licence  and   struggling.  Jarrod  took   it  in   his   stride;   when  I  moved  in   with  him,  he   didn't  hassle   me   when   I   couldn't   afford   rent,   didn't   bother   me   when   I   had   no   energy   to   ;dy   up,   and   maintained  his  cool  when  I'd  get  fearful  or  try  to  run  during  my  seizures.     These  seizures  happen  everyday  and  I'm  constantly  amazed  and  inspired  that  he  s;cks  around  and  loves  me  for  it.    I   asked  him  why  he  does  it,  when  it  could  be  so  easy  to  live  with  someone  else  and  date  someone  else,   and  he  just  says   "I  just  do.    That's  what  you  do  for  the  people  you  love."

An Old  Friend  Opens  Her  Heart      

             Ingrid  from  Australia

I recently  was  reacquainted  with  an  old  childhood  friend.  She  was  touched   by  Jude  and  Isla's  diagnosis  and  has  shown   lots  of   support  these   last   few  months,  sponsoring  my  family   in  fun  run,  wri;ng  a  kindness  story  and  even  crea;ng   a   beau;ful   logo   using   dri_wood   while   holidaying   with   her   beau;ful   liQle   family   in   Tasmania.   Some;mes   we   find   support   in   unexpected  places  and  people.   This  experience   has  brought  out  the  best  in  (some)   people   around   us.  I   have  seen   so  much   with  the  compassion,  kindness  and  care.   This  person's  kindness   has   been   par;cularly   touching.   THANK  YOU!

GiY for  a  Friend    

                 Ka[  from  Australia

I found  a  great  playgroup  when  I  moved  to  Taree  run  by  an  amazing   woman  Lyn.  She  lives  with  her  family   up  in  the   mountains  and  they  are   very  self   sufficient.  A   couple   of  weeks  ago  we  were  talking  about  perfumes  and  she  said  she   had  a  favourite  called   Spellbound   she  was  given   it  a  long   ;me   ago  and   hadn’t  had   it  since.  Knowing  Lyn  she  would   never  go  and  buy   it   so  I  searched  for  it  and   found  it  in  one  store.  The  other  mums  at  playgroup  were  happy   to  chip  in   and   I   gave   it  to   Lyn  at  playgroup    from  everyone.   She  almost   fell   over  she  was  so  happy,  she  said  it  brought  back   so   many  memories.  I  was  happy  because  Lyn  was  so  happy  :0).

Awesome Friends      

               Jo  from  New  Zealand

My son  Cody   has  Sanfilippo  Syndrome  and  we  are  now  unable  to   go  places  like  we  used  to.  At  new  year  our   friends   were  having   a  get  together   at  their  place   by   the  river   with   lots  of   other   friends  and  people  in  the  community.   My   husband  Ben  and  my  other  son  Jake  10   years  were  going  to  go  and   camp  out  there  to,  and  I  would  stay  at  home  with   Cody  (and   this  was  all  fine  with  me).  But  our  friends  rang  and  said  because  Cody   and  I  couldn't  go  they   would  bring  the   party  to  our  place  so  we  were  all  together.     How   lucky  are  we  to   have  fantas;c  friends!!!  That  one  act  of   kindness   started  my  new  year  happy!!

Support from  a  Genuine  Friend      


 Michelle  from  Australia

My liQle  boy   Toby  is  very  bright,  but  unfortunately  is  no  sportsman.    He  recently  ran  his  Cross  Country,  and  struggled   through  the  2   km  race  but  didn't  give  up.    One  of  his  classmates   Noah,  who  came  first  in  the  race,  waited  for  over  5   minutes  at  the  finish  line  for  my  liQle  boy  to  return.    He  stood  there  screaming,  "Go  Toby  Go  Toby,"   jumping  up  and   down,  clapping.     Toby's  face  lit  up  when  he  heard  Noah  cheering  him  on.    He  made  it  home  and  they  had  a  huge  hug.    I   thought  it  was  beau;ful  sportsmanship  and  the  sign  of  a  genuine  friend.

Partner &  Friends  Kindness  Stories A  Postponed  Party      

                           Ingrid  from  Australia

When I   had  my  first  child,  I   didn't  want  a  large  baby   shower.  Instead   two   of   my   closest  girlfriends  at  the   ;me,   Kristy   and  Jo,  were  to  come  to  my  house  for  an   informal  lunch.   Two  days  before,  my   friend  Jo  came   to  my   house   to  help   me  clean  and  cook  and  indulge  my  'nes;ng'  ins;ncts.  This  woman  is  an   efficient  and  fast  cleaner  and  had   me  cooking  up  a  storm  and  cleaning  in  a  frenzied  manner  I   was  not  accustomed  to.  I   was  9  months  pregnant  and   she  had  my   standing  on  top  of  the  kitchen  bench  (my  choice)   cleaning  the  tops  of   the  cupboards.  Not  surprisingly,   on  the  morning   of   the  planned  party,  for  which  my   girlfriend  Kristy   lovingly   baked   a  lasagna   and  cheesecake,  I   went  into  labour.  Apparently,  Kristy's  flatmate   helped  polish  off  the  baked  goods  while  I  gave  birth  to  a  beau;ful   Your   baby  boy.  I  haven't  forgoQen  the  baked  lasagna  and  hope  to  one  day  return  the  favour!!  :)

Bridge Time      

                       Simone  from  Australia

I had  a  good   friend  living   with  me  for  awhile  and  she  decided  to  go  on  an  adventure  started   with  a  plane  ride.  She   was  fine  with  the  plane,  but  not  the  huge  bridge  we  had  to  cross  to  get  there,  the  West  Gate  Bridge  in  Melbourne.   She  was  terrified  something  would  happen  and  I  assured  her  we  would  go  a  different  way.  When  it  came  to  the  day   of  taking  her  we  hopped  in  the  car   with  her  saying  please  don't  go  over   the  bridge.   Of  course  not  I  replied!  Driving   along  we  chaQed  as  friends  so  and  I  had  saved  up  some  great  ques;ons  for  when  crunch  ;me  came.  We  got  on  the   bridge  without  her   realising  we  were  on  it  despite  on  the  huge  green  signs  saying  we  were!  She  kept  chaWng  and  I   was  focussing  on   keeping  her  distracted.  We  made  it  over  the  other  side  and  she  kept  talking.  When  she  finished,  I   told  her   we  just  went  over   the   bridge.  She  whacked  me  on  the  arm   and   couldn't  believe  it  and   I  said  to  her   well   now  you  know  you  can,  so  you  have  conquered  your  fear!  She  agreed  and  said  a  huge  thanks.

New Baby      

   Emily  from  Australia

My good  friend  had  a  new  baby,  a  very  difficult  baby   who  hardly  slept  and  wailed  all   day  and  most  of   the  night.     She  phoned  to  beg  me  to  visit  and  give  her  some  adult  company.    I   knew   she  would   not  be  game  to  eat  chocolate   which  seemed  to  be  a  no-­‐no  for  breasteeding  mums. I   bought   three   fancy   liQle   cheeses   and   some   crackers.   We   opened   one   cheese   for   morning   tea   together.   She   seemed  very  grateful  and  kept  saying  things  like  "you  knew  just  what  I  wanted!"     She  STILL  talks  about   that  choice   for  morning   tea  and  tells  everyone  how  kind   and  percep;ve  I  was.  I  didn't  think  so   -­‐   it  was  just   a  normal  thing  to   do.  But  she  keeps  telling  people  nearly  forty  years  later.

Movie Delight                                                Karen  from  Australia Kindness? I  am  a  New  Entrant  teacher  and  recent  shoulder  surgery  has  meant  I  have  unexpectedly  been   on  sick  leave  for  6   weeks.   I  am   missing  my  wee  5   year  olds  and  have  to  rely  on   my  husband   and  friends  to  drive  me  anywhere  and  basically  do  everything  for  me.   A_er   a  par;cularly   painful   day   and   struggling   with   a   touch   of   cabin   fever   I   was  delighted   when  I   opened  a   leQer   with  a  lovely  note  and  2  movie  ;ckets.  It  was  such  a  wonderful  gi_   and   brings   a   smile   to   my   face   when   I   think   of   a   special   friend   doing   such   a   thoughtul   thing....thank  you...whoever  you  are.


Partner &  Friends  Kindness  Stories

Escaping Dog    

   Simone  from  Australia

I had  recently  separated  from  my  husband  and  moved  into  a  liQle  rental  with  my  son.  I  got   a  dog,  nice  big   happy  dog   who  we  love  to  bits.  For  the  first  while,   it   was  all  good,   then   she  realised   how  to  jump   out.  She  would   prance  the   streets  and  I  would  sit  at  home  worrying   and  wondering   where  she  was.  I  have  a  great  friend  who  has  helped  me  now   3  ;mes  with  my  escaping  dog,  who  no   longer  gets  out!!  The  first  ;me  was  when  we  had  fireworks  in  town  as  she  was   a  new  dog   I   had  no  idea   how   she   would  go.  I   came  home  to   find  an  empty  backyard  and   started  searching  for   her   everywhere,  torches  out,  calling  her  name,  driving  round,  no  luck.   My   friend  found  out   what   had  happened   and  being  a  person   who   can't   go  to  sleep  early,   she  said  she  would  drive   around  to   look  for  me.  I  said   no  it's  ok,  she  will  come  back  I  am  sure.   20  mins  later  she  calls  up  saying  she  found  my   dog  and  at  midnight  my   Cinderella  Dog  came  home!  The  next  ;me  she  got  out,  my   friend   and  her  hubby   came  and   helped   fix  my   fence,  including   coming   with   me  to  get   the  right  materials.   The  third  and  hopefully   last   ;me!!!   Her   hubby  came  over  and  fixed  another  part  of  the  fence  that  she  managed  to  jump  over.  Each  ;me  all  they  wanted  was  a   safe  dog  and  a  big  thanks.  I  say  that's  a  preQy  awesome  friend  I  have!

The Present  Box    

           Louise  from  Australia

When my  son  Ollie   was  diagnosed  with  Leukemia  our  world  was  turned  upside  down.    My  best  friend  felt  helpless  as   she  lives  too  far  away   to  be  of  any  help  day  to  day.  I  was  on   the  phone  one  day  sobbing  to  her   how  hard  it  was  to  take   him   to  hospital   for  treatment,   literally   forcing   him   into  the  car   each   ;me.     A   few  days  a_er   the   call  a  present   box   arrived  with  instruc;ons  that  he  was  allowed  to  take   and  open  a  present   each  ;me  we  went  to  hospital.    What  a  god   send  that  was  -­‐  thank  you  Weez!

True Friends      

                                   Michelle  from  Australia

About 6  years  ago  we  went  through  a  difficult  ;me,  struggling  to  keep   our  family  business  opera;ng  during  the  Global   Financial  Crisis.  With  2  young  boys  we  worked  7  days  a  week  with  them  in  tow  working   hard  days  without  extra  staff  as   we   just  couldn't  afford  it.   Times   were  tough,   and  then  out  of   the  blue,  a   friend  whom   we  didn't  even  see  frequently   turned  up  on  our  doorstep  one  day   with   groceries,  including   some  special  treats.  Not  long  a_er  we  lost  our  business,   our   home,   our   car,   jobs  and   savings   were   all  gone.  We   had   to   start   again   with   nothing,   but   to  this   day   as   we  s;ll   some;mes  go  through   some  difficult  ;mes,  we  will   always  remember  Karen's  thoughtul  act  of   kindness  that  brought   humble  tears  to  my  eyes.

Enjoying Friends    

                   Fiona  from  Australia

We love  to  recycle  pre  loved,   (and  some;mes  brand  new!)  clothes   &  treasures  to    Nicholas'   "twin"   Archie,    from  our   mums  group.  Even  though  they  are  exactly  the  same  age,  one  is  as  pe;te  as  the  other  is  tall,  and   both  are  slim,  And  as   Archie  has  a  liQle  brother!  It's  excellent  for  handing  down  treasures. We  love  he  fact  all  the  goodies  can  be  loved  again,  and  all  the  boys  look  gorgeous!!  

Hand-­‐me-­‐downs from  my  Friend  Clothes  Three  Families    

           Michelle  from  New  Zealand

My friend  Jackie  along  with  her   mother  and  sister  regularly  drop  bags  of  hand  me  downs  to  my  house.  This  is  kind  but   not  amazing.   What's  amazing   is  that   they  NEVER  expect  anything  in  return.  I  in   turn   pass  these  clothes  onto   3  families   with  kids  smaller  than  mine.

Partner &  Friends  Kindness  Stories Birthday  Surprise      

Michelle  from  New  Zealand

My son  aged  9  was  laid   up  a_er  surgery   on  his  foot.  It  was  his  birthday  so  we  had  planned  a  great  surprise  party   which  he   was  oblivious  to.  But...  we   got  the  surprise  when  our  friends   turned  up  with  cakes  and  presents  for   him   as  a  surprise  to  us!  A  great  night  was  had  by  all.

Friends to  the  Rescue    

             Stoddard  from  Australia

Your Two   weeks  ago   a  very   close  friend,   Danielle   was   diagnosed   with  breast  cancer.   She   has   been  amazing   and   has   been  in  and  out   of  hospital  already   for   a  mastectomy  and  ini;al  treatments.  Fingers  crossed   they  will  be  able  to   nip  this  in  the  bud,  and  she  can  carry  on  being  a  mother  to  two  beau;ful  liQle  boys  and  wife  to  her  husband  Mick. The  act  or   acts  of  kindness  that  have  amazed  me  have  been  that  of   my  wife  Noleen  and  her  merry   band  of   friends   including   Megan  Donnell  (Founder  of   the  Sanfilippo  Children's  Founda;on,  and  Mother  of   Isla  and  Jude,   who  are   affected  by   Sanfilippo)   who  have  rallied  to  provide  support  for   Danielle.  The  girls  have  been  car;ng  kids  around,   baby  siWng,  cooking  meals,   assis;ng  with  odd  jobs   and  generally  being  the  best  friends  one  could  ask   for.  Their   hearts  are   so   big  and  their  generosity  endless.   I  am  proud  to  be  married  to  Nols  and  her  very   special  friends,  and   hopeful  that  this  goodwill  and  posi;ve  spirit  will  keep  Danielle's   spirits  high  over  the  coming  months  as  Danielle   goes  through   treatment.  These  Angels  are:  Noleen  Lance,  Nina  Dunn,  Megan  Donnell,  Tracey  Lenden,  Louise  Blair,   Martha  Hill,  Nicki  Woods,  Jo  Bilous,  Kris;e  Taylor,  Sophie  Croan,  Lisa  Whealy.

The Magic  Pudding      

                       Megan  from  Australia

We have  2  kids  with  a  rare  disease,  Sanfilippo  Syndrome.     My   friend  Maurice,  who  happens  to   be  a  fantas;c  cook,  knows  that  some  days  are  especially  challenging  for   so   many  reasons   related  to  their  condi;on.    On  days   like  these,  we  get  to   the  end  of  the  day   and  feeding  ourselves   (don't  worry  kids  are  always  cared  for!)  is  just  a  step  too  far.     So  we  have  a  "magic  pudding"  meal  arrangement,  he   stocks  our  freezer   with  delicious  dishes  every  few   months  and  we  just  let  him  know  when   it  is  geWng   low  so  it  can   be  magically  replenished! The   Sanfilippo   Children's  Founda;on   is   featured   this  month   on   "Ways  to   Amaze"   and   we   are   touched   by   the   kindness  of  all  our  incredible  supporters,  I  could  write  60  stories  myself  simply  from  the  last  6  months.  


A Night  at  the  Opera    

   Ingrid  from  Australia  

Several years  ago  at   an   Opera  in  the  Park  (Opera  Australia)  event  in  Sydney  with  a  new  baby  and  a  recently-­‐made-­‐ redundant  husband,  I  won  a  trip  to   Melbourne  with  accommoda;on  at  a  plush  hotel  and  a  night  at  the  opera  in  a   raffle.   I'd  actually  already  le_  when   my   prize  was  announced   but   my   mother   (who  was  the  original  ;cket   buyer)   went   up  on   stage   to   collect  my   prize.   We  took   the  trip   to  Melbourne  but  with   a  small   baby  in   tow   decided  to   donate   our  opera  ;ckets  to  some  family  friends  Clare  and  Winn.  This   amazing  couple  had  just   bravely  saved  their   house  the  2008   Bush  Fires.  Their  home  s;ll  stood  but  their  amazing  orchard,  garden,  fences,  sheds  and   spirit  were   destroyed.  They  were  able  to  enjoy  a  night  at  the  opera  on  our  behalf.


Colleagues &  Clients  Kindness  Stories

Cooked with  Kindness    

                       Jane  from  Australia

We regularly  have  morning  teas  at   my  workplace  and   have   a  rota;ng   roster.  Last  week  I  was  sick  with  the  flu  so  my   colleague,  Debbie,  rang  me  and  said,  "I  know  your  sick  and  I  feel  like  baking".  She  not  only   baked  a  cake  and  took  it  into   work   on  her  day  off,  she  also   whipped  up  a  batch  of  brownies  and  delivered  them  to  me   as   a  'Get  Well'  gi_.   What  a   swee;e!

Gruffalo’s Birthday  Present  

             Simon  from  Australia

Like so  many  children,  my  youngest  child  Max  has  always  loved  the  'Gruffalo'  books.   Recently,  for  his  3rd  birthday,  his   Granny  made  a  big  effort  to  buy  him  a  special  Gruffalo's  Child  book  with  sounds.  What  made  it  even  more  special  was   that  she  tracked  down  the  author,  Julia  Donaldson,  who  is  Bri;sh,  and  was  in  the  US,  and  sent  it  to  her  to  sign.   Not  only  did  Julia  sign  the  book,  and  wishing  him  a  happy  3rd  birthday,  she  took  ;me   out  of  her  day  to  find  a  suitable   birthday  card  for  him  and  wrote  a  very  special  message  inside.  Not  only  did  Max  love  the  book  and  card,  but  his  older   brother  and  sister  were  ecsta;c,   that  the  actual  author  of  their  favourite  books  had   wriQen  a  message  inside.    It  was  a   great  act  of   kindness  on  their  Granny's  part   for  being  so  thoughtul   and   going   to  the  effort  of  tracking   her   down,  and   also   Julia  Donaldson  who  apart  from  being   one  of  the  biggest  children's  writers,  she  also   inspired   Max's  big  sister  who   now  wants  to  'be  Julia'  and  has  wriQen  her  first  children's  book,  aged  6.

A Tax  Invoice  with  a  Difference      


       Sharon  from  Australia

When mother  of  2  called  and  needed  help,  I  could  tell  she  was  very  anxious  about  the  fee.  I   asked,  this  new  customer,  to  trust   me  and  allow  me   to  be  her  saving  grace  and  not  worry   about  my  listed  fee. My  business  is  truly  about   relieving  stress  and  providing  peace  of  mind  for  families.  This  is   the  first   tax  invoice  of   this  kind  -­‐   but  it  felt  so   right.   I've  not  been  paid  yet,  but  the  client's   tears  of  gra;tude  was  priceless.

All it  took  was  Tim  Tams    


                 Ingrid  from  Australia  

People talk   about   the  kindness  of   strangers...In  Scotland,   strangers   quickly   become  friends.  However   this  'honorary   Australian'   is  one  bloke  who  showed   me  considerable  kindness:  giving   me  a  job,   a  temporary   home,  a  25th  birthday   party  and  even  a  ;cket  to  see  Kevin  Bloody  Wilson!! Ian  offered   me  a  job  overseas  at  a  ScoWsh  travel  agency  a_er  a  quick  telephone  interview  in  Sydney  on  the  proviso  that   I  bring  him  Tim-­‐Tams.  He  had  sampled  this  Australian  delicacy   many  a  ;me  before.  I  took  10  packets.  However  that  was   problem  not  enough   to  thank  this  great  guy  for  his  many  acts  of  kindness.  I  worked  with  Ian  and  his  team  for  10  months   but  quickly   got   to  know   them   all   well  and   was   shown   such  hospitality!   At  that   age,   you   tend   to   take   this   stuff   for   granted. A  month   a_er  arriving,  I  turned  25.  In  a  foreign  country  and  feeling  somewhat  homesick,  my  new  boss  and  Travelmood   buddies   took   me   to   an   Australian-­‐themed   restaurant   to   celebrate   my   birthday.   Ian   went   on   to   send   my   on   a   'educa;onal'   a  trip  to  Malaysia,  and  shout  me  many  a  beer  and  a  curry  'at  Audreys'.  And  he  expected  nothing  in  return.  I   was  able  to   shout  Ian  a  meal  and  a  trip  to  an  art  gallery   years   later  on   one  of   his  trips  to  Sydney  but  s;ll  feel  there  is   some  karmic  debt...  I  owe  Ian  so  much.  And  hope  he  will  stop  in  again,  so  I  can  meet  his  wife  and  have  a  laugh  about  old   ;mes.

Colleagues, Students  &  Animal  Kindness  Stories Car  Wash    

Natalie  from  Australia

I run  a  kindness  club  at  school  each  Wednesday.    There  are  20  students  in  my  club  from  year  1  to  6.    Several  weeks   ago  we  took  our  buckets  and  sponges  to  the  staff  car  park  and  washed  everyone's  car.    Then  staff  were  encouraged   to  thank  our  club  by  dona;ng  to  UNICEF.

The Car  Seat  That  Keeps  on  Giving    

Shirley  from  Australia

I announced  at  a  work  morning  tea  that  I  was  looking  to  borrow   a  car  seat   for  my  visi;ng  grandson,  but  no-­‐one  had   one.  The  very  next   day  there  was  knock   at  my   office  door   and  there  stood  one  of  the   office  ladies  carrying  a  car   seat.  She  said  the  children  in  her  extended  family  had  all  outgrown  it   and  I  could  have  it  free  of   charge.  Five  years   and  three  grandchildren  later,  it  is  s;ll  safely  transpor;ng  my  grandchildren.

Horrible Hit  and  Run  

   Neima  from  Belgium

I was  in   Djibou;   during  a   summer  three  years  ago.   I  was  driving   behind   a  truck   and   had  loud   music  on  with  couple  of  my  friends  yelling  out  loud  in  the  back.  Few  minutes   and  turns  later,  I  see  the  truck  in  front  of  me  hiWng  a  cat,  and  keep  on  driving. The  poor  thing  got  dragged  all  the  way  to  the  side,  it's  en;re  stomach   was  out,   all  my   friends  kept  saying  that  it   was  going   to  die  in  the  next  few  minutes  and  that   I  should   leave  it  there,  not  get  all  that  blood   into  the  car  etc...  All  I   saw   was  the  pain   in   it's   eyes. A_er  a  few  minutes  I  was  in   front  of   a  veterinary,  he  took  us  in  straight  away  and  told  me  to  leave  him  for  a  few   hours  because  the  cat  needed  surgery.   I   went   back   home   and   he  called   3  hours  a_er   to  let  me   know  that  the  cat   survived. I   am   from   Djibou;   originally,   but   it   was   hard   to   witness   such   indifference   towards  animals.   I  have   no;ced  that   people  in  Africa  have  no  respect  towards  animals,  they  beat  them  then  leave  them  dying.  This  is  Sick!!!  Thank  god   that  not  everyone  is  the  same.

Teenage Boys  go  out  of  their  Way  to  Help  Injured  Animal      

   Donna  from  Australia

The other  night  as  my  19  year  old  son  and  his  mate   were  on  their  way  out  they  saw  a  injured  possum  on  the  road.   They   came  back  round  the  block  got  a   box  and  blankets  and  carefully  picked  it  up.  Although  the  vets  is  20  mins  in   the   opposite  direc;on  they  didn't  think   twice.   Taking  the  animal  to  the  vet  and  saving   it   further  pain  and   suffering.   Proud  that  we  have  raised  a  kind  boy  who  hangs  out  with  like  minded  people.


When you  show  kindness  or   witness  kindness  on  your  life   journey,  please  remember  to  share   the  stories  so  we  can  conEnue   supporEng  more  deserving   chari-es. Share  Here

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