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University Centre Suite


[Housekeeping guidelines] Health plays a pivotal role in our daily lives, and part of that health regimen is operating in cleanliness, personal and communal. The following housekeeping guidelines will direct us in our pursuit to not only implement cleanly practices, but maintain them as we 1) progress in our relationships with health initiatives, and 2) exhibit respect for the space we’ll continue to share.

KITCHEN throwing out the trash whenever one bag becomes full cleaning the stove after each use cleaning dishes to free up space in the sink and rack for others leaving unused dishes out can be unsightly and space-consuming keeping the countertops free enables others to utilize the space at any moment cleaning the water around the sink prevents water from leaking on to the floor

CO M M O N A R E A reduce/minimize clutter caused by excess items has storage been considered? keep cords/unused items off of floor be considerate of items that belong to others i.e. television, magazines, speakers, video games neatly arrange any unused items maximizes organization while minimizing clutter quiet hours (peace and quiet after 11PM)

PURCHASING SUPPLIES each person purchases his own cleaning supplies or sets standards for sharing with others Items are subject to change based on the developing needs and approval of the suite. Š University Centre Suite 811

811 housekeeping guidelines  
811 housekeeping guidelines