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Bright prospects-Multitude of Jobs for the 10th pass With the economic recession just ending, the prospects of fast and good economic recovery by both the developed and developing countries are extremely bright. With all the sectors scheduled for big growth, more and more people of different qualifications will be required. Thus, there is no shortage of jobs for everyone – even those who have not completed their schooling or looking for jobs for 10th pass. For those who have passed tenth standards, there are plenty of jobs in different sectors of the industry. Scope

When we consider the different sectors of industry such as information & computer technology, healthcare, transport systems, the military forces of the army, navy, and the air-force, and the construction industry, it is abundantly clear that along with the qualified people who work on the project aspects, personnel with lower qualification will always be required to carry out the less important job

which is nevertheless vital for the project progress. It is always advisable for the jobs for 10th pass candidates to register in the local employment exchange. Avenues & Media role The people who have completed and passed the tenth standard need to be a bit more alert – it is a recent trend that employers have employed all media to announce vacancies: 

Newspapers The employers have started posting advertisement in all daily newspapers in English as well as the regional language, generally on a particular page every day.

Television There is a 5 to 15 minute slot in the television on a daily basis announcing the various openings – here, 10th pass candidates are also covered.

Radio There is a daily slot in the local radio (both AM & FM) announcing openings for different jobs for the 10th passed candidates.

Employment exchange One of the best avenues, the advantage is that the information will be personally addressed to the registered candidates

Internet This is the world’ biggest window where a good browser can always maintain a daily check on different websites – it is better to have registered in all the job-related websites and there is a definite response.

Other outlets

One can look for the billboards and posters in busy thoroughfares, shop ping centers, trains, and buses and the malls/supermarkets as this is another avenue of public call. For more information about government jobs for graduates please visit

Conclusion There is a great scope for job opportunities on the jobs for 10 th pass. ‘Keeping alert’ with al media fronts and the internet will definitely land a job.

Bright prospects-Multitude of Jobs for the 10th pass