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With the quick rise in popularity that CityVille has received it is no wonder that there are many different guides available for this new and exciting game. We will be discussing the what’s inside of the latest guide to come out in this CityVille Secrets review which is a guide written by Tony Sanders who is one of the biggest publishers of online gaming strategy guides. His CityVille Secrets guide is a direct product of extensive research and hours of game play by an army of players to discover methods to level up as quickly as possible as well as how to make boat loads of coins. His team of researchers and strategists has hit every angle of CityVille to uncover some the most unbelievable tricks and tips never thought unit now. Let’s take a look inside and see what we can learn from this new strategy guide. Here is a peak at the table of contents and what areas of the game are covered. Currency Levels Energy Crops Decorations Milestones Buying Items Neighbors Expansion Shipping Tips and Tricks

The guide is laid out in an easy to follow and logical learning order. There is even a section at the beginning for players that are just starting up completely fresh. There are plenty of illustrations and examples given which makes the guide even easier to comprehend.

After reading the guide and included bonus material I can say without a doubt that this guide is an absolute time saver. It is evident that much time was put into the research and development of this guide. At the time of this CityVille Secrets review it is currently the best selling guide available for CityVille. Tony Sanders’ epic guide “Farmville Secrets” is still the best all-time selling guide for that game. In comparison to other guides this one does stand out in the way it is written and its ease of use. Other guides seem like they were written at home by a fan that is mostly filled with information that can be found in just about any CityVille forum. In conclusion, Tony Sanders has done it again and put out a quality product. The thing that makes this guide a standout is that it is continuously updated as the game changes or as better information is made available. Members also have lifetime access to the CityVille Secrets exclusive forum where information is shared by other members and his team of researchers.

The biggest mistake people make when trying to improve their city in Cityville is thinking that the more time you spend on it the bigger and better you it will become and the more money you will have at your disposal. This is not an effective way of improving your city in Cityville. Here are some tips to help you get further in the game. Friends helping friends – As it is a social networking game, one of the best ways to improve your city in Cityville is to try and help others so that they and the game help you. Help friends and neighbours and you’ll soon find out that the game will help you in return. A fantastic way to speed up this process is to create a Facebook Group on the topic of helping each other in Cityville. I have seen people do this not just for Cityville but other games also and it works! Rather than just helping your direct friends a group allows you to become friends with others playing Cityville so that you can help them and vice versa. It enables you to get a lot more people involved thus speeding up the process for you and your city.

Crops take time – Just like in real life, in game crops take time to grow, if you can work out how long it takes each crop to go you can plan your city better and operate more effectively Cheaters – Do not waste your time trying to cheat, as it is a Facebook game it is nearly impossible to crack, hack or cheat. Don’t be scammed by those who say they can help you cheat. So do not waste your time trying to cheat, this will only land you in trouble with Facebook and a cancelled account. With these tips in mind, the longer you play the game this way the better you will get at it, efficiency is the key and remember, your best strategy is to help others and have the game and them help you in return!

Cityville tips and hints for beginners may be just what you are looking for if you are struggling to get your city going and not leveling up fast. In this article, I’ll share with you some good pointers for getting away fast and you’ll soon be well on your way to level 60. Neighbors, Neighbors and More Neighbors You cannot have too many neighbors. The game rewards you for it because the more that you have then the more people will start to play the game. That is why Cityville is already the number one online game in the world! The more neighbors you have then the less cash you need to spend in the game and the less energy you need to expend. You can also set up franchises in your neighbors cities and they can in yours (very helpful in the early days). Concentrate On Businesses Right now, the game does not reward people who like to build houses. I suggest concentrating on building businesses because they will generate you much more money that you can use to buy even better businesses and expand quickly. Use Decorations Decorations don’t just look pretty. The game designers have allowed you to get a bonus from decorations placed close to your houses and businesses and they will boost your income, just like in real life. I personally just place flower beds around mine. You can get up to a 250% boost in earnings if you use decorations wisely.

Expand Towards Water Expansion costs 20,000 coins and all you get is a 12×12 square! Nevertheless, when it is time for you to expand, make sure that you move towards the water. This way you will be able to set up a port which will allow you to transport goods. You will definitely need this to support your future franchise network. If you do this, then you will quickly advance the levels. If you don’t, then you may stagnate for a while.

Cityville Tips and cheats can help you advance quickly in the game and get the city that you really want – the one with all the houses, businesses and decorations that you want to show to your friends. In this article, I’ll give you the lowdown on quality Cityville tips and cheats – let’s take a closer look right now. Plan Ahead I recommend planning ahead before building anything. Sure, you can bulldoze it all later but you will waste a lot of time, money and energy doing so. Put houses and businesses close together and not on opposite sides of your city or else your businesses will not make any money. You may also want to think about the rest of the layout too. It can be a good idea to arrange your city in a tiled fashion so that you have alternating houses and businesses with decorations in between. More on decorations next. Decorations Do not overlook decorations. They are not just pretty. They will boost the income of your houses and businesses significantly. Done right, they can be boosted by up to 250%. Personally, I like to have a single line of flower beds between my buildings. You will find that there is a lot of overlap with these decorations and they can benefit up to 6 or 7 buildings at a time. Concentrate On Businesses The game is heavily stacked in favour of businesses at the moment and you will make more money by having more of them compared to houses. You still need both though. Expect this to change in the near future but, until then, you should exploit this “bug” to the maximum.

Start with the bakery and then get the video game store as soon as you can. Next I would go for the seafood restaurant. By this point, you may even want to demolish your old bakeries and replace them with higher earnings businesses. Cheat Engine You may have heard of a program or tool called “Cheat Engine”. This is the only known way of “cheating” but actually it is not a real cheat. What this program will do is allow you to change values in the game. So you can make a screenshot that shows level 60 to your friends. But within a few seconds of taking your screenshot, the Zynga Servers will overrule the change you made and revert your city back to its original values. So although technically you can cheat, ultimately you cannot cheat the game creators or the millions playing the game. You can only cheat yourself. But don’t worry, if you make the right game decisions, leveling up is not hard to do at all.

This is the world of games and all of us like games. There are many types of games that you can play. Some games are action games in which you have to do something really fast and give results. These games will increase your speed of thinking but there are some other types of games that are used to improve your reasoning power and these games are called the strategic games. One of the best games in this series is the Cityville. This is a browser based city building game socially. This game is developed by the Zynga. This is a very popular social network application these days on Facebook. Launch: The launch of the Cityville was announced to be on November 18, 2010 but this did not happen. The proper launch was delayed and the game was launched in December. This was a delayed launch and second date was not really described but this application was really good. It can be estimated from its players. This game had attracted 290,000 players of the game on the day of launch. This is a huge quantity so it is considered that this is the biggest launch of the history of Zynga. Promotion: The launch of this game on facebook was blasting but this is not all as most of things are very good at launch because of the designer’s popularity, but they are not used on long term basis. This case is not applicable on the Cityville. It was really good that on 2nd January it broke the records and reached the top position in most active users. This is really a good game and has broken the record of the Farmville which was holding the record before that. The Farmville has some good points but if we see the rating, its users decreased after one month. How to play: The Cityville is a strategic game and allows the members of the Facebook to play it. They play as the

mayor of a city that is created virtually on computer. You have developed the city in Cityville just as the mayor would have done it. You have to start at very small scale as you do not become mayor in just one day. Players have to do some tasks that are given to them to make their city. Players can do the farming and construction. In the Farmville there was only farming not the city option. If you complete the task some energy points will be given to you. If you increase the points then you will be able upgrade your level. There are many levels like the experience level, city construction level, etc. When your experience increases, it causes the increase in unlocked things to make your city even better. This is not all the thing because this is a social network game so the players are able to visit the cities that are made by the person with whom they are sharing their content. There are many bonuses like increase in xp and Cityville cash are given to the user when he gets advanced in game and also on daily basis. There are some Cityville cheats that you can use in the game. There are also many sites that will give you Cityville tips and tell you how to get Cityville Bonuses.

Are you sitting in front of the computer for more than 3 hours a day working hard on your Cityville Empire? Are you planting crops that mature faster than you expected them to? Is your population becoming unhappy with each passing hour? Is it hard to get coins and level up? You are not alone, there are many people playing the game of Cityville on Facebook on a daily basis that are experiencing the same exact issues as you are. You have to get a grasp of the game and how it supposed to be played in order to build out your city efficiently. Let’s talk about crops for a moment, do you plant crops and go away for 4 hours? Just to return and see that your crops have expired? Not only did you waste money but it leaves you frustrated after spending all of that time to plant just to find out that your timing was off. You must understand 2 things in order to get coins fast in Cityville: 1. You have to know what crops to grow at the right time. 2. Knowing how fast they mature will save you coins and frustration 3. You MUST plan ahead in order to be successful Let’s move onto how to keep your population happy. We all know that in real life, if the population is unhappy; it will only lead to that society’s demise. If you are struggling to get money to build community buildings at this point, there are a couple of things that you can do. The tips that I am about to share with you are super simple to follow and will allow you to make coins fast every time you play Cityville. 1. Concentrate on things that get coins when you start your day 2. Get your neighbors to help you so that you conserve energy

3. Take your time; only build when you have the coins to do so. I have tried so many different ways to move ahead in this game, a lot of them worked while others didn’t. I took the advice of many different people and purchased a great Cityville Strategy guide that allowed me to really understand the game and start dominating it. The tips that I have shared are from the guide and are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to playing this game. Don’t fret, as you start moving up in levels, making money becomes easier. Remember though, as you make more money, things will become more expensive. You have to have a good mix of business in your city vs. your crop production in order to maximize your profits. The biggest and best tip I can give you is to go ahead and purchase a Cityville strategy guide, you will realize quickly that there is no reason for you to purchase coins with real money or to spend 10 hours in front of the computer in order to have a huge city.

One of the most basic tips to playing Cityville Revolves around getting energy for your city. You need it to do certain things, and it is limited, so it is important that you follow a proper strategy when collecting energy so as to make the best use of your time. The simplest way to get energy in Cityville is by having lots and lots of neighbors. Every time you visit a neighbor, you get 1 point, so if you have lots of neighbors, you can theoretically gain lots of energy. However, this is a very time consuming process so you should not use this method unless you have a lot of spare time. Another way of getting energy in Cityville is by sending requests to your neighbors. If your neighbors are very generous, you may get up to 3 energy per request. The third way to get energy in Cityville is by completing the special collections you can get through collecting business revenue, household rent, or by harvesting enough of a certain crop. A very good Cityville strategy tip is to focus on harvesting Pumpkins. When you complete this collection, you get three experience points and three energy points. This is a good tip because pumpkin collections are fairly easy to complete. Starting a city in Cityville Requires Strategy, and when you first start, you should build two to three red barns so you have enough storage space in your city. Once you have gotten the red barns and have adequate storage space, you should then start building as many pumpkin crops as you can. Since your neighbors can earn goods by harvesting your crops, there is a natural incentive for them to help you out, and as they are helping you out, you are completing collections and getting experience and gold.

CityVille Secrets  
CityVille Secrets  

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