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Grow a Bonsai How to Grow From Tree From seeds a Bonsai Tree Seeds By Marc Alexander

Presenting key tips for growing ultra-zen bonsai trees from seeds, and adding a touch of Japanese artistry to your home décor. Growing bonsai trees is a very attractive diversion though quite challenging. Admittedly, maintaining a bonsai garden is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of time, care and patience to grow and sustain the trees especially when they are still young and just starting to flourish. To start you can buy a previously grown bonsai tree you can plant and grow your own from seeds. Although the former is more practical and uncomplicated, you may find the latter more gratifying and fulfilling. When you plant bonsai tree seeds, take time in choosing the seeds that you will use.


Maximum Yield USA | March 2011

Remember that although bonsai trees originate from regular trees, they require different methods of nurturing.You can use seeds that grow in the wild, however commercial bonsai seeds are preferable because it is more likely they will be disease-free. Also, there are species that are easier to grow and maintain.Your choice depends on your experience in growing these trees. If you already have sufficient experience in this hobby, you may be confident enough to risk planting species that are more difficult to develop. Once you have decided which kind of bonsai tree seeds to plant, you will need to prepare the materials, foremost of which are your bonsai tree seeds.You will also need bonsai-specific soil, pellet trays, peat pellets, sealable plastic bags, bonsai pots, paper towel tray and water. Most of these materials can be bought from garden shops. Germinate the seeds by drenching them in water for 24 hours using the tray. The next step is to place the soaked seeds in paper towels that you will then seal inside sealable plastic bags. Leave them for about a week in a cold place; the refrigerator is a good option. Afterward, bring the seeds out and place them in the pellet trays. This time, gradually put warm water in the trays. Observe the seeds closely until they start to swell. Be sure the trays have holes to drain the water off so as not to “drown” them. Place the seeds on the peat pellet then transfer them to the pots. Fill the pots with bonsai soil. Water the newly planted bonsai seeds and keep them moist while they are in the process of growing. Place them in a spot where they can get enough (but not too much) light. When the seeds have finally grown, inspect them and separate the healthy from the frail ones. Place them in individual pots and care for them until they bloom into full-grown bonsai trees. It is not an easy task to grow bonsai trees. If you are just beginning to grow your own bonsai garden, it is best to consult those who are already experienced in this hobby.You may also want to join associations of bonsai enthusiasts so you can learn more about this craft. MY (Source:

Maximum Yield USA | March 2011


Grow a Bonsai  

Grow a Bonsai AVANT-GARDENING Presenting key tips for growing ultra-zen bonsai trees from seeds, and adding a touch of Japanese artistry to...