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Chapter 6: Technology Implementation in Schools

Policy Parent training must be included as part of any technology initiative. It appears that some grants are already doing this, as evidenced by the high percentage of schools with high poverty percentages reporting that parent training was handled well, in contrast to schools with lower poverty.4 ree-quarters of respondents gave C-to-failing grades to all phases of the technology implementation. Clearly the days of “we got the funding, let’s go” must be replaced with cabinet-level and system-wide planning. e Project RED Roadmap for Large-Scale Technology Implementations (see Appendix A) can function as an integral part of the management plan so that no district has to start from ground zero.

The Technology Factor: Nine Keys to Student Achievement and Cost-Effectiveness

Chart 6.14. How well did your technology implementation plan address each of the following? (Q14)

Implementation of Tech Initiative 86%


75% 66%

75% 69%

84% 83% 76% 75% 74% 69% 68% 53% 52% 44% 29% 26%

Industry Suppliers can provide added value by helping schools up front with the planning process. Many vendors do an excellent job with advice regarding the mechanical parts of a technology initiative, but information on plans made by other districts of similar size and demographics could help the process as well as cement customer loyalty.

Teacher training

Service and support


Instructional network

2:1 or 3:1

Teacher buy-In

Long-term funding

Parent training

4:1 or higher

Percentage of Respondents by Student-Computer Ratio Reporting Very Well or Adequately

Read As • 76% of schools with 1:1 programs report adequate planning for long-term funding, far more than other schools. • Teacher training is reported more frequently in 1:1 schools than in other schools.


Schools with high poverty percentages are far more likely than schools with lower poverty percentages to receive Title I and E-rate federal funding.

• e biggest difference between 1:1 schools and other schools is in parent training. Almost twice as many 1:1 schools report successful parent training than other schools—53%, compared with all other schools with higher student-computer ratios. Interestingly, most respondents report successful teacher buy-in, training, and support.

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