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Chapter 5: School Environment

Policy Despite extensive national discussions about the lack of bandwidth in the U.S., the Project RED survey seems to indicate that bandwidth is not an issue for most schools. But keep in mind that 68% of schools are already extensively limiting high bandwidth applications.3 However, it would be prudent to closely examine the bandwidth issue at the state and national levels and to work toward completing a national wired and wireless grid to expand usage. e Project RED data do suggest that connectivity is correlated with affluence and that students in poor schools are more likely to have slower connections.

The Technology Factor: Nine Keys to Student Achievement and Cost-Effectiveness

Chart 5.13. How fast is the speed of your Internet connection to the classroom? (Q25)

Speed of Network 57% 52% 52%

36% 28% 28%

Industry As in the case of the system reliability implications, it would be helpful if vendors could provide bandwidth specifications per user, for each soware package, that would take into account individual district requirements, such as the number of devices and the levels and types of usage the Local Education Agency (LEA) is planning.

17% 17% 6%

Very fast 1:1

Fast 2:1 or 3:1

Not fast

1% 2% 2%

1% 1%

Not fast at all

Don't know

4:1 or higher

Percentage of Respondents by Student-Computer Ratio

Read As • 36% of respondents in 1:1 schools view their connection as very fast, compared with 28% of respondents in higher studentcomputer ratio schools. • ere appears to be a small difference in connection speed based on the richness of the technology. 93% of respondents say that connection speed is fast or very fast in 1:1 schools, compared with 80% of respondents for all other schools. • 20% of respondents from schools with a student-computer ratio of 4:1 or higher report that their Internet connection is not fast. In 2:1 schools, the percentage drops to 15%, and in 3:1 schools, it drops to 13%. 3

Greaves, T. & Hayes, J., America’s Digital Schools, MDR, 2008.

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